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Passive Income

Update Dec 4: The seats are taken up fast and there are only 8 6 3 2 1 seat left!! If you’re interested in earning passive income and being financially free for life, this is the course for you. Read on for details, and register at the end of the post! Our seats are all filled up and registration is now CLOSED. Thanks everyone for your interest and for those of you who’ve registered, look forward to working with you in our first session on Dec 6! 😀

Are you interested in earning passive income? Want to stop spending your time just to earn money every day? Do you want to spend your time doing things of real value and working on long-term goals, rather than day-to-day firefighting and earning your keep?


If “yes,” you’re in the right place! Come Dec 6, I’m starting a new live run of the passive income business course on how to earn passive income and achieve financial freedom for life, just like I have. This is now my third year running the course, and here are what some past participants have to say:

Best course on Passive Income I have taken so far in my life. The value you have provided is worth many times the price I have invested.” ~ Ngee Key, Passive Income Course Participant

Empowering, inspirational, and truly priceless. This course has taught me all the building blocks needed to build a P.I. business, both physically and mentally.” ~ Max Mandias, Passive Income Course participant

“Fantastic! This course is filled with solid information that is applicable to nearly any business. It would have probably taken me months or even years to gather and learn everything taught during the course.” ~ Matt Leyva, Passive Income Course participant

“What I liked best about the course is how open, honest and value-focused you are. The step-by-step and logical flow of your modules allow both existing business owners and non-business owners alike to easily follow and learn how to earn passive income. Thank you Celes for sharing your gems!” ~ Dolly Yeo, Passive Income Course Participant

“Amazing. Everything is broken down into baby steps; dissected, sorted and organized. Celes gives examples of steps that work, versus steps that didn’t or don’t – and why. Then you work together on exercises to develop a plan of your own. I would recommend this – and any course for that matter – by Celes.” ~ Nancy Lopez, Passive Income Course Participant

Read on for details!

My Passive Income Story

Have you worked for money all your life? Have you ever had a time when you didn’t work at all and still had money rolling in anyway?

Majority of us today have to work to earn our keep—what I refer to as active income.

Me? I used to fall under this category. I used to work in a corporate job where I had to be in the office from 9 to 6, often times till 8, 10, or even midnight. Then I started my personal development business (Personal Excellence, PE for short) in 2009, where I removed myself from the daily grind of a salaried worker.

But even as I ran my own business, I still continued to exchange my time to earn money, such as one-to-one coaching and training. I enjoy coaching and training don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t relish the fact that I needed to coach and train to earn money, and that the day or week where I was sick and/or not able to conduct the sessions for any reason, my income would get impacted.


The process of having my time tied to earning income isn’t in line with my life vision, as I don’t want to have to do something just to earn money. I was getting burnt out, fast, as I constantly had a long waiting list of coaching clients to get to, training engagements to prepare for, Quadrant 2 business goals that I kept putting due to the never-ending, pending to-dos — all while neglecting my own “me” time.

This was when I realized, This is it. It’s not going to work out this way. I need to find a way to decouple myself from my business, or I’ll forever be trapped having to take up X activities just to earn my income, and continuously put off my Quadrant 2 personal and business activities.

So at the end of 2009, I began to work toward a passive income business model. I began to move to a passive income setup, all through personal trial and experimentation, which would enable me to earn money without having to sacrifice my time for it.

Results came in soon enough.

By 2010, almost 50% of my annual revenue became passive. That meant almost half the money I earned that year entered my bank account without my involvement.

By 2011, that percentage increased to 72%. My revenue that year was double that of 2010.

By 2012, a whooping 92% of my business revenue was passive. That meant almost all my revenue came in without me having to do anything! Not only that, I reached the highest ever revenue that year since starting PE.

Below is a chart that illustrates PE’s shift from active income to passive income since it started:

Graph: Increase of Passive Income Over the Years

It then hit me—I am effectively running a passive income business.

