Introducing: 24/7 PE Members Portal for 30DLBL, 30BBM, and Other Course Owners!

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

Less than two weeks ago, I had the idea of a 24/7 members portal which PE readers can use anywhere they are, anytime they want, for self-reflection and self-improvement.

Last week, I was busy implementing the idea and working out the nuances.

Today, I’m proud to announce that the PE Members Portal is now finally live and running!

What is the PE Members Portal?

It’s a private members portal where the owners of existing PE programs, such as Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program (30DLBL), Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program (30BBM), and other courses, can do the material in their own time.

Previously, the way the e-programs at PE would work was that readers would purchase them, download the material (to their computer), and do the programs in their own time.

While this worked well for some, it didn’t for others. I realized some people would purchase the programs, shelf them away in their PC, and completely forget about them thereafter. Some people would contact me after several months to request for the download link because they forgot to download the materials after purchasing (eh?).

Even though I had twice yearly live runs for 30DLBL and 30BBM on PE Forums which provided a platform for members to do the program, I felt it was a half-baked solution.

  1. Problem #1: It made people put off doing the programs till the allotted live runs.
  2. Problem #2: Those who want to do the programs (with other members) during other times could not.
  3. Problem #3: It required me to be present to administer the live runs. Because of how large PE has grown, it has become impossible for me to keep doing live runs for 30DLBL/30BBM.

    Firstly, there is a significant amount of work that comes with conducting a live run which may not be visible to most – marketing the challenge a week before it starts, rallying readers to join, creating and moderating the forums, handling technical issues, ensuring sufficient signups for momentum, ensuring active participation during the course, and then coaching the participants through each day’s task. It is almost like a full-time job. Because of that, this prevented me from getting anything done with regards to PE, from writing new content, taking on more clients, or taking on other work engagements.

    Secondly, there are other projects that I want to launch on PE — new coaching courses, new products, and creating new challenges — all of which that’d benefit both new readers and long-time readers. However, because I had been tied with running 30DLBL/30BBM each year, it prevented me from doing any of this.

    Thirdly, my ultimate goal with every single coaching client and my material at PE is always to guide everyone to self-sufficiency and dependency. Some readers became dependent on the live runs to get moving on their goals, and this isn’t in line with my ultimate vision. By becoming center place to readers’ ability to partake in 30DLBL/30BBM, this was no longer true to how I want 30DLBL/30BBM to be.

A Place to do PE Programs, Whenever and Wherever You Want

With the new members portal, this solves all of the above issues. Now for the first time ever, those of you who own 30DLBL/30BBM (and other PE courses), you can now simply login to the members portal anytime you want and do your program online! (Each program comes with its own login.)

Inside each program’s portal, you can find all the tasks or modules in the program. Each day’s task or module comes with a comments section (much like how the blog is structured) where you can read other participants’ comments and post your task results.

Note that all the courses are 100% self-administered. This means that there is no one moderating the comments and you should not use the portal as an area to seek help. It is merely meant as a value-added offering to those of you who have the program and an additional platform to do it in the presence of other members.

Moving forward, I plan to add to the line-up of courses. I might include webinars into the mix as well, depending on how things go.

Get Access to the Members Portal Now!

Get instant access to the member portal now for each program by purchasing the respective program itself! You will get the login details sent to you in the confirmation receipt email.

Get started: Browse all PE courses and selected your desired program

Existing Owners: Post Your Confirmation Receipt # For the Login Details

If you have purchased any of the three programs before, please post a comment with ALL three details:

  1. The name of the program you purchased
  2. The transaction ID of your original purchase—it’s inside the confirmation email you received when you first made payment
  3. The first five letters of the userid of the paypal email address you used for the purchase (e.g., if your paypal email is, key in hello). If you used credit card, then share the first five letters of the userid of the email you used during purchase.

I’ll revert to you privately via email with the login details to the members portal within 72 hoursComments with incomplete details will not be responded to.

