Healthy Living Day 2: Eat 5 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

This is Day 2 of the 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world work together to improve on their diet and fitness in January 2015. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all tasks and posts.

Healthy Living Challenge

Hi everyone!! :D I hope all of you had a great New Year’s Day yesterday. We’re now entering Day 2 of our 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge. Let’s get started!

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If you’re not in the challenge yet, it’s not too late! Join us NOW in living healthily for the first 14 days of the new year! Participation is 100% free!!

My Day 1 in Pictures

I’ve already posted about my Day 1 progress and photos of my Day 1 meals, but thought to share the photos here too! Here’s a recap of my Day 1 in pictures:

Grilled mushroom overload burger and banana

Brunch: Grilled mushroom overload burger and banana. I bought this from Cedele (my current favorite eatery) which serves healthy handmade food without trans fat, preservatives, and emulsifiers!

Mushroom and pineapple salad

Dinner: Large mushroom and pineapple salad. The serving was so big that I had to ask Ken to help me finish it!

Grilled red pepper and tomato soup, banana, and water

Supper: Grilled red pepper and tomato soup, bread, and another banana. (I later had a slice of bread with peanut butter which isn’t in the picture.)

My 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge goals are to (1) exercise at least three times a week (I’ll be exercising tomorrow / Day 2), (2) Cut out deep fried / oily food from my diet (no fried / oily food in my Day 1 diet, so this is met!), (3) Eat salads more regularly, ideally once a day if I can (yep, ate a salad for dinner, so this is met on Day 1)! All checked for Day 1! :D

Day 1’s task is to drink the right amount of water and I kept myself plenty hydrated throughout the day. Drank some water every couple of hours (and I actually have a big glass that has a 14 oz / 400+ ml capacity, so I easily met my 1.7 liters / 56 oz of water requirement on a non-active day.

As I often get very engrossed in my work (or say when I’m having a coaching session or a course and can’t walk away), I got a jug from IKEA so that I don’t need to leave my desk for a water refill. The great thing is this jug has a 1.7 liter / 56 oz capacity, which exactly matches my water requirements on a non-active day! Grinning smiley

Check out other participants’ amazing food logs and progress updates in Day 1’s comments section!

With that, let’s move to Day 2’s task, which is…

Day 2: Eat 5 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits

Did you know it’s recommended for us to have at least five servings (or even up to 13, depending on your caloric intake) of fruits and vegetables a day, every day? (Each serving is equivalent to a 80g portion.) This is based on a recommendation World Health Organization that individuals consume “a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day,” excluding potatoes and other starchy tubers. This subsequently gave rise to the “5 A Day” campaign in many countries, encouraging people to consume (at least) five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Unfortunately, the average American gets a total of just three servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Lest you think that this only happens to non-vegetarians, vegetarians can also consume insufficient fruits and vegetables by relying on a diet full of starches and refined carbohydrates (think pastas, white rice, sugary foods, desserts, etc.). Sometimes, some of us consume vegetables by way of the tiny slice of lettuce and tomato in a burger and think that’s enough for the day. Clearly, this isn’t enough.

Perhaps you’ve always been told that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you but never really understood why. The fact is that fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals perhaps more than any other food in the planet. Many studies have pointed to the direct benefits of eating fruits and vegetables on our health, including (1) reducing high blood pressure, (2) fighting against cancer, and (3) lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Consider the following excerpt from Harvard | School of Public Health:

The largest and longest study to date […] included almost 110,000 men and women whose health and dietary habits were followed for 14 years. The higher the average daily intake of fruits and vegetables, the lower the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. Compared with those in the lowest category of fruit and vegetable intake (less than 1.5 servings a day), those who averaged 8 or more servings a day were 30 percent less likely to have had a heart attack or stroke.

Although all fruits and vegetables likely contribute to this benefit, green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, and mustard greens; cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and kale; and citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit (and their juices) make important contributions.

When researchers combined findings from the Harvard studies with several other long-term studies in the U.S. and Europe, and looked at coronary heart disease and stroke separately, they found a similar protective effect: Individuals who ate more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per [day] had roughly a 20 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, compared with individuals who ate less than 3 servings per day.

Without a doubt, fruits and vegetables are mainstays in our daily diet if we wish for a rich and healthy life.

