Personal Excellence Book is Officially Up For Purchase!

18 July 2010, 10pm: The orders are streaming in as I’m typing this!! Thanks so much for ur support!! Please let me know if you have any queries about the order and I’ll get to you asap.

18 July 2010, 11pm: We filled out all the pre-sales quota within our first hour of launch! Congratulations to all the early birds – you’ll get your download link within the next 24 hours :D . For everyone else, not to worry -pre-order your copy now and you get to download immediately on 25 July.

25 July 2010: Personal Excellence Book is officially up for download and purchase! :D

I’m very very excited to announce the highly anticipated Personal Excellence Book and my first official e-book from Personal Excellence is finally released! :D

Any questions, post them below in the comments section and I’ll revert to you shortly. Thank you! :)

  • Rick Barlow

    An email to your blogsite just bounced. What I asked was whether this book would be available on Amazon Kindle, where I prefer to read almost everything longer than an average blog post. I hope so. Reading ebooks on the computer screen is not fun.

    I posted your pre-order announcement on my Facebook page.


    • Celes

      Hey Rick! Thanks for letting me know – I’ve fixed the email issue. The book will be available in Kindle bookstore and iTunes store from launch date onwards (25 July). I don’t use Kindle, so I was wondering if you can transfer content from a computer to Kindle via a usb port? If so you can download the ebook first then move it to Kindle. Borders ebook reader has this option so I assume Kindle has it too.

      Thanks a lot for sharing the pre-order announcement on your Facebook. It’s much appreciated :-D

  • Shoesanne

    Will you accept credit card? I hope I get it today

    Counting down the hours…minutes…seconds! :)

    • Celes

      Hey Shoesanne! Yes, credit card is accepted. There are 2 modes of payment: 1) Paypal 2) Credit card. I’m counting down myself too! :D

  • jm

    hi celestine, ive been an avid reader of your blog for some time now, you can say im a fan. im keen to get the ebook, wondering how much it will be selling for. thanks!

    • Celes

      Hey jm! :D Thanks so much. It’ll be only $24.95 USD for the 800 pg ebook and 120 articles bundle. As a bonus, pre-ordering gets you an exclusive 15% off, so that’s only $21.20. Make sure to grab it when the pre-order starts :D

      • Shoesanne

        Really? Only $24.95??? Honestly I would pay up to $50 for it…or more :D

        • Celes

          aw thanks Shoesanne! :D I thought a while about the pricing and eventually decided to price it at only $24.95 (even though it’s worth a lot more for the huge volume of content offered) as I want to make this resource affordable for everyone.

          5 hours before launch now! :D

  • Joelle Cooper

    I was extremely impressed with the table of contents. It truly addresses every conceivable question about personal excellence under the sun. what an outstanding resource. I can not wait to order this and start the program.

    I purchased a very small book on amazon (only 110 pages) called Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment by C.J. Good. This is a great book, it is well written and easy to follow. In many ways this book has changed my life. After I read it, I began using affirmations on a regular basis and I have been creating my life much more to my liking. I can’t handle concepts that are too complicated. This book is really easy to follow, yet profound and poetic. It was a great way to me started on taking control of my life. I highly recommend this book if you want to create your life as you want it.
    amazon link:

    Once I got started down the right path, the next step would obviously be to follow up with the Personal Excellence book.

    • Celes

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Joelle :) By the way I’ve not received your order (if you’re ordering under the same name), so let me know if there’s any trouble making the pre-order. One of my readers told me there was some problem with the pre-order button and he had to refresh multiple times to get it to work.

      Little Gifts looks like a great book – I’m adding to my to-read list and will make sure to check it out :D

  • Tatt (Naphat)

    Hi Celes.

    I’ve already bought this collection & been really excited to see your new book!!! Your content is very well-organized and easy to internalize. I do believe that every reader will absolutely find the greatest tool for his/her life!

    During the past few years, I’ve gone through so many tools & training courses; tons of articles but not easily to get it. Sometimes I was very productive & motivated, sometimes I wasn’t at all without any reason. I always love to explore & learn so many new things but I don’t know what should be my ultimate goal. And… finally, just last weekend, it’s such a “great phenomenon” happen to me that I could realize how I learn & how I motivate myself; I could discover my true self & true potential & create my great life purpose that I want to pursue for the rest of my life and I could connect the dots how to win the battle and help others. Your “life purpose articles” was a crucial part to make this happen!

    I would like to specially thank you that you’re one of the most important part who unleash my fullest potential today. I’m much confident that I will ultimately achieve my life purpose and live my best life for myself, my family, my dear friends (as well as you), and our society at large for last!

    All the very very best & See you again :wink:

    • Celes

      Tatt, thanks so, so much :~) You really touched me with your comments. I’m glad you finally got your aha moment – now’s the start to more great things in your life :D Look forward to seeing you when u come over next month!

  • Felipe Jara

    Hey Celes,

    I’m very interested in buying your book. I’d like to know some details about the format, because I’m planning to read it on my Kindle. Does it come as a PDF? Is it going to be in Portrait or Landscape format?


    • Celes

      Hey Felipe! :) Yes it’s a pdf format and it’s in Landscape format. Will that work for Kindle?

      • Felipe Jara

        Will have to try it ;) , almost all e-readers are designed for portrait documents (you can turn them around, but it gets awkward after a while).

  • Carol Carpenter

    I’d love the book, but I’d rather have it in print. I’m on the computer too much as it is, as I work by computer every day. E-books are not for me.

    • Celes

      I perfectly understand Carol – sometimes I just want to get away from the computer after a long day using it. Several other readers have also told me that they would like a print version too.

      Unfortunately the book is nearly 800 pages (A4), which means it’ll have about 1600 pages if it goes into print, which I’m not sure is such a feasible idea. Also, there are many links in the book which makes it more valuable as an ebook.

  • Hulbert Lee

    Hey Celestine! Awesome stuff! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a long time and think you’ve been doing a wonderful job here. Congrats with your Personal Excellence EBook! Just pre-ordered!

    • Celes

      @Hulbert: That’s fantastic! Thanks a lot Hulbert and let me know how you find the book after you get it this Sunday. :D Separately, I just received your email. Will be replying to it soon :D

      • Hulbert Lee

        Cool, cool I will Celes, and I appreciate you for receiving my email. Looking forward to your response.

  • Shayne

    Hi Celes!

    I pre-ordered the Personal Excellence Book in advance (July 18), but have not
    received it since my payment. I was hoping to have gotten it today, but
    am stilll awaiting for it. Has there been a delay on this?

    Any info. would help. Thanks and hope to read the book soon! =p


    • Celes

      Hey Shayne, sorry for the slight delay – glad that you have the copy in your hands now (or in your computer, so to speak) :D Let me know how you find it – Would love to hear your feedback/thoughts :D :mrgreen:

      • Shayne

        Thank you Celes!

        I love the e-book! I find myself relating to many of the situations, especially the “Awareness and Growth” and “People and Relationships” sections! There are tons of information and lessons. More than I can absorb..haha, but it’s all a learning process. Baby steps per say…

        Thank you for being such an inspiration and positive motivator. Keep doing your thang girl! You make the world a better place! =)


  • hesbon kerongo

    Thanks and am going to get my copy now

    • Celes

      Thanks hesbon :D Let me know if you have problems ordering; I don’t think I see your order in the latest set of orders.

  • Bailey Ing

    Hi Celes,

    I received my copy on Monday and let me say I was blown away.

    There is so much high quality content in there (over 800 pages) that I’m only one quarter of the way through and I’m already improving my productivity on my business by miles!

    Really, for the price of this you have totally over delivered. So if there’s anybody out there who’s wondering if it’s worth it or not. It totally is.

