Gratitude Challenge Day 6: Give Thanks for Your Life

This is Day 6 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gathered to practice gratitude for 14 days. This challenge was conducted in Aug 2013 and is now over–however, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Gratitude Challenge tasks and posts.

Gratitude Challenge

 Hey everyone, welcome to Day 6 of our 14-day gratitude challenge! :D We are nearly at the half-way mark of the challenge. Let’s get started for today!

Day 6: Life


Life. That’s what we are living right now, every day, every second. Our lives basically started when we were brought into this world, out of our mothers’ womb, cleansed of our mom’s placenta, then wrapped in a little cloth and placed in arms of our loved ones.

Since then, much has happened. We grew up, from a baby to an infant, from an infant to an adolescent, then from an adolescent to an adult. Some of us may be in our teenage years right now. Some of us may be in our adulthood. Some of us may be in our middle-age years. And some of us may be past middle age and entering retirement years soon.

Through these years, we have experienced many ups and downs, trials and tribulations, failures and successes, pains and joy. We have experienced heartaches in relationships, disappointments from failures, anger from unaddressed grievances, anxieties from not being where we want to be, and fears from insecurities. We also experienced the joys of living: from the joy of great friendships, to the joy of supportive family members, to the joy of a relationship/life partner, to the joy of successful pursuits, to the joy of life’s little victories, to the joy of touching others’ lives, to the joy of everyday living.

Yet interestingly, despite the richness of our lives, despite the role we play in creating a great life experience, despite our constant pursuit for growth, and despite us working hard to change every difficulty into a success, we are not responsible for our being brought into this world (at least our current selves are not responsible for that). Our life today is made possible by people (our mom, dad, doctors, nurses, midwives, etc.), external powers (socioeconomic factors for example)  , and perhaps even higher powers (our higher self, our spirit guides/guardian angels, or even God, depending on your personal belief)–all of whom/which existed before we were born into this world.

 Today, your task is to give thanks for your life.

Your Task: Give Thanks For Your Life

Write a note in your gratitude journal today where you give thanks to everyone/everything responsible for your life today.

Specifically, give thanks to:

  1. People and external/higher powers responsible for your physical birth (and as a result, your life).
  2. Anyone and anything who have helped make you the person you are today and directly or indirectly brought you to where you are in life today

Your note can be as long or short as you want–there is no word limit. This is an exercise in gratitude where you express your heart’s truest intents. Type/write away and let your heart sing!

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

On top of today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be events that occurred today, mishaps which could have happened but didn’t happen, or simply things which have always been in your life but which you suddenly came to feel grateful for today.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Ken and I are finally done with our photoshoots in Scotland!! It had been a crazy experience prepping for the shoots (in Glasgow and Edinburgh), from planning out the scenes, to getting the right outfits for the scenes, to liaising with the photographers to execute our ideas for the shoots. Here’s a shot of us outside Tantallon Castle today.

    Now that the shoots are over, I can finally take my mind off it and get back to other priorities, such as writing the daily tasks for the gratitude challenge, writing my proposal for a new speaking engagement, and my upcoming speech at Spark Summit this coming Saturday. By the way, I have two free tickets to Spark Summit for my Singapore readers, so drop me a note at to get them! First come first serve!

  2. Ken and I are heading back to Singapore today after over two weeks in Scotland. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, in particular the Edinburgh PE Readers Meetup, but the weather has been getting a little too chilly for me. I also can’t wait to get back home and start working on my to-do’s.
  3. I’ve a fiance who is so understanding and accommodating. Ken has been there for me every step of the way during this trip, from listening to me rattle on about the photoshoots every day after he return from work, to making sure I’m duly fed during meal times, to buying flowers for the shoots because I felt they would be better with them, to taking care of me every second of the day. I feel incredibly blessed to have him in my life.

Share Your Results!

Who/what have you given thanks for your life? Who/what have you given thanks for your life as it is today?

If possible, share your gratitude note where you gave thanks to these people/things! Take a picture/screenshot and upload it to the comments section!

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Share them in the comments section! :)

Once you’re done, proceed to Gratitude Challenge Day 7: Give Thanks to Yourself.

