[Manifesto] 10 Ways To Tell If You Are A Perfectionist

Are you a perfectionist? Here are 10 signs to tell if you are one:

How To Tell If You Are a Perfectionist Manifesto

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For the perfectionists out there, check out my 2008 classic series on the hidden downsides of perfectionism and how to handle perfectionism:

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  • http://milkthepigeon.com Alexander

    These are so insanely accurate I got chills reading them.

    Beating myself up the most, yep. Everything black and white, yep. Highly conscious and hyper critical of mistakes? Yep.


    So how do I balance my personality out more? Would be very interested in reading more about the pros/cons of being a perfectionist.


  • Prerana J

    Except no.5, e’thing is chillingly right…as Alexander had put up. Every time the term “perfectionist” comes, i had this feeling that, nope i can’t be perfectionist, but these bullets change my mind…if this is what it is as to be perfectionist, then to my surprise, i am or have become one.

    At the end of each day, I try to rewind whatever happened or though i don’t try, things come up into vision, such like what happened n what could have happened more nicely…and i would end up regretting, i thought it’s something to do with dissatisfaction but i didn’t know it is perfectionism.

  • Kara Thompson

    For the most part this is me. I am my harshest critic but when it come to criticism from other, i am more accepting of it or welcome it as that is how I can learn to try and better myself.

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