Today, I don’t have to worry about working for my next paycheck. I have all the time in the world to do anything I want, wherever I want — and I typically use my time to help more people, spend time with my loved ones, meet friends and make new friends, and personal recreation. Money is no longer a concern in my life, in that I no longer have to worry about turning up at work or having to take up X or Y projects just to earn money. In fact, I retired last year 2013, at the age of 28.

In other words, I’m “financially free”.

It took me two years to start earning substantial passive income with my business, and another one and a half years to transit to a full passive income business model. It took deliberate strategizing, planning, and execution to achieve my current financial freedom.

And I’d like to now teach you how I did that with the upcoming Passive Income Business Course!


Who Is This For?

I’m passionate about delivering top quality in my courses, and this means being selective about the participants I take in to help you achieve your maximum results.

Please DO NOT join if…

  • You are looking for that one tip or “trick” to become rich overnight. If you have this mentality, you need to lose it first because money doesn’t just fly down from the sky by itself (unless you create the systems/processes which is what we’ll be doing in the course).
  • You think P.I. is about relaxing at the beach, drinking a cocktail, and doing nothing for life. While earning P.I. gives you time and freedom, the end goal isn’t to do nothing–it’s to focus on the important things (like personal time, family time, Q2 goals) and to achieve bigger things in life.
  • You want to learn about forex trading, options trading, gold investment, real estate, etc. This course is about creating your own passive income business based on your area of interest, as opposed to one or two specific financial instruments whereby the knowledge is non-transferable.

On the other hand, this course is 100% for you if…

  • You want to build your business that generates income for you, even when you sleep.
  • You understand passive income isn’t an overnight miracle–but comes as a result of proper strategies and planning. And it starts today, not tomorrow or next year or two years later.
  • You don’t have a business yet but you intend to start one in the future or even now. [OR] You just started your business. [OR] You already have a business that is doing well but majority of your income is active. Regardless of your state of business development, this course is created for non-business owners, new entrepreneurs, and seasoned business owners alike–anyone who wants to build a business with over 90% passive income like I have.
  • You want to learn universal strategies on building your P.I. business. The principles and strategies taught in the course will work regardless of your business idea, from baking, to blogging, to coaching, to photography, to graphic design, to martial arts, to gaming, to drawing. Even if you’re not sure of your idea, it’s something you can start thinking about as you work through the course.
  • You are tired of get-rich-quick schemes that are full of fluff and bring you nowhere at the end of the day. You want solid content and strategies to build your P.I. business from ground up. You’ll get that here.


Here is an outline of what we’ll be doing each week:

  • Module 1: Money & You (Bust limiting money beliefs and cultivate new, financially abundant beliefs)
  • Module 2: Passive & Active Income (Master the different income streams for your business)
  • Module 3: How to Create Your Passive Income Business, Part 1 (The Financial, Revenue-Generating Aspect)
  • Module 4: How to Create Your Passive Income Business, Part 2 (The Systems, Process-Building Aspect)
  • Module 5: How to Expand Your Passive Income Business (Grow your new passive income streams into huge revenue generators)
  • Module 6: What’s Next After Building a Passive Income Business (What to do when you have set up your passive income business)

Some of the things you’ll be learning:

  • How to transit from a life of active income (where you are active trading your time for money) to passive income (where you no longer have to work to earn money)
  • The very things preventing you from earning passive income (or even just earning good money to begin with!) — your subconscious money beliefs  — Module 1
  • How to break self-limiting money beliefs and lay down new, empowering money beliefs such that you can get started on earning passive income for life! — Module 1
  • The ONE thing you need to do to truly succeed in making money — Module 2
  • TWO defining differences between active & passive income systems  — Module 2
  • CASE STUDY: How I successfully transited from active income model to passive income model for Personal Excellence in less than 4 years (between 2009–2012)  — Module 2
  • ONE BIG TIP that will help you transit to a passive income business more easily — Module 2
  • 3 common MYTHS of starting a passive income business and why they are simply MYTHS  — Module 3
  • My 3 fundamental steps to create any passive income business, covering both the financial, revenue-generating-aspect and systems, process-building aspect — Modules 3 & 4
  • CASE STUDIES: How two seemingly service-centric businesses like graphic design and life coaching can be converted into passive income businesses
  • My essential EDT checklist to launch any passive income product with success — Module 3
  • 6 tried and tested ways to expanding your passive income streams and start turning your passive income streams into huge income channels! — Module 5
  • CASE STUDY: Understand a passive income e-product launch gone wrong and how to avoid that for your business — Module 5
  • CASE STUDY: Problems I faced after setting up my passive income business (through PE) and how I overcame them  — Module 6
  • 10 key lessons to creating YOUR passive income business — Modules 1–6