For today’s task, we’re going to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables!

Step 1: Pick a variety of fruits/vegetables of different (bright) colors (10 min)

Did you know that fruits and vegetables with bright colors are usually high in anti-oxidants? Anti-oxidants are good for health because they remove free radicals in our body that damage our cells. Not only that, fruits and vegetables of a particular color category have a certain type of nutrition and hence contribute to certain healthy benefits. When you eat fruits and vegetables from a variety of colors, this ensures that you get all-round nutrition and benefits!

Hence, pick a selection of different colored fruits and vegetables that you’d like to have in your daily diet. I recommend picking fruits and vegetables you already like so it’s easier to stick to them on a regular basis. Some examples:

  1. White: Banana, Mushroom, Onion, White Corn, Sprout
  2. Yellow: Pineapple, Mango, Yellow Pear, Starfruit
  3. Orange: Orange, Papaya, Cantaloupe, Apricot, Carrot, Grapefruit, Pumpkin
  4. Red: Apple, Strawberry, Tomato, Watermelon
  5. Green: Guava, Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce, Celery, Peas, Zucchini
  6. Purple/Blue: Blackberry, Eggplant, Prunes, Grapes, Blackcurrant

(More examples here: Color Wheel of Fruits and Vegetables)

My personal favorites that I can eat every day without growing tired of them are

  1. White: Bananas, Mushroom
  2. Yellow: Pineapple, Mango
  3. Orange: Orange, Pumpkin
  4. Red: Apple, Strawberry, Tomato
  5. Green: Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce
  6. Purple/Blue: Grapes, Blackcurrant

Step 2: Learn your serving sizes (10 min)

A serving of fruit/vegetable is 80g. In layman terms, that’s…


  • 1 banana
  • 6 strawberries
  • 2 plums
  • 15 grapes
  • 1 apple
  • 1 peach
  • 1/2 cup of fruit juice


  • 5 broccoli florets
  • 1/2 cup of peas
  • 1/2 cup of pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup of eggplant
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable juice
  • 1 cup of raw romaine lettuce
  • 1 roma tomato
  • 3/4 cup tomato juice
  • 1 ear of corn
  • 4 slices of an onion

(* 1 cup = 250 ml or 8.8 oz. Examples above from and Health Canada.)

Get familiar with serving sizes so you know exactly how much of your selected fruits/vegetables to consume for a day. Check out Health Canada | Vegetables and Fruit Serving Sizes for more examples of fruit and vegetable serving sizes.

Step 3: Consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables today! (All day long)

You’ve picked your favorites and learned about serving sizes — so, consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables today! When getting your breakfast/lunch/dinner, try to incorporate at least one to two servings of fruit/vegetable in it.

Some tips to meet your quota:

  1. Mix them in a smoothie. This is the most effective method. You can easily take in 2–3 servings this way!
  2. Have a fruit with every meal. Having fruits for breakfast is a fantastic way to start off your day!
  3. Replace your snacks with fruits. Highly nutritious and low in calories! What more can you ask for? :)
  4. Have a salad or vegetable-based soup once a day. Salads are highly nutritious (of course, assuming the right ingredients and a healthy dressing) while soups can be very healthy and tasty at the same time. I’m personally making a point to eat at least one salad/soup a day in my healthy living plan!

Step 4: Continue with your fruits and vegetables intake for the rest of the challenge

Like with Day 1, drinking water and eating five servings of fruits and vegetables aren’t one-day affairs. If you want to be healthy and stay healthy, then these should be habits that you carry with you for life!

So, add “Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables” to your daily agenda of your 14-Day Healthy Living Plan. Follow-through with this task for the next 12 days! :D

Next, Follow Your Plan for Day 2 (Take Pictures Too!)

What tasks have you set for Day 2 of your 14-Day Healthy Living Plan? Do them today!

Take pictures of your healthy meals — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-day snacks if any — and share them in the comments section. :D After all, a picture tells a thousand words, and when you share photos of your healthy meals, it inspires others to eat healthily and gives them ideas on what healthy food they can have too!

