Kindness Challenge Day 10: Send Flowers to Someone :)

This is Day 10 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge for Nov 2012 where hundreds of participants from around the world get together in spirit to do 14 acts of kindness over 14 days. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Kindness Challenge tasks and posts.

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Hello everyone! :D Welcome to Day 10 of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge! ;)

FOUR DAYS LEFT. Final Chance to Get Involved in Kindness Challenge!!

Time flies. :( In just four days, the 14-Day Kindness Challenge is going to come to a close.

Did you put your best foot forward in the past 10 days? Have you shared your results with everyone in the comments section? Can you say without regret that you have given this Kindness Challenge your all by the time it ends on 15 November? (We will be having a wrap up session on 15 November after the 14th task.)

If not, it’s not too late. You still have four days left. The nine tasks to date and their respective comments sections are as follow:

Look forward to interacting with you there!

Just ONE Participant Away From Hitting 800 Participants!

We are just ONE participant away from hitting the 800-participant mark!! Can I get some of you latecomers to join in the remaining 4 days of the challenge??

Join us, please! It is not too late to join! You still have four days to enact kindness; besides, the point of this challenge is to make a pledge to uphold kindness in your life, not (just) about doing the 14 tasks in the 14 days!

My Day 9 Review: Letter to Someone Who Has Made a Difference

Day 9′s task was to Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Made a Difference in Your Life.

I selected my ex-manager and ex-mentor from my previous company, P&G (Procter & Gamble). He was my brand manager when I interned back in 2005 (I was still a second year student in NUS, National University of Singapore, then. A little baby!! :D ). I later secured a pre-placement offer with P&G after a successful two-month internship. That was two years before I was slated to graduate. (I later decided to graduate one year earlier and start work early.)

While I never got the chance to work with my ex-manager anymore after I returned to work in P&G after graduation, the internship experience remained etched in my mind as one of the more formative periods of my life.

Letter to someone who made a difference in my life

My letter to my ex-mentor. The final message was about 700 words long.

As my ex-mentor and I are no longer in direct contact (he has been transferred to China for work), I’ve sent him the message via LinkedIn instead, where we are already connected. Our last communication was on LinkedIn and I see his status updates on LinkedIn from time to time, so I know my message is going to reach him (at one point or another).

As I had mentioned in my comment at Day 9′s task post, it felt really good articulating my gratitude to him in a formal capacity. I had previously thanked him from time to time for what he had done for me during the internship, but it was always in a passing remark as part of a late night conversation online, catch-up session in the office, or part of a meeting about something else. I hope he will read the letter soon and know the kind of impact he has brought and will continue to bring to others’ lives.

Now, let’s move on to today’s task!

Day 10: Flowers


Flowers. Aren’t they a beautiful creation of nature?

I think flowers are such a wonderful gift to mankind. And I think that it’s such a joy to receive flowers and to give others flowers.

Beautiful bouquet of flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers I got during a PE Readers’ Meetup in Singapore, earlier this year (June). Thank you so much Ruth for the flowers again! :) Believe it or not, it is still with me in my room (as a dried bouquet)! I’ve kept it for remembrance. :)

The ubiquity of flowers in gift-giving culture has led to a whole slew of meaning to be associated with them. Here are some popular flowers and the meanings associated with them:

(For the full list, check out: Language of Flowers.)

I always think that every girl (perhaps guy) would like to receive flowers from another in his/her lifetime. And that even if someone has received flowers before, it is always still a nice, warm, and pleasant surprise to receive flowers out of the blue, even if there is no reason driving it. 

For those of you guys, have you ever given flowers to your partner, loved ones, good friends, or even colleagues? For those of you girls, can you think of any friends whom you can give a pleasant surprise by way of giving him/her flowers?

Today, your task is to send flowers to someone! :D

Your Task: Send Flowers to Someone

Level 1: Send flowers to one person

Think of one person you want to send flowers to. It can be a guy or a girl (who says you can’t give flowers to guys?).

You can get one flower, three flowers, or a whole bouquet if you feel like it.

