[Registration Closed] How To Achieve 10/10 Self-Esteem—For Life Webinar


Last year August, I conducted the very first PE webinar on how to achieve a 10/10 self-esteem — for life. The reception was fantastic—we had over 60 registered participants! Many attendees achieved breakthroughs in the way they view self-esteem during the webinar and went on to live a life of higher self-esteem, independent of any external factors such as weight, appearance, people’s opinions, career achievements, and financial status.

 Here are what some participants had to say about the webinar:

“This webinar was incredible. Celes is so articulate and phrases things in a way that’s easy to relate to and digest. It was a deeply emotional experience that gave me tangible steps to grow and change.” ~ Sarah, self-esteem webinar attendee

[My] Mind = Blown.” ~ Fran, in response to the webinar content

“This webinar has helped me to resolve issues from the past that I didn’t realize were still effecting my self worth. I can now look at my childhood memories in a new light and place more empowering meanings on them that will help me to excel. I really do feel like I have 10/10 self esteem now!” ~ Matt, self-esteem webinar attendee

Some of you have been asking me if I was planning to reconduct the self-esteem webinar. Well, I’m glad to announce that I’ll be doing a rerun of the webinar on September 15, next Sunday. Read on for details!

Want to develop a 10/10 self-esteem?

“How To Achieve 10/10 Self-Esteem—For Life Webinar” is a 2-hour, no frills, no-nonsense webinar on how to achieve a 10/10 self-esteem—for life.

Many readers and clients often ask me, “Celes, how can I build my self-esteem?” Despite the fact that the topic of self-esteem or self-confidence is covered in so many self-help materials and touched on by countless self-help gurus out there, low self-esteem still remains as a problem issue for many.

Why? Why do people still have problems with their self-esteem despite the countless time and effort spent on building this elusive, yet highly important, quality?

That’s because 99.9% of the purported methods on developing self-esteem are not true solutions for the problem. They do not truly teach you to address your low self-esteem, which causes you to continue swimming around in low self-esteem or self-esteem that is not a full 10/10.

The truth is, you don’t have to suffer from low or even moderate self-esteem. You have always had what it takes to get a 10/10 self-esteem, just that you haven’t achieved that because you have been using the wrong approach to the problem. I have the solution and the tools right here for you to achieve a 10/10 self-esteem (for life), and I’ll be sharing them with you in this webinar.

The solution I present in this product is specially designed by me and it’s an approach I’ve developed after years of intense self-development. It’s the reason why I’ve never suffered from low self-esteem or low self-confidence before, or if I ever did, such feelings would immediately dissipate after I apply my solution to myself. I’ve also taught many of my coaching clients and workshop participants this approach and enabled them to break through their mental limitations and achieve great self-esteem with it.

Enough of quick fixes, fake promises, and half-baked solutions. It’s time to learn how to really achieve a 10/10 self-esteem in your life and stay this way for the rest of your life. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true, and it’s now finally here for you to use.

Session Outline

In this jam-packed two-hour session, you will learn:

  • What self-esteem means
  • Why you have a low self-esteem
  • The conventional approach to building self-esteem as recommended by most “gurus” and why it simply does NOT work
  • Why your looks, career, achievements, wealth, social circles, etc. have nothing to do with your low self-esteem, and what does
  • How to identify childhood stories that are contributing to your esteem issues today
  • One important three-step exercise that will help you to dissociate from confidence-deflating events
  • How to define your self-worth independent of others
  • The never-seen-before, four-step system (© PE) to really build your self-esteem that you can apply right away

By the end of the session, you will have all the knowledge and tools to achieve a 10/10 self-esteem for life. No gimmicks, no “up-selling”, and no sales drivel. Just one information-packed, mind-changing, two-hour session that will finally get you going on building that 10/10 self-esteem you’ve always wanted.


What time and where is this webinar?

It will be conducted online, on September 15 (Sunday), 9pm to 11pm, Singapore time (GMT +8). Registration link will be provided after you reserve your seat below.

Kindly crosscheck the corresponding time for Singapore for your timezone. I’ve provided the equivalent timings for other time zones below as a reference, though they may be subject to errors:

  • Saturday, 8am to 10am, CST (GMT -5)
  • Saturday, 9am to 11am, EST (GMT -4)
  • Saturday, 1-3pm, UTC (GMT +0)
  • Saturday, 3-5pm, CET (GMT +2)
  • Saturday, 6:30-8:30pm, IST (GMT +5:30)

I can’t make it for the session. What should I do?

