The Best of Personal Excellence 2009

Best of Personal Excellence 2009

As 2009 draws to a close, I thought it will be good to look back and take a trip down the blog memory lane: By recapping the noteworthy articles of 2009, especially since we have seen an inflow of new readers toward the second half of the year! :) It doesn’t really matter when the articles are written, by the way – All articles at Personal Excellence are not time bound. This means the principles, ideas and concepts shared will apply to your life regardless of whether you were reading them earlier this year, right now, or even years down the road.

So without further ado…

Top 10 Best Articles in 2009

It was tough picking the top 10 for this category, simply because there were many articles which had very strong messages in their own right. Ultimately, I picked these articles based on the value of the content and reader feedback I received on the articles.

Without a doubt, Are You Sleepwalking Away is the top article in 2009! :) I wrote this article at the end of 2008 and published it as the first post in Jan 2009. Within the same month, it hit Digg frontpage and shortly after, frontpage – both of which are the top social media sites online. In total, this article has driven over 53k pageviews this year alone, generated the most reader responses (whether it’s the number of comments/emails/link backs) as well as driven transformational changes in readers’ lives (based on their personal testimonies and responses). There were so many follow-up questions and feedback I received on this article that I had to write a part 2 to answer the most popular queries!

This article has another level of significance – it is the first article that placed Personal Excellence on the internet radar. It was the first definitive proof that I was making headway in my passion and gave me the added impetus moving forward.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2009

(Based on number of pageviews)

Happy reading and here’s to even more transformational articles in 2010 :)

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