It doesn’t have to be an exorbitant expenditure. You can get something simple at a low cost. Or, if you chose to extract the flowers from your garden (if you have one), that would be effectively free! (Be careful not to harm the plant while exacting the flowers by the way.)

In fact, if you are up for it, you can give origami flowers even. Here are a couple of websites to get you started: How to Make Origami Paper Flowers and Origami Fun. (They teach you how to make origami flowers from lily, to rose, to tulip, and more.)

Then, either have the flowers delivered or pass them to him/her in person.

Level 2: Send flowers to more than one person

Same as Level 1, but to more than one person!

For myself, I already have in mind four people to give flowers to. Will be going out later today to shop for flowers, among other surprise gifts for one of the tasks later in the challenge (yes I do have a little head start since I know what are the tasks coming up; sorry about that folks!!). Will update in due time. ;)

Share Your Results!

Who did you pick to send flowers to? What flowers did you pick? Why did you choose him/her to give flowers to?

Check out the responses of other participants in the comments section!

After you are done, proceed to Day 11: Be Kind to Someone You Dislike.

Image: Doug Wheller

  • Robin

    I sent flowers to my aunt who was in the hospital earlier this week. And sent a cookie card to my daughter at college this week, too. I’ll have to get creative and do a different type of flower giving today.

  • Celes

    As mentioned in the post, I have in mind four people to give flowers to. I’ll be going out flower shopping (among other things) later today. Will update later in the day. :D

    • Celes

      I went out to get some gifts for a later task in Kindness Challenge. I decided to buy my flowers tomorrow (Sunday, Day 11) as I’ll only be seeing the people I want to give the flowers to on Monday, so I want to make sure the flowers are nice and fresh. Will update tomorrow after I get the flowers. :D I’m thinking of getting different types of flowers for each person (e.g., Lily, rose, sunflower, etc.).

      • Celes

        This task is proving to be quite the challenge for me! I went around a few flower shops today but couldn’t find options that match what I want. I also wanted to swing by my aunt’s shop (it was my first choice actually) to buy the flowers, but she closed her stall early today since it is Sunday.

        So what I’ve done is that I’ve pre-ordered four sets of flowers from my aunt’s shop and I’ll be swinging by early morning tomorrow (7am) to collect them.

        Thereafter I can then then set off for my appointments (which start off at early morning since I have my radio segment at Kiss92 at 8am) and pass the flowers to the people whom I would be meeting later in the day. Will update on their reactions tomorrow.

        • Celes

          Ok, FINALLY got my flowers and delivered them to my intended recipients. :D Posted the update on Day 11′s post, complete with pictures. Refer to the section “My Day 10 Review: Send Flowers to Someone”. Enjoy! :D

  • wanxuan

    I donated some books to the library again :D Felt very happy doing so. I also went to my best friend’s house to give her DIY rose water (Instructions can be found online). She was very happy receiving it. Her mum also helped my mum to do some curtain alterations hehe. My mum offered her some foodstuffs in exchange for her kind favour but she nicely refused. I was also greeted by some small yellow roadside flowers along my way :) They looked like mini sunflowers! On the train, I also gave up a seat to a woman carrying two heavy groceries and I cannot forget her smiling corners at the mouth till now hehe. At the end of the day, I didn’t want to cop out so I bought a red carnation for my mum. She was quite surprised and happy. My mum never got any flowers from my dad before. :heart:

    • wanxuan

      Haha my best friend said her mum actually likes the rose water :dance: She also sprayed the rose water on the atmospheric air.. Lol! She likes her air to be aromatic and fresh :lol:

    • Celes

      Aw sweet!! :heart: How was your relationship with your mom in the past, and how do you think your relationship with your mom has evolved throughout the challenge (which has only been a short ten days come to speak)? It does seem that she has been the recipient of your AOK for a number of the challenge tasks!