You can still register. Video recording of the webinar, an audio podcast, and slides will be made available to all registrants within 48 hours after the live session.

Also, even if you can’t attend the session, I will be giving free e-mail consultation to all webinar registrants after the webinar ends for up to five days. So don’t worry about missing out on the opportunity to ask questions or clarify on the webinar content.

Will you be sharing the slides?

Yes, slides will be made available to all attendees after the webinar ends. You are more than welcome to take notes during the session.

How long will the webinar be and what will be covered?

It will be two hours long. I will be sharing the key tools and knowledge you need to achieve 10/10 self-esteem for the rest of your life. (See above for the outline of the webinar.) There will be a 10-minute Q&A at the end where you can ask questions in the text chat (related to the topic) and I will answer them.

Why should I register for the session?

I offer high value material with the articles at PE. When it comes to paid courses and seminars, I offer even higher value than what you usually get from the site. Essentially, what you pay is what you get. I would never charge for something (or even create to begin with) unless it offers concrete value to others, above and beyond whatever is available out there.

I’ve attended last year’s webinar and I’m interested to attend again.

You are definitely welcome to! As a special thank-you for supporting my work, all alumni will get to attend for free. Attending the session again is also a great way to reinforce the lessons you have learned.

Simply let me know your interest and post your payment transaction number for last year’s webinar in the comments section and I’ll hook you up with the registration details!

I’ve bought your self-esteem webinar product before.

If you have bought the self-esteem webinar product, you get to attend the upcoming self-esteem webinar at a small top up fee of $5 USD. You will find the live experience is much richer than just viewing a video recording because you get to interact with the participants, do the exercises live, share your answers, ask questions, and get instant feedback.

Simply let me know your interest and post your payment transaction number for your product purchase in the comments section and I’ll send you the discount coupon!

Just Some Testimonials from Past Attendees…

“I got a lot out of the 10/10 self-esteem webinar. I have to admit before I have always been trying to improve my self esteem by trying to improve different parts of my life like my finances, relationships, or looks. I have always thought and believed that I will be able to allow myself to like myself by living a great life.

But no matter how much I exercised, meditated, or worked on worthy projects I very rarely felt better about myself. Also, I noticed that my then low self-esteem was severely impairing my progress toward my goals and was causing various parts of my life to stagnate or get worse.

Celes’s course has helped me to resolve issues from the past that I didn’t realize were still effecting my self worth. I have always disliked trying to find the root causes of problems by looking back to my childhood. I associated such things with laying on a therapists couch and talking about your feelings for years on end rather than getting a grip and taking action. I do see now how different events from my childhood did still effect me. I can now look at them in a new light and I can place more empowering meanings on them that will help me to excel.

I feel such a relief now that I can look inside myself to determine my self worth! I really do feel like I have 10/10 self esteem!”

~ Matt Leyva, webinar attendee

“The webinar got to the root of a most important topic self-esteem in a short period of time.  Celes shared her original insights about focusing on one’s true identity  beliefs and purpose instead of looking at the externals of appearance, money, career etc.

What I love about this webinar (and all of Celes’ articles insights and wisdom is that she gets to the real CORE of the matter.  Looking at any negative thought, finding its root, and switching it to the positive.

I find Celes is very clear in not only her writing but in her webinars as well.  I like the topic the material covered and the interaction with the group. The two hours passed by quickly… I felt much ground was covered.  No matter how much work I do in the area of personal growth, I come away with more ideas to ponder and I am guided to and encouraged to ask the most helpful questions to assist me on my journey.”

~ Bette Cooper, webinar attendee

I got a huge amount out of the webinar. I have always had a tendency to measure my worth by academic grades, which has never been too much of a problem in itself – I worked really hard through school and at university so I got good grades and felt happy with myself. However, there was a huge price to pay for that. Whenever I got a mark that was slightly lower than I wanted, I felt awful. Whenever I found the work difficult, I would panic because I was so terrified of getting a bad mark. 

[Later on in life,] I started to hang my self-esteem on other things. Relationships and what people think of me are the big ones I’m working on at the moment. Having to be ‘number one’ in someone’s life, having to be everyone’s ‘best friend’, having to ‘be the best’. Of course, that’s not how life works, and it’s tragic of me to base my self-worth on something so unattainable.

The webinar helped me to see that, and to see why I think that way. Now, whenever I find myself engaging in such negative thinking, I can evaluate why I’m thinking that way, and rationalise it, and nip it in the bud. I was so fixed on the outer world to give me my sense of self-worth, and wondering why it wasn’t working even when everything was going right.

I’ve really had my eyes opened. Now I know what to work on, I feel like I can really make progress.

~ Sarah, webinar attendee

“I thought the webinar was very insightful in that it changed my perspective of my circumstances. I now see things differently and I feel like I have the courage to take things forward and make the most out of what I have.

One idea that really blew me away was that we constantly compare ourselves with others and there is no reason for us to do so because we are simply unique as ourselves and not meant to be compared with anyone else.

I like how Celes uses very practical and real examples and gives us new ways to see situations. It’s like the popular example of seeing the glass as half-empty/half-full but not cliched and used in a way that we can immediately relate to! Thanks Celes! :D ”

~ May, webinar attendee

“I thought the webinar was great! The information contained was super useful and relevant treating the roots of the problem and not the symptoms.

At first I wasn’t sure if these steps would be enough to help me feel better. After all, I feel like I’ve been working hard to discover so much about myself already, I thought I wouldn’t uncover enough to make a ground-breaking revelation.

However as I’ve begun working through the steps, I’m starting to see how, with serious application, the exercise shared in the webinar is extremely helpful. The thing is you have to actually take the time to work through them…not just think “Oh yes that makes sense.” and then wonder why our self-esteem hasn’t changed. I feel like I’ll probably be working through this a lot for the next while.

Celes made it easy to understand what she meant with each step and how to go about working through them. I like that she took the time to really create exercises that addressed the root of the problem so we can create the high self-esteem we all deserve.

Thank you Celes for putting this concisely! :D ”

~ Alexa, webinar attendee

“The webinar was incredibly insightful.  My approach to self-esteem has completely changed and helped me realize that I was on a path down an endless cycle of having my self-esteem tied to my external world. I liked how it was very interactive and collaborative!”

~ Alvin, webinar attendee

Get Your Seat Now!! [Limited Time Only!]

The ticket for the webinar is priced at only $28 USD. Register your seat for this mind-changing webinar now while there are seats left!

Update Sep 15, ’13: We have a full class and registration is now closed! See you guys at the live webinar later on! :D For those who miss the webinar, the slides and recording will be sent to everyone via e-mail 48 hours after the webinar. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!


Post them in the comments section below. Look forward to having a breakthrough with all of you on your self-esteem on Sep 15! :D  This is a tried and tested approach which I’ll be teaching you, and I’ll have no doubt that you will achieve real, life-changing results with your self-esteem after the webinar.

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  • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

    Quick update: Over 30 seats are taken for the webinar so far, in less than 24 hours of launch! The special registration offer will be taken off shortly, so do get the ticket as soon as you can. I’ll close registration once we hit the registration quota.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Only 10 5 ONE SEAT LEFT! Register now if you want to achieve a 10/10 self-esteem once and for all. I’m not sure when I will be running this webinar again so I recommend all of you to sign up as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

      Update Aug 17: Registration is now closed. We have nearly 60 registrants, all ready to achieve a 10/10 self-esteem in the webinar on Saturday! Thanks everyone for registering!

      For those of you who didn’t get to register, I’m sorry that you missed the opportunity and hope you’ll get the chance to do so in the next webinar (which will be on a different topic). See you guys soon!

  • May

    Hi can I ask how the webinar will be conducted? I would like to check if my MacBook is compatible or if I need to make any alternative arrangements! also, how will participants be able to interact with each other and with you? thanks and I’m excited!!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi May! The webinar will be conducted online, and viewable via a browser. I’ll be hosting the meeting at AnyMeeting. Please visit this link to ensure browser compatibility: http://www.anymeeting.com/webconference/systemtest/AnyMeetingSystemTest.aspx

      Essentially it should be compatible on any modern computer and browser (MacBook shouldn’t be a problem). Check with the link to make sure. I’ve already conducted several group coaching sessions on AnyMeeting before and it has worked fine.

