Winners of Personal Excellence Second Anniversary Giveaway! (and Upcoming PEBook v2)

Personal Excellence second Anniversary Giveaway Winners

Hey everyone!! Thank you so much for everyone who participated in the Personal Excellence Second Anniversary, which generated over 121 comments in total! I used the randomizer to pick out the 7 winners, and they are:

  1. Matt – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey
  2. Ish – The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris
  3. Risto – Getting Things Done, by David Allen
  4. Dave Evans - Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D Wattles
  5. Fariha Naveed – Personal Excellence Book
  6. Charles Cave – Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
  7. Joanne Lim – The Millionaire Mind Intensive (8 CD, 2 DVD set)

Congratulations to the winners above! Gosh I was so excited for all of you as I was looking at the generated numbers and seeing who won :D Please check your email for my follow-up mail!

Thank you to everyone for taking part in the giveaway and for reading PE! This giveaway is held as a special thank you to all of you. Personal Excellence will not be where it is today without you. I truly feel that all of us are already winners in our own right when we found each other through the blog :D. Be sure to grab the 8 free ebooks in the Free Ebooks Section, special for Personal Excellence readers – I took time over the weekend to update them the latest version of the articles. If you already have them, be sure to redownload them.

Upcoming Personal Excellence Book version 2!

I’ve been working on PEBook v2, adding in the new articles at the blog, updating existing articles and also the bonus article content. I’m proud to say that it’s almost finished, and will be out on Monday 13 Dec, one day before our 2-year anniversary! PEBook v2 will contain all of the new classics, including 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself in Life, The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People, 101 Ways To Live Your Life to the Fullest, The Life Wheel, 10 Tips To Finish What You Start, How To Say No: The Ultimate Guide, and more. It’ll represent the 2 years of excellence we’ve had at the blog so far. Everyone who has bought their copy previously will get the upgrade free.

You can get your copy now actually – You’ll simply get the current version after your purchase, and then get the upgraded version come 14 Dec!

Moving Ahead into 2011

Many of you shared many wonderful  suggestions on what you want to see next at PE. It has helped me get a clearer idea on what YOU want, and is helping me formulate the plans for the blog in the next few months and in 2011 ahead.

Expect to see many exciting stuff coming in 2011! The first 2 years of Personal Excellence has been about setting the foundations of growth in place, where I wrote many information-rich articles on core topics of growth (goal achievement, productivity, purpose, meaning, life, etc). With this set, my objective moving forward is to move from just sharing knowledge to enabling you to implement this knowledge into your life. 30DLBL is my first test campaign in this new direction and it was hugely successful, thanks to everyone of you. :mrgreen: This is a huge indication to me that we’re now ready to move in this direction, as one community!

I’ll still continue to write articles here as usual, while mixing in new elements to the blog moving forward. As for what they are, you have to stay tuned to find out :D I’ll continue to experiment new things to see what’s the best way to move the blog forward, and your support will be important for us to grow together. Personal Excellence will be the one place where all of us like-minded people who want to live our best life can group together and grow in excellence together. Let us now work hand-in-hand forward and onward in living our best life! :dance:

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  • Jia Jun

    Wow ~ I wish I could be one of the lucky one, but I’m new here in your blog Celestine, so I’m late to participate on it, haha.

    Looking forward for more great posts and great giveaway from your blog. :D
    2011 is coming, gonna make it a more exciting year~ :)

    • Celes

      Thanks Jia Jun, and look forward to connecting with you more here in 2011 and ahead! :)

  • Gee

    Congratulations to the lucky winners! And Thank You to Celes for the updated Free Ebooks! I downloaded them again and I will read at first the “Overcome your Procrastination” advices. I think I really should read it right now – or maybe tomorrow ;)

    All the best to all of you!


    • Celes

      Thanks a lot Gee! :dance: It’s a pity your entry wasn’t in time for the giveaway but there’s always next time! :D And no problem at all on the free ebooks – I hope you enjoy them! :angel:

      • Gee

        I will! :D

  • Andreea

    Yayyy, many heartfelt congratulations to all the winners!! :angel: :dance: :hug:

    Celes, everything you say and plan sounds simply great, I wish lots of success to you and I can`t wait to see what you`ve prepared for us in the future.. :hug: :dance:
    Soon, soon, I can`t wait to enjoy your fabulous book as well!! :heart:

    • Celes

      Thanks so much Andreea, I’m simply excited about everything and the prospect of doing it with all of you here. You’re so wonderful, thank you for being here with me and for your support :hug: :hug:

      • Andreea

        You`re most welcome, Celes.. :heart: and the pleasure is mine :heart: :hug: :heart:

  • Aurus

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Looking forward to what you have in store for us next year, Celes! And thank you for updating the ebooks!

    • Celes

      Thanks a lot Aurus for your support! :D I really appreciate it!

  • Matt

    Thank you Celes for the great gift. I feel very fortunate. I have heard nothing but good things about 7 Habits and I look forward to reading it.

    I have good news for those of you who posted in the previous article but did not win. You can actually get two of the books Celes was giving away for FREE! “Think and Grow Rich” and “the Science of Getting Rich” are actually in the public domain and can be legally downloaded for free from . Check them out if you are interested and visit us in the forums to tell us what you thought of them. Once I read 7 Habits I will probably write a post about what I have learned.

    Celes, in the previous blog post you were asking for suggestions about what we would like to see in the future from PE. It just occured to me that I would love to see a blog post about what you have learned from doing coaching, training, and blogging for the past two years. What insights have you gained about running your own business? What has coaching taught you about people? Were these new insights positive or negative? How have your methods of coaching and training changed since you began? How have you personally grown and changed since you started? What’s the one thing you wish you had known about coaching/blogging/training/business before you began? What have been your greatest obstacles and how have you overcome them? What do you consider your greatest acheivements?

    I would have posted this in the previous article but the comments are closed. I just think this would be a great topic for a blog post (or maybe a podcast or video!)

    Thanks again for the book, Celes!

    • Celes

      Hey Matt! Congratulations on winning again! Hopefully your book reaches you before 2011 so you can read it during the holiday breaks :D Thanks a lot for telling us about the 2 books! I didn’t know they are in the public domain. Here’s an easy link for those who want to surf over to google books:

  • Miss Guimba

    Congratulations to the winners! I’m looking forward to more articles from you, Celes. I wish you all the best. :hug: Thank you for helping people find their own truths!

    • Celes

      Thanks a lot for your support Miss G! Hope all’s well with you and your family by the way! :hug:

  • Ish

    Dear Celes, thanks a lot for the gift!! It is one of the few books I did not have and looking forward to learning from it.
    I am really looking forward to receiving your updated book!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. The 30DLBL has brought many positive changes to my life already.

    I wish you lots of success in all your new ventures!

    • Celes

      You’re welcome Ish, and congratulations for winning! I sent you a follow-up mail to your hotmail which was registered with the newsletter but haven’t gotten your response yet. Let me know if you didn’t get the mail!

      I’m having a great time working with you and everyone in Dec 30DLBL! Look forward to seeing you in the forums! :mrgreen: