Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup on Thu, Apr 11!! [Sign Ups Closed]

Stroking a lion cub in Johannesburg, South Africa

Me at Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa, stroking a lion cub

Hey guys!! I’m in Johannesburg now for personal travel and have been here for the past two weeks. I’ll be leaving for Cape Town this week, and would love to meet those of you in Johannesburg before I go!

Below is the plan for the Joburg meetup:

  • Venue: Plaka (Greek Restaurant)* @ Cresta Mall (It has vegetarian options)
  • Address
  • Date: April 11 (Thu)
  • Time: 6pm (We’ll be having dinner together!)

*Note that the restaurant has been updated from Woolworths Cafe as it closes at evening time.

Please RSVP NOW by posting a comment with (a) confirmation of your attendance, (b) who you are bringing along for the meetup. You can come alone but it would be great if you can bring your friend(s) or family along too!

Table reservations have been made for “Celes” at 6pm, so just let them know that you are here for Celes when you reach. Please be on time (or even early if possible) to ensure we have quality time together; as I’m staying with a host, I have to leave after an hour or two in respect of her time schedule. Thank you!

See you guys very soon! :D

(I have no plans to return to Johannesburg after this, so please try to make it for the meetup if you can! :) )

Attendance List So Far

  1. Celes
  2. Mavis
  3. Tsungai
  4. Tinashe
  5. SandzD
  6. Sam
  7. Sphamandla
  8. Sphamandla’s girlfriend
  9. MichalA
  10. Tynas
  11. Thelma
  12. Sheron
  13. Ellen
  14. Audrey
  15. Oleva
  16. Timu

Miscellaneous: Want to See Some Lions?

By the way, check out this clip I recorded while I was in Lion Park! Subscribe to Celes.TV @ for more of my travel clips!

Update Post-Meetup

The meetup was a great success! :D It was great, great conversation over dinner. :D Check out some quick shots below:

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup, Group Shot #1

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup, Group Shot #2

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup: Sandy, Me (Celes), Samantha

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup: Audrey, Me (Celes), Ellen

Johannesburg PE Readers Meetup, Group Shot

More pictures can be found on my Facebook pageJohannesburg PE Readers Meet-Up (Apr 11, 2013) Album. Thanks so much to all of you for coming! :D Tinashe, Mavis, Tsungai, Tynas, Oleva, Timu, Maureen, Ellen, Audrey, Michal, Sandy, and Samantha, I will miss you guys!! :)

  • Melanie

    Can do both, will bring a friend along and confirm thar

    • Celes

      That sounds great! Please let us know when you can confirm your friend’s attendance. Look forward to seeing you both soon! :D

  • SandzD

    Hi Celes

    Can also do both days and will be coming with Sam.

    • Celes

      That’s great SandzD! :) Who is Sam? Is that your friend?

      • SandzD

        Hi Celes

        Sam is my sister, see you Thursday :dance:

        • Celes

          That’s fantastic. See you on Thursday, SanzD! :) By the way, note the change in venue (it’s now Plaka instead of Woolworths since the latter closes at evening time).

  • Sphamandla

    Hi there, I can try and do both dates and I will be bringing my girlfriend with

    • Celes

      That’s awesome. Look forward to meeting you soon! :) Keep yourself posted at this post – I’ll be updating on the confirmed date soon!

  • SamKippy

    try Kenya

    • Celes

      I won’t be visiting Kenya unfortunately for this trip. :( I think it’s a cool place though! It’s where the world’s fastest runners are after all! :)

      • SamKippy

        next time , you plan to make a visit….hope soon. exciting place. not only for athletes-renown but for wildlife including wild beast migration at Serengeti Maasai Mara

  • Julian Plana

    Sorry not to be able to attend, this time. To meet you is one of the things I’d like to do before dying, guapa!


    • Celes

      That’s a pity, Julian! :( Are you not able to attend because of work? I’m not sure if I’ll be returning to Joburg in the near future (like 5-10 years).

      • Julian Plana

        I have accepted to give two lectures in the very days. One, about political creativity, in a prívate club of my pairs: retired university professors (hard!), and the other in the Mancha (the region of Don Quixotte) about ‘the fight against giants’ (difficult!).

        But I read you so often that I feel we two work together.

        Have intelligent fun!


        • Celes

          Sure, have fun in your lectures too Julian! :)

  • MichalA

    Plaka, fancy. :) See you Thursday

    • Celes

      That’s great! See you on Thursday MichaA. :)

    • Celes

      Hey Michal! You forgot to grab your takeaway when you left. Mavis (the older lady on my right) took it for the family instead as it would be a waste to just leave it in the restaurant (which would probably get thrown away).

      Oh, you might be happy to know that Tsungai (the quiet girl who was sitting on my left) was very inspired by your story and decided to adopt a healthier diet. :D She is cutting out deep fried food like chips, fried beef, chicken, etc. from her diet and was making a fruit salad after we reached home. Lives have already been touched tonight! :D

      • MichalA

        Awesome Tsungai! :clap: Glad to have been of service, and I’m happy to stay in touch and with her and anyone who would like to know more about it.

        Thanks for dropping by and have a fantastic time in Cape Town.

        Be safe, be blessed, and until next time… in whichever city, tropical island or jungle it will be. ;)

  • Mpho

    Hi Celes, it will be such an honour to meet you and unfortunately I am not available during that time because of pre arranged training that I am attending. Is there a chance to meet with you Thursday morning perhaps.

    • Celes

      Hey Mpho, unfortunately I’m only able to make time for a meetup before I go, of which Thursday evening seems to be the best pick given most people are probably working. I really wished we could have met though; it might have helped if I had posted about the meetup earlier (unfortunately I was only able to schedule/pitch it a few days ago). I guess the training you are going for is compulsory and there are no alternate sessions? :(

      • Mpho

        :( Hi Celes, i am really a BIG fan of you and spend quite some time on your website as i am going through a lot of issues such as confidence, identity, purpose, low self esteem, not being able to achieve the things i want in life. I am very impressed about the fact that you are retiring. It would have been awesome to meet and engage with you. I hope you come back to Johannesburg soon.

  • Ellen

    I am excited of the possibility of attending the meet up.I enjoy reading some of your articles and am planning to come with my daughter Audrey.However can only be definite by Wednesday.I will confirm then.This is due to a tentative prior commitment which I am trying to adjust .Hope you have enjoyed your trip so far.

    • Celes

      Hey Ellen, sure, please let us know by responding to the comments section by Wednesday! I really hope you can join the meetup. See if you would like to bring friends/family along too! See you soon Ellen! :)

      • Ellen Katsidzira

        Hi Celes,I am happy to confirm my attendance tomorrow evening.I will be coming with my daughter,Audrey.

        • Celes

          Hey Ellen, that’s awesome! I look forward to seeing you and Audrey tomorrow. :D

  • Mbali

    Hey Celes

    I would have loved to come along, but I am a bit out, I from the East of Johannesburg and I don’t have a car so I depend on public transport to travel. Hope next time you are around Johannesburg, I will have my car as that is part of my plan to get a car very soon. I find your blogs/ articles very enticing and educational. I am a very reserved person and through your body language article, I have been able to loosen up a bit.

    Your BIGGEST FAN :heart:

    Mbali (My name means Rose or Flower by the way)

    • Celes

      Aw, we’ll miss you on the day Mbali (Rose)! It’s a pity you couldn’t make it but I hope there will be a next time. Thank you so much for all your support by the way. :hug: (PS: I’m really glad the body language article has helped you to loosen up in some way! :) )

  • Julie

    Hi Celes

    Hope you are enjoying your stay in our beautiful country.

    I would love to meet up with you when you are in Cape Town.
    I have been following your blog/progress for about 3 years now, and I really enjoy the passion and credibility you have in your work.

    I would like to chat to you more about some people in CT who could REALLY benefit from meeting you – can I post confidential detail here?


    • Celes

      Hey Julie! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do a meetup when I’m in Cape as the agenda is pretty tight at the moment. Please feel free to drop me a note though via my business e-mail on my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

  • Audrey

    Hey Celes,

    When are you coming to Canada?

    Audrey :love:

    • Celes

      Hey Audrey! :D Canada is on my list after South America. It’ll happen, in time! :D Please hang in there! (Which part of Canada are you from by the way?)

  • Tynas

    See Thursday

    • Celes

      Hi Tynas, see you soon! :D

      • Tynas

        With my friend Thelma

        • Celes

          Cool, see you guys tomorrow Tynas! :D

          • Tynas

            Another friend of mine Sheron has also shown interest

            • Celes

              That’s awesome! Please have him/her along too. The more the merrier! :D

  • Oleva Velbroek

    Hi Celes, hope there is still space. I will be bringing a friend. Wow! what a lovely opportunity this is.

    • Celes

      Hey Oleva! Yes there is definitely space. I’ll ask the restaurant to get us more seats tomorrow evening. See you and your friend tomorrow! :D

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