Winners of Personal Excellence Second Anniversary Giveaway! (and Upcoming PEBook v2)


Hey everyone!! Thank you so much for everyone who participated in the Personal Excellence Second Anniversary, which generated over 121 comments in total! I used the randomizer to pick out the 7 winners, and they are:

  1. Matt – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey
  2. Ish – The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris
  3. Risto – Getting Things Done, by David Allen
  4. Dave Evans – Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles
  5. Fariha Naveed – Personal Excellence Book
  6. Charles Cave – Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
  7. Joanne Lim – The Millionaire Mind Intensive (8 CD, 2 DVD set)

Congratulations to the winners above! Gosh I was so excited for all of you as I was looking at the generated numbers and seeing who won 😀 Please check your email for my follow-up mail!

Thank you to everyone for taking part in the giveaway and for reading PE! This giveaway is held as a special thank you to all of you. Personal Excellence will not be where it is today without you. I truly feel that all of us are already winners in our own right when we found each other through the blog :D. Be sure to grab the 8 free ebooks in the Free Ebooks Section, special for Personal Excellence readers – I took time over the weekend to update them the latest version of the articles. If you already have them, be sure to redownload them.

Upcoming Personal Excellence Book version 2!

I’ve been working on PEBook v2, adding in the new articles at the blog, updating existing articles and also the bonus article content. I’m proud to say that it’s almost finished, and will be out on Monday 13 Dec, one day before our 2-year anniversary! PEBook v2 will contain all of the new classics, including 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself in Life, The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People, 101 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest, The Life Wheel, 10 Tips To Finish What You Start, How To Say No: The Ultimate Guide, and more. It’ll represent the 2 years of excellence we’ve had at the blog so far. Everyone who has bought their copy previously will get the upgrade free.

You can get your copy now actually – You’ll simply get the current version after your purchase, and then get the upgraded version come 14 Dec!

Moving Ahead into 2011

Many of you shared many wonderful  suggestions on what you want to see next at PE. It has helped me get a clearer idea on what YOU want, and is helping me formulate the plans for the blog in the next few months and in 2011 ahead.

Expect to see many exciting stuff coming in 2011! The first 2 years of Personal Excellence has been about setting the foundations of growth in place, where I wrote many information-rich articles on core topics of growth (goal achievement, productivity, purpose, meaning, life, etc). With this set, my objective moving forward is to move from just sharing knowledge to enabling you to implement this knowledge into your life. 30DLBL is my first test campaign in this new direction and it was hugely successful, thanks to everyone of you. :mrgreen: This is a huge indication to me that we’re now ready to move in this direction, as one community!

I’ll still continue to write articles here as usual, while mixing in new elements to the blog moving forward. As for what they are, you have to stay tuned to find out 😀 I’ll continue to experiment new things to see what’s the best way to move the blog forward, and your support will be important for us to grow together. Personal Excellence will be the one place where all of us like-minded people who want to live our best life can group together and grow in excellence together. Let us now work hand-in-hand forward and onward in living our best life! :dance:

Image: Celebration