How To Increase Your Typing by 500%! [Video Tutorial]

Increase Your Typing Speed

Want to increase your typing by 100%… 300%… 500%… or even 1000% and beyond? Well, now you can, in a way that’s easier than you may think! :)

Learn how to do just that in the video below. Special thanks to Ken for introducing me to Texter two months ago. :)

(If you’re unable to see the video above, watch it here:

  • Download Texter:
  • (Right click the link and click “Save as” to save the file to a specified folder on your desktop. I do not own Texter nor did I create it; I’m merely providing a copy for your ease of downloading.)

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Update Dec 7, 2013:

  1. Seems like Texter doesn’t support foreign languages. There’s another tool “Perfect Keyboard” which may work for other languages. I’ve been using it for the past two months (for English language substitutions) and it works great–actually even better than Texter! Download Perfect Keyboard from CNet.
  2. The Texter download I’m offering here is for Windows users. For MacBook users, Mac OS already has a built-in text substitution. Read: How To Set Up Text Expansion (Substitution) in Mac

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  • Miss Elf

    I have a “copy-paste” word file at work with text I use very often and now I will update/upgrade it with Texter :) Thanks.
    Btw.: I can not download it from the link above…

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Miss Elf, just fixed the link! Please check! :)

      And yes, this is definitely MUCH faster than a “copy-paste” word-type file (which I used to have as well; in fact I was even using a post-it note software for this but Texter still beats it by a mile because there’s no need to search for the information with it).

  • Gokaran Reddy

    Wow! Just Loved it!!!!!!! Really Useful! I don’t have to be enter my details everytime I do my Net banking! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charumati Haran

    A really cool tool, especially because it runs in the background for both desktop applications and the Internet.
    I don’t use many online forms so when I need to type a word a number of times in ms word, I usually use the replace all option. For example, I type BBM though out the document and in the end I run a replace all for be a better me.
    But Texter seems better. So thanks!

    • Celestine Chua

      My absolute pleasure, Charumati! :) Glad you find this useful!!

  • Ragnar

    Damn, that’s a pretty cool trick. If you get really used to it you could exchange all particularly long words, or at least phrases, with keywords.

    • Celestine Chua

      Yep, you said that right Ragnar! :) Once you master the tool you can literally jump your typing by multiple times. I haven’t utilized the full potential of the tool but I’m getting there.

  • Charles Cave

    I will play around with it on my home computer. It is a great idea to speed up typing with such a tool. I watched your video as well – a great demo!

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you very much Charles!! :) I hope the tool works out for you! I use it every day and it’s really fabulous.

  • Maximilianah Zales

    I tried this on my MacBook, but I don’t think it’s compatible… or I didn’t do it correctly!

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey Maximilianah, don’t think the software works for Mac–at the very least, the version I’ve uploaded is for Windows (since I don’t use a Mac).

      And it seems like Mac already has a built in text-expansion / text-substitution function. Check this out:

      Hope that helps! :)

      • Maximilianah Zales

        Thanks for the info Celes! I appreciate the feedback about the Mac function. I actually use both, a Mac and PC… I’m going to look into using both.

  • Maria G.

    Well, the video is really useful, because I didn`t know that one can accelerate typing speed. I thought that this process can be increased only by typing more and more text, so to say it comes with practice, but now I know that there is one more method.

    • Celestine Chua

      Do give the software a shot if you haven’t! It’s really useful! :)

  • Rico Compagnie

    Thanks! This will come in handy. Especially for the phone numbers.

    I learned typing blind with ten fingers. Its actually pretty easy. It’s just the first two weeks that’s weird, but then you’ll get the hang of it. I learned it in school, but you can find online software nowadays. Just type in google, “dactylo online”

  • Charles Cave

    Such a program is a great idea! I had trouble with texter not always expanding text so I used another free program – Perfect Keyboard. I wrote a blog article about it.

    After using my credit card twice today, I think I will add my credit card number as a short cut. Perfect Keyboard has the capability of inserting the date and/or time in all sorts of formats and this is a very useful feature.

    • Celestine Chua

      Thanks for the Perfect Keyboard recommendation, Charles! I’ve included it as an alternative option in the blog post. I realized Texter doesn’t always expand for me either (the software seems a little buggy) so I switched to P.K. Works like a charm!