      On interaction, it will be via text chat during the webinar itself. I’ll be conducting the webinar via screensharing and also audio voiceover (mic). Participants will be able to chat, make comments, and ask questions via the text chat during the presentation itself, though the core of the meeting lies in the content and ideas that I’ll be sharing. (Slides will be made available after the session.) Look forward to having a great session with you and the rest! :D

  • http://draweveryday.net Matt

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I am unable to click the blue button that says “Yes Please Register Me Now”.

    It’s not working in the email either.

    • http://hackmyheart.com Alexa

      It’s not working for me, either. It’s really late here, I hope all the seats don’t get snatched up by the time I wake up in the morning. >.<

      • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

        Sorry about that Alexa! The link has been fixed. Please register above. Need to resend the mailing list since I sent out the version without the working link.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Goodness. Seems like WordPress removed the link for some reason. I’ve fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know Matt!

      • http://draweveryday.net Matt

        Great it works now. I have been looking forward to this.

        I might not be able to attend the live seminar since I usually work Saturday mornings. I will do my best to get the day off.

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Great to have you aboard, Matt! :D Hopefully you can join the live session; if not, there will always be the recording. Either way it shouldn’t take too much out of the experience since it’s the material and the content that count.

  • http://hackmyheart.com Alexa

    Thanks for fixing the link, Celes! Hope I didn’t sound too freaked out, haha! =p

    Anyway, I cannot begin to tell you how EXCITED I am for this! When I read the second to last line, “Learn to define your self-worth independent of others”, I knew I had to sign up. I once brought up this very point with my best friend, and reading it as part of your description for this webinar was just so eerily relevant to me!

    Also, can I just say thank you SO much for making this so affordable? I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to sign up due to price, and I knew this would be something of so much benefit for me. I’m so glad I can join up with this, especially with the first time discount!

    I was up ’til like 2:30am and woke up around 6:40am because wanting to check if the link was working was waking me up so much! >.< (I'm going back to bed for a while after posting this though…just got back from vacation so lots of exhaustion to sleep off. XD)

    Okay Celes, sorry for the crazed-fangirl sounding rant here. I'm just so happy right now, thank you so much for all of this! :dance:

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Alexa, thanks a lot for registering and I look forward to connecting with you in the upcoming webinar!! :D You’re more than welcome regarding the registration fee. I figured that my usual group coaching programs are probably not affordable for some readers, so I decided to create webinars which would have a more mass approach (which means significantly less individual attention compared to the courses) but it would have a lower cost per head as a result. I’m glad that you have been able to take advantage of the special registration fee for the first batch of registrations! I’ll be taking that off soon.

      Look forward to connecting with you this Saturday! :D I’ve been working on the material specially for this webinar for a couple of weeks now (but planning it for a month or so) so I’m *extremely* excited about it. I’m very sure it’ll help create a lot of breakthroughs for the participants this weekend.

      • http://hackmyheart.com Alexa

        I definitely think that’s a good way to go with the webinars. Having options between the more individualized programs and a more general webinar will certainly open things up for more people, I feel. I know it certainly works for me! =) Glad I got to take advantage of the discounted price, too! ^^

        I can’t wait for this Saturday, either! The more of your materials I read, the more excited I get when you share new stuff with us all. Like I said before, this is something that really affects me a great deal, any insight I can gain will be incredible! =)

      • http://hackmyheart.com Alexa

        Hey Celes! Just realized I won’t be able to attend the full live session, as it turns out my parents have a showing for the house around 11-11:30 or so and I have to “get out” before then. =p I’m not sure if you’re automatically sending the recording to everyone after the seminar, but if not please include me in the list of people you’ll send it to who can’t make the live session. I may be able to view the first part of it, but I really can’t guarantee anything. Thanks again for everything! ^^

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Alexa, got it and noted! :) Thanks for letting me know. :hug:

  • joe

    I work during the day on SAT and won’t be able to attend live…will the seminar be available somehow after the live broadcast?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi joe! Yes it will be. The question has already been addressed in the post:

      I can’t make it for the webinar. What should I do?

      You can still register. Recording of the webinar will be made available in special cases where the participant cannot make it to the “live” session. This recording can be viewed for up to a week from the date of the webinar. Do check with the AnyMeeting to ensure browser compatibility between your computer and their system.

      It wouldn’t be a problem — Several readers can’t attend the live webinar as well but have registered as they will get access to the recording. Just let me know if you can’t attend and your registration code and I’ll have the link sent to you after the webinar is over.

  • Jodi

    Hi Celes, I won’t be able to attend the session because I have a Saturday morning conflict, but I am so happy to see that there is the option of viewing the live recording! Can I make the request for the link to be sent to me right here in the comments section?

    • Jodi

      PS (I already registered – and thanks for offering this session, I am excited just thinking about it :))

      • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

        Hey Jodi, yes no problem! :D I’ll send you the recording link after the webinar. Note that it’ll only be valid for viewing for a week from the date of the recording (i.e. Saturday). I hope you’ll find the webinar beneficial – I definitely think that it builds off very well from what we are going through in our current EE course. :D

  • Mal

    Celestine, I would love to be in attendance and was waiting for you to release the information but sadly I was already scheduled for work when you posted the days and times. I can’t really reschedule with my clients so I can’t attend live, I would be interested in the recorded program. In your FAQ you said in “special cases” I wasn’t sure what you considered a special case and thought I’d ask her first. I don’t want to purchase the product and then turns out I can’t receive it because I was at work. How would the recorded program work? Do you send the information VIA Email?

    Thank you so much for this webinar and for your time,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Mal! Yes, you’d definitely be eligible to view the recording. By ‘special cases’, I was referring to instances where the participant is unable to attend the live recording, like in your case. :) The way the recording works is that I’ll send the link (to the e-mail address which is used for payment) to the recording online (within 24 hours after the webinar is recorded), after which you can view it in an online browser. Any modern browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox) with the usual plugins installed (Flash, etc.) would work. Check this link to ensure browser compatibility between your computer and the software with my webinar host: http://www.anymeeting.com/webconference/systemtest/AnyMeetingSystemTest.aspx

      You will be able to view the recording any time you want between the date of recording and the seven days after; the viewing experience will just be like any participant attending the webinar (you can see all the participant chat and discussion that goes on during the webinar too), just that it won’t be live of course. The link will be removed after that. Due to the way my webinar host technology is structured, it’s not possible to download or export the recording video as a file (also for copyright reasons as well). However, as I mentioned, viewing the video online will be just like attending the webinar in person. I’ve also viewed past recordings on my webinar host before for my past sessions and they work great.

      Let me know if you have any further questions! :)

  • http://draweveryday.net Matt

    I’m going to ask this here since it now looks like I probably won’t have the chance to join the live webinar.

    What is the relationships between self-hatred and self-esteem? You said but have never had a problem with low self esteem but you have also said in other articles that you had problems with self-hate witch partly drove your EE. Also you have spoke of times where you said you didn’t feel you were good enough. I have always thought that self esteem is love and respect for oneself. How can you have self-hatred and also have high self esteem?

    What do you think the connection between self confidence and self esteem is? Do you think that if you improve your self esteem you automatically take care of confidence? Kind of like if you improve your eating habits you will then automatically improve your weight issues?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Matt, thanks for asking! I’ll put them in the pile of questions with other participants and will address them during Q&A if the chance comes up. It’s not 100% that it’ll get answered since there will be quite a number of questions from many participants (I anticipate the Q&A being 15-20 minutes long). If not I’ll get to you via e-mail.

      • http://draweveryday.net Matt

        Great. Thank you.

  • Deanna

    I just found out that I won’t be available for the full two hours on Saturday. What do I do at this point? Thank

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Deanna, I’ll have the recording sent to you (to the paypal address you made payment with) after the webinar is over. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  • sharon

    Hi Celes,
    I would like to be able to view the recording of the webcast because I don’t think I will be able to make it. I am in your current 4-week program, but I can’t find the link to sign up.


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Sharon, the invitation e-mail was sent to all the participants in the 4-week program earlier this week, on 13 Aug. The participants have received and signed up as well.

      I’ve checked and it was indeed sent to you, to your gmail (the same e-mail address you use to post this comment) Can you check your e-mail including your spam folder to see if there?

      • sharon

        Thank you, Celes! I am sure it will be an awesome webinar!

  • Nick

    Hi Celes,

    I have just registered and paid for this Webinar, although due to other commitments, I will be unable to attend the live session. How do I get sent the link to the recordings? Do I just reply back to the confirmation email I received?

