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Kindness Challenge Day 8: Pick Up Litter

Litter bins

This is Day 8 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge for Nov 2012 where hundreds of participants from around the world get together in spirit to do 14 acts of kindness over 14 days. The challenge is now over, but you can…

[Manifesto] How To Prevent Waste Manifesto

Prevent Waste Manifesto

Last year, I was in the U.S. and was inspired to write an article on how to prevent waste after experiencing first hand how wasteful the U.S. culture can be. Today, I bring you the manifesto version of How To…

Our Culture of Waste: Why We Should Stop Wasting (and How To Prevent Waste)


(Riding on last week’s post on reasons why people are fat, inspired by my recent travels in the U.S., today’s post is about waste and how to prevent it. I can’t imagine this would be a popular topic given other…