My Channel News Asia Feature (28 Dec 2010)

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For all those who caught me on Channel News Asia BlogTV yesterday (Dec 28, ’10), thank you so much! I really appreciate all of your supportive tweets, facebook messages and emails! :D . I had a great time on the show and interacting with the hosts and guests.

Many of you have been asking me for a recorded version of the show, so I’ve posted up pictures and videos in this post for  your convenience. :D (Thanks a lot Bee Keng for helping me with the downloading of the videos!)

To the new visitors who are visiting after catching me on BlogTV site or CNA, welcome to Personal Excellence! I’m Celes, and I’m the founder of this site. This is a budding community for people who are passionate about living their life to the fullest. You’ll find many resources here (articles, ebooks, etc) to help you achieve your highest potential. :D Please head over to the Welcome Guide for a tour of the site. Since the segment was on bucket lists, you might be interested to check out my related articles on this topic:

In the meantime, enjoy the behind the scenes photos here:

Watch the show:

Update Dec 21, 2012: After two years, am invited on Channel News Asia again to speak on bucket lists! :) Check out my interview here as well as behind-the-scenes photos with Ms. Suzanne Jung herself (presenter on CNA’s AM! Live!): My Channel News Asia AM Live! interview on Bucket List


  • Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Celes.

    This is great to see. You are doing the right things time and time again. Great analogy with the ice cream in there also. Seeing you calm and confident and explaining yourself this way says positive things for the future. Great job putting yourself out there next to those other individuals.

    Celes is a go-getter folks.

    • Celes

      Thanks a lot Armen! You’re too sweet. I appreciate your kind comments! Hope you’re having a great 2011 celebration ahead in a few days by the way! :D

  • Gordie

    Hi Celes,
    First of all, you are the hottest person in the personal development field. Loved your wardrobe.

    Second of all, I noticed you weren’t eating any ice cream, even though everyone else around you was. That’s awesome self-discipline.

    Pity the hosts talked so much. It would have been good to hear more from you guys.

    Really looking forward to the 21DHL challenge. Will write about it on my newly launched blog.

    Well, done on getting such great exposure.


    • Celes

      Thanks Gordie, that’s too kind of you! :D Yes, I wasn’t eating any ice cream. The ice cream was milk-based and I’m vegan (meaning I don’t take diary too), so I didn’t take it. By the way you’re really sharp to have noticed that!!

      Quite a few readers also expressed disappointment that they didn’t hear more sharing! I wish I could have shared more but at the same time I’m really glad to have the opportunity to be on the show. Definitely look forward to more appearances/opportunities in the future, and hopefully will get to relaunching The Celes Show (my own talkshow) sometime next year!

  • Closet Admirer

    Congratulations, Celes! I’ve read your blog quietly for a long time now, and just wanted to voice my support. You do great stuff, and I’m happy to see you getting the spotlight you deserve.


    • Celes

      Thanks a lot James! That’s very sweet of you :hug: Here’s to an awesome 2011 for all of us!

  • Mitch

    First, I must say that you are just the cutest thing! I love the outfit as well, and I loved when you had your shot at talking and the passion you showed at what you did.

    Of course, it’s not like they let you talk a lot, and the old hippie guy was freaking me out (yeah, I said it!), but it made it pleasant seeing you there, especially when they figured out that they didn’t have to leave the camera so far away from everyone. Great contribution to the show; thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Celes

      LOL @ the hippie comment! Thanks Mitch for your kind words! :love: Quite a few readers also complained about my lack of sharing (in Facebook and in the Dec 30DLBL forums), but it’s good to at least be there :D I think the camera shots are different for the TV version (there are both close-up and far shots). Thanks so much for your support and sharing your thoughts Mitch! :hug: Happy 2011 to all of us! :angel: