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Passive Income

Update Oct 4: We have a full class of 20 registrants and we are ready to go! Thanks everyone for signing up and look forward to working with you on Oct 6! :)

Are you interested in creating a passive income business? Do you want to stop tying your time with earning money? Do you want to spend your time doing things of real, substantial value and working on long-term goals, rather than day-to-day firefighting and earning your keep?

Are you ready to learn how to earn passive income and become financially free for the rest of your life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you’re in the right place! Starting Oct 6, I’m starting an all-new run of the passive income business course. I ran this course last year from October to November, and here is what some participants had to say:

“I have to say that this is the best course on Passive Income I have taken so far in my life. The value you have provided is worth many times the price I have invested.” ~ Ngee Key, Passive Income Course Participant

“Empowering, inspirational, and truly priceless. This course has taught me all the building blocks needed to build a P.I. business, both physically and mentally.” ~ Max Mandias, Passive Income Course participant

“Fantastic! This course is filled with solid information that is applicable to nearly any business. It would have probably taken me months or even years to gather and learn everything taught during the course.” ~ Matt Leyva, Passive Income Course participant

 “What I liked best about the course is how open, honest and value-focused you are. The step-by-step and logical flow of your modules allow both existing business owners and non-business owners alike to easily follow and learn how to earn passive income. Thank you Celes for sharing your gems!” ~ Dolly Yeo, Passive Income Course Participant

There’s a limited-time discount for early-bird registrations. If you attended last year’s live course, you get to attend the course for free. If you have purchased the product version, you get to attend the live session free.

Read on for details!

My Story

Have you worked for money all your life? Have you ever had a time when you didn’t work at all and still had money rolling in anyway?

Majority of us today have to work to earn our keep—what I refer to as active income.

Me? I used to fall under this category. I used to work in a corporate job where I had to be in the office from 9 to 6, often times till 8, 10, or even midnight.

Then I started my personal development business (Personal Excellence, PE for short) in 2009, where I removed myself from the daily grind of a salaried worker. But even as I ran my own business, I still continued to exchange my time to earn money, such as one-to-one coaching and training.

The process of having my time tied to earning income isn’t in line with my life vision, for I don’t want to have to do something just to earn money. My time is important to me and I would rather spend it on my highest-value activities, such as helping more people, meeting old friends and making new friends, being with my loved ones, and personal recreation.

So in 2009, I worked towards a passive income business model. I began to develop products, systems, and processes which would enable me to earn money without having to actively spend time to do so.

By 2010, almost 50% of my annual revenue became passive. That meant almost half the money I earned that year rolled in without my direct involvement.

By 2011, that percentage increased to 72%. My revenue that year was double that of 2010.

By 2012, a whooping 92% of my business revenue was passive. That meant almost all of my revenue came in without me having to do anything! Not only that, I reached the highest ever revenue that year since starting PE.

Below is a chart that illustrates PE’s shift from active income to passive income since it started:

Graph: Increase of Passive Income Over the Years

It then hit me—I was effectively running a passive income business.

Today, I no longer have to do anything to earn money. I have all the time in the world to do anything I want, wherever I want. Money is no longer a concern in my life (not to the extent where I have to worry about earning my keep: I retired at the age of 28 this year (2013)).

In other words, I’m now “financially free”.

It took me two years to start earning passive income with my business, and another one and a half years to transit to a full passive income business model. It took deliberate strategizing, planning, and execution to achieve my current level of financial freedom.

And I’d like to now teach you how I did that through the upcoming Passive Income Business Course!

Introducing: Passive Income Business Course

If you would like to free up earning money from your time and if you would like to work your way to financial freedom, this passive income business course is for you.

Forget “get rich quick” schemes; those of you who are long-time readers of the blog would know that I’m not about that. I’m not here to help you get rich quick; I’m not sure how many courses on the internet that claims to do that have actually delivered what they have promised. Many times, people sign up, thinking that they have earned a quick ticket to riches—only to realize soon after that things are not as what they seem.

This course isn’t about forex trading, gold investment, options trading, real estate investment, and the like—though these are passive income streams no doubt. This course is about learning how to create a passive income business which you can live off for life, whereby the business is anything you want to do, such as baking, blogging, coaching, drawing, photography, dancing, singing, martial arts, gaming, etc. (preferably something you enjoy doing, since it’s pointless to do something you are not interested in).

See it as picking up crucial knowledge and principles which will stay with you forever and impact you for the rest of your life. What you learn in this course will be critical in helping you to create passive income pillars which will generate income for you forever (just as I’ll earn revenue from the passive income pillars I’ve set up at PE for the rest of my life).

Who Should Take Part?

To be honest, everyone can benefit from this course. 

More specifically, this course is a must if:

  • You don’t have a business yet but you intend to start one in the future or even now.
  • You just started your business and you want to earn passive income from it.
  • You already have a business that is doing well but majority of your income is still active. You want to switch to a passive income model (which I define as having a healthy monthly income that is at least 90% passive), or at least, start earning more passive income.

As long as you have the desire to build a passive income business, be it now or in the future, this course will be quintessential for you.


Here is a brief outline of what we’ll be doing each week:

  • Module 1: Money & You (Addressing your money beliefs)
  • Module 2: Passive & Active Income (Mastering the different income streams for your business)
  • Module 3: How To Create Your Passive Income Business, Part 1 (The Financial, Revenue-Generating Aspect)
  • Module 4: How To Create Your Passive Income Business, Part 2 (The Systems, Process-Building Aspect)
  • Module 5: How To Expand Your Passive Income Business (Growing your new passive income streams into huge revenue generators)
  • Module 6: What’s Next After Building a Passive Income Business (What to do when you have set up your passive income business)
Each session will be 2 hours long. It will be in a small-group, group coaching format, where I will be presenting the lessons, sharing real-time exercises, and having participants discuss their answers with the group each week. It will be a live and highly interactive course.

