Want Inspirational Mousepads and Posters? Check out Personal Excellence Gift Shop!

Personal Excellence Gift Shop

Hey everyone! Today’s post is about the Personal Excellence Gift Shop! Most of you probably don’t know this, but we actually have our own Personal Excellence Gift Shop (an online store) that sells inspirational mouse pads, postcards, posters, buttons, key chains, laptop sleeves, and even stamps! I’ve never actively promoted it on PE, but the link is on the welcome page of the site.

All the designs are exclusive to PE. While I initially started the store with posters and postcards based on my artwork for inspirational wallpapers, I subsequently added my manifesto designs too after getting a reader request for a poster version of the self-reflection manifesto. Over time, I also added the quote images from Personal Excellence Quotes to the store too. Today (2015) there are nearly 500 items now, so there’s surely an item in there for everyone!  Thousands of products have been sold since the shop started in 2012. 😀

You can purchase postcards and posters of the popular manifestos at PE. Great as personal collectibles, for hanging up in the house, or even inspirational gifts to friends and family!

Not all the manifesto designs are available for purchase – I’ve handpicked a selected few based on what I think will be the most popular.

Anyway, PE Gift Shop is a great place to purchase inspirational collectibles for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family, whether as everyday gifts or for special occasions like Easter (Happy Easter by the way! ♥), birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on. Zazzle (the company that’s powering the storefront) sometimes has site wide discounts, so you can apply those to your PE purchases as well too.

Many people have purchased products from the PE Gift Shop — it would appear that the manifesto posters and postcard items are the most popular. Most people buy the postcards in bulk, sometimes in hundreds!!! — which I assume is to then distribute them to loved ones, students (if they are teachers), people in their community, and so on. I think that’s a great idea, plus the postcards are less than a dollar each when you buy 8 pieces and above.

Enjoy and get an inspirational gift or two for your loved ones, be it for the holiday season, for their birthday, or just as an act of kindness. I’m sure they will love it! 😀