    In your email it says the below:
    “If you can’t make it to the “live” session, get your ticket via the registration link below, then let me know in the comments section. I’ll send you the link via e-mail within 24 hours after the session is over.”

    Also, would the recording be available to download? This would be good as I’m sure it would be beneficial to watch more than once, and would act as a nice refresher from time to time.

    Thanks! Looking forward to the webinar!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Nick, sure! I’ve noted that and will put you in the group of participants to send the recording to after the session. Let me know if you don’t receive it 24 hours after the webinar.

      Regarding the recording, it’ll be viewed online, via your browser. Due to the way my webinar host is structured, it’s not possible to download or export the recording (even I can’t download or export it as the host). It’s also better that I do not allow for downloads/exports of the recording due to copyright reasons (sort of the same principle as why participants are not allowed to record videos in live seminars or why people are not allowed to bring any camcording equipment into the cinema). However, you’ll be able to view the recording as many times as you want, within the one week duration from the webinar date. I’ll also be sending the key information slides too (which I’ll be flashing during the webinar). Let me know if you’ve any questions!

      Even though you’ll not be attending the live webinar, please do register your attendance for the webinar anyway (via the link provided in the confirmation e-mail) as it includes a short survey which will help me better cater the session to your needs. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

      Thanks and look forward to hearing your feedback about the session! :D I’m sure it’s going to be a great session ahead.

  • Fred

    Hey Celes. I registered and I will not be able to attend the live webinar. Please send me the link to the recording. Thanks!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Fred, no problem! Please register your attendance for the webinar anyway (via the link provided in the confirmation e-mail) as it includes a short survey which will help me better cater the session to your needs. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

  • http://openthegifts.com kc

    I haven’t received my confirmation email with link. I won’t be able to listen live so please send recording

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey kc, the registration link is in the payment receipt e-mail. :) Please let me know if you can’t find it.

      I need your help to register your attendance for the webinar anyway (via the link provided in the confirmation e-mail, even though you’ll not be attending the live webinar) as it includes a short survey which will help me better cater the session to your needs. Thank you! :)

  • N

    Hi Celes, could you please send me the recording as I often get held up at work and I don’t want to miss part of it? Also, sorry if this is a stupid question, but will participants names be displayed anywhere? I know this may sound weird but I always try to stay anonymous online and I don’t like having my full name displayed on things.

    Really looking forward to the webinar and thanks so much for making it so affordable! I thought it sounded great but would probably be a bit expensive for me – so glad this isn’t the case as I’d hate to miss out!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey N, sure! I still need your help to register your attendance via the link in the confirmation receipt though in order to send you the recording (there is also a survey form where I collect some information about your experience with self-esteem so I can better address everyone’s needs through the webinar).

      Participants’ names will definitely not be displayed anywhere on the slides themselves or mentioned during the webinar. However, there will be a chat room during the webinar where everyone will be able to see each other’s names. The system uses the name you input when you register your attendance (again via the link in the confirmation receipt). So if you do not wish your name to be displayed when you log into the “live” webinar, simply just put an alias in the registration form.

      You’re very welcome on the webinar price! I’m glad you were able to register your seat and I really look forward to delivering a breakthrough webinar for all of you. :D

  • Bette

    Hi Celes,
    Just to let you know…

    By the time I discovered the opportunity that you were offering with this topic, I got interrupted while I was checking the “anymeeting” checkpoints (found that I had Java, but did not have Java TM, -no luck trying to install Java TM- but had everything else.) I was checking the connectivity, etc., and by the time I figured out everything, and decided to just take my chances that I would have access/connection/connectivity during the week to listen (Saturday morning I already had an appointment) ….
    well…now, unfortunately, the self-esteem webinar is closed…sigh….frustrating…

    Maybe the lesson is to, in the future, just go ahead and register/pay anyway, trusting that all the details I took time to check on, will work out. Those details are important in their own right, but as long as I could at least hear it, if not interact, that would work. Trying to “get it right” lost me the opportunity…hmm..

    Okay…Just wanted to let you know that I was trying to get on board for this self-esteem webinar, Celes…I KNOW it will be helpful to many. Frustrating to not be part of this great topic! I surely am with you and everyone in spirit…I know that for sure…!

