Kindness Challenge Day 0: Get at least ONE Friend / Family Member to Join the Challenge!

This is Day 0 of 14-Day Kindness Challenge for Nov 2012 where hundreds of participants from around the world get together in spirit to do 14 acts of kindness over 14 days. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Kindness Challenge tasks and posts.

Join the Kindness Challenge!

HELLO EVERYONE!!! Welcome to Day 0 of the Kindness Challenge 2012!! I’m Celestine Chua, and I shall be your host and guide in the upcoming 14-Day Kindness Challenge! :)

14-Day Kindness Challenge—An Explosive Response!!

As of Oct 30, 1:30pm (GMT +8), over 270 310 340 350 370 400 participants have signed up for the challenge and a flurry of media coverage has ensued.

Details of the media coverage to date: The Kindness Challenge is Catching On in the Media!

Thank you to everyone in the media for the great support and coverage! I really appreciate it! :)

Cosmopolitan Feature!

Not related to the challenge, but I just got contacted by Cosmopolitan Singapore for a feature! It’s not a personality feature (i.e. interview on my life and all) but  an article feature (interview to share my advice on certain topics), but I’m super psyched all the same!! :D

Cosmopolitan is an international magazine for women, covering lifestyle, beauty, personal development, relationship, and career advice. The brand connotes a certain level of prestige and exclusivity, so I’m really flattered and excited to be invited to contribute for them! Hopefully this is the start of more great things in the future! :)

6 Reasons You Should Sign Up for the Kindness Challenge

As if we need reasons to be kind? :)

  1. It will be fun. Seriously. 14 simple acts of kindness over 14 days. Done with hundreds of participants from around the world. If this isn’t fun, I don’t know what will be.
  2. You get to spread joy to people around you. Prepare to be the reason behind the gentle smiles and grins on others’ faces for the next 14 days! :)
  3. There is never a “best time” for kindness. Kindness isn’t some grandiose act you put off to the future. Kindness isn’t some virtue you practice only after you are done pursuing your personal goals. Kindness is something you do, right here, right now. And this 14-day Kindness Challenge will get you to do just that.
  4. You get to be a kinder person. I believe you are at this site (PE, Personal Excellence) because you want to achieve your highest potential. Being kind is an essential part of being a better person. In fact, kindness is #28 on the list of 101 Ways To Be a Better Person!
  5. Play a part in creating a better world. When you are kind to others, you naturally inspire others to kind. There is no doubt that the world will become a better place as a result of your participation in the challenge. :)
  6. Celebrate World Kindness Day. Did you know World Kindness Day is Nov 13? I didn’t even know about it until a reader pointed it out! I had actually created the 14-Day Kindness Challenge for November because I want to rally everyone to pursue a conscious cause before the year ends, and not because I knew World Kindness Day was coming up. How serendipitious is that? :)

Day 0: Tell at least ONE Friend about the Kindness Challenge

Tell a Friend about Kindness Challenge

14 acts of kindness. 14 days. It’s going to be one heck-of-a-kind journey ahead! :)

Before we embark on our 14-days-act-of-kindness journey, I would like to pose a pre-challenge task for all of you.

Your task before the 14-Day Kindness Challenge starts  is to tell at least ONE friend (or family member) about the Kindness Challenge, and hopefully, to get him/her to do it together with you.

Why Is It Important to Spread the Word?

Why did I set such a task, you might ask?

  1. Ability to grow with someone in your life. Firstly, it’s an incredible joy to be able to do a challenge like this with hundreds of people from around the world.

    I think it’s an even greater joy to be able to do it with someone in your life, who knows you personally, who shares a common history with you, and who is able to grow and evolve together with you as both of you do this challenge… together.

    Isn’t it great if you can do the 14-Day Kindness Challenge with someone whom you know, in your life? Wouldn’t it be fun to wake up every day, log onto PE, see the day’s task, think about how each of you are going do the task, do the task individually, then share your results with each other at the end of the day? I think doing the challenge together will help both of you bond in a way that no other event has bonded you before! 

  2. Amplify your impact to the world. Secondly, by taking part in this challenge, you are undoubtedly increasing the kindness level in this world (if there’s even such a thing). If you are to spread the challenge to one person, just one more person in your life, you will effectively double the impact you can bring to the world, because now there are two of you doing the acts of kindness! That’s the power of working in a team!