Course Schedule

There will be six sessions every Sunday, 9pm to 11pm (2 hours long), Singapore time (GMT +8).

Kindly crosscheck the corresponding time for Singapore for your timezone. I’ve provided the equivalent timings for other time zones below as a reference, though they may be subject to errors:

  • CDT (GMT -5): Sunday, 8am to 10am
  • EDT (GMT -4): Sunday, 9am to 11am
  • UTC (GMT +0): Sunday, 1pm to 3pm
  • CET (GMT +2): Sunday, 3pm to 5pm
  • IST (GMT +5:30): Sunday, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

At the moment, the sessions are planned for the following dates (subject to changes):

  • Module 1: Oct 6 (Sunday)
  • Module 2: Oct 13 (Sunday)
  • Module 3: Oct 20 (Sunday)
  • Module 4: Oct 27 (Sunday)
  • Module 5: Nov 3 (Sunday)
  • Module 6: Nov 10 (Sunday)

* Update: We have a full class and we are all set to go on Oct 6! :D

Testimonials from Past Participants

Here are just a handful of the many testimonials from past participants of the course…

“I have to say that this is the best course on Passive Income I have taken so far in my life. The value you have provided is worth many times the price I have invested.

Each module was an awesome one. Celes’ questions really triggered a lot of thoughts within me… I have learned a lot of insights and conceived new ideas through the course. The fact that my active income is the same as Celes’ 4 years ago makes her my role model for passive income creation.

The most important thing I have learned from the course is the money belief system. The exercises in Module 1 made me realize the mindset shift required to earn passive income. I have also learned the importance of exchanging real value in order to earn money, and that we should make money through active income streams before switching to passive income streams. (Module 2) Above all, I have learned streamlining, automating, and outsourcing as important elements to create a passive income business model independent of me. (Module 4)

Celes has done a fantastic job as the trainer and facilitator. She is selfless in providing her many years of experience of her current business model and equip us with all the know-how and practical tips. Her passion and drive puts her apart from all the other trainers.

This is the one program you will be not regret buying. If you are thinking of moving from active income to running your own passive income business, I highly recommend you to buy The Passive Income System.

Celes, thanks a lot again for all your sharing and tips. I learned so much from them. The next step now is for me to take action and follow through on what I have learned.”

~ Ngee Key, 39, Singapore, Passive Income Course Participant

“ Empowering, inspirational, and truly priceless.
First of all, I have learned in order to start building a successful business, be that active or passive; we have to have the right beliefs. Empowering money beliefs. This is a very overlooked subject and I am really glad that our first lesson was about this. It sounds silly and trivial but it is true.

Secondly, I learned that P.I. business takes time and effort to set up. Thus, we have to be willing to invest our time and effort without immediate result. Focus on creating product, not service.

Thirdly, major cog, major clog. Thus, unclog yourself from the business. The real P.I. business is the one that still generates money even if you don’t come to the office. 

Lastly, no matter how successful the business is, there is always a room to make it even bigger. If you think this is already maximum, evaluate your money beliefs again. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

My conclusion is this course has taught me all the building blocks needed to build a P.I. business, both physically and mentally.
The best things about this course are the exercises, sharing sessions, and Celes. The exercise forced me to think further and more holistically. Not to forget the inspiration sharing session from people with different businesses, it made my mind bursting with new ideas and also learned tons from what they do or don’t do. And of course, Celes, who has been a great role model and inspirational teacher.

The course was very well-structured, and well-explained. Celes used a lot of examples which I really liked because it just made it so clear. Lastly, I feel that she was very personal. I felt that she really cared about my ideas, and gave suggestions that helped me tremendously to really follow through. Absolutely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.
I definitely recommend P.I. course to anyone. Even if I turned back the clock to the day that I decided to take this course, I would have made the same choice. Thank you so much for everything.
P.S.: I will let you know how it goes in a couple of years about my business. When I am already successful, huge credit will definitely go to you. Thanks again Celes!”

~ Max Mandias, 24, The Netherlands, Passive Income Course Participant

“Celes, What I like best about The Passive Income Course is that you are open, honest and focused on giving VALUE. I am inspired to emulate you for you are the epitome of a young and successful entrepreneur and authentic leader. 

Your modules have a step-by-step and logical flow which allow both business owners and non-business owners alike to easily follow and learn how to earn passive income.

You started the course with the fundamental foundations, covering our relationship with money. (Module 1) I thought that was crucial as our money beliefs could either block us or propel us for success. I appreciated the one big tip you gave on how to earn passive income more easily. (Module 2)  I liked how you distinguished the key differences between active income and passive income systems. I also found your coverage of pareto principle of 80/20 and step-by-step ways on how to unclog oneself from a business system helpful. (Module 4)

The presentation slides are simple, succinct and clear. I also noticed that you often used illustrations such as pictures and charts to put ideas across to us. That helped in helping us note the specific and important things so that we are not bored with just words.

Overall, I felt the course is comprehensive. Your sharing of your personal experiences were very important as it helped me to relate clearly what you did in the 4 years where you transited  from active to passive income. It helped me to think of how I can productize my services. Also, the various strategies that I could choose based on what works for me and my own business model.

The entire passive income course is very well-paced and suits me. You are right, it is up to us to follow and take actions. I would definitely recommend The Passive Income System to others, including my clients, as they are educated working professionals who want to spend quality time with their family and achieve work-life balance.

Thank you Celes for sharing your gems!”

~ Dolly Yeo, 58, Singapore, Passive Income Course Participant

“ Hi Celes, these six weeks of P.I. course were really an experience for me. I remember having doubts and apprehension before the start of the course. Now I cannot believed that I made it and learned so many things from it. So, here’s what I thought about the entire course of P.I.

I enrolled myself to this course because I wanted to earn additional income. This was all new to me: At the beginning, I had my own doubts and apprehensions. In the middle through the end, I found myself learning and enjoying. There were so many new topics covered. And they were presented in an easy-to-digest, step-by-step sessions. The slides were pleasant to the eyes and the illustrations, charts and examples were easily understood and had direct impact on the viewers.

I learned so many things in this P.I. course. I got to know about me and my money beliefs. This course also transformed my way of thinking about earning money: that I have to deliver something of value to other people first before I can have money coming in. When starting a business, the first part would be involving our time and effort to have the business working and running, Then we gradually remove ourselves from the running of the business such that money flows in without us being directly involved. The steps involved in the shift from active business to passive were really stressed on throughout course. Then we just don’t stop here: there will always be rooms to be bigger. At this point, we can have time to explore high-value tasks like spending time with our family and friends, do recreational stuffs and hobbies, travel and other things.

What I liked about this P.I. course is its unique approach of teaching. The topics are well organized and are divide into modules with appropriate topics. I liked to do the exercises with which they invoked our analytical, creative and positive thinking skills. The topics that have much inspired and motivated me are: 1) the fruits and roots 2) money and value 3) productize 4) cogs and clogs 4) setting up your P.I. Business. I also liked the recommended readings e.g. about productivity, managing emails, and outsourcing.

Our trainer, Ms. Celestine Chua, is nice, intelligent, hardworking, and highly-achieved person. I can feel it by the way she talks, writes articles and motivates people to achieve their highest self. She is direct to the point, converses well, listens and answers to questions and inquiries with much concern and sincerity. I like her very much.

I will definitely recommend this course to everyone. This course is applicable to any business you have or any business you plan to start. The key principles can be used in whatever profession you are in.

I hope to be able to have my P.I. Business working soon. But I know I have to diligently do my part. I have to apply what I learned from this P.I. course one task at a time. There’s no more stopping and looking back. It’s more on looking forward and taking one step forward. I can do this.

Thank you very much for sharing with us this course, Celes. I am happy and grateful to have known you. I can only wish you more blessings and happiness. 

~ Kristine Lu, 36, Philippines, Passive Income Course Participant

I loved the course. I found it highly informative. It would have probably taken me months or even years to gather and learn everything that was taught during the course.

The PI course helped me to become aware of the many limiting beliefs I have with money. Before taking the course I had a lot of disempowering beliefs and I really believed I was at a terrible disadvantage to earning money. My beliefs are much more in line with earning money and building a business now.

I like that the course was so focused on building value for our customers. Before taking the course I was looking at customers as just people whom I want money from rather than people who deserve great products and services. I now want to really make a positive impact on people rather than just receiving money.

The course made me realize that it’s possible to create automatic income but still be working all the time. I now have greater ideas of how to streamline my business and create a business that runs even when I am not physically there doing anything.

Celes’s course was very well organized and presented. There was no filler material or rah-rah motivation. From beginning to end, the course was all solid information that is applicable to nearly any business.

Celes as a trainer and facilitator was fantastic as always. (This is not the first course I have purchased from Personal Excellence.) She is extremely knowledgeable and open about how she runs her business, sharing many personal examples on how she earns passive income so you can do it as well. She constantly encourages participants to share their ideas and feedback. Every participant who spoke during the sharing portion received new insights on how they can take their businesses to the next level. 

I would definitely recommend The Passive Income System to anyone who is a business owner or will be starting a business in the future.

~ Matt Leyva, 27, United States, Passive Income Course Participant

I found the PI course amazing. Every course I take with Celes is more than I expected. She speaks so simply. So at ease. So thoroughly… that you have no opportunity to be warded off by your own nerves or hesitations. (She addresses that too!) There are, no doubt, core beliefs that are keeping you spinning your wheels… why be the gerbil?

Stepping away from the course, you have an ‘I can do this’ attitude. It’s empowering. The only thing left is time… of course, you have to do the actual work. But it is entirely possible, and knowing THAT is the first step.

Everything is broken down into baby steps. Each is dissected, sorted and organized. Identify, plan, focus, straightforward practical solutions, easy to understand, and chock full of information. Instead of thinking inside the box, we move OUTside. (Seeing the forest from the trees is empowering within itself – You can do anything, you just can’t do everything. Why should you? It defeats the larger purpose. ;) )

Hearing Celes’ journey is inspiring and informative. She give examples of steps that work, versus steps that didn’t or don’t – and why. Then you work together on exercises to develop a plan of your own. The hardest steps are usually the first… she takes care of that, along with the group. You walk away with ideas, a vision, an actual plan started. (I love the Q&A chats. Great opportunity to solve any anticipated problems right in the moment. Celes ‘holds your hand’ if necessary… with a warm combination of insightfulness and graciousness.)

I would recommend this – and any course for that matter – by Celes. What I love most is that the process and principles applied to move forward, are steps that I can – and intend – to implement in my LIFE… not just my business plan.”

~ Nancy Lopez, 50, United States, Passive Income Course Participant

“Dear Celes, 

Thank you so much for giving strong foundations, methods and principles on how to start and manage a passive income business from your own experience of running Personal Excellence.

