Personal Excellence Book is Officially Up For Purchase!

18 July 2010, 10pm: The orders are streaming in as I’m typing this!! Thanks so much for ur support!! Please let me know if you have any queries about the order and I’ll get to you asap.

18 July 2010, 11pm: We filled out all the pre-sales quota within our first hour of launch! Congratulations to all the early birds – you’ll get your download link within the next 24 hours 😀 . For everyone else, not to worry -pre-order your copy now and you get to download immediately on 25 July.

25 July 2010: Personal Excellence Book is officially up for download and purchase! 😀

I’m very very excited to announce the highly anticipated Personal Excellence Book and my first official e-book from Personal Excellence is finally released! 😀

Any questions, let us know via the contact page and we will revert shortly. Thank you! 🙂