Catch me on MediaCorp’s Soul Sisters on Monday, Dec 30, 8.30pm (GMT +8)!

Hey everyone! :D Sorry for the lack of updates lately as I’m currently busy writing a productivity book for a top personal development portal, The book is due in two weeks after which I hope to resume blog updates. I’ll be doing my usual end-of-year review on 31 Dec, so stay tuned! :D

I’m here today to do a quick announcement for my upcoming feature in MediaCorp’s documentary, Soul Sisters, which is about inspiring women taking unconventional paths in life! I’m honored to be featured as one of the inspiring women in the show. My episode (episode #3) is airing on Toggle, Eve Channel, on Monday 30 Dec 8.30pm (GMT +8)!

Soul Sisters: MediaCorp documentary about inspiring women in Singapore

(Toggle is an online subscription-based video channel. Subscription for the “Eve” channel is S$2.14/month (that’s just $1.70USD), so if you don’t have Toggle, you can subscribe to Eve for just S$2.14 to catch this episode online!)

Previously, I alluded to Soul Sisters in the Singapore PE readers meetup this year and my hugging challenge (two of the scenes we filmed). The filming was done over two days in June and July this year as the crew followed me around in my daily activities.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos!! (Warning: lots of photos ahead!!)

Blogging @ Cafe

Soul Sisters: Filming in cafe

The first scene we filmed was of me blogging at a cafe. Since the documentary is about me and my work, a cafe blogging scene goes without saying!

Soul Sisters: Filming in cafe, Celes and Ben

Me and the videographer Ben. Ben was originally from Australia and he is the founder of Abundant Productions, the creative studio producing Soul Sisters.

Soul Sisters: Filming candid shots, walking to cafe

Here, we were filming candid shots of me walking to the cafe. (The filming wasn’t done in sequence but simply what was a best match for our schedules.) That’s Ben walking backwards and holding his camera steadily as I walked towards him. Behind him is Sha (Ben’s assistant) and Lee (the director of Soul Sisters, whose face is mosaicked). They’re all really nice people!

Soul Sisters: Filming candid shots, walking to cafe

Multiple takes to get the perfect shot. In case you are wondering who was helping me take the photos, it was Ken! Thanks Gougou!  Meow!  =^-^= 

PE Readers Meetup + My 29th Birthday Celebration

SG PE Readers Meetup: Participants mingling #4

What is my work without all of you? :) I also invited the crew to film the Singapore PE readers meetup held on June 23 (this year). This meetup was a special one as it was to celebrate my 29th birthday too. Here, the attendees mingled while the crew filmed in the background.

SG PE Readers Meetup: Singing birthday song

Singing the birthday song. :D I think the director wanted a very precise take so we wound up doing this scene at least what, four times? :oops: Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves despite that!

SG PE Readers Meetup: Mediacorp filming crew

Ben and Sha calling the shots

Soul Sisters: Interviewing Sam

As part of the documentary, the crew also did short interviews with some PE readers. Here, they interviewed Sam, one of the meetup attendees, as part of the documentary. They said that they love his energy: so do I! Thanks again Sam and Dolly for accepting the interview! :D

Interview @ My Home + Online Course Filming

Soul Sisters: Filming setup at home

After the meetup, we promptly headed to my house for more filming. It was an agenda-packed day! Here, the crew busied with the equipment setup for the interview with me.

Soul Sisters: Filming setup

Me chatting with them as they did their setup.

Soul Sisters: Interview at my home

Lights, camera, action! Lee interviewing me — about my job as a life coach, how I discovered my passion, how I pursued my passion, how my career is today, and more — as I answered her questions one by one.

Soul Sisters: Interview at my home, closeup

A closeup.

Soul Sisters: Conducting my online course

After the interview, I headed straight online to conduct Module 3 of the Anti-Procrastination Course. Since online courses forms a big part of my work, the crew stayed on to film me conducting the course. (Check out all my PE courses here: Personal Excellence Courses.)