The Passive Income System is very inspiring, thoughtful, well planned and executed with precision. Each module fits smoothly into a set sequence which runs beautifully. I enjoyed the sharing of everyone which was useful and informative because I could see how each person was at their individual stages and reflect back to myself!

I found many useful points that (I) need regular work to master, especially:

  1. My beliefs (not only) on money and how to make them empowering.
  2. Streamlining, Automation & Outsourcing
  3. Going beyond PI and thinking BIG!

I too want to make a positive difference and know that this course has definitely helped me to structure my ideas.  I am going pursue and work towards Passive Income.  I am truly grateful for your enthusiasm, motivation and positive attitude Celes, showing me the steps to earn Passive Income in a clear and concise manner. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to have a Passive Income Business.”

~ Bob Burton, 48, United Kingdom, Passive Income Course Participant

 I had a great experience with Celes’ passive income course.  There were many takeaway points that I will not only use in my future business, but also in my personal life that I think will help my productivity as well!  My favorite concept was viewing myself as a “cog” in the system, that I need to “unclog.” It has been so powerful to methat my thoughts always refer to this when I am planning out my future.  

There was many great insights that I will take and use in the future, so thanks so much Celes!  I recommend anyone who is interested in adding value to other people, sharing their gifts, and making money passively to use their time to do what they really want to do to take this course!”

~ Rachelle M., 31, United States, Passive Income Course Participant


Why should I take part?

Who doesn’t want to have a passive income business? Creating a passive income business frees up your time to do anything you want. It doesn’t matter if you love working or not. The point of having a passive income business is to help you become financially free so that you no longer have to worry about finances or self-sustenance issues.

For example, even though I’ve a passive income business today, I still work half the time because I love doing what I do. Having constant passive revenue coming in, though, helps to free me up to do whatever I want to do, rather than worry about my finances the next month. It also frees me up to pursue activities which I enjoy but may not generate revenue, as well as long-term strategic decisions that may not bring in revenue in the short-term but are fundamental to the business’ growth.

What do you do nowadays?

Anything that I like, really. Since my time is free from work and earning money, I literally just wake up every day and do whatever I feel like doing on that day. It could range from work-related activities to personal interests.

After I transited to a passive income model in March–April 2012, I have been spending quite a large portion of my time simply living it up every day. Much of my time has been spent meeting people, connecting with friends, exploring new things, and basically living it up. I also dedicate a good amount of time creating the content on PE (articles, videos) and embarking new projects.

Lately I’ve been spending much time with my fiance (we just returned from a three-week trip in Scotland in August where we had our engagement shoots). I’ve also been very busy planning for our upcoming wedding in May 2014.

Ideally, my plan is to spend at least 50% of my time every day on PE (because it is my passion), and 50% of my time on my personal goals and interests. I think the important thing is to know that the point of having a passive income business isn’t to skive and do nothing in life (there is nothing I hate more than leeches who do not add value to the society), but simply to free up your time to do truly valuable work to others (and yourself).

I don’t have a business at the moment. Will this course still be relevant for me?

Yes of course. Read the section above on “Who Should Take Part?”. As long as you have the desire to build a passive income business, be it now or in the future, this course will be quintessential for you.

Will I earn passive income immediately right after the course?

If you already have a business at the moment with steady active income (meaning you already have an audience of sorts), then it will be quite easy for you to generate passive income right away. In fact, you could be generating passive income while taking the course itself!

If you are starting from scratch, with nothing set up yet, then it’s obvious that you would need to build up your business first. The principles and frameworks taught during the course will be crucial to helping you succeed in your passive income business in the short and long term. It’s like having the right materials and design outline when building a building. If you don’t have these tools available at the onset, whatever building you build will easily crumble thereafter, and can’t stand the test of time.

At the end of the day, this is not meant to be an easy-action-quick-results course. What I want to focus on are the core principles and strategies for long-term, sustainable growth. I will share everything that I have utilized to create my passive income business today. I will also share all the key lessons I’ve learned in creating a successful passive income business. These will be your blueprint for creating a successful passive income business yourself, in possibly the same (if not lesser) the time it took for me, since you would have direct coaching and mentorship by me—as someone who has already been there and done that (in terms of passive income).

My business is not online based (e.g., painting, baking, restaurant, electronics, retail, etc.) Will this course still be relevant for me?

The principles will be universal and will not necessarily relate to online businesses. That said, some of the strategies will naturally relate to online, since technology and the internet have proved themselves as choice mediums to create passive income today. The point is, almost all businesses have an online arm in one way or another, so I’d recommend you to keep an open mind and be ready to try out different approaches before concluding the approach you want to use.

There are some clashes between the course schedule and my calendar. What should I do?

Don’t fret. I will be providing recordings of the course for attendees who can’t make it for specific weeks. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing for one week from the date of the session. This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements they need to attend.

Also, even if you can’t attend the sessions, I will be giving free e-mail consultation to any course participant who has questions in between the week’s modules. This consultation will last throughout the duration of the course.

I’m an alumni of last year’s course and I’m interested to attend again.

You are definitely welcome to! As a special thank-you for supporting my work, all alumni will get to attend for free. Attending the session again is also a great way to reinforce the lessons you have learned.

Simply let me know your interest and post your payment transaction number for last year’s course in the comments section and I’ll hook you up with the registration details! :)

I’ve bought your passive income product before and I’d like to attend the live course.

If you have bought the passive income product, you get to attend this course at a top up fee of $90 USD (that’s just $15 USD per session). You will find the live experience is much richer than just viewing a video recording because you get to interact with the participants, do the exercises live, share your answers, ask questions, and get instant feedback.

Simply let me know your interest and post your payment transaction number for your product purchase in the comments section and I’ll send you the discount coupon!

How much is this course?

Only $497 for a six-week long course, along with unlimited e-mail consultation throughout the course duration.

Register Now!!!

The six-week insights-loaded course is priced at only $497 USD. In comparison, I typically charge $150 USD per hour for a one-to-one coaching client, so that adds up to about $1,800 USD for a twelve hour course like this one. The price tag of $497 is a complete steal for a business course like this. It’s such a great value course that I’m not even going to elaborate much about it.

Other similar courses out there would be in the high ranks of hundreds to thousands, easily, and I can’t even vouch for the quality and credibility of the content.

On the other hand, I know what I have here for this course is the best thing you can ever find (IMO) on the topic of passive income. It’s the same way I feel about all the other content that can be found on PE (otherwise I wouldn’t even have created them to begin with; I only create stuff when I’m sure that I can make it the best, in terms of quality and value, out of all available options out there).

I’ll be taking in a limited number of students. No false pretenses or get-rich-quick schemes; this is a flat-out, no-nonsense course on how to start your passive business, like how my business in personal development is passive income today. If you want to get rich quick, this is not the course for you. However, if you are truly interested to set up your passive income business which will generate income for you for the long haul (like what I have today), then sign up now before the class gets full!

Update Oct 3: We already have a full class of 20 registrants and sign up is now CLOSED. Look forward to working with you in the six weeks ahead! :D

If you are interested to learn how to build a passive income business, now is the best time to acquire the skills, as I don’t plan to run the course for another year. I will be sharing everything I know and everything you would need to succeed in building your passive income business.

PS: Installment plan option is available for those who can’t make the full payment right away. Drop me a note in the comments section and I’ll get you set up right away. Hurry; the early-bird discount will not be around forever!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the course itself, feel free to ask me in the comments section. Thanks and look forward to working with you guys in the first session ahead on Oct 6! :D

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  • http://yourdrawinglessons.com Matt

    Hi Celes.

    I knew this course was coming up and I wasn’t sure if I would actually get it. I thought maybe I can find everything you are going to teach from other sources. My current passive income plan is to release an ebook related to drawing in December or January (either in pdf format or on Kindle). I think this could earn a modest but steady stream of income. I already have learning material that is somewhat related to this subject. I was hesitant but since all of your other courses have been so incredibly valuable I decided I would take the leap and join. I’m very excited to get started!

    PS I’m glad you are going to make each sessions available for a week after. I will definitely be able to attend the first 3 or 4 but I am not sure about the others since my work schedule might be changing soon. But I guess being tied to a work schedule is just one more reason I need passive income! Talk to you Sunday!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Matt, it’s so awesome to have you aboard for this course. :D You will find the strategies shared in the course will be presented from the angle/approach of being a business owner. I will be focusing on fundamental principles, then complementing them with examples of tactics and approaches to execute those principles. So e-books, for example, would be a tactic that represents a principle of having a passive income business.

      I think it will be so great to have you as one of the participants because you are always voluntarily sharing and being an active member of the group. I’m very honest to have you as part of the group to be honest, and I’m sure the other participants are going to benefit from your presence as well. The fact that you are literally building up your business at the moment is a huge plus because you can apply what I’m going to cover right as the course unfolds too.

      I’ll see you (and the other participants) soon this Sunday, Matt! :D

  • http://www.kennethang.com Ken

    Hi Celes,

    How is the course conducted? As a webinar?
    I run my own business. I’ve an Accounting and Legal practice.
    How would the course benefit me? Having a business with passive income would be an excellent idea
    now and in the future when I retire.

    Best regards,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Ken! :) The course will be conducted like a small group coaching session. I will be taking only a limited number of participants/students as I want each person to have a high quality learning experience. There will be presentation of content (me) and also exercises and sharing (participants), after which I will share input/etc. It will be a high quality 2 hours for every session/module.

      I assume your business is A&L in nature? Do you intend to turn it into a passive income model? Turning from active to passive income model does require a fundamental change in mindset and approach in your business. For example, the beginning years of my business were marked by active income streams (direct coaching and speaking). Since my decision is to free my income from time, I have deliberately stepped away from them and embraced passive income channels (products, self-administered online courses, ads, etc.). On hindsight maybe it looked like a natural shift and an easy shift to others. However, on the inside it was really a deliberate and conscious move and change in my business model that resulted in this permanent change and a 95/5 passive/active income result.

      Some people say that nature of business doesn’t allow for passive income models, but I think it’s more of a factor of their mindset not allowing themselves to earn passive income than anything. I think it’s possible to have a passive income model (or at least dial up/scale up on the passive income earned) for any business. It’s just a matter of whether the business owner wants to or not and is ready to work toward that direction.

  • Choong

    Hi Celes,

    Sounds like a good course to have. Would be very interested to join but unfortunately, this and next Sunday are no good for me. Will be busy this weekend, and will be out of town for wedding next Sunday. Wonder if there’s any chance of a delay in the scheduling…..

    All the best!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Choong! :D It seems that we already have a number of registrants, so we will likely proceed with the course scheduling this Sunday. I recommend that you try to attend the live course if possible; if not, there is always the recording (exactly the same as the live course), and I will be happy to personally attend any questions you may (via e-mail) have after watching the session. Delaying the scheduling might not be ideal since there are 6 weeks in the course in total and it’s quite possible that some participants can’t make it for one week or another; hence the availability of the recording.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  • June

    Hi Celes,

    Will we get any handouts or worksheets in this course? :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey June! :D I will be providing the slide handouts within 24 hours after each session ends. So this way, participants don’t need to be busy copying down stuff during the session and we can focus on quality learning and interaction. Participants are free to take down any notes they want during the session itself.