Images: Gratitude, Baby

  • The Maths Magpie

    That’s such a lovely photo of you guys – you’re going to have an amazing life together. Congratulations! x

    • Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you so much Maths Magpie! Hoping the photos of our engagement shoots turn out well!! :) *Fingers crossed!*

  • Madalina Sraier

    Firstly, if there is a superior force/power in this universe, I have to give thanks to it. Then to my mother, who for months was home for my growing body and consciousness. Next are the doctors and nurses, of course.

    I’m grateful for all the people whom I’ve met in my life, both the good ones and the bad ones, because they’ve all shaped my mind, my character, and my personality, making me the person that I am today, creating my life as it is in the present. Biggest “Thank you” goes to my parents who up to this moment (and I’m sure they’ll do this for many years to come, too) have supported me in everything I’ve done. They have raised me with love and care, feeding me, clothing me, guiding me. All my friends had their contribution as well. My professors and classmates have molded me and have tremendously determined my evolution as an individual. Also, the few boyfriends that I’ve had so far have left a mark, influencing my life principles, my approach to love and to relationships, my openness to others.

    Three things I’m grateful for today:
    1. I managed to clean the meeting-room at the NGO’s headquarters.
    2. I talked to a friend who has been on vacation for a week in a foreign country and this way I got to learn something new about the respective country.
    3. My father brought home some fruit jam and it is delicious!

  • Annette Hatley

    My life has been full of a plethora of people (parents, siblings, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc) who have made an impact on my life good and bad that have helped shape me into who I am. The same with life experiences; I’ve had the pleasure and the pain of a variety of experiences, too numerous to mention. Most of what I’ve gone through in my life, the people I’ve met, etc, I’m thankful for. There are a few incidents or people for which I struggle to appreciate and probably won’t appreciate any time soon. I didn’t always make the best of the situations and opportunities I was given, but I am who I am today because of those choices. I work on being happy with myself, but that is a progressive task not yet obtained.

    Three Things I am Grateful for Today
    1. Books
    2. True Friends
    3. Living in the USA

  • 家梅 李

    I have to thank my parents for giving my life and make me as who I am today. And, no doubt, I thank to my late grandmother who helped to take care of me since I was a baby. I’m fortunate enough to have them in my life. They take care of me since I came to this world (even before I was born), pamper me with good live, good food, and also, they teach me how to survive out there. :)

    3 things I feel grateful today:

    1. Every morning, my mum prepares breakfast for my brother and me. Today, I’m on leave today and I woke up early to prepare breakfast for my brother. Just to let my mum rest one day from preparing breakfast. Hehe, it’s simple breakfast with hash brown, fried eggs, and sausage, bread, and fried rice. I made so many so that my brother could choose what he wanted to eat. And, he finally chose hash brown, fried eggs and sausage with bread. ^^

    2. Today I went to the music centre, and I got to know that it is the birthday of the person in charge of the music centre. :) We bought a birthday cake for her to celebrate her birthday. I always stay in the music centre to practice zither for hours. She always welcome us to go there, and she taught me some handicraft too. ^^ I thank for her kindness that make me feel like staying in a second home.

    3. I thank to my zither mate, who accompany me for a dinner. Although we always practice zither and have dinner together, we always enjoy the atmosphere while we are together. She shared her working experience with me while having dinner just now. ^^

  • Farnam

    I am thankful to .. for giving life to me ::

    ¨My parents, the doctor that gave birth
    to me, my grandparents, the nurses, the hospital.


    ¨The doctors helped me survived while I was weak and tiny, and also
    through my life(I was about to die when i was born).

    ¨The things I ate and drank.

    ¨Everyone I met, good/bad ones.

    ¨Everything that has happened to me.

    The things I am grateful for, today ::

    ¨My student, trusted me and talked about her private life with me.

    ¨The taxi driver who knows me and cared for me.

    ¨I stood for my right in my workplace, considering the chance of losing my job.( I achieved what I wanted :D)

    ¨My dad was giving back his debt to me(money), and he gave me more than he should because he was busy doing sth else. I gave him back the extra money, though I really need money nowadays(He doesn’t pay for me, I am financially independent, a good thing, but not the thing I chose).

    ¨I told my students to make their gratitude journal, and they liked the idea.