Course Schedule

There will be six sessions every Saturday, 9pm to 11pm (2 hours long), Singapore time (GMT +8). There will be a break week mid-course. The corresponding timings for other time zones can be found below, but please double check the timing to be sure:

  • CST (GMT -6): Saturday, 7am to 9am
  • EST (GMT -5): Saturday, 8am to 10am
  • MST (GMT -7): Saturday, 6am to 8am
  • UTC (GMT +0): Saturday, 1pm to 3pm
  • CET (GMT +1): Saturday, 2pm to 4pm
  • IST (GMT +5:30): Saturday, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

(After you register your ticket and fill in the registration form, my online meeting software will adjust the time based on your specified timezone, and all meeting invites will be sent to you based on your time zone.)

At the moment, the sessions are planned for the following dates (subject to changes*):

  • Module 1: Dec 6 (Saturday)
  • Module 2: Dec 13 (Saturday)
  • Module 3: Dec 20 (Saturday)
  • * There will be no class on Dec 27 as it is a holiday week. Merry X’mas in advance! 😉
  • Module 4: Jan 3 (Saturday)
  • Module 5: Jan 10 (Saturday)
  • Module 6: Jan 17 (Saturday)

Some Testimonials from Past Participants…

 I have to say that this is the best course on Passive Income I have taken so far in my life. The value you have provided is worth many times the price I have invested.

Each module was an awesome one. Celes’ questions really triggered a lot of thoughts within me… I have learned a lot of insights and conceived new ideas through the course. The fact that my active income is the same as Celes’ 4 years ago makes her my role model for passive income creation.

The most important thing I have learned from the course is the money belief system. The exercises in Module 1 made me realize the mindset shift required to earn passive income. I have also learned the importance of exchanging real value in order to earn money, and that we should make money through active income streams before switching to passive income streams. (Module 2) Above all, I have learned streamlining, automating, and outsourcing as important elements to create a passive income business model independent of me. (Module 4)

Celes has done a fantastic job as the trainer and facilitator. She is selfless in providing her many years of experience of her current business model and equip us with all the know-how and practical tips. Her passion and drive puts her apart from all the other trainers.

This is the one program you will be not regret buying. If you are thinking of moving from active income to running your own passive income business, I highly recommend you to buy The Passive Income System.

Celes, thanks a lot again for all your sharing and tips. I learned so much from them. The next step now is for me to take action and follow through on what I have learned. ”

~ Ngee Key, 40, Singapore, Passive Income Course Participant

 Empowering, inspirational, and truly priceless.

First of all, I have learned in order to start building a successful business, be that active or passive; we have to have the right beliefs. Empowering money beliefs. This is a very overlooked subject and I am really glad that our first lesson was about this. It sounds silly and trivial but it is true.

Secondly, I learned that P.I. business takes time and effort to set up. Thus, we have to be willing to invest our time and effort without immediate result. Focus on creating product, not service.

Thirdly, major cog, major clog. Thus, unclog yourself from the business. The real P.I. business is the one that still generates money even if you don’t come to the office.

Lastly, no matter how successful the business is, there is always a room to make it even bigger. If you think this is already maximum, evaluate your money beliefs again. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

My conclusion is this course has taught me all the building blocks needed to build a P.I. business, both physically and mentally.

