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What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Bucket List

A few days ago, I was surfing online when I came across someone’s bucket list. It quickly inspired me to create my own bucket list as well and write an article at the same time. If you haven’t heard about the bucket list, a bucket list is a…

Ask Celes – Should I Marry a Guy I Don’t Love?

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Dear Celes, Thank you very much for your wonderful blog. I feel that you are very sensible woman. As you have found your true love, I’ve decided to ask you for advice — should I marry a very decent guy if I don’t feel anything more than respect and…

The Science of Happiness [Infographic]

Science of Happiness [Infographic]

Is there a science to happiness? Well according to this infographic, there is! Check out the patterns, backed up by science, that are linked to happy people. Apparently, married people are 10% happier than unmarried people (I’m surprised!), healthy people are 20% happier than average (this,…

Are You Focusing on the Black Dot?

Back in school, I had a history teacher whom I really hated. (But that’s not what today’s post is about.) I remember an analogy he shared during a lesson (it wasn’t even his idea too; it was one of his student’s) which stuck with me….

9 Simple Habits to Stay Positive in Life

Smiling cardboard robot

This is a guest post by Henrik Edberg of The Positivity Blog. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson “For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be…

Why I’m Retiring at 28 and Inviting You To Do the Same

With a Giraffe in Johannesburg, South Africa

Me with a giraffe in Johannesburg, South Africa As of today, I’m retired from work and life. What do I mean? I mean that I’ll no longer work or live life as conventional society deems me to. I’ll no longer concern myself with monetary needs,…

Ask Celes – How Can I Stop Worrying about Things I Cannot Control?

“How can one not worry so much about things that he/she cannot control?” ~ Katy Hey Katy, the reason why people worry is because (a) they have no control over the situation and (b) worrying is their way of coping and gaining control over the…

The Night I Cried


Today, I would like to share with you a past moment in my life when I cried. I don’t know why I’m sharing this except that I just want to let you in on this private moment in my past and connect with you guys…

[Manifesto] 10 Timeless Principles For Lasting Happiness

Happiness Manifesto

Here’s a new design for the manifesto on How To Be Happy. Serves as a great reminder for everyday life. (Click image for larger version) Read the full article: How To Be Happy: 10 Timeless Principles for Lasting Happiness Get the poster and postcard version at the Personal Excellence…

Ask Celes – What Do You Do When You Feel Uninspired?

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Hi Celes, life is the result of the emotions you feel from moment to moment (resulting in the connectedness to a wonderful life). What do you do when there are the moments where it feels “dry”? ~ Michel How do you deal with loss of motivation?…