    ¨To myself, because I went to work while I was really
    tired and sleepy in the morning.

  • Bette

    Thank you Creator Source for Life and for my Life. There have been many aspects and experiences to my life, Many ups and downs, and still, it is all about LIFE. Everything and everyone from everywhere and from all of “time” is connected in one way or another.

    Sometimes things make sense to me and sometimes they don’t make sense. I have learned and am learning how all of life is a process and that things evolve. I have learned to pay attention to the small details and be thankful for all blessings of love and opportunities to grow, and to enjoy life to the fullest right now in this moment just the way I am. I have surrendered to “what is,” accepting what IS, and if I can change something, that’s good, despite how difficult it is, and if I cannot, then I surrender.and accept life on life’s terms.

    I am thankful for Love…the greatest force of all, and its transforming power.
    Love is all, and Love is everything. Deep, heartwarming, compassionate, uplifting, inspiring Love.

    For all the teachers and guides and angels and yes, all relationships, I give thanks. Thank you everyone who is in my life, those who love me and those who so not. There is a Higher Purpose for what I do not understand as well as what I may understand. Mom and Dad, I chose you for my parents, and we learned so much and experienced so much together. We still are, aren’t we, even though you both have passed on to another journey, and I am still here on this one. We are still and ever together in our evolving, changing forms.

    As long as we have love in our Heart of Hearts, we are safe and sound in the arms of the Creator Source, and we are together as One in that Spirit of Love.

    I feel rested after what was not such a long sleep, but it was a healing, restful sleep.
    I am here today in the studio with my longtime friend Mark and although we are busy doing our own thing, we are here together in this time and space to learn with each other and to share many beautiful things.
    I am also so grateful that despite many details that could be disquieting or distracting me from how blessed I am, I feel peaceful and centered within my soul.


    Dear Celes, that is such an awesome photo of love with you and Ken IN Scotland!
    I am thankful that you two found or rediscovered each other and are now joined together in the beautiful love you share. You two have had such a fantastic sojourn in Scotland….a celebration of your union…two souls as one…life will be twice as fun!!
    This trip to Scotland was like an extended engagement party…WHAT A MEMORY!!
    I am thankful you have gorgeous photos to commemorate this recent surprise engagement that Ken so extensively and lovingly thought out when he presented you with a ring, proposing to you his life and love forever.
    (Factoid…part of my lineage is Scottish…perhaps one day I will also travel to Scotland!)

  • Jackson Nyarko

    I am very very grateful to God for my life.
    Not just for being alive, but also for the many blessings that has come upon my life, and what He has been using my life to do unto others. He gives me wisdom, Inspirations, Revelations and Directions of life everyday I live.

    Three Things to be grateful for today:
    1. A spirit filled whole-day fasting
    2. I’ve been able to clean and arrange my new apartment

    3. Attended to mails, appointments, and this Gratitude Challenge.

  • Jackson Nyarko

    I’ve read you blog.
    That was splendid.
    Good job, Karim.

  • Annamarika

    I wrote five pages to my journal. It’s almost bedtime here, so I’ll just pick five things I found that really made a difference today; people I hadn’t tought before were so imprtant in making me who I am today.

    A family friend, who’s son was my age and we spent a lot of time together as children. He was always interested about my opinions, he let me take part in decision-making and told me I was clever and had interestig ideas. He always listened if I had something to say. He is a wonderful man and was such a role-model to me. He served as a father-figure as well. I will make sure to send him a thank-you-note <3

    My ballet-teachers for teaching me self-dicipline. I was kind of an all-over-the-place kind of child. I'm still like that but now I'm able to focus my energy in learning some things that really take time to master.

    I thank my first girlfriend for showing me it's as natural to me to love a woman as it is to love a man. And that I'm not made to love just one person. Our relationship was filled with difficulties and drama but also with beauty and love.

    My high-school Finnish -teacher was always engoursging me to go do theatre. She kept me going and ten years after I first met her, I finally had the courage to apply to a theatre school and got in. Now I'm studying for my final year and I know I'm in the right place after spending 5 years in university trying to convince myself it's an ok-carreer I'm building there. Having one person who believes in your dream makes a huge difference!