The best things about this course are the exercises, sharing sessions, and Celes. The exercise forced me to think further and more holistically. Not to forget the inspiration sharing session from people with different businesses, it made my mind bursting with new ideas and also learned tons from what they do or don’t do. And of course, Celes, who has been a great role model and inspirational teacher.

The course was very well-structured, and well-explained. Celes used a lot of examples which I really liked because it just made it so clear. Lastly, I feel that she was very personal. I felt that she really cared about my ideas, and gave suggestions that helped me tremendously to really follow through. Absolutely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

I definitely recommend P.I. course to anyone. Even if I turned back the clock to the day that I decided to take this course, I would have made the same choice. Thank you so much for everything.

P.S.: I will let you know how it goes in a couple of years about my business. When I am already successful, huge credit will definitely go to you. Thanks again Celes!”

~ Max Mandias, 24, The Netherlands, Passive Income Course Participant

 Celes, What I like best about The Passive Income Course is that you are open, honest and focused on giving VALUE. I am inspired to emulate you for you are the epitome of a young and successful entrepreneur and authentic leader. 

Your modules have a step-by-step and logical flow which allow both business owners and non-business owners alike to easily follow and learn how to earn passive income.

You started the course with the fundamental foundations, covering our relationship with money. (Module 1) I thought that was crucial as our money beliefs could either block us or propel us for success. I appreciated the one big tip you gave on how to earn passive income more easily. (Module 2)  I liked how you distinguished the key differences between active income and passive income systems. I also found your coverage of pareto principle of 80/20 and step-by-step ways on how to unclog oneself from a business system helpful. (Module 4)

The presentation slides are simple, succinct and clear. I also noticed that you often used illustrations such as pictures and charts to put ideas across to us. That helped in helping us note the specific and important things so that we are not bored with just words.

Overall, I felt the course is comprehensive. Your sharing of your personal experiences were very important as it helped me to relate clearly what you did in the 4 years where you transited  from active to passive income. It helped me to think of how I can productize my services. Also, the various strategies that I could choose based on what works for me and my own business model.

The entire passive income course is very well-paced and suits me. You are right, it is up to us to follow and take actions. I would definitely recommend The Passive Income System to others, including my clients, as they are educated working professionals who want to spend quality time with their family and achieve work-life balance.

Thank you Celes for sharing your gems! 

~ Dolly Yeo, 58, Singapore, Passive Income Course Participant

“ Hi Celes, these six weeks of P.I. course were really an experience for me. I remember having doubts and apprehension before the start of the courseNow I cannot believed that I made it and learned so many things from it. So, here’s what I thought about the entire course of P.I.

I enrolled myself to this course because I wanted to earn additional income. This was all new to me: At the beginning, I had my own doubts and apprehensions. In the middle through the end, I found myself learning and enjoying. There were so many new topics covered. And they were presented in an easy-to-digest, step-by-step sessions. The slides were pleasant to the eyes and the illustrations, charts and examples were easily understood and had direct impact on the viewers.

I learned so many things in this P.I. course. I got to know about me and my money beliefs. This course also transformed my way of thinking about earning money: that I have to deliver something of value to other people first before I can have money coming in. When starting a business, the first part would be involving our time and effort to have the business working and running, Then we gradually remove ourselves from the running of the business such that money flows in without us being directly involved. The steps involved in the shift from active business to passive were really stressed on throughout course. Then we just don’t stop here: there will always be rooms to be bigger. At this point, we can have time to explore high-value tasks like spending time with our family and friends, do recreational stuffs and hobbies, travel and other things.

What I liked about this P.I. course is its unique approach of teaching. The topics are well organized and are divide into modules with appropriate topics. I liked to do the exercises with which they invoked our analytical, creative and positive thinking skills. The topics that have much inspired and motivated me are: 1) the fruits and roots 2) money and value 3) productize 4) cogs and clogs 4) setting up your P.I. Business. I also liked the recommended readings e.g. about productivity, managing emails, and outsourcing.

