How Can I Make Personal Excellence Better For You?

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Today’s post is different from the usual article sharing my personal reflections. Today is not about what I have to say. It’s about what YOU have to say :)

As you know, Personal Excellence is all about you. Every article I write here is intended to help you live more consciously. Every decision I make is to improve the value you get. This includes closing off comments in the past, removing the ads and the continuous improvements in layouts, such as the latest revamp into the minimalistic design.

However, majority of the improvements have been largely made based on what I think will be better for you. Today, I want to hear from YOU personally on how I can make this blog better for you. Your very own thoughts, in your very own words.

In the comments box  below, I invite you to share with me your most earnest thoughts about the following:

  1. What are the biggest things you love about Personal Excellence?
  2. What can I do to make this blog better for you?
  3. Is there anything you want to see at the blog (videos, ebooks, etc?)? If so, what are they?

You can share your feedback on anything – whether it is the layout, the formatting, the content/articles, my writing style, new ideas, etc.

So hit up the comments box now and share with me your feedback now! Please share as much as possible – the more you share, the better I can improve the user experience for you. I look forward to hearing from you. :D

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  • Ayeeh

    Hi Celes, well, I have always admired you, ’cause you are inspiring and helping people to strive for excellence, that is, “By Being the Best that they Can Be.” Your thoughts, articles etc., are heart-warming. I like the way you write your articles, the key goals are simple yet attainable, and very meaningful. You are indeed a “positive-vibes” magnet: ) Your enthusiasm is highly contagious, I hope that more of people’s lives Be CHANGED through your help.

  • Lana –

    Celes, I love the new layout, actually plan on doing something very similar with my blog soon.

    What I like the most about your blog are very practical, thorough and deep articles on various subjects of personal development.

    And that’s exactly what I would love to see more of -practical, thorough, relevant and applicable advice on how to grow myself in various areas and help me in reaching my goals.

    What I love about you personally is your confidence, determination and drive that really are contagious. There is an incredible power in knowing who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in and you truly embraced it. Keep it up, girl!

  • Stephen Borgman

    Celes, I love your blog, which is why I am here :)

    Would love to hear your thought process behind your business planning. How are you monetizing. Not just from an “I want to make money” mindset, but from a healthy entrepeneurial standpoint. How are you working on rewarding yourself for all the value you are providing to your readers. I learn a lot from modeling successful people: so I would love to hear your thought process behind how this blog got started, how you expanded, and where you hope to go, as well as how you have gone about the process.

  • Yap

    Hi Celes, here are some of my thoughts:

    1. The biggest thing I like about this blog is its content – loaded with much powerful techniques for achievement, success and personal excellence. And also yourself for sharing openly about your past mishaps in the blog so that others can learn and benefit. I suppose it’s not easy to do that – it takes real courage.

    2. Everything is really good now. I somehow love the slightly larger font size that you maintained in the past. Psychologically though it may be, I find the larger font size will be able to reasonate with readers more significantly.

    3. Perhaps some videos sharing something meaningful and short so that we can see the real Celes in action.

    Everything else is well done.

  • Eva

    Hi Celes,

    I’m writing not so much to give you ideas on how to improve your blog, but to say that you’re a true inspiration to me. I’m currently in grad school to be a psychotherapist and am also a marketer and graphic designer in my current career. I really relate to a lot about what you say on the subject of elevating our consciousness level and pursuing our higher purpose in life. I feel lucky enough to now have two careers that feel very purpose driven and joyful for me, but there’s always room to grow and gain insight and understanding into how to continually optimize our relationships (I’d love to see more stuff on relationships and how-to’s and thoughts in this area), our actions, and live the best lives that we possibly can.

    I love that you’re thoughts are so clear and that you itemize and bullet out the lessons you have to share. I love that you share and give so much of yourself so honestly and openly and now that you’ve been blogging more regularly, there’s a new energy that I sense and I love that you allow us all to share in your journey!

    I hope to meet you someday, but I live in Boston…Perhaps I’ll visit Singapore in the near future.

    Keep up the great work! You rock!

  • Jamie


    I think the most important thing is to show up authentically and on solid ground (which is what I believe makes your writing clear and succinct, so great job), which will bring your readers to that same place when they are on your blog and receive it in their email. Readers, in my heartfelt opinion, especially readers that find living consciously important (like me!!!) want tough truths, authentic and personal stories of when you have stretched into the unknown and – failed and succeeded.

    Why are you the expert on personal excellence? (Not from a place of, what have you done? What have you accomplished? But from your heart, why is it that you are passionate about sharing the things you share? What makes you tick?

    Personally, formatting doesn’t matter, pictures don’t matter, it is all the context of your content. :) Make it show up right at the beginning– why you are writing… For the sake of what… (which as I can see in your request here, is partly and most importantly to serve the readers. I can feel that.)

    Thank you! I look forward to reading!

  • Sophia

    Hey Celes

    I think the new blog outlook is awesome!.
    Love it!(:

    Just a suggestion though.I was thinkin maybe you could start a kinda like a video blog or something?Yeap just a suggestion.
    I also realise im not the first to suggest that(:
    I second you yap!

    Have a good day yall!