Post your initial comment sharing your results for today’s challenge task, then add on throughout the day as you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or if you’re doing any workouts. Attach photos of your meals by clicking the image icon on the bottom left of every comment box. As you add on to your comment thread, be sure to click on the reply button directly below your original comment so that you reply to your own thread (as opposed to starting a new thread).

Share Your Results (and Photos!)

Share in the comments section!

  1. Your favorite fruits and vegetables and how you plan to meet your 5 fruits/vegetables a day
  2. Your progress with your healthy living plan today
  3. Pictures of your meals
  4. Pictures of your workout (if any)

Do check out the other participants’ comments too and share a word of encouragement or two. We’re all in this together, so let’s support each other as a group! :)

After you’re done, proceed to Day 3: Create Your Calorie List!

Image: Women running, Vegetables and Fruits

  • Kathryn E

    It’s only 10:45pm in the UK, so officially I’m still on day 1! However I’ve read the post for day 2 and I’m prepared – I’m taking a portion of homemade stew to work tomorrow to heat up at lunchtime. For those who don’t know, stew is made up of numerous vegetables and beef slowly cooked in gravy and is really tasty, healthy and filling. It’s ideal for the cold weather, too. Breakfast will be porridge and fruit, which is already prepared – I’ve put the oats and milk into a saucepan to soak overnight, so I only have to heat it up in the morning and add my fruit. I’m taking some fruit to work for snacks, plus fruit juice to drink. For my evening meal I’m going to make chicken korma and I’ll put some veg in that. Lovely!

    • Christine

      Thank you for the inspiration Katherine. I am 8 hours behind you in California, USA. My day is beginning after Celeste’s is over.

    • Kathryn E

      I started my day with a breakfast of porridge with blackberries and blueberries, along with a glass of water and a cup of tea (I’m British – we love our tea!). I’m hoping it’ll keep me full until lunchtime but if not, I’ve bought fruit to work to snack on.

      • Celestine Chua

        Aw isn’t this the cutest porridge ever!! Haha! Thanks so much for passing this smile onto us, Kathryn! :D I’ll be going for my jog soon and later dinner, and will be posting pictures up my thread later!

      • AvocadoRulz

        Haha, that is nice – my favourite breakfast too! :)

    • Kathryn E

      Just having lunch of leftover homemade stew (honestly, it tastes better than it looks!), fruit salad with strawberries, kiwi and melon, and a carton of orange juice.

  • Christine

    It is not even 3:00 in Southern CA. Posed a photo of day one for Celeste her day was over.

    • Celestine Chua

      Yes, indeed! I think that’s the beauty of our PE community — there’s people from all around the world participating, so while some participants are still in Day 1, others are in Day 2 — and regardless of the time zone differences, we can all be doing this together and supporting each other!

  • blessedart

    Great info! I will be focusing on this starting tomorrow along with Day 3. I’ve already eaten today and didn’t quite get my full servings of fruit and vegetables but I am well on my way ;-)

  • fufu

    Oh my gosh Celes. Your meals look so delicious!!! :) It proves that vegan food isn’t boring. I’m half vegetarian half a meat eater (only to mantain the weight I have) but slowly I eliminate the meat sources and replace them over the years. Thank you for sharing the mushroom ideas! It’s still night for my day 1! Will be posting my results tomorrow!

    • Celestine Chua

      Thanks Fufu!! :) I’m more vegetarian than vegan at the moment (a lot of food sold in food outlets here contain dairy of some form, even if in trace amounts) though the meals I shared above are largely vegan actually. (Except the salad sauce, I think it probably contains dairy if not trace amounts of dairy.)

      Look forward to seeing your pictures and results for Day 2! :)

  • Tracey Smorenburg

    For day two I started with a mango and peach smoothie! Seems wrong that being healthy can taste so delicious! Yesterday I read a post about bananas – I always found that I’d buy a ripe bunch and then half would start to do all brown and yucky. I got some great advice from a friend you told me to peel them when they are starting to turn and pop them in the freezer. They can then be used in breakfast smoothies. Prevents wastage and tastes great.

  • Celestine Chua

    Day 2, and my first meal / brunch for the day is a 2-rice salad (brown and white rice) with a load of veggie goodness (wolfberry, zucchini, mushroom, black & white sesame, tossed in olive and sesame oil). I bought this yesterday night while having my dinner so that I don’t need to head out to get my lunch. #alwaysimportanttoplanourmealsahead And then had a banana as a snack after that. Not forgetting 2 glasses (~400+ ml) of water!