For Those of You Who Have Already Spread the Word…

I know a handful of you have already done your dues, spread the word, and are already doing the challenge with others in your life. I read of a participant, Shari Jennings, who roped her husband AND son to do the challenge together—as a family! Another participant, Rita, is a therapist, and is gamely inviting her entire group to do the challenge with her! Then there are participants like Hang, who have invited their friends to do the challenge with them.

Well if that’s the case, that’s fantastic! I thank you for being such a powerful driving force to the people in your life! :D

At the same time, I would like to challenge you to push your boundary, tell just one more friend or family member about the challenge. Is there one more person you can reach out to? Just one more?

The more people you can touch, the more impactful the challenge is going to be! Remember, you never know if you might be doing someone a favor by telling him/her about this great initiative. It may well be what he/she needs at this moment!

Your Task: Tell at least One New Person about the Kindness Challenge!

  1. Who is the person? Identify at least one person whom you are spread the word to. This should be someone you have not spoken to about the challenge yet. If you can think of more than one name, that’s even better!
  2. Spread the word! Approach him/her today and tell him/her about the challenge!
    1. Tell him/her about this Kindness Challenge that you have just signed up for. Explain what it’s about.
    2. Pass him/her the link to announcement page ( so he/she can read the details for him/herself.
    3. Sell him/her on the merits of the challenge and how it would be such great fun to participate together and share results with each other (because it would really be!).
  3. Get him/her to sign up and commit to doing the Kindness Challenge with you!
If your friend/family member doesn’t want to sign up despite your best efforts, that’s okay! Simply approach someone else then, and repeat the steps until you find someone who is game enough to do it with you!

Share Your Results!

Who did you pick to spread the word to? How did he/she respond? Did you manage to get him/her to sign up? If no, is there anyone else you can approach?

After you have shared the challenge with someone (and hopefully successfully convinced him/her to join; if not, pick a new person and try harder!), move on to Day 1: Give a Hug to Everyone You See!

Images: Open hands, Group of students

  • Rico

    Went 1 better and shared the link on my fb page as well :) looking forward to this

    • Celes

      Thanks for sharing on your Facebook page Rico. :D Hope that will entice some of your fans to sign up for the challenge!

  • Dan Garner

    Wonderful idea. I’ll share on my blog and it’s facebook page.

    Dan Garner

    • Celes

      Hi Dan! Thank you! It’s definitely great that you are rallying your readers for the challenge too! :D

  • Brendan

    Hi Celes,

    Congrats on the huge success of the challenge!

    I’m looking forward to blogging about the upcoming November Challenge :) I’ve roped in all my friends to perform in the challenge again :) Looking forward to it!


    • Celes

      Thanks Brendan!! :D I’ll be rallying the participants to blog about their 14-day journey and will be showcasing the URLs of those who blog about it. Will be sharing more in an upcoming post. Stay tuned! :)

      Update: The post is up now! Blog about Your 14-Day Kindness Journey!

  • Anna

    Done. I am very excited to see what is coming :dance:

    • Celes

      Excellent work! Thanks Anna for spreading the word! :D

  • Yongjue Tan

    I posted about Kindness Challenge via FB, let my friends know that they will be “happier and kinder people” at the end of the 14-days, and voila! 7 Likes and 2 Sign-ups within an hour! One person commented it sounds fun, the other girl commented this is just what she needs! They are excited to see such a noble challenge in today’s materialist society. I’m glad I shared with them the info!

    • Celes

      Hi Yongjue, that’s perfect!! :D Great work and I’m glad that your friends have reacted so positively to the challenge! Excited to kick off an exciting 14 days with all of you in November. :D

  • Kay

    I shared the Kindness Challenge with one of my best friends. She and I always like to support each other in different personal development challenges so I’m sure she will be joining me this time too!

    • Celes

      That’s awesome Kay! :D Do get her to sign up officially via the sign up form! It’s going to be a great 14 days ahead doing with your best friend and the hundred of participants on PE! :D

  • Emma Ennis

    I just signed my sister up :) Working on the other one, and a couple of friends.

    • Emma Ennis

      Sister number two complete :)

      • Celes

        Awesome work Emma!! :clap: Just a note to everyone that registrations have to be made at the announcement post to be counted. One day till the Kindness Challenge officially begins!! :D

  • JadePenguin

    Gosh, I already fail on day 0 :(

    I shared it on Facebook and got 1 like, 1 person saying he’s already kind 24/7 and 1 person saying he doesn’t care enough about people. I guess my friends belong to the two extremes of the spectrum and aren’t interested :(

    But well, I tried ;)

    • Celes

      Hey Jade! Try talking to one personal friend about it? :) Sharing on social networks is a great action no doubt, but it typically wouldn’t have the same intimacy and touch as telling someone directly in person!