Soul Sisters: Lee taking photos of my wardrobe

Lee sneaking shots of my wardrobe. Wonder if they’ll be using it in the documentary too? :) (Watch my video tutorial on how to create your inspirational room: How To Create an Inspirational Room.)

My 1-to-1 Coaching

Soul Sisters: Filming one-to-one coaching

Start of a new day! One of the key scenes we did was of my one-to-one coaching. Here, PE reader Roxanne agreed to have our coaching session filmed. She’s a really sweet girl: only in her early 20s but full of ambition, drive, and ideals about the world! It is my honor to have the opportunity to work with her.

Soul Sisters: Filming one-to-one coaching

Coaching underway. No disruptions allowed! The crew quietly listened as they filmed in the background.

Soul Sisters: Filming one-to-one coaching

Deep into the coaching session

Soul Sisters: Ken, Celes, Roxanne

Ken, me, and sweet Roxanne ♥. (Ken was there to support me during the filming ♥.)

Finale: My Hugging Challenge

The “finale” of the documentary features me doing my hugging challenge at one of Singapore’s busiest places during lunch hour: the Central Business District at Raffles Place. I’ve already written about my hugging challenge in-depth which you can read here: The Day I Went Around Giving Free Hugs to Strangers.

More Behind-the-Scenes Photos

More behind-the-scenes photos for the filming can be found on my Facebook page: Filming for MediaCorp’s Soul Sisters (Jun–Jul 2013)

Watch Soul Sisters on Monday, Dec 30!

Catch me on Soul Sisters this coming Monday, Dec 30, 8:30pm (GMT +8)!

Once again, if you don’t have Toggle, you can easily subscribe to Eve for just S$2.14 (or US$1.70) to catch this episode online! I’ll probably be subscribing just to catch the episode! :D

I’m grateful for all these media opportunities that the universe keeps sending my way, and I hope it helps me to reach out to more people out there with my message and my work. Here’s a terrific end to 2013 and an awesome 2014 ahead!

My Her World Contribution, Out in Newsstands Now!

Speaking of media opportunities, I’ve a new contribution that’s out in Her World magazine, Jan 2014 issue (that’s out in newsstands now), on p. 249. This article shares tips on how to get your man to open up when you’re having a tough conversation! ;)

Her World, Jan 2014 issue: "Honey, we need to talk..."

This article marks my fifth contribution to Her World magazine in the year of 2013 alone! Thank you to Her World for the opportunities and I look forward to contributing more expert tips and advice in the year of 2014! :)

2014 Year-End Roundup

Stay tuned for my year-end roundup coming up on Tuesday, Dec 31! :)

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  • Joshua Cobler

    Hi Celes! I am in the US and I don’t have cable, will I still be able to see it somehow?

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Joshua, I just checked Toggle’s FAQ @ and it shares:

      “9. Why am I unable to watch Toggle from overseas?
      Toggle is only available in Singapore at the moment and content is geographical blocked from viewing outside of Singapore. We have plans to expand outside of Singapore in the near future.”

      So unfortunately no, it doesn’t seem it’s possible to catch it! :( I’ll try and see if I can get a copy to upload after the show ends, but chances are 50/50 as I don’t know how tight MediaCorp is regarding its copyright guidelines. (Technically they don’t allow people to upload its shows but I see many people doing it with no issues on YouTube.)

  • Madalina Sraier

    Congratulations, Celes! Your (still growing) success is truly inspiring :) You have something that I’m still working on cultivating in myself: courage. You had the courage to choose a different path than what others had expected or planned for you, and look at you now. You’re independent, confident, and successful. Wish you all the best in the year to come, Celes. Happy New Year! :)

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you so much for your kind words Lina! There’s much I need to work on to build on my business and I’m very grateful for all these opportunities I’ve been given by the media. Happy new year to you too!! :D

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