Our trainer, Celes, is nice, intelligent, hardworking, and highly-achieved person. I can feel it by the way she talks, writes articles and motivates people to achieve their highest self. She is direct to the pointconverses welllistens and answers to questions and inquiries with much concern and sincerity. I like her very much.

I will definitely recommend this course to everyone. This course is applicable to any business you have or any business you plan to start. The key principles can be used in whatever profession you are in.

Thank you very much for sharing with us this course, Celes. I am happy and grateful to have known you. I can only wish you more blessings and happiness. 

~ Kristine Lu, 36, Philippines, Passive Income Course Participant

“ I loved the course. I found it highly informative. It would have probably taken me months or even years to gather and learn everything that was taught during the course.

The PI course helped me to become aware of the many limiting beliefs I have with money. Before taking the course I had a lot of disempowering beliefs and I really believed I was at a terrible disadvantage to earning money. My beliefs are much more in line with earning money and building a business now.

I like that the course was so focused on building value for our customers. Before taking the course I was looking at customers as just people whom I want money from rather than people who deserve great products and services. I now want to really make a positive impact on people rather than just receiving money.

The course made me realize that it’s possible to create automatic income but still be working all the time. I now have greater ideas of how to streamline my business and create a business that runs even when I am not physically there doing anything.

Celes’s course was very well organized and presented. There was no filler material or rah-rah motivation. From beginning to end, the course was all solid information that is applicable to nearly any business.

Celes as a trainer and facilitator was fantastic as always. (This is not the first course I have purchased from Personal Excellence.) She is extremely knowledgeable and open about how she runs her business, sharing many personal examples on how she earns passive income so you can do it as well. She constantly encourages participants to share their ideas and feedback. Every participant who spoke during the sharing portion received new insights on how they can take their businesses to the next level. 

I would definitely recommend The Passive Income System to anyone who is a business owner or will be starting a business in the future.  

~ Matt Leyva, 27, United States, Passive Income Course Participant

I found the PI course amazing. Every course I take with Celes is more than I expected. She speaks so simply. So at ease. So thoroughly… that you have no opportunity to be warded off by your own nerves or hesitations. (She addresses that too!) There are, no doubt, core beliefs that are keeping you spinning your wheels… why be the gerbil?

Stepping away from the course, you have an ‘I can do this’ attitude. It’s empowering. The only thing left is time… of course, you have to do the actual work. But it is entirely possible, and knowing THAT is the first step.

Everything is broken down into baby steps. Each is dissected, sorted and organized. Identify, plan, focus, straightforward practical solutionseasy to understand, and chock full of information. Instead of thinking inside the box, we move OUTside. (Seeing the forest from the trees is empowering within itself – You can do anything, you just can’t do everything. Why should you? It defeats the larger purpose. ;) )

Hearing Celes’ journey is inspiring and informative. She give examples of steps that work, versus steps that didn’t or don’t – and why. Then you work together on exercises to develop a plan of your own. The hardest steps are usually the first… she takes care of that, along with the group. You walk away with ideas, a vision, an actual plan started. (I love the Q&A chats. Great opportunity to solve any anticipated problems right in the moment. Celes ‘holds your hand’ if necessary… with a warm combination of insightfulness and graciousness.)

I would recommend this – and any course for that matter – by Celes. What I love most is that the process and principles applied to move forward, are steps that I can – and intend – to implement in my LIFE… not just my business plan.”

~ Nancy Lopez, 50, United States, Passive Income Course Participant

 Dear Celes, 

Thank you so much for giving strong foundations, methods and principles on how to start and manage a passive income business from your own experience of running Personal Excellence.

The Passive Income System is very inspiring, thoughtful, well planned and executed with precision. Each module fits smoothly into a set sequence which runs beautifully. I enjoyed the sharing of everyone which was useful and informative because I could see how each person was at their individual stages and reflect back to myself!