      • wanxuan

        Hi Celes, I chose her as recipient for today’s task because it has been a long time since I last sent her flowers (for no reason). Think the last time was during my secondary school days :) My mum’s primary love language is acts of service so I would often cook for her or give her a hand in other chores. She likes it when I do things for her. My dad also has the same love language. I didn’t know that she has a secondary love language (for flower gifts). :lol: She is quite neutral to foodstuff gifts. My relationship with my mum is quite close and I seem to have gotten to know her in a different light (though it has been a few days). I tried a so called ‘goodnight challenge” (saying goodnight everyday to my parents)on my own but it became awkward after a while cuz my parents were averse. They don’t respond well to hugs or “I love you” either. I haven’t got in touch with my brother much but I will be seeing him in New Zealand soon. I may have challenge completing Day 14 (14 Nov) task on the day itself as I will be flying then. :(

        • Celes

          Hey Wanxuan! The goodnight challenge sounds so interesting. :D Even though it didn’t work out, the point is you gave it a shot to see how the experience would be like. :D For Day 14, don’t worry. Just do what you can; even if you don’t complete it on Day 14, you can complete it by Day 15 and share your results then. The comments will be closed by Nov 17 or Nov 18 – I’ll leave them open for 2 or 3 days after the last task post (Day 15 on the roundup).

  • Hetal_S

    I made a origami flower for my Sister :hug: and she liked it :D

    • Celes

      Aw that’s great to hear Hetal! I’m glad she liked it. And it’s so innovative that you folded a origami flower for her. :D Did you check out any of the origami flower links from the task post?

      • Hetal_S

        Yes Celes, Your Origami post saved the day’s challenge ;) …. Though the flower made by me was not as good looking as they were in the post…..Nonetheless she was surprised and liked my effort … She taught me some of her origami tricks too :mrgreen:

  • hendro

    Oww, I can’t find any flower shops near my living place. :p Today is my study day to prepare for my exam next week. Anyway, I sent an electronic sunflower picture to respond the email replied by the trainer who I sent the letter for Day 9 kindness movement challenge. Hope its counted :lol:

    • Celes

      Haha, that’s very creative hendro!! I love how some of you are creatively interpreting the daily tasks; again it shows that kindness doesn’t come in just one form. It’s about the intention that counts, which then spreads to different actions in accordance to our personalities and preferences. I hope your trainer will like the picture and appreciate your effort, hendro.

      Separately, all the best for your exams next week! :D What exam are you having?

      • hendro

        Thank you Celes :D . I will be taking two general insurance (general insurance includes travel insurance, personal accident, home insurance, personal liability insurance, personal accident infectious disease plan, foreign maid insurance , silver care insurance, golf insurance etc) exam papers. I need to complete two exams by 30 November so that I can start working again in December. :p . We can take the exam anyday provided there is available time slot. :mrgreen: I intend to take one exam paper next week and another one the following week. When I start working, I need to engage the company existing customer. At the same time, I can also engage new customers :) So feel free to let me know if anyone of you is interested in knowing more about general insurance ya. I will be glad to share with you all whatever I know of. By the way, all the best to you Celes and everyone who’s reading this comment. Cheers

  • Ken

    I am so grateful of technology and the internet! As soon as i saw this task last night i ordered flowers for my best friend who lives 2000 miles away. I love that i could order the flowers last night and it was delivered this morning.

    Plus i had to wait to update my post so it would be a surprise for her. She knows i cant keep a secret so this was a hard challenge for me.

    • Celes

      Aww isn’t that sweet!!! I gather that she has received the flowers and already told you about it?? How was her response? :D

  • JadePenguin

    That’s strange – I never liked receiving flowers for my birthday (they’d just sit in the vase and wilt in a few days), so I always told people to get me something edible instead!! So usually people would bring me chocolate or a bouquet of…bananas! :sweat:

    Unfortunately, my housemate did not accept my offer of splitting my last so I’ll have to get multiples next time :P

    I’m also thinking of planting lavender in our front yard in spring, because it smells really nice but it would be much more lasting as a growing, live plant :)

  • Justin

    I have been having many opportunities lately to be kind to someone else. Just last night a woman and her children were knocking on my door. They told me they were at the cemetery across the street visiting her husband’s grave.

    Well, while they were visiting their car battery died. They asked me if I would be willing to give them a jump start which I said “yes” and drove across the street to jump start their car battery.

    We got the car started and I was leaving to go home expecting nothing in return. The Mom handed me a $20 bill. Wow, that was awesome.

    take care.

  • Fufu

    As I’ve done in past dates of the 14-Day Kindness Challenge I improvised with people who I rarely see. I sent 2 virtual flowers to my 2 closest friends wishing them “Good Morning!” and I also sent 2 real flowers to my mom and my little brother. Both of my friends were touched and my mom and little brother found it sweet.

    As for the type of flower I sent – I’m no really sure! o-o I choose my flowers by the color. My 2 virtual flowers were baby blue and the 2 real flowers I sent were pink with white in the middle. :) I choose blue for the virtual flowers because it’s an elegant and cute color related with the mornings and I choose pink for the flowers I gave my mom and my little brother because it’s a color that symbolizes love.

    I choose my 2 closest friends because they are like family to me and I choose my my mom and my little brother because I like to see them smile.

    More about my Day 10 experience:

  • Qin Tang

    I was busy today shopping for a car to replace my big van that is no longer needed.

    Buying/sending flowers is not something I normally do anyway. So I was going to skip today’s task. Then I thought it would be nice to send something to someone.

    My own idea of doing something nice for someone today is to write a letter and send photos.

    Today I happened to get an email from someone and learned that she will soon be out of town for a few month. I wrote a letter (expressing my gratitude for the difference she made in my life and best wishes for her new adventure) and will send it to her with a couple of photos we had taken together during an event.

    Flowers are wonderful gifts. They are really special, but I like photos as well, if not better. Flowers wither in a few short days, while photos last much longer and can keep memory alive down the road, even when our memory fades away.

  • Netta

    I have chosen to give flowers to my next door neighbor. She has been sick for sometime now and is passing away with cancer. There is nothing more the doctors or hospice can do other than keep her comfortable at home.
    Today’s challenge reminded me that we so often send flowers to funeral services but wouldn’t the person, such as my neighbor, appreciate the flowers while living.
    I am picking them up tomorrow and I have chosen carnations with baby’s breath. I have always loved carnations. I read years ago they were a symbol of mother’s day or a mother’s love, and my next door neighbor is a wonderful mother and grandmother.
    I am hoping tomorrow that these flowers bring a bit of happiness her way. I will feel happy just knowing that I could make a small gesture to let her know someone is thinking of her. I plan on posting photos once I pick the flowers up. :heart:

  • Robin

    I received a beautiful flower arrangement from my best friend Ken yesterday. I love seeing them every time I walk in the kitchen! Today my daughter and I went to my nieces cheerleading competition, so we stopped and got flower bouquets for both of them. Yesterday, we took the dogs for a walk and I picked up littler along the way and was very surprised and happy when I noticed my daughter started doing it as well!

  • Elton

    Cant find my flower yet, as raining here in KL spoils my day, am planning to give my godmother a surprise this week by buying her flowers.

    • Celes

      Aw that would be so sweet!! Keep us updated on the progress Elton. :D Would love to know how her reaction would be!

  • AA

    Those flowers are so beautiful.. <3

  • Bob

    I gave seven red roses to my wife. She was very happy to receive them and gave me a big hug in return.

  • Bette

    I have placed flowers on the altar of my devotion. This simple, yet heartfelt beautiful act demonstrates the honoring of my faith and intentions to live in the Truth and daily align myself with my Higher Self. :angel: The fragrance of the flowers remind me of Heaven on Earth. :angel: And that I am truly a spiritual being having a human experience. :angel: :heart:
    Namaste everyone….

    • Bette

      Looking over all the days as a review…so I need to add that…
      Tomorrow we will go to a dinner out at friends, and I will take with me flowers to decorate their home. Also, I have the chance to do this flower-gifting when I go to others’ homes for dinner invites. Seems like lots of opportunities for this all of a sudden. Probably because of Thanksgiving and people want to get together before we take off for Puerto Rico for the winter months.