Removal of Biannual Live Runs for 30DLBL / 30BBM

With the introduction of the members portal, you can now do 30DLBL / 30BBM whenever you are, with other participants online. That means there will no longer be the bi-annual live runs.

Use the comments section of each task’s post to share your task results and feedback. Read other participants’ comments about each task itself. You can also add on to the discussion by responding to their comments as well. The comments section will serve as a great progress log too for yourself, as you can look back at your past responses when doing repeat runs.

  • Matt

    Hi Celes. Seems like a great way to get everybody working on the programs more often. You’re definitely right about problem # 1. I do put of doing any of the exercises until the allotted time. For example just recently I was thinking I should update my ideal traits but I decided not to do it that day and thought I would just get to it the next time there is a 30BBM run.

    I’m interested to see if you start adding courses and webinars too. You should definitely add the self esteem webinar as an available course. It was a fantastic program and it would be a shame if the information wasn’t shared with more people. I personally might not buy it again since I have already taken the course however I would be very interested in other webinar topics.

    Please give my access to the members area

    email is matt.s

    email is matt.s

  • Alexa

    While I completely understand your reason for doing so, I am quite sad that there will be no more live runs in the future. I looked forward to the advice that you gave to my daily responses, and I felt the other members were also much more focused and excited to share their advice as well. Without having yet logged into the portal to see exactly what it looks like/how it works, I have to say I’m afraid a bit will be lost in this transition.

    That said, I suppose that from the start these programs were meant to be more of a “self learnt” type of deal than a “share with others to see what they say” type of thing. I know personally I want to finish the latter half of BBM as that’s about where I dropped off in the last live run. >.<

    All of that said, I really can't wait to log in and check out the portal. I love anything I can do in my own time, and these programs are definitely something worth making easier to do when I'm able! =)



    • Celes

      Hey Alexa! You are right in that a bit will be lost in the transition. I guess every decision comes with its own trade offs, and ultimately the pros of this shift far outweighs the cons. That’s why I went ahead with it in the end, and I hope this will encourage all members to start doing 30DLBL/30BBM in their own time in the future. Further more, the portal is easily accessed from the navigation header of PE. (Refer to the section titled “Courses”.)

      I’ll send the login details for both 30DLBL / 30BBM to all of you later this week. :D

      • Alexa

        Sounds good, can’t wait to get a chance to check it out!

        I was thinking how I want to do either 30DLBL or 30BBM over my winter break (which is about five weeks long), and I was wondering what you thought of doing them both simultaneously? I realize it would be twice the amount of work, but while I’m home I will (usually) have few commitments so I think time wouldn’t be too much of an issue. I’ve done 30DLBL once already and did roughly the first half of 30BBM, dunno if that makes much difference!

        Thanks again for all you do for us, Celes! Hope my first comment didn’t come off negatively, just voicing my thoughts. =)

        • Celes

          No not at all Alexa – your comment didn’t come off negatively at all! And it was an entirely valid point/concern as well. I think since you have done both before, you can definitely try and see if you can do both together. It would be pretty exciting for sure, just to see how your lessons for each day’s task can be carried over each program.

          I’ll definitely log into the portal every here and there to check on the comments and see how everyone is doing, but ultimately I stressed on it being a self-administered portal/course as I don’t want the participants to become dependent on me (or anyone for that matter) for the answers (which would defeat the whole point of it being a self-learning course). I’m definitely going to monitor how the portal goes and make changes/tweaks where necessary though, so no worries on that. Self-learning is definitely the end route and I’ll be figuring out the best way to reach there without compromising on user experience.

  • Qin Tang

    30DLBL Book

    Looking forward to this new members portal. Thanks.

  • Christine


    (transaction id: 2V471237KW5990624



    (transaction id: 2V471237KW5990624


    • Celes

      Hey Christine, the transaction number brings up the purchase of the Personal Excellence Book and not 30DLBL nor 30BBM. Perhaps you would like to recheck?