    • Celestine Chua

      Just went for a 2.5km jog, and having my dinner now + water. It’s the same mushroom overload burger (my favorite, really! I’ll likely be eating this several times a week throughout the challenge I think; prior to this challenge I was already eating it regularly every other day). Going grocery shopping later for fruits, hope I make it in time before the supermarket closes!

      • Celestine Chua

        Here are screenshots of my run! Used an app called MapMyRun to track my jog (I shared about this on a Celes.TV episode a while back on apps I use). Ran 2.5km today, will see if I can maintain this distance and improve on the speed for subsequent runs! :)

        • Celestine Chua

          Supper: Grapes. As 1 serving size is 15 grapes, I took 30 grapes. In total, I definitely had at least 5 servings of fruits/veg today (not counting the 2-rice salad):
          – Banana (1 serving)
          – Mushroom patty (2 servings)
          – Grapes (2 servings)

          Oh, went supermarket shopping with Ken today for fruits. Our house is now stocked up with fruits to last us for a week!

          Will be working on Day 3’s post and also preparing for Module 4 of the PI course tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow! :D

        • Celestine Chua

          Supper: Grapes. As 1 serving size is 15 grapes, I took 30 grapes. In total, I definitely had at least 5 servings of fruits/veg today (not counting the 2-rice salad):
          – Banana (1 serving)
          – Mushroom patty (2 servings)
          – Grapes (2 servings)

          Oh, went supermarket shopping with Ken today for fruits. Our house is now stocked up with fruits to last us for a week!

          Will be working on Day 3’s post and also preparing for Module 4 of the PI course tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow! :D

      • Celestine Chua

        Supper: Grapes. As 1 serving size is 15 grapes, I took 30 grapes. In total, I definitely had at least 5 servings of fruits/veg today (not counting the 2-rice salad):
        – Banana (1 serving)
        – Mushroom patty (2 servings)
        – Grapes (2 servings)

        Will be working on Day 3’s post and also preparing for Module 4 of the PI course tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow! :D

  • Madalina S

    Had clementines for breakfast along with toasted bread and about 10g of butter. Also had a banana for snack. Later going to eat some raw carrots and an apple. So far, that makes four servings. In the evening I’ll have some vegetables broth, so that would add the final serving I guess. My parents always cook at home and they use various vegetables. During winter it’s difficult to find good-quality fresh veggies (most of them are imported from other countries and they taste nothing like when they’re in season), so we also preserve veggies for winter (pickles, cauliflower and peppers in vinegar, tomato and peppers paste, and so on). My mom also makes jam for the cold season, usually out of plums.

  • Rachel

    First thank you Celes for the clear clarification re. water intake! I just common sense but the main thing for me is REPLACE a glass of WATER with CAFFEINE beverages. I used to drink them excessively without noticing or feeling obvious side effects. I have my “phases” where I limited my cups of coffee and zero diet coke and others where I go nuts with caffeine. In 2014 I even a few months totally caffeine free!

    Day 2 is easy for me! I started juicing around May 2014 and since then I am hooked. My breakfast consists of a green juice (1/3 fruit or less and the rest veggies), lunch is a huge bowl of salad (with Feta) and recently I started having veggie soup for dinner. Especially soup for dinner helps me stay away from “after dinner crap cravings”. I should get into the habit of making a smoothie instead of giving in to “crap carvings”.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Rachel!! Did you mean “REPLACE CAFFEINE beverages with a glass of WATER”?? (As replacing water with caffeine beverages would mean that you don’t want to drink water and want to drink caffeine-based drinks only??)

      • Rachel

        Ops yes of course replacing caffeine beverages with a glass of water or two!
        Not the other way around!

  • Educate Yourself

    Hi I didn’t do anything yet. Fasting today and planned to have my servings of fruits and vegetables at once as a smoothie. I like the one that looks like mud and taste amazing. My phone is full I can’t take pictures. I buy the smoothie from grocery stores the Naked brand or another I forgot it’s name.