  • http://trainoutpain.com Jason

    I am highly interested. My one hesitancy is I think I can only attend one live. I have a successful business but it is time based, chiropractor seeing patients. I want to generate passive, do you think I can get the idea from the webinars if I can’t actively participate? Thanks

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Jason! Ah, will you be working during the allotted timings? They are actually on Sundays—do you work on Sundays as well?

  • http://michaelluedeke.com Micha


    Good to be back here with you! :)
    I am really tempted to register but when putting the dates down into my google calendar I realized that the course is at 2:30am during the night and also I could probably make it happen I wouldn’t really be awake and the benefit of the live session therefore at a minimum.

    Nonetheless I know how valuable your programs are even in written words so I am trying to figure out a tactic to get the most out of it. You know I do have a similar blog as yours in German (and in really small :mrgreen: ) so I really could use the knowledge and advice you already gave me in bits and pieces more than a year ago.

    All the best from Bonn!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Micha!! It’s actually not 2:30am at night I believe – You are in GMT +1, right? One hour after London timing? That should be 2:30pm your time. Let me know if I got the time wrong on my end? :D

      Would love to have you on board. :D It was a great joy having you as part of BIB and 30DLBL the last time. Separately, seems like the seats are filling out faster than I expected (50% of seats taken as of now) so for those of you who haven’t, do register ASAP if you are interested! Will be removing 50% discount soon as well.

  • http://foodschology.wordpress.com hilda xie

    Hi Celes,
    Im intereste, please count me in.

    Thanks a lot

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Hilda, please register via the payment button in the post if you’re interested. Thanks! :D

  • http://avene.org Glenn

    Hi Celes, I like the idea of this course, but looking at how you earn passive income yourself, I see a LOT of work involved in maintaing that passive income at a consistent level! Do you think your ebooks, Zazzle products (If you still have them?), and the advertising alone would be enough to keep you going without ever again having to write another blog post, create podcasts, videos, facebook updates, reply to readers comments, or run any additional courses like this one?

    I know there are a lot of people who earn passive income through blogging, writing ebooks and so on, but not everyone will enjoy doing that. I tried it for a while, but lost interest pretty quickly :) So I think the key is for most people to find something they enjoy, and that isn’t too complicated.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Glenn! My products, services, and advertising (all passive) actually generate more income for me now than I used to earn at P&G (which is a considerable amount). I don’t want to reveal specific figures to maintain some privacy over my earnings, but basically, yes the income I earn now more than sustains me and allows me to live very comfortably without worrying about money.

      Podcast, videos, facebook updates, reading reader comments, etc. are all things I do because I like to do. They earn me zero incremental income actually (i.e. whether I produce two podcasts this week or don’t produce any podcasts do not in any way affect my income, or whether I post 10 facebook updates today or post zero updates do not affect my income). They do nothing specific in expanding my business as well. My web lectures have only about 400+ subscribers (Youtube). Articles are the main blood of PE. I just do the lectures, podcasts, and all the miscellaneous things readers see me doing usually because I find them fun.

      Running courses – I do them because I like to. After I switched to a passive income model fully this year, about March-April, I faced an existentialism question. I literally, literally didn’t have to do anything and I had a healthy paycheck coming in every month. For a while I didn’t know what to do with my time. Then I realized that my passion is still in helping others to grow, and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be working just because I don’t need to work. Also no reason to just settle for a certain $ a month – I should constantly push myself to achieve greater heights (which is what PE / Excellence is about). Plus my passion has and always been to help others grow and working on my business, so why stop doing it? So I decided that 50% of my time will go back into working on the business, and hence these latest string of courses and webinars. If I enjoy doing something, why not continue doing it, and earn due money doing it in the process in return for my efforts? That’s precisely the approach I’m using now.

      The course isn’t about blogging and writing e-books. I may share them as examples here and there but they are no way what the course will be about or based on. I’ll be sharing principles in the course; my approach has always been about top-level strategies and not about tactical approaches which may apply to some but not all.

      The bigger question I think you have is the degree of maintenance required for a passive income business and whether it is truly passive or not. The direct answer is that no passive income system requires zero maintenance. None. If anyone tries to say otherwise, the person is either lying or referring to a passive revenue channel that is slowly diminishing due to lack of maintenance. Every systems requires some maintenance on and off, just like every machinery needs some maintenance and upkeeping every now and then. The point is about creating a system that requires minimal maintenance through proper strategy and approaches (outsourcing, automating, whatever). I actually spend very minimal time in upkeeping my system (say a couple of correspondences a week to my assistants, logging in every now and then to check on the PE community to ensure everything is going well, etc.). The time freed from this can then be pumped into doing the things that the person truly loves, which in my case includes things like writing articles, facebook updates, doing podcasts, videos, replying to comments, whatever, all of which do not bring me any money at all actually.

      • http://avene.org Glenn

        Thanks for the long detailed reply Celes!

        You’re right about no form of passive income being zero maintainece. And that wasn’t my question by the way :) I know that from experience. There’s a downloadable product I sell on eBay that runs on full auto pilot. Normally I just leave it and forget about. But sometimes the download link email will go to the buyer’s spam, or eBay will change their terms and the ad will no longer be auto re-posted. So in both cases I have to actually do something to rectify the problem. And same would apply to land lords. Every so often they’ll still need to deal with real estate agents or the tennants.

        I guess my question would be more along the lines of how the course would help people pursuing a different form of passive income than what your own? Like for example stocks and shares, property investment, music royalties, forex trading, or even automated eBay sales?

