Reader Survey: What Does the Site Logo Mean to You?

Today’s post is going to be a little different from the usual ones :D Today, I’m going to do a little fun survey among all of you readers. As you know, the site went through a branding overhaul last month, getting a new domain name, new tagline and totally new layout in the process. With that also came a new logo, as you can see on the left of the header on the top of every page.

My question to all of you readers is: What does the logo mean to you? (Comment here!)

There are absolutely no right or wrong answers, just individual interpretations. It will be interesting to see what each person’s perspective will be – I already did a quick test through my facebook and got some pretty interesting answers :D Also, I have a as-of-yet unproven hypothesis that pessimistic people can only see a blob of black in the logo, which I’m eager to test out :D

Comments are specially open for this post and will be moderated before they are published. The comments option will be closed after a week, when I receive majority of responses. So, post your answers away! :D

Update: The survey is over! Thanks everyone for participating and sharing your thoughts! Feel free to browse the user comments below and read the follow-up post here.

  • Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Celestine.

    What I see is a person emphatically reaching out to the world, and standing on a sand dune. The person in the logo has his arms out like I envision myself doing when giving a speech to a stadium of people in the future. A message of success is in that logo.

  • Sandra

    This is so psychological :) its like taking a Rorschach test ! My first impression of it is positive. It’s a person singing or shouting to the world saying “I did it! I finally did it!”. Its a triumphant message.

  • Albert | UrbanMonk.Net

    Someone shouting for joy. :)

  • Edgar

    I see a person stretching our his arms, receiving the energies of the world :)

  • Sid Savara

    Success =)

  • The Gooroo @ Finance Advisory Stop


    What I see is someone who has had sudden relief, and is extraordinarily happy.

    PS. I really like the logo. Did you design it yourself?

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    The logo reminds me of a particular position called ‘the tree’ that I did on a stage during the sunrise to absorb the energy of the sun and take its energy.

  • Kikolani

    It looks like someone who is standing in a high place, maybe the top of a mountain, opening their arms and welcoming anything that life has to throw at them, because they know they will be successful no matter what comes their way.

    ~ Kristi

  • Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills

    Hi Celes, the logo makes me think of a woman who loves life and is opening her arms to embrace all that it has to offer. That’s kinda how I think of you so there may be some transference going on here.

  • Amy

    It symbolizes freedom and achievement to me.

  • Ava

    Someone who is reaching out for his/her dreams!

  • Hari Ravella

    A person reached a level, feeling great about the future too, symbolizing that the sky is the only limit.

  • Dawn

    The logo to me looks like someone reaching for the sky, joyful, powerful. Full of energy, a celebration of life. I really like it.

  • Di

    Freedom, embracing life, opening up to the nourishment and warmth of sunshine in one’s life,

  • Vincent

    The first impression of it is someone who had achieve freedom. :)


  • Luciano Passuello

    The first word that comes to my mind was “achievement”.

  • Joe

    To me is like, “Somebody hell me please!!!”

  • Joe

    i meant, help. opsie!

  • Celes

    Thanks a lot everyone for sharing your thoughts so openly!! :D It is highly interesting, seeing each of your interpretations of the logo ;) Keep them coming if there’s still any! I’ll be sharing my own thoughts after everyone gets to say their piece.

    Gooroo: I actually got the base image somewhere on the internet, and then improvised it in image editing program GIMP ( to make it the way it is. I really like the end outcome! :D

    Dawn: Thanks Dawn! I really love the logo myself too :D It pretty much epitomizes my vision and what I strive to achieve with everyone’s lives.

    Joe: Your typo gave me a chuckle! :D

  • Darren

    With the whole world under his feet, he is embracing his life with his arms wide open and probably shouting “oh gosh i really love my life!”