I found many useful points that (I) need regular work to master, especially:

  1. My beliefs (not only) on money and how to make them empowering.
  2. Streamlining, Automation & Outsourcing
  3. Going beyond PI and thinking BIG!

I too want to make a positive difference and know that this course has definitely helped me to structure my ideas.  I am going pursue and work towards Passive Income.  I am truly grateful for your enthusiasm, motivation and positive attitude Celes, showing me the steps to earn Passive Income in a clear and concise manner. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to have a Passive Income Business. 

~ Bob Burton, 48, United Kingdom, Passive Income Course Participant

 I had a great experience with Celes’ passive income course.  There were many takeaway points that I will not only use in my future business, but also in my personal life that I think will help my productivity as well!  My favorite concept was viewing myself as a “cog” in the system, that I need to “unclog.” It has been so powerful to me that my thoughts always refer to this when I am planning out my future.  

There were many great insights that I will take and use in the future, so thanks so much Celes!  I recommend anyone who is interested in adding value to other people, sharing their gifts, and making money passively to use their time to do what they really want to do to take this course!”

~ Rachelle M., 31, United States, Passive Income Course Participant


Why earn passive income?

Who doesn’t want to have a passive income business? Creating a passive income business frees up your time to do anything you want. The point is to be financially free so that you no longer have to worry about finances or sustaining yourself in life.

For example, even though I’ve a passive income business today, I still work half the time because I love doing what I do. Having constant passive revenue coming in, though, helps to free me up to do whatever I want to do, rather than worry about my finances the next month or take on projects for financial reasons. It also frees me up to pursue activities which I enjoy but may not generate revenue, as well as long-term strategic decisions that may not bring in revenue in the short-term but are fundamental to the business’ growth.

What do you do nowadays?

Anything that I like, really. Since my time is decoupled from earning money, I literally just wake up every day and do whatever I feel like doing on that day. It can range from work-related activities to personal interests. For example,

  • After I transited to a passive income model in March–April 2012, I have been spending quite a large portion of my time simply living it up every day. Much of my time has been spent meeting people, connecting with friends, exploring new things, and basically living it up. I also dedicate a good amount of time creating the content on PE (articles, videos) and embarking new projects.
  • Between 2011 and 2013, 50% of my time was spent traveling overseas (for leisure and self-development purposes), from Europe, to North America, to Asia, to Africa — 4 continents and 18 territories in total. Some places I visited included Holland, Germany, Paris, London, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, and Scotland.
  • Then between 2013 and 2014, much of my time has been spent building my relationship with my then-boyfriend now-husband, traveling to Scotland for our engagement shoot, preparing for our wedding (which took place in May 2014), and subsequently getting our new place and furnishing it.

If not for my passive income systems taking care of my revenue/income, I would never be able to take all this time away from the lull of working for income. For the curious, here is a sample of passive income transactions I get in a usual week:

Passive Income Transactions for November 2014

Passive income transactions (in USD) for my business, in a usual week. These are transactions that happen without my involvement. (The above doesn’t include my P.I. from ads and book sales (also a form of P.I.) outside of PE, which form another chunk of my P.I.)

Because my cash flow is taken care of, I get the freedom to do other things and take on projects that I enjoy, all without worrying about money/returns.

My ideal day is one where I spend at least 50% of my time every day on PE (because it is my passion), and 50% of my time on my personal goals and interests. I think the important thing is to know that the point of having a passive income business isn’t to skive and do nothing in life (there is nothing I hate more than leeches who do not add value to the society), but simply to free up your time to do truly valuable work to others (and yourself).

I don’t have a business / business idea at the moment. Will this course still be relevant for me?

Yes of course. Read the section above on “Who Is This For?”. What you want to pursue for your business is up to you, based on your personal passions and preferences, and isn’t something that I dictate in the course. Rather, I’ve designed the course to be based on universal principles and frameworks that’ll work regardless of your business idea, such that you can eventually turn it into a passive income business.