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Glenn, not sure if you have read the course description? I did specifically state that the course isn’t about forex trading, property investment, etc. as these are tactical approaches to passive income. I’ll be focusing on the principles to set up a passive income business. How one should approach their business and the way they should design it such that it is built for passive income rather than active income, and thereafter how to build and expand upon those passive income streams. Like building an irrigation system for the long haul. :)

          Are you asking because you are personally interested in the course itself or more out of curiosity? This way I can better address your enquiry.

          • http://avene.org Glenn

            Sorry, forgot to check back here the other day. Just curious. Good luck with it!

            • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

              Yep sure. Thanks Glenn!

  • Monique


    I’m in Sydney which means the course starts at 11.30pm. And you mention that doing it live with you is the best way. ….

    So, my question is will you be repurposing the information into another format at a later stage?


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Monique! To be honest, at the moment I have not laid any specific plans to launch this as a product, though I’ll likely be doing so after the course. Right now I’m just focused on delivering a top value group coaching course for the participants. Even if it’ll be available as a product, there wouldn’t be the coaching support available via e-mail or forums which would be available for the live course participants (one of the readers suggested having a sub-forum for the course, so I think I’ll creating a sub-forum for course members during the six weeks).

      If possible, I would really recommend anyone who is serious about building a passive income to be a part of the course, because nothing beats doing a real-time course with everyone over the course of six weeks (there will be accountability and action). Even if a couple of sessions are missed, the recordings will fill the gap and it will not affect the overall value of the experience.

      It is a little unfortunate though that the course timing doesn’t seem that it will work for you because it is too late. I have tried to pick the best timing that will fit others; 9:30pm Singapore time is actually 6:30am for those in the west coast, so I can’t go any earlier or it would be too early for those in U.S. :(

      • Monique

        Hi Celes,
        Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. We have daylight savings starting in Sydney next weekend so the course will start at 12.30am. Yikes. So, I’ll definitely be the first to buy a product version if it comes out!
        Cheers Monique

  • Gert

    Sounds interesting.
    Will there also be some kind of subforum where we will be able to communicate with eachother inbetween sessions?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Gert! :) There wouldn’t be any sub-forum. Though if there are sufficient requests, I will consider creating a sub-forum for this purpose. Would anyone or you be keen on this idea?

  • Sulthana

    Hi Celes.

    I’m very tempted! But I’ll be missing two out of the four sessions already (a conference on the 7th and wedding on the 14th), so do you think it’ll still be worth my while?

    Also basic question, how are these courses held? Skype? Some other way?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Sulthana! :D There are actually six sessions. Are you saying that you will be missing two out of the six sessions?

      The courses will be conducted in a webinar style, just with a smaller audience. There will be real-life chat, slides will be presented, and participant sharing will be enabled during choice portions (the exercises).

  • Sulthana

    Hey Celes. Yes, I meant out of six, lol. I think my brain was thinking I’ll only be attending four so I typed in four!
    But since you say there will be recording and maybe even a sub forum to catch up on the two I miss, I think I’ll sign up! Looking forward to it.
    I’m kind of broke at the moment but I remember reading somewhere that the best investment is in improving yourself, so here goes. After all this is perfect timing in that I have been working on my own blog / business plan for a bit now :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Sulthana! :D I just saw your registration – welcome aboard! :D See this as a long-term investment for the future. What you will be learning here will be applicable for life. What I’m teaching are things I’m already doing and will continue to do forever. And I think it’s timely like you said that you have been working on your own blog / business plan at the moment. :D

      I’ll get the forum set up after we get a full class (we are almost at a full class now) and e-mail everyone the details about it. Stay tuned! :D And look forward to working with you this Sunday. :D

  • http://trainoutpain.com Jason

    I have committed to volunteer at some athletic events for our community. 10am-1pm eastern standard. Still interested if you think I could benefit. Thanks

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Jason! That’s really unfortunate if you can’t attend any of the live courses at all. Ideally it would have been great if you could join the live course and benefit from the live coaching and participant interaction. Since you can’t join *any* of the sessions at all, if you hold out for the product version of the course, which will probably be out in November timing or so, after the live course is over.

  • Jodi

    This is wonderful Celes :) I can’t wait to get started

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Jodi, so great to have you as part of the course again! :D “See” you this Sunday during the first session! :D

  • Prem

    Hi Celes

    I’m working in Singapore and have been following your blogs for quite sometime. I like your writing style, very motivational and your content always add a lot of value.. Was waiting for such a course from you..

    My usual work day is around 12 hours, quite hectic work with lot of pressure, the very same reason Im looking to start online business. This thought process started 2 years back, have read lots of internet training stuff but yet havent taken action. Basically fear of failure combined with information overload, not really sure where to start..

    Really need help to handhold me into action with simple step-by- step process. Will this course help me move ahead from thinking/reading mode to taking action and succeed?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Prem, thanks for your kind words! :) To be honest, I’m not too sure if the course will fit what you are looking for in term of “hand holding” and “simple step by step process”. What I can say is that everything taught in the course will be as layman and as digestible as possible, to aid someone with no passive income know-how to start thinking like a passive income business owner; however the onus is still up to the participant to really think deep about how to apply the lessons, integrate them to their situations, and have the initiative to take the necessary next steps.

      I will share top line principles on how to create a passive income business, and the exercises are where the participants will brainstorm about how to apply these principles to their situations/current businesses/future businesses, since the execution will vary from business to business. I try to stay away from too much tactical stuff since they may work for one person or one industry but not another, and aren’t really universal in nature.

