Reader Survey: What Does the Site Logo Mean to You?

Today’s post is going to be a little different from the usual ones 😀 Today, I’m going to do a little fun survey among all of you readers. As you know, the site went through a branding overhaul last month, getting a new domain name, new tagline and totally new layout in the process. With that also came a new logo, as you can see on the left of the header on the top of every page.

My question to all of you readers is: What does the logo mean to you? (Comment here!)

There are absolutely no right or wrong answers, just individual interpretations. It will be interesting to see what each person’s perspective will be – I already did a quick test through my facebook and got some pretty interesting answers 😀 Also, I have a as-of-yet unproven hypothesis that pessimistic people can only see a blob of black in the logo, which I’m eager to test out 😀

Comments are specially open for this post and will be moderated before they are published. The comments option will be closed after a week, when I receive majority of responses. So, post your answers away! 😀

Update: The survey is over! Thanks everyone for participating and sharing your thoughts! Feel free to browse the user comments below and read the follow-up post here.