      Regarding your two friends, it’s a pity that they chose not to partake, but it’s their loss though. All hundreds of us around the world will continue to rock the next 14 days ahead in kindness. That includes YOU Jade! :)

      And please don’t say you have failed. There’s no failing, only doing! :D

  • Fufu

    Celes I’m so happy and shocked of my results!! The person I thought would least be interested was the one who quickly said I want to join!!:

    Who did you pick to spread the word to?
    My best friend and my girlfriend.

    How did he/she respond? Did you manage to get him/her to sign up?
    I told my best friend 2 days ago but she wasn’t interested, since she’s like a sister to me we have enough trust for me to ask again today but she wasn’t convinced since she says “She’s always kind” which is true and I told her it was as an extra effort to be kind but she was never convinced so I respected that decision as for my girlfriend..I was shocked that she took interest as soon as I told her and was asking a lot of questions(more than I thought actually) and she joined!! :) I’ll sign her up as soon I finish this post!! I’m so happy to do this challenge with my girlfriend!

    Is there anyone else you can approach?
    I don’t know if I have another person to approach but at least I’m satisfied with my girlfriend joining and for the first time be able to join with somebody. Can’t wait for more tasks!! :)

    • Celes

      Aw fufu, that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Simply AMAZING. I’m SO, SO happy for you!! It shows that sometimes we might have certain assumptions that things might not go our way, but once we open our mouth and ask, we might well get an outcome that would pleasantly surprise us!! :D

      I can’t imagine there would be anyone better than to do the challenge with your girlfriend, seriously! Congratulations fufu!! :hug: You are such an excellent role model to the other participants here!!

  • Bette

    :dance: I have shared the Kindness Challenge with 2 dear friends so far…one who lives in another state and one who lives here locally. I have a couple of other friends i will share with too. Who knows what they will actually do, but I am glad to share Personal Excellence and such a wonderful challenge as this with them.

    Glad to be here. :D

    • Celes

      Thank you so much for spreading the word Bette! I’m so glad that YOU are here with us! :D :hug:

  • Lil Deb

    Shared via FB and sent out a few emails to those not reachable on FB. I think the key to this is to reach out to those who really don’t understand how to be kind and need that extra little push. ;)

    • Celes

      Awesome job regarding sending out e-mails to those not reachable on FB, Lil Deb! :D You are really going all out in helping/enabling others to be kind, and I’m so proud of you. :hug: Let’s keep up the great work everyone and get everyone moving towards KINDNESS during this month of November!!

  • Susan B

    Passes on the link to a number of friends – I’m late to this party so not sure how many of my buddies will step up! They will miss a lot and be missed! :cry:

  • Mansi

    I got a friend to sign up for this challenge! :)

  • Lifetolove

    To my amazement, a little hug can really brighten people days including me. It took some courage to that as hugging one another is not common practice in Singapore . Especially as I got marriage for more than 10 years, I have not been hugging my husband like today. He gave a me “what are you doing’s look”, followed by a smile. Thanks

  • Ken

    I guess it was cheating a little, but I emailed my best friend. But I knew she would participate in the challenge. But she got her friend to join the challenge. So I know two people on here. :)

    • Celes

      Awesome work Ken! Great to know you, your best friend, and her friend are in on the challenge!! :D Nothing better than doing something meaningful with someone who means something to you too. :D

  • Lisanne Wilcox

    We have our fellow educators, friends, and clients signed up and already hitting the ground running with the Challenges at BodySugaringU By Alexandria Professional. So excited to be a part of this great event, and the timing could not be better with what we are facing in New York and along the East Coast in the US.

    Thanks for doing this,
    Lisanne Wilcox

  • Cheree

    Starting late, but definitely psyched about the challenge! Posted a link on my FaceBook.

  • Rita

    I’m a therapist and I asked my group to join me in the Kindness Challenge.They are excited.

  • Fufu

    That was really sweet of you Angela! (in more than one way haha) I really loved how you did today’s task. I might study teacher one day and if I do I’ll do just like you did :) thank you for sharing