  • Bibi

    1) 30DLBL
    2) 0KB01866R9211372M
    3) barba

    I was looking forward to the next live run, but I guess I understand your decision.
    On the other hand, I think that with the opportunity to do the program at my own pace, but still “not alone”, I’m more likely to really finish it! I was pretty disappointed of myself when I dropped off last July, so the new portal really encourages me to start again :)

    Greetings from snowy Vienna,


    • Celes

      Hi Bibi, thanks! :D Your comment reminded me that one of the other issues with the live run is that once the participants miss one or two days, they tend to drop out completely and not do any of the tasks. I feel this stems from a very “all or nothing” mindset which is very unhealthy, and I really hope this members portal will help everyone to shake out of that mindset and realize that the completion of both 30DLBL and 30BBM programs have to come from ourselves, and not from other people or from arranged dates for challenges/courses.

  • Vellata

    transaction id: 45J96286C0554481R
    email: astri

    transaction id: 0VG88015HF684315F
    email: astri

    I can definitely see both – pro and cons in this case. There probably will not be as deep and open sharing as it was in limited member challenges, but on other hand – doing them at our own pace and still in group is great. I’m excited to see, how it will work!
    I do hope however, that you will not move the archived challenges to this member portal.

    • Celes

      Hey Vellata, all archived challenges remain as they are, in the PE forums. All my readers’ privacy is very important to me (which is why I had the policy of removing inactive members with each run from the past live runs).

      The members portal information will be sent to you later this week, so stay tuned. :D

  • Kimberly

    Transaction ID: 6DB1283113620760T
    email: firef

    Transaction ID: 4G407290BV978350Y
    email: firef

    Like Alexa, I loved working together with the other members as a group and getting feedback from you (and everyone else!), so I hope that kind of support continues. I was really disappointed to see there wasn’t a 30DLBL run this December, but I am pleasantly surprised that you got this up and running so quickly. I am definitely curious to see how the members portal will work!

  • kfenato

    Transaction ID: 1Y396857DE274302M
    e-mail: blue_

  • Micha

    transaction id: 0PS815540T164851U
    Email: mlued

    Hi Celes,

    although the group of people committed to the same goal in one period of time is one of the best things of each course, I also think that it’s great to keep one own’s schedule of doing those great programs as well!

    Thanks for taking the next step!

  • olublaize

    30 BBM
    transaction id :0AD48705R7353472P

  • Nico

    Hi Celes, here are my details:

    transaction ID: 6SC57298Y82671845
    email: nico.

    Thank you so much for your great work! And I’m really looking forward to seeing new courses with Members Portal in your course line-up! :)

  • Laila

    Hi Celes

    Name of program: 30DLBL
    Transaction id: j-lvxr6n5a3a857be
    First five letters of userid of paypal email address: leila
    Looking forward to logging in :)
    Thank you for your consideration. :dance:

  • Thomas

    I don’t get one thing – you have emails of all buyers, why don’t you send links using them (it is automatable)? This way this comment page will have soon 1000+ posts and will be unreadable…

    • Celes

      Thomas: Some buyers do not wish to receive anymore email communications after buying the products. All they wanted when purchasing the products was just to get the ebook/video versions, download them, and never hear from me/PE again (which is fine/fair, and something that some people do for any business). Rather than send out the links to everyone and have people flag it out as spam (which has happened before, believe it or not – some people don’t even remember they bought the product themselves), I prefer them to just respond directly here for the login if they are interested in access to this member portal, and then for me to send them the details directly. This also fits in with my vision which is that the portal is only for those who are interested in self-learning and would take the initiative to get access to the portal.

      I also know that while there have been over a thousand past buyers of the programs, only a handful will ever initiate asking for access, as you can see from the number of requests so far. I’m also not sure why you would have this concern of whether the post is readable or not as you would not be reading/processing the comments themselves and this particular comments page isn’t exactly meant for reading by readers anyway.

      • Thomas

        Ok, thanks for explaining why not sending email with login credentials. I understand that some might not want neither see PE site again nor receive any email (and aren’t signed up for newsletter) and it has a point.