Will I earn passive income immediately right after the course?

If you already have a business at the moment with steady active income (meaning you already have an audience of sorts), then it will be quite easy for you to generate passive income right away. In fact, you could be generating passive income while taking the course itself!

If you are starting from scratch, with nothing set up yet, then it’s obvious that you will need to build up your business first. The principles and frameworks taught during the course will be crucial to helping you succeed in your passive income business in the short and long term. It’s like having the right materials and design outline when building a building. If you don’t have these tools available at the onset, whatever building you build will easily crumble thereafter, and can’t stand the test of time.

At the end of the day, this is not meant to be an easy-action-quick-results course. What I want to focus on are the core principles and strategies for long-term, sustainable growth. You will learn the specific steps that I took to create my passive income business today, all distilled into universal frameworks and principles for your application–regardless of what your business is, online or off. These frameworks will be your blueprint for creating a successful passive income business yourself, in possibly the same (if not lesser) the time it took for me, since you would have direct coaching and mentorship by me—as someone who has been there and done that.

My business is not online-based (e.g., painting, baking, restaurant, electronics, retail, etc.) Will this course still be relevant for me?

The principles are universal and do not necessarily relate to online businesses. While some of the strategies will naturally relate to online (since technology and the internet have proven themselves to be choice mediums to create passive income today), you’ll find from Module 2 that the principles and frameworks I teach apply to any business and any industry, and that it’s not necessarily about launching a website and creating e-products (which is most people’s perception).

This is not a course about creating e-books and e-products (that’s too micro), but rather, a business strategy course that teaches you to look at revenue generation and business development in a different way, such that you don’t have to be involved in your business just to earn money. E-products are simply one of the many ways to earn P.I. — the strategies that I’ll be teaching are much bigger in that, in that it’s not about specific channels or tactics (which tend to be too narrow, untransferable, and unreplicable across businesses), but rather higher-level concepts that can be readily applied to any business (be it baking, music, software development, graphic design, coaching, training, blogging, martial arts, etc.).

What is the format of the course?

It will be an online group coaching class, where all participants will log on to an online meeting room (details all provided after registration) every week. During the class, I’ll present the content for that week live, along with live exercises that everyone will work together and share their answers during stipulated sharing sessions. Throughout each class, all participants will get to chat with one another using the text-chat function of the meeting room. The last segment of each week’s class is an open Q&A for that week’s topic.

All sessions are recorded, and the video recordings and powerpoint slides are sent 48 hours after every module.

There are some clashes between the course schedule and my calendar. What should I do?

Don’t worry! I will be providing recordings of the course for attendees who can’t make it for specific weeks. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing right up to the end of the course. This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements that clash with the course schedule. After the course, I’ll provide you with access to past video recordings, audio podcasts, and slides which you can access for life.

Also, even if you can’t attend the sessions, I will be email consultation in between the week’s modules, lest you have any questions. This will last through the course duration.

Is this run the same as previous runs?

That depends on when you took the live course. The material is about 40% upgraded from the first run in 2012. It’ll be largely consistent with last year’s run in 2013, though I may be adding new examples and updating some information. The overall frameworks and principles will remain the same since these are the core foundations to building any P.I. business.

I’m an alumni of the past passive-income course and I’m interested to attend again.

As a special thank-you, all alumni of past passive income live courses will get to attend for free. Attending the course again is a great way to reinforce the lessons you have learned, not to mention that every live course is always a whole new experience given there are different participants in the class.

However, please only sign up if you plan to attend the classes — registering for a ticket with little/no intention of attending will only rob someone else of the seat. (Alumni who sign up but do not attend the live classes will be removed from the weekly course mailing list after two sessions of no-show, since the live class is for active members.)

Also, in return for the free ticket, I’d like to request your help (as an alumni) to actively participate in each live class, help set the lead for a successful course, and ensure the best course experience for both yourself and the other participants. Thank you very much! 🙂

Simply let me know your interest and post your transaction number for your past ticket in the comments section and I’ll hook you up with the registration details! 🙂

I’ve bought The Passive Income System (product version) and I’d like to attend the live course.

