Poll: Should I Turn Comments On?

Long-time readers would know I turned off comments since Feb last year.

The reasons were because:

  1. The comments weren’t adding much value to the articles. First they tend to be quite random. Secondly, most didn’t provide many insights. They were usually other bloggers posting courtesy comments and to build relationship and get link backs to their blogs. There’s nothing wrong with this (I do that myself too), just that it usually resulted in little value being added to the original article.
  2. Administrating the comments, replying to them, filtering spam (which is a shocking lot!) takes up time which I rather spend on writing new articles. Because of #1, there were even lesser reasons to do #2.

However, the recent moving on series where comments were open (by the request of reader Deano – Thanks Deano! ;)) has generated some very useful insights. Some readers also engaged in discussions within the comments, providing their own useful perspectives. It made me rethink whether to leave comments open for future articles.

I’m also beginning to appreciate the value of having comments. For example, when I’m reading other blogs, I found sometimes the comments help me get other perspectives and an added sense of belonging to the community.

So here’s a poll to ask for your opinion: Should I turn comments on? Please vote below.

<The poll is now offline>

Please share your reason(s) why in the comments area below. It’ll give me a better understanding where you come from. The poll will close after 5 days, after which I’ll take the majority vote to decide whether to open comments or keep them closed. You have helped me decide earlier to have photos in the posts, so now let’s see if we should have comments on or off. 😀

Update: The poll has ended and results can be found here: Comments Are Now Open!