        However as to “Only a handful will ever initiate asking for access” – It is first day after you published this article so far – page can get very long after weeks. Also current scenario even violates your own “Value Your Time” rule for both sides – you and clients.
        While clients can remember program and email used to pay for it, to find out transaction ID (randomly generated unrememberable value) they’ve to search through ancient emails, potentially not even have them – computer crash etc. You also waste lot of your time by verifying it.
        I still think that you can utilize database with emails. There can be “register” link on PEMP page where client enters only email. Website checks whatever said email purchased something and if found true, credentials are created. Its clear win:win – you save time by not having to manually process it, clients save time (and troubles with digging emails). And it’s not harder to implement, than current login form.

        • Celes

          Hey Thomas, in this case it’s a one-off situation. I’m personally okay with the one-time verification or having to process a “very long” comments page (and as I’ve said, I do not anticipate a huge number of requests based on past knowledge and experience of my own audience).

          I do agree that an automated manner of verification or sending the information would most definitely be the fastest, but I don’t have that set up right now. If I was going to do this a weekly or daily basis I’d probably have set it up for long-term usage purposes, but in this case, this is the one and only time it will ever happen (that I can foresee), which is why I’ve picked this slightly laborious manner of verification. Basically the costs of me manually sending the information and verifying the data in this one-off scenario do not stack up against the costs of having to set up a different method of verification/etc which is why I have gone with the former. It’s something I’m okay with, and I hope you can respect this choice.

          Personally I’m not sure why we are having this discussion here; I’d like to reserve this comments space specifically for the buyers themselves who have purchased the programs and are seeking access to the members portal or have queries about the members portal. I do appreciate your inputs but at this point I think this discussion is going off topic vs. the original intention of this announcement/post which is about the members portal and how it will help readers work on their growth easier than before.

          With regards to clients do not have the receipt emails anymore, all buyers have been instructed during their past purchases to keep their confirmation receipts as the transaction numbers were necessary for the 30DLBL/30BBM live runs. Those who deleted the receipts probably were not interested in the live runs and subsequently would probably not be interested in having access to a members portal. Even if they deleted their receipts and want access, I have alternate, ready/easy methods of verification, so it’s not an issue.

          Separately, I’m not sure what you meant by “PEMP page”.

          • Thomas

            Maybe it’s just my professional deformation (LSS BB) to save people from unnecessary manual work when there is quick win – like searching for emails in excel when there’re databases (even simplest can handle this) for it. But in the end – it’s your time and if you see it as optimal way…

            Mine are: 30DLBL – 4DH343410S068432R – jindr, Thanks.

            Personal Excellence Members Portal
            PE Members Portal (shortcut you used)
            PEMP :)

  • Ozcaveman


    Here are my details for 30DLBL
    Transaction ID: 3T9001376V772715X
    Email begins with: charles


    • Celes

      Hi Charles, thank you! :D The information will be sent soon to you later this week. Stay tuned!

  • Ish

    Hi Celes, I am also sad about not having the group sessions, but at the same time it will be good having a portal where one can do the exercises anytime, at own pace. I wanted to do the BBQ again, but had put off the thinking until the next session.

    30DLBL – 8G582929EU288725E – email starts with ishma
    30BBM – 70R24871SS802311K – email starts with ishma



    • Celes

      Hey Ish, I hope you will like the members portal! I really loved the live runs with you the previous times. :D I think with the members portal, it will be great in that the tasks can be done on an ongoing basis, and anytime you are at PE surfing the site, you can just easily click over to the members portal (via the simple “courses” link in the navigation header) and get working on the tasks.

      That’s one thing I like about the portal, which is that it is now *integrated* as part of the PE design/website. It’s now easier than ever for readers to get access to the free content and premium content in a one-stop shop rather than click around back and forth in their computer just to get access to the information they want. It makes it easier for people to learn and grow wherever they want.

      • Ish

        That’s great. ;)
        Incredible synchronicity… I had just been thinking that I had been off my self improvement goals in the past 5 months and wanted to review the 30bbm tasks.
        Can’t wait to get started now :dance:

  • squiggle

    Hi Celes :) Here are my details:

    The name of the program you purchased: 30BBM
    Transaction ID: 21867884UB3347237
    Email begins: sarah

  • Bob

    I love the idea of non stop access Celes. Unfortunately, I only managed to find part of the info for the 30DLBL, hope you can find the rest. Look forward to joining in.

    As the old email is no longer in use, I can only find an email welcoming me to program sent on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 11:16 PM by you Celes.

    transaction id: 8E8392628S603261D

  • Thomas

    Hi Celes,

    I’ve only recently found your blog and I’m blown away by the massive amount of free but extremely valuable information you provide. Thanks for giving us this wonderful gift.

    I’ve just purchased 30DLBL and look forward to using the portal.

    Transaction ID: 1BK00225R4027974J
    Email: tosky


    • Celes

      Hey Thomas! That’s awesome. :D Thanks for your purchase and you’ll be getting the login details very shortly. :D

  • Kai



  • Celes

    Hi everyone! Just sent out the information to everyone, except for Christine (please refer to my comment reply to you and verify on your transaction number!). You can log into the portal anytime you want now. Let me know if anyone has any questions about the portal. Thanks and enjoy the 24/7 members portal! :D

    • Kimberly

      Hi Celes, I just tried logging on to both 30DLBL and 30BMM but it just keeps asking for the username and password over and over. I tried both a few times, and no luck. :(

      • Celes

        Hey Kimberly, can you try again? I’ve corrected the login. :D

        • Kimberly

          Hooray, it worked! Thanks!! :)

          • Celes

            Awesome!! Enjoy, Kimberly! :D

    • Kai

      Received the login information and it works. However, I’m not 100% sure how you think we should use it. Are the people doing the program supposed to write their “results” from each day in the comment box? I think that could be a little disorganized after a time.

      So basically it is just the ebook on a website…? I expected a little bit more, like a functionality where one can start a private run together with some friends where one can share the results and only the group can see it and comment on it.

      • Celes

        Hi Kai! The comments are organized in chronological order and members can reply to individual comments like on the blog. Threaded comments are allowed (i.e. replying at the individual comment level). It’s also an easy way for members to refer to their past comments/results from the previous times they did the program itself.

        I’m sorry that you felt a bit disappointed by the portal. The members portal itself is already exclusive only to the purchasers; to have a functionality where private runs can be conducted by individual members and comments can be further privatized to a certain group would be ideal but would definitely not be part of a $30-40 odd e-program unfortunately. Such portals are usually charged at at least $29.95 a month or several hundreds for the program itself. I understand the rationale behind your comment but I just want to set expectations right that most materials on PE are priced very low compared to competitive personal development programs/products and sometimes I’m not able to support every single functionality or request (also bearing in mind that there is no recurring subscription fee; the full program of 30DLBL/30BBM is available at a one-off fee and it comes with lifetime access of the members portal). I’ll definitely keep what you said in mind though.

        I’d say the members portal is designed with the intent of individual self-administering of the program (anytime, anywhere he/she wants to do it) vs. group-level participation. The live runs in the past were more group-centric since everyone has to be gathered to do the program within that time frame. Each approach has its pros and cons and ultimately I went with the individual design in mind as it will be more useful for all the members vs. the group design which probably only a very very small handful of people will ever utilize. I do think this individual design is more superior than a group-centered one (for now) because the latter will probably lead to a ghost town portal (there isn’t a critical mass for the member base for it to warrant a group-centered design yet).

        As for the comments becoming “messy” (overly long comments thread) over time, my plan in mind is to reorder the comments in reverse chronology (where newest comments are displayed first). This will help members to see who are the latest members doing the tasks at the moment.

        I hope I’ve addressed your concerns. Feel free to share if you have any other thoughts!