  • Kerry Howard

    The water rule is more of a challenge for me to complete than the fruits and vegetables. I start my day with coffee and enjoy a couple of diet sodas each day.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Kerry! There have been articles that talk about diet sodas being quite possibly worse than sodas. You may want to check out the PE article on quitting sodas for more about detriments of sodas in general. I used to really like drinking sodas 10 years ago, but I subsequently realized they are really hazardous for health (not to mention our teeth) and have since stopped drinking them altogether.

      • Swann

        Long ago, I used to drink diet sodas all the time before I made the switch over to good ole H2O. I have read, especially recently, the havoc and harm that aspartame causes the body. I’m glad this subject came up. If more people would just google artificial sweeteners and read any of the countless articles, that could be a real AHA moment! There are serious consequences from those toxic substances,and in no way could any of that stuff be in a healthy living plan! Hard to believe artificial sweeteners are even allowed on the market!

    • VickiB

      Kerry, you might think about what it is that you like about the coffee and diet sodas and see if there is some other way to get the same thing. For me, the thing that I like is the “sparkle”, the carbonation and the coldness (because I always have my drinks with lots of ice) and the convenience of it because soda is widely available. I tried several things and settled on sparkling water, which I have now been drinking for about 15 years. It comes in cans and bottles, so I can take it with me, and I can usually get a cup of ice, though sometimes I have to buy one for the same price as a soda. Some people say that the carbonation is bad for you, but I asked at the clinic and they said it was okay and certainly better than soda!

      For you, it might be the energy jolt, and you can find many suggestions about how to “wake up without caffeine” and how to have more energy without caffeine. Or it might be something else, and when you figure it out, it will help you develop the habit of drinking sufficient water.

      Also you could start with just adding some water to your daily intake, before you cut out the sodas. When you get used to the taste of water, the sweetness of sodas (artificial or sugar) will be less appealing.

  • Ken Soh

    I got 2.5 servings of fruits today, didn’t hit the 5 target but is much better than my norm which is 0.5 a day (because I don’t eat fruits everyday). I just went for supper, which would have been a fillet o fish meal with fries and coke at mcdonalds.

    As part of the healthy living challenge, I chose the grilled chicken salad instead without drinks. This immediately halfed the calories. Didn’t have my phone with me; this is an image from internet :)

  • Vani

    First of all, wish you all a very happy & prosperous New Year!!!

    I signed up for the challenge today (i.e. 2nd Jan). I thought I would complete yesterday’s task with today’s task, but because of my habit of drinking 1.5 – 2 litres of water daily, I have already completed the task yesterday itself. Here’s how I usually drink water
    throughout a day…

    2 glasses: On waking up
    1 glass: 30 minutes after breakfast
    1 glass: 30 minutes before lunch
    1 glass: 30 minutes after lunch
    1 glass: 30 minutes before dinner
    1 glass: 30 minutes after dinner
    1 glass: Before going to bed

    Today’s task: 5+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables

    I had spicy broken wheat porridge with carrots & green beans for breakfast. My mid-day snack was a pomegranate. For lunch, I had rice with spinach & green peas. I had a banana as evening snack. For dinner, I had mixed vegetable stew. I didn’t click any pictures of my meals except one…

    • fufu

      Happy new year to you too Vani! What is the name of the meal in the picture. It looks like beans or cereal but I’m not sure. I’m curious to know. :)

      • Vani

        Thanks Fufu! The picture is of pomegranate seeds.

  • Miss Elf

    1. My favorite fruits and vegetables and how I plan to meet my 5 fruits/vegetables a day:

    I like all fruits and vegetables.

    Fruits and vegetables that ended in my tummy today are:
    – juice of half of lemon in the morning,
    – 2 mandarins before lunch,
    – 5 cherry tomatos, 4 capres and lamb’s lettuce at lunch,
    – broccoli soup,
    – one glass of banana+mandarin+apple+forest fruits smoothie at dinner.

    I eat F&V every day, but less than 5 servings (if it wasn’t for this challenge, I would not eat the 2 mandarins and smoothie). I will put the 5 F&V in my calendar. Today I already bought mandarins and apples for next days. Maybe that way (eating more fruits) I will eat less chocolate due to sugar in fruits (I will have less chocolate cravings).

    2. Your progress with your healthy living plan today:

    – 8 glasses of water,
    – I think I completed todays task,
    – went grocery shopping,
    – did not go for a walk.