    I’d love to explain to you how this book has helped me specifically in my business, but that would be way too long to post on this comment section. So I will have a dedicated post on my blog very soon.

    Thanks for the excellent work Celes and your writing style absolutely rocks. Helps me read and absorb the info so easily.

    Keep up the good work,


    • Celes

      Bailey, you’re an angel. Thanks so much for your wonderful review and I’d like to use it as a testimonial for the book, if it’s okay with you?!

      Let me know when you have the post up on your blog – I’d love to read it! :D

  • Kirsten

    Thank you for this great book and blog. I have brought book and have also downloaded your free ebooks. I am planing to stuck into them right and hoping to blog about my experience’s as I work through them all.

    Keep up the great work! :-D

    • Celes

      Hey Kirsten, I just got your mail! Give me a couple of days to get back to you – but in short my answer is a big affirmative :D

  • Kasiwoot

    This personal excellence book is so great in the level that I could refer to as the “Road map” for my personal development. There are two parts to maximize personal development of each individual. First part is “The best concept” and second part is “the execution”. This personal excellence handbook close the knowledge gap especially the part of self-reflection tools. e.g. Life handbooks, How to discover my life purpose and this tools are really work and make me understand myself in the new level.

    This is more than enough for me and the latter part gonna be my own responsibilities to live my life with the best concept that I know from this book.

    “If you just walk your talk (do what you says you would do) and live your life in line with the best concept you already know, there will be huge gap of improvement in there”

    Thanks celes for creating this excellent stuffs and congratulations to this success to create this album. This could be perceived as your red ribbon project in my eyes

    Kasiwoot T

    • Celes

      Hey O, thanks so much for buying a copy of PEBook and your wonderful review :D I’m really glad you found the book helpful! Look forward to meeting you and Tatt next month when you guys are here :mrgreen:

  • huisi

    Hi Celes, I tried to order you book, but the checkout page is not working, even though I’ve refreshed it numerous time. Think maybe you should look into it?

    • Celes

      Hey huisi! Thanks a lot for letting me know. I just tried the checkout and it’s working – it was probably a temporary problem as I received orders earlier yesterday. Can you try again and let me know if it still doesn’t work? Thanks and sorry about the inconvenience!

      • huisi

        Hi Celes, thanks for your quick reply. I just tried again but it doesn’t seems to work…the paypal page I’m in is not refreshing neither I type in info to pay by credit card nor when I try to login paypal…I am a bit worried especially after I keep on refreshing the page, as I’m worried that my credit card transaction did go through and it has been charged multi time.

        Can you please check if there is any order going through from me? If not, can you please send the direct link to order your book? I would like to try the last time.

        Thanks lot!

        • Celes

          Hi huisi! Sorry to hear about the problem! Not to worry, if the paypal transaction was successful, you would have received an email confirmation about it, and also e-junkie would have immediately sent the ebook over. I’ve also checked my paypal and have not received any transactions from you.

          Since the page is not working for you, my suggestion is you can directly send $24.95 to me via Paypal sending to my paypal at chua.celestine [ at ] gmail dot com. I’ll send the direct link for the ebook immediately after getting your payment. Let me know how you find the book after you get it :D

  • Vygantas

    Buying right NOW! :-)

  • Aleš Máca

    Hi, Celes. My name is Aleš Máca. I am from Prague. I would like to buy your book but I don’t know how the paypal is working. I just know it is one of the way how some
    people are shopping in the Internet. Is another possibility how to pay it or should I somehow make paypal? Thanks ahead for your answer.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey Ales, thanks for your interest! :D Yes, Paypal is indeed the payment gateway that I use on PE — however, you can actually pay by credit card via Paypal, *without registering for a Paypal account*. Simply head to the payment page by clicking on the download here Then, click the button that says “Checkout with Paypal.”

      You’ll be redirected to a page where it asks you to login to your Paypal account — below that, there is an option to pay directly using credit/debit card, WITHOUT a Paypal account. Let me know if you can’t find this option! :)