[Manifesto] Soulmate Manifesto

Following the update to my guide on how to know if you’ve found “the one”, here’s the updated soulmate manifesto. :)

The Soulmate Manifesto (Click image for larger version)

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  • http://hackmyheart.com/ Calae

    What a nice manifesto!

    My favorite three tips from this have to be a combination of 1, 3, and 10. It’s so important that someone loves you for who you are, at this moment, not someone that they want you to be or someone they think you will be in the future (though having said that, I think it’s okay to look and see if an individual has an interest in personal growth in general, assuming that’s important to you, as long as you’re not placing expectations on -how- they grow or -what- they grow into).

    Just as well, I think it’s important that you’re inspired to be better than what you are presently, yet feel comfortable being your natural self around them. There’s no point if you have to hide who you are for their affection!

    I don’t have any special someone at the moment, but I think this is an excellent list of things to look for! Personally, I still have trouble being my natural self around people, even if I know they won’t judge me. I’m getting to be more relaxed, but years and years of trying to “say the right thing” all the time are hard to brush off!

  • Christina Mattschei

    Beautiful Celes! By the way, congratulations on your engagement–I am so happy for you!!! :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thanks a lot Christina!!! :) I’m really happy myself as well!

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