    3. Pictures of your meals:

    I regret cause I did not took pictures of my meals today, because especially lunch looked and was delicious!

    4. Pictures of your workout (if any):

    No workout today.

  • Glenn Thomas

    Today wasn’t the best for me, as we were out all day. A family picnic in a location 2 hours from home, and then dinner at a restaurant.

    The first photo is lunch.. My wife’s family are Indonesian, so the main part of the meal was nasi uduk (coconut rice), and there was fresh tofu, salad my wife made, some lentil and sweet potato things, another veggie mix with tofu and a very small portion of this tempeh snack thing. Went for a 2nd plate of just the healthier foods after.

    Dinner was at a Vietnamese vegan restaurant which probably wasn’t the healthiest. We had this soy chicken salad as an entree. The soy chicken part I think was fried, and it came with crackers

  • VickiB

    I’m having trouble figuring out what Disqus wants so I can post as myself… In case I have to post as anonymous, this is VickiB.

    I do pretty well in getting the right amount of water; in fact, my body lets me know right away if I start to get dehydrated. Fruits and veggies are more of a challenge for a lot of reasons. It’s towards the end of the day and I just read the challenge, so I probably won’t get all five servings. But I can do better tomorrow.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey VickiB! What problem are you experiencing with Disqus? If you have any technical issues, just shout out loud!

      On the 5 servings, indeed, it’s a daily habit so you can work on it from Day 3 onwards! It’s more important that we incorporate it as a daily lifestyle as opposed to just hitting the target on the task day and neglecting it for the rest of the challenge (and our life)!

      • VickiB

        Thanks, Celes. I don’t know what was going on with Disqus; I can’t begin to explain now what happened t hen, but it seems to be working now so I’m crossing my fingers.

        I knew that this is meant to be an ongoing thing and not just for Day 2 — that’s why I said I can do better tomorrow. I AM doing better: It’s mid-morning and I’ve already had two servings of fruit.

        There’s a restaurant near here that does a wonderful smoothie of banana, apple juice, and two kinds of berries, and it is now my plan to get those fruits and make one at home tomorrow.

        • Celestine Chua

          I’m so excited to hear that you are doing better, VickiB! And congratulations on your two servings of fruits — that’s AMAZING. I can’t wait to see pictures of your meals too, so if you happen to have a phone with a camera function or a camera, do snap some pictures for us! I’ve become quite a fan of fruit smoothies of late (in the past I used to make them myself but then it took too much time with the washing up, so nowadays I’d get them at fruit stalls), and I hope to get one next week when I’m out!

  • Swann

    Day Two, Healthy Living

    Okay…so today could have gone better in the veggie dept. I am doing well with getting my water in, and I did pretty well with the fruits. For breakfast I had bran cereal with raisins and almond milk, and a frozen banana. For lunch I had some romaine lettuce with chicken salad on tortilla, and then some veggies in a half sandwich. Veggie juice was on the agenda, but it didn’t happen today, and I am planning on having juice tomorrow. Looking forward to it…I miss not having the right amount of veggies in my food plan today! For a snack I enjoyed guava right off the tree and black cherry concentrate mixed with water over ice.

    Had some relaxing and fun time today enjoying some movies. Just sorta took a break today from business-y matters and mundane affairs. Also spent some time out in nature, including having a bonfire and grilling spicy turkey sausage over the fire, Yum! Wish I had the camera to photograph that meal! Hope to get access to a camera so I can shoot some pix of meals.

    I like being mindful of what it is that I am eating. It helps me to focus on what is really important for me to do to take care of myself in a loving, wise way.

    Love reading/seeing others’ posts, Thank you…

  • AvocadoRulz

    Again submitting my report later from Canada here…
    1. My favourites are avodaco :) and berries. For the 5-a-day, I like to snack on fruits (apples) and add a portion of fruit (berries) to my morning porridge and then have vegetable salads with lunch and dinner so meeting the recommendation isn’t usually a big problem (on my good days:) ).
    2. Completed all my tasks today! Very happy about it :)
    3. Pictures of my lunch (salad) and dinner (scrambled eggs with vegetables – from the regular frozen mix) attached.