If you have bought The Passive Income System product, you get to attend this course at a top up fee minus what you paid for the product. You will find the live experience much richer than viewing a video recording because you get to interact with the participants, do the exercises live, share your answers, ask questions, and get instant feedback.

Also, being part of the live course gives you to email support with me on the course content throughout the course duration; being a live course member also entitles you to free tickets to future live runs of the passive income course.

Simply let me know your interest to join the live course and post the transaction number for your product purchase in the comments section and I’ll send you the top-up link via email!

How is this different from getting The Passive Income System (product version)?

Those who have attended any of my live courses can attest to the difference. The live course experience comes with live coaching support (during the class itself), participant interaction, exercise sharing, and email consultation throughout the course duration. This kind of experience is priceless and can never be found in the self-administered product version, which doesn’t come with any support.

Also, live courses drive immediate action and momentum, because the lessons are pre-scheduled and what you need to do is turn up and work through the lesson/exercises with everyone else. It’s as what I teach in my Anti-Procrastination Program — about turning Q-2 (very important but never urgent) goals into Q-1 (important and urgent) tasks. Many times we have a tendency to put off our Q2 goals, and being in a live course help us to take action on critical goals that we should have acted on long ago but keep putting off.

How much is the course?

Read below!


The Passive Income Business Course is an intensive six-week course on creating your passive income business. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the key knowledge and frameworks you need to create your passive income business.

Forget “get rich quick” schemes; those of you long-time readers will know that I’m not about that. I’m not here to help you get rich quick; for what it’s worth, any course that claims to help you earn massive money quickly is clearly a scam and you should run as far away from it as possible. Many times, people — some of my past clients included — spend hundreds, thousands, and some even ten thousands of dollars on these courses thinking that they have uncovered the secret path to riches, only to realize that things are not as they seem.

I’m here to teach you how to build your passive-income business and work your way towards financial abundance and financial freedom–in a sustainable, practical, and honest way.

This course is designed by myself and it’s based on tried-and-proven methods I’ve used to create my own passive-income business. No gimmicks, no fluffery, no upselling crap and no nonsense. Just like PE is filled with high-value, no-nonsense content, I’ve created this course with my highest-value honest insights and knowledge on creating your P.I. business. What you will learn here will help you to cut short your learning curve by years and help you quickly work your way to financial freedom.

For everything that it offers, the Passive Income Business costs only $497 USD.

This is content and coaching support that my one-to-one coaching clients spend thousands just to get the equivalent. The value of the content is priceless. Imagine being financially free and having all the time to do whatever you want–including pursuing your highest goals, spending time with your loved ones, and enjoying the joys of living. For the past few years, I’ve been able to do just that as I invested the time to build my passive income business early on. The emotional, physical, and monetary freedom you get is something that cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

Hurry and register now–registration will be closed when seats are full. Pick one of the two options below.

One-time payment:

Installment plan option:  

(Pick one of the two options above. Once you make payment, you’ll get a payment receipt from Paypal and a confirmation email with the course instructions and next steps.)

As with all my live courses, I’ll be taking in only a limited number of students. Secure your seat now to get it at the best price, and I look forward to working with you on Dec 6. 🙂

Update Dec 4: There are only 8 6 3 2 1 seat left, so secure your seat before it gets taken up! Our seats are all filled up and registration is now CLOSED. Thanks everyone for your interest and for those of you who’ve registered, look forward to working with you in our first session on Dec 6! 😀

Any Questions?

Let me know via the comments section. Thanks and look forward to working with you guys in the first session ahead on Dec 6! 😀

Update, Aug 2015: After 3 years of running The Passive Income System, I’ve since retired the course/product. Thank you everyone for your support all these years! Please read: Retiring Blogging Success Program & Passive Income System

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