Introducing: 24/7 PE Members Portal for 30DLBL, 30BBM, and Other Course Owners!

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

Less than two weeks ago, I had the idea of a 24/7 members portal which PE readers can use anywhere they are, anytime they want, for self-reflection and self-improvement.

Last week, I was busy implementing the idea and working out the nuances.

Today, I’m proud to announce that the PE Members Portal is now finally live and running!

What is the PE Members Portal?

It’s a private members portal where the owners of existing PE programs, such as Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program (30DLBL), Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program (30BBM), and other courses, can do the material in their own time.

Previously, the way the e-programs at PE would work was that readers would purchase them, download the material (to their computer), and do the programs in their own time.

While this worked well for some, it didn’t for others. I realized some people would purchase the programs, shelf them away in their PC, and completely forget about them thereafter. Some people would contact me after several months to request for the download link because they forgot to download the materials after purchasing (eh?).

Even though I had twice yearly live runs for 30DLBL and 30BBM on PE Forums which provided a platform for members to do the program, I felt it was a half-baked solution.

  1. Problem #1: It made people put off doing the programs till the allotted live runs.
  2. Problem #2: Those who want to do the programs (with other members) during other times could not.
  3. Problem #3: It required me to be present to administer the live runs. Because of how large PE has grown, it has become impossible for me to keep doing live runs for 30DLBL/30BBM.

    Firstly, there is a significant amount of work that comes with conducting a live run which may not be visible to most — marketing the challenge a week before it starts, rallying readers to join, creating and moderating the forums, handling technical issues, ensuring sufficient signups for momentum, ensuring active participation during the course, and then coaching the participants through each day’s task. It is almost like a full-time job. Because of that, this prevented me from getting anything done with regards to PE, from writing new content, taking on more clients, or taking on other work engagements.

    Secondly, there are other projects that I want to launch on PE — new coaching courses, new products, and creating new challenges — all of which that’d benefit both new readers and long-time readers. However, because I had been tied with running 30DLBL/30BBM each year, it prevented me from doing any of this.

    Thirdly, my ultimate goal with every single coaching client and my material at PE is always to guide everyone to self-sufficiency and dependency. Some readers became dependent on the live runs to get moving on their goals, and this isn’t in line with my ultimate vision. By becoming center place to readers’ ability to partake in 30DLBL/30BBM, this was no longer true to how I want 30DLBL/30BBM to be.

A Place to do PE Programs, Whenever and Wherever You Want

With the new members portal, this solves all of the above issues. Now for the first time ever, those of you who own 30DLBL/30BBM (and other PE courses), you can now simply login to the members portal anytime you want and do your program online! (Each program comes with its own login.)

Inside each program’s portal, you can find all the tasks or modules in the program. Each day’s task or module comes with a comments section (much like how the blog is structured) where you can read other participants’ comments and post your task results.

Note that all the courses are 100% self-administered. This means that there is no one moderating the comments and you should not use the portal as an area to seek help. It is merely meant as a value-added offering to those of you who have the program and an additional platform to do it in the presence of other members.

Moving forward, I plan to add to the line-up of courses. I might include webinars into the mix as well, depending on how things go.

Get Access to the Members Portal Now!

Get instant access to the member portal now for each program by purchasing the respective program itself! You will get the login details sent to you in the confirmation receipt email.

Get started: Browse all PE courses and selected your desired program

Existing Owners: Post Your Confirmation Receipt # For the Login Details

If you have purchased any of the three programs before, please post a comment with ALL three details:

  1. The name of the program you purchased
  2. The transaction ID of your original purchase—it’s inside the confirmation email you received when you first made payment
  3. The first five letters of the userid of the paypal email address you used for the purchase (e.g., if your paypal email is, key in hello). If you used credit card, then share the first five letters of the userid of the email you used during purchase.

I’ll revert to you privately via email with the login details to the members portal within 72 hoursComments with incomplete details will not be responded to.

Removal of Biannual Live Runs for 30DLBL / 30BBM

With the introduction of the members portal, you can now do 30DLBL / 30BBM whenever you are, with other participants online. That means there will no longer be the bi-annual live runs.

Use the comments section of each task’s post to share your task results and feedback. Read other participants’ comments about each task itself. You can also add on to the discussion by responding to their comments as well. The comments section will serve as a great progress log too for yourself, as you can look back at your past responses when doing repeat runs.

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