    4. I worked out today as part of my 3 sessions per week too.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hi Avocado, your meal pictures look very yummy!! The avocado looks GREAT! My only problem with avocado is that they get ripe and go bad so easily, so I always need to plan ahead if I want to eat them. You just gave me the inspiration to have avocado again, thank you! :D I’ll probably buy some from the supermarket the next week I visit.

      PS: Looks like you may have attached the salad and veggie pictures more than once, so they’re appearing multiple times in your comment. For future attachments, you can just attach it once, wait for it to upload, then attach the next image! No worries as I experienced the same problem myself yesterday too! Also, you may also want to rotate the images to the right orientation first before attaching (if you’re using Windows, the picture viewer has a simple rotate function.)

    • AvocadoRulz

      Whoops, sorry for the multiple and large photos – will correct this tomorrow!

  • Masar

    Hey Cele and everyone ;).well this my first day i started at the day 2.
    – for breakfast i had 1 cup of water,cup of green tea and Mandarin as fruit.
    -for lunch i had 2 cups of water and small portion of pasta with salad a side.
    -for dinner (see the picture below) i had tuna toast ,tomato,olives and cup of green tea and water.
    Iam trying to drink enough water every time, but thanks Cele for the great and motivated challenge ;)

    • Celestine Chua

      Oh those olives and tomatoes look great! I’m personally a fan of those two vegetables. :) In fact I always have tomatoes and olives in my sandwich if I’m ordering from Subway!

      By the way, you are welcome to skip ahead and join us on Day 4 when it’s Day 3 your time, as it may be better for you to be posting in an active thread where everyone is reading! (Basically Day 3 should be Jan 3, Day 4 should be Jan 4, etc.) You can combine Day 3’s and Day 4’s challenge tasks together since they are quite related too.

  • fufu

    My favorite fruits and vegetables:

    White: banana, onion, mushroom, yam, yucca, potato
    Yellow: pineapple, pear, yellow pepper, corn
    Orange: orange juice, sweet potato, pumpkin
    Red: applesauce, strawbery, watermelon, tomato, red pepper (I just noticed I seem to love red veggies and fruits 0_0)
    Green: avocado, cucumber, lettuce, celery, peas, green pepper, spinash, green beans, asparagus, broccoli and I don’t know how to say this words in English so I’ll mention this greens by their Spanish names: repollo, oregano, cilantro, aceitunas (I guess I love my greens even more.)
    Purple/blue: grape juice, raisins, prunes, blueberry

    • fufu

      I forgot to add Rosemary to the greens.

      I followed my planned personal diet plan, my next workout is tomorrow and continued the water task. I managed 5 glasses. That seems to be my neutral point. About today’s task I already eat fruits and veggies in my diet but I was surprised I still lacked the proper daily ration, especially fruits. If there’s something I lacked today it was variety. There weren’t many fruits and veggies currently on the fridge.

      Breakfast- scrambled egg with green peppers and 2 slices of white bread(I was going to take a picture but they looked dark so I got shy ) and for dessert raisins.

      Snack #1 – more raisins

      Lunch- mixed vegetables and potato along with white rice

      Snack #2- peanut butter and cheese

      Dinner – burrito from taco maker with chicken slices, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and green hot chili sauce.

      I had 3 sources of veggies and 2 sources of fruit so more or less I had 5 rations. When I write my menus I start to think I need bigger snacks.

      My girlfriend on the other had was very busy in day 2 but she managed 2 rations at least. Onions on her pork chops and fruit juice. I always encourage her to take baby steps and that it’s trying that matters to establish conscious thinking and healthy habits.

  • Moonsparkle

    I’m behind on this because I wasn’t well over New Year but I’m drinking more water and I had an apple today. I’m planning to buy some fruit this week and make a smoothie. I have a smoothie maker but rarely use it, so I’d like to use it more often.

    • Celestine Chua

      Making a smoothie sounds like a great plan! I find it a great way to rake up the servings of fruits/vegetables I eat in a day. :D

      • Moonsparkle

        Thanks Celes! :) I think I’ll start with a strawberry one. Not sure what else to put in yet. I’ve made strawberry and banana ones before and a green smoothie. I’ve got smoothie recipes pinned on Pintrest that I haven’t got round to making, so this is an incentive to have a go at them, lol.