    Much love to your always wondrous and dedicated self…

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi dearest Bette! Thanks for letting me know of your original intention to join the webinar.

      Would you still be interested to sign up for the webinar? If so, I’m more than happy to open up another slot for you (at the same rate for the last batch of registrants at 20% off). I think a +1 (especially for a great member like you) will more than benefit the group and the group dynamics. Let me know asap though as the webinar is starting in less than 24 hours. :) :hug:

      Update: Hi Bette! Didn’t get your message so I’ve officially closed off registrations. Perhaps it’s just not meant to be. Hopefully you can join in next time, in the next webinar (if it’s on a topic relevant to you). :D

      • Bette

        All I can say is thank you so much for your most kind offer, Celes…yes, of course I would be/AM interested…I am now just getting back online and looked for a possible reply. I totally respect your closing registrations if you must. (I would be taking the course by recording.) I needed to get back online sooner! In any event, just know I am with the whole group having to do with this most important topic. I am most grateful to you for everything, Celes! :heart:

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Bette, ok sure! Good that I just checked the comments to see if you checked back in. :D You can get your ticket here: [removed]. Let me know when you’ve gotten it!

          You’ll get a confirmation receipt after that, with the link to register your attendance. Do register your attendance (even if you are not attending the live recording) as there is a questionaire to be filled (it’ll help me better cater the content to you as well). Let me know if you’ve any questions! :D

          • Bette

            DONE! All registered and paid up! :D :D :D

            Oh Celes, I am so fortunate…a lucky duckie for sure! I so appreciate this good fortune! :heart: :hug: I’m feeling happy and excited and relieved! “Perseverance furthers” (I Ching) is ringing true! :D I am SO on board with you and everyone with this topic! I just KNOW that great things are in store! :D

            All smiles and a happy heart!
            :D :heart:

            • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

              That’s great Bette! :D Great that you got the ticket and let me know how you find the webinar after you view it. :D I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

  • N

    Hey, I just did the system test and it says ‘Screen size not supported I’m sorry, but your display may not meet Anymeeting’s minimum requirements’

    everything else was fine but that. Is this going to affect my ability to participate? xx

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi N, does AnyMeeting provide any resolution for that error message? I’ve personally never encountered this message so I can only try to help as best as I can.

      What’s your screen resolution anyway? It probably should be at least 1024×768 and up.

      • N

        No, I didn’t see anything that would explain what the problem was or how to fix it. My screen resolution is 1366×768. I’ll just hope for the best! xx

  • sharon

    Hi Celes – I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend the live webinar today ;( Would you please send me a link to the recorded version of it?
    Thank you,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Sharon, yes I had noted your earlier request on having the recorded webinar. Please give me some time to send the materials. :) They will be out shortly.

  • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

    Hey everyone, the self-esteem webinar is now over! :D Thank you to those of you for attending the Self-Esteem Webinar just now! It was a complete BLAST. Amazing interaction, amazing energy, amazing participants. I loved all the sharing and it was amazing to witness all the breakthroughs in beliefs and thinking all of you experienced in the short two hours. Thank you so much for your support and for signing up for the webinar.

    I’ve already sent out the slides and recording via e-mail (to the e-mail you shared during registration). Please download the slides and view the recording within one week from the date of the webinar (i.e. next Saturday). Late requests will not be attended to. Please don’t share or redistribute the material with others as it is proprietary. Thank you!

    Let me know if you’ve any questions about the webinar. :D Look forward to “seeing” you guys again in the next one. :D You can share your feedback on the topics you want to see for the next webinar or group coaching course in the survey form (I’ve shared the link in the e-mail as well).

  • Alicia

    Hi Celes,

    I’ve missed the webinar and would like to able to receive the the slides and recording please. Thanks!


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Alicia, the material was already sent to everyone (you were included as well) within one hour after the webinar ended. You might want to check your spam folder to see if it went there instead. Let me know if you can’t find it.


    Hi Celes, I could not register for the just-concluded Webinar, but I would very much like to benefit from that course. So would you please let me know how to obtain the tools or materials – ie ebook or DVD etc.

    Jaycee Lagos, Nigeria.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Jaycee! :) The webinar is already over and I do not plan to create any products or tools from it for now. I plan to run new webinars in the future (on different topics), so I recommend you check out the site for the latest updates on new webinars. Thank you!

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