      At the end of the day, I see this course as fundamentally useful to anyone who is serious about long-term financial freedom, because the principles will be applicable across many areas in life. I personally see it as a small investment for a shift to a better, long-term, financially free future. Passive income or business development isn’t an overnight thing (it took me about three years to get to where I am today, in terms of having a dominant passive income business), but the most important thing is to get started. Everything will gradually fall into place after that.

      • http://NA Prem

        I’m in.. thanks Celes

  • Nicole

    This a great course to have Celes! I plan to have my own business in about 5 years or so… right now still building up experience :) unfortunately the timing is too bad for me.. tons of assignments and am really too tied up with work and my part-time studies this period :( . Will definitely be looking forward to the product of this though!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Nicole, thanks for your interest! :D It’s unfortunate you won’t be able to join the live course, especially this will be the only time it will be ever conducted. Hope you can work through your assignments and work in the next few weeks though! :D Stay tuned at the blog for more news on the passive income toolkit after the course is over.

  • Rachelle

    Hi Celes!

    I’m so glad I saw your course offering! It looks great and it’s actually amazing timing and very synchronistic for me right now. I am definitely interested in taking the class. The only problem is that I hadn’t budgeted for it and would only be able to pay the discounted rate in two days more days when I get paid. Is it at all possible to hold a space for me? I’d really appreciate it. If not, it is fine too, I will take my chance hopefully space is still available when I’m able.

    Thanks so much,

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Rachelle, thanks so much for your interest! Actually the seats are available on a first come first serve basis to be fair to everyone, so I’m not able to hold seats for anyone (there have been incidences in the past where participants ask to hold seats only to relinquish it in the last minute as well, which isn’t ideal for me as the course conductor). It seems that this course is actually quite popular – the seats are almost all taken up in less than 19 hours of launch, and I have a few other readers who have verbally mentioned they will be joining as well. I do hope that you will still have a seat when you get paid in two days’ time though; I’ll leave the sign ups open until all seats are taken up.

      • Rachelle

        Sounds good, thanks Celes!

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          No problem Rachelle! Really hope you’ll be able to sign up in time. I’ll try to hold the registrations open for as long as possible.

          • Rachelle

            You’re awesome Celes! I’ll be racing to the bank as soon as they open in the morning tomorrow (should be 4pm your time.)

            Crossing fingers :dance:

            • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

              Hey Rachelle, that’s awesome! There should still be a spot left for you then. :D Let me know when you are registered too so that I know you are already in.

              • Rachelle

                Yay, funds came in early, I’m in!

                Looking forward to class!! Thanks again! :)

                • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

                  Awesome – I have gotten your order Rachelle. It came right in time! Welcome aboard and look forward to having you in the class this Sunday! :D

  • Lloyd Banks

    Just joined up. REALLY looking forward to the course and making lots of passive income. :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      That’s awesome Lloyd. Hope you have a great learning experience through the course. Look forward to “seeing” you in this Sunday’s session. :D

  • http://www.teens.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

    Hi Celes, thanks for your invitation, I signed up a while ago. I am so looking forward to learn from you on how to jumpstart passive income. Excited to have my buddy Ngee Key in the course too. We can nudge each other to take actions. It would be great to have sub forum to share experiences with fellow participants to support each other in our learning journey. I am also so proud to see a successful and young lady like you doing great work adding value to people all over the world. Keep it up! You are doing Singapore proud!! Cheers! Thank you very much.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Dolly, thanks for your kind words! :D I really look forward to working with you, Ngee Key, as well as the other participants who have signed up. Looks like this course is a real hit to many participants, based on the sign ups we have in less than 24 hours of launch.

      The original quota has actually been filled and I’m expanding to include five more students as there are some who still want to join but have not. If you are interested to register for the course but haven’t, please sign up ASAP. Seats available only on first come first serve basis. Thanks guys!

      • http://www.teens.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

        Hi Celes I have a very good friend’s son’s wedding dinner to attend on Sept 30, I am now thinking of bringing my laptop and headset, 2 hours from 9:30pm to 11:30pm is right in the smack of the dinner. You know how chinese wedding dinner that says start at 7pm will most likely start at 9pm:)

        I am bringing my handphone to connect to my laptop and when they are ready to ‘yum seng’ I will run into the ballroom to take picture with them and get back to the course. Just in case, you are wondering why I ‘disappear’ for a short while, you will know that I am attending the wedding dinner simultaneously because I want to be in the course as much as possible ‘live’.
        Cheers! :dance:

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Wow, your dedication is *amazing* Dolly!!! :D I’m so glad to have you aboard on this course. Would the internet connection / bandwidth from your phone be fast enough for surfing on your laptop? I hope the bandwidth would be good enough to have a seamless course experience (it should; even if not, you can listen again via the recording which will be available for a week after the course itself).

  • http://www.ferventlife.wordpress.com Violetz

    Hi Celest

    Any options for those who are not able to participate for all sessions? I believe the effectiveness will be greatly reduced but I am interested in taking up. However, I have students on weekend mornings. It will be a deep regret considering that there will be no re-runs.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Violetz! Unfortunately if you can’t participate in all sessions, perhaps just waiting for the product version is the best (probably be out in mid to end November). That’s unfortunate though as it would have been better if you could be part of this live course but ultimately I guess it is hard to find a timing that works for all the readers or people who would be interested to join. :(

      • http://www.ferventlife.wordpress.com Violetz

        I agree though. Can’t please everyone. I guess this would be the next best alternative then. You’re an angel! :angel:

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Thanks for your understanding Violetz! Stay tuned for the product version when it is out. :D

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