  • David

    Your dedication to helping others is inspiring. It’s clear you have found your purpose. And the story you tell about finding your purpose is helpful but since each person’s path is unique it would be even more helpful to know what others have done to light the fire within them. It seems like a few people just fall into their purpose but most people struggle to figure out what it is that really matters to them. I think that if people can get their purpose right they can make the rest happen. So I’d like to see a special emphasis on purpose and the many different ways that purpose gets expressed.

  • Adam

    I love the blog but I’d like to see;

    - more case studies
    - more personal and reader challenges
    - simplified posts
    - more clarity / clearer purpose

    all the best!

  • Lydia

    Well Celes,

    That’s really hard for me to say. I have only been a subcriber for a short time now, and I am positively pleased with the content of your blog. The information is very pertinent to my life and my own needs, and I can’t see where there needs improvement. I admire your openness about yourself, your strong passion and your love for life. It absolutely resonates with me, and I am pleased to recieve your blog. Like I said, I am very new to your blog, but I did want to share some positive feedback with you. I really appreciate how you tune into your readers and what they want. Your positivity is infectious. I get this great feeling after reading one of your blogs. This is all in line with you’re blog, “be your best self, live your best life”.

    I also like how you have a series to your blogs. You make one bold statement and then provide 7 parts to a series so that readers are not left hanging and thinking, “what’s next”?

    Keep doing what you do



  • Monika

    Hi Celestine
    I love the blogs where you talk about a specific issue and walk through how to work on that issue eg getting up early, giving up cola etc…

    I’d love to see some more links to resources or maybe even your reviews of those resources – what books have you read that you found really inspiring, and why?

    I’m seeing lots more videos being uploaded to blogs at the moment, and actually it doesn’t appeal – I just delete them. I’d much prefer to read info at my leisure.

    Some thoughts :)

  • Marisa

    Just joined two days ago–too soon to comment! :-)

  • Celes

    Guys & ladies, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!! :) I really appreciate every single one of them. I’ve duly taken note of your feedback and will factor them in accordingly in my future blog posts.

    Stephen, my upcoming book on Passion & Money is covering all of that and more actually! I’m in the middle of writing it and it wouldn’t be out till the latter half of the year. I’ll keep everyone posted via the blog/twitter! :)

    Lydia, thanks so much for your gracious comments. It’s really great to know that you feel such positive energy after reading my blog! I do my best in my writings to connect and reach out to you.

    Monika, I love your idea on a resource collage, so I’ll put that on my to-write list. To be honest, I hardly ever read books or external materials (even other websites), so let me think over how to work this idea out.

    The latest thing coming up will be videos! I mentioned last year that I want to start up a talkshow and I decided to kickoff the talkshow in the form of a blogTV first. It’s coming sooner than later, in fact – I’ll be recording the prelude intro in a few days and the video should be ready by the end of the week. I’m really excited about this and I hope you guys are, too! :)

  • ægil

    I have several ideas how blogs like yours can improve.

    • Like calling past articles as archives is an understatement, because some articles are true classics.

    Concept maps highlighting the sole purpose of the information blog, how articles or categories flow from the purpose and how articles relate to another. (this thing requires advanced web coding which I do not know). Explaining this requires a whole blog post!
    It has its limits too because it is supposed to be summary.

    • Recycling articles instead of always writing new ones (improving them), so an article version history should exist, like in Wikipedia. If articles look too much already, combine the most related ones or have the same bit of information.
    Calling articles as posts is an understatement, because your posts are very likely to contain wonderful information.
    The less articles the better your blog will be navigated.

    Concept maps make site navigation easy. It can be combined with categories (or big tags) or tags too.

    In other words what is the basic foundation of all your information, and how all articles relate to it?

    • Highlighting important points in the text.

    If I had not read your clear-cut site (which I have read since June 2009) this comment won’t come because of neurotic perfectionism and procrastination resulting from that.

    Since then I felt more powerful and aware of what is truly happening in the world.

    Your articles resonate with me so much that I secon Lydia’s feeling of positive energy!
    my consciouness has taken 1000 steps further!

    As time goes by I’ll give you my ideas. Give us your ideas too!

  • Celes

    ægil, I absolutely love your suggestions!!! They are excellent – I especially love the idea of a concept map and I’m sure this will be extremely handy for readers. I’ve new readers ask me before on what they should start reading on the blog, and it makes me realize that there isn’t a clear structure on how to start off.

    On your recommendation of updating past articles, I’m starting to do that actually. The previous article on discovering purpose was actually an updated article from an article I wrote in 2008. It’s definitely much better to update older articles, which maintains the timeless quality of the articles on this blog.

    I’ll start integrating these changes soon. Thanks again ægil! Feel free to share your inputs on an ongoing basis too, whether it’s on improving the site or articles :)

  • ægil

    Thank you! Maraming salamat po [in Filipino]!

    I added you as a friend in facebook so that I can share my ideas anytime, you accepted me!

    My full name on facebook is Aegil de Vera Santos.

  • Farnoosh

    Hi Celes,
    I do like your site and the way you conceptualize them in practical terms. I think my only wish would to be to interact with you more, hence the comments. I had all comments closed on my blog after reading Steve Pavlina’s great post on blogging but then really wanted to hear what my readers were thinking and I do realize the hundred other media channels to communicate and share and spread the word and of course the fact that it’s personal choice for bloggers but you did ask :) I’d love to be able to comment on your great posts…..! That’s all.