    My former boss. I was working in a training company as a teacher and in marketing at very young age (from 20 and up). My boss had many flaws but he convinced me I was able to do whatever. At first it was whatever he needed me to do for teh company. Now it is: what ever I want to do ;) He is a big force in my life telling me I'm able and talented enough to success.

    I had tons more, but I'll stop here as I need to sleep as well :D

    Three things to be grateful today:

    1. We decided the exact date to move to India and tomorrow we will buy the flights!
    2. The fresh tomatos and apples right from my mum's garden. They taste soooo good.
    3. My wonderful coffee break I had all by myself in sunshine: reading a book, eating a small chocolate bar, drinking double espresso I made myself from organic blend. I had some not-that-interesting studying to do and the 20 minute break away from it renewed my spirit for today.

  • Spešl Pavrs

    For my life today I give thanks to:
    - set of circumstances that brought my mum and my dad together and making them in love with each other,
    - my mum’s desicion not to have an abortion (she is/was a young mum), although her parents wanted her to do it,
    - my grandma and my great-grandma for carefree holiday vacations as a child,
    - my mum, cause she always took care for me,
    - persons: A – for being my best friend, B – also for being my best friend, C – cause of him I love sports and working out, D – for giving me a dog, E – for teaching me yoga, F – for volleyball, G – for employing me, H – to teach me about my work, I – for not being my co-worker anymore, J – for writting articles about self growth, K – for sharing the same interests, L – for having a free workshop about self growth, M – for introducing me to my back then future boss, N – also for employing me, O – for unconditional acceptance of me, P – for writting a blog called Personal exellence, R – for renting me an apartment and for her honesty and trust, S – for being my adversary, T – for working out with me,
    - the force in me which helped me to step out of my comfort zone,
    - opportunities,
    - taking opportunities,
    - all creative ideas of how to be more productive at work,
    - all the souls that crossed my path,
    - the truth,
    - surfing and teachings of the ocean (that is actually also a book – Teachings of the ocean)
    - authors and their books about self growth and self awareness,
    - every second of my life,
    - eating healthy food and choosing a healthy life style,
    - customers at my different jobs, who liked me,
    - my dog,

    - nature for its beauty,
    - love,
    - the universe for giving me everything I need,
    - experiences,
    - “aha” moments,
    - support and safety,
    - courage,
    - change.

    Today, I am grateful for:
    - my hairdresser telling me I have dadruff, cause I didnt noticed,
    - new hairbrush,
    - taking my bike to servis,
    - getting up early,
    - my fast working computer at work,
    - colorous

  • Ffion

    I thank my parents for, um, obvious reasons. For bringing me into the world, bringing me up. I also thank them, for nourishing my body and my mind, supporting me into becoming the person I am. They accepted my quirks and supported my interests, did their best to make sure I could do and learn all the things I wanted to.

    I thank my siblings for loving me in their own ways and for being there when I need them.

    I thank Dr. Matute for saving my life 10 years ago.

    I thank my ballet teacher for teaching me discipline and testing my determination, helping me bring my body to a new level of being.

    I thank my karate teacher for all the work he put into me. He trained me hard, bought me hard and his work still touches my life to this day.

    I thank all my clients who put their trust in me and my abilities.

    I thank my friends for every step of the way they walked beside me.

    I thank all the teachers I’ve had throughout the years, whether directly or indirectly through personal contact or their written or recorded words.

    I thank the authors of the countless books that have added to my knowledge and helped me shape my view of the world.

    And I thank the countless souls who have inspired me through their words and their actions,

    big and small.

    • Miss Ellen

      Hi Ffion!
      So nice of you to thank the authors of the books you read! Any particular favourites?
      I would have to thank the great Roald Dahl for writing such amazing childrens’ books!! I enjoyed every one I read, and they really shaped my fantasy, which turned out to be a great asset in life!
      Thank your soul for inspiring me ;)

      • Ffion

        Oh my, many many favourites :)

        Roald Dahl is amazing, I loved Mathilda and James and the Giant Peach and The Witches (is that what the last one was called?).

        Non fiction wise I absolutely adore “The Creative License”, which is absolute eye-candy to look at as well as filled with great content, “The Path of Least Resistance”, “The War of Art”, “The Art of possibility”, “Start with Why”, “Whatever you think, think the opposite”… Currently I’m reading Twyla Tharp’s “The Creative Habit” and it’s absolutely great so far. Very down-to-earth and no-bullshit. (Very biased towards books with creativity as a subject… :) )

        I love the Chrestomanci Chronicles, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, The Snow Queen, Varjak Paw, Chronicles of Narnia, The Old Kingdom series, The Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Lost Years of Merlin, The Cherub series by Muchamore, The Spook’s Apprentice, Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Howl’s Moving Castle & Castle in the Sky (which were originally books before the movies came out :) )… I could go on and on. I love books that may be more intended for children & young adults :)

        My absolute favourite book is “The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray”. I can’t even tell you why exactly that is, but it’s a book from my childhood that I return to over and over and over again.

        I think I should stop now, I could go on and on and on :) Thank you for putting my mind back among some of its old favourites <3

        Thank you for your wonderful comment!

        • Miss Ellen

          Wow, thanks! This looks like my new To Read List! ^.^
          Will definitely look for some of these in the library! Thanks for the inspiration!

          • Ffion

            Great stuff, let me know if you enjoy them :) Do you have any recommendations for me? :)

            • Miss Ellen

              Really great! I loved the Harry Potter books, and was so pleasantly surprised by Alice in Wonderland! It just made me smile everytime I opened it on the train, often making my day ;)
              You might like the much talked about Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert; Haruki Murakami books (like Norwegian Wood, After Dark, and many more!)
              I honestly have little time to read, which I regret very much! This summer, I also read Seth Godin (about marketing, but written in a very fun way!) – The Purple Cow is really great! Even if you don’t want to start a business or work in marketing, it just gives you so many new ideas on everything!
              Enjoy reading ;)

              • Ffion

                Awesome, thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely be checking those out! :D

  • Derrick R Kearney

    Give Thanks for Life

    thank all the people and things responsible for my life today is a daunting
    task that I am not even sure how I could finish. There are so many situations
    during our daily lives that mold us. Be
    it the server at a restaurant or a delivery person showing up at your door,
    there are so many folks that we see who touch our existence. Many times we fail
    to grasp their names, and if we do it is only to keep them straight in our
    heads from other strangers. I wanted to
    start first by thanking those people who I have met in my life.

    My life
    has had four defining locations with situations in each that have shaped me
    now. I was born to a wonderful set of
    parents, though even they did not know the power each would have in my life at
    the time. My father first off was only
    around for the first year of my life having died in an auto accident. The impact that he left behind though has
    been something I have dealt with for years, only recently gaining a grasp on. On the other hand my mother was and will be
    my “first best friend” as she is the one person I have been connected with my
    entire life. Yes there are other family
    members who have influenced me, but I would say I owe the most to these two

    I have also seen three new locations in my lifetime that
    have made a home in, each of which has formed me into the person you see
    today. I grew up in a small town in the
    middle of Florida, and into a family that did not have a lot of money. Being “poor” gave me drive to work for the
    things I have now, and an appreciation for those things. I left home and moved to the big city for
    college and to begin work. The time I
    spent brought me out of my childhood shell and developed me into being the
    outgoing man I have become. I developed friendships during this time that have
    stuck with me, and have learned lessons from each of them. I took all of this to my new home, moving
    several years ago for work. My life
    today is not perfect, but has given me the opportunity to provide for myself
    and achieve personal goals.

    Along the way I have been blessed to have some great
    teachers in my life. There are people I
    can look back upon and notice how their guidance and attention have helped me
    learn the crafts I use now. Be it a
    music instructor in school, an old manager or co-worker at a job, or even just
    a friend looking out for my interest they have given me tools that are usable
    now. Each saw potential in me, and
    showed me a way reach the next level.

    Lastly (because why be like others and put this first) there
    is an internal spiritual force that has helped me along. Call it God or just dumb luck, but there is
    something out there pulling some sort of strings for me. I have seen some bad situations and have been
    in jams that I should not have gotten out of.
    Only by grace and faith have I overcome them. Living with a dead father there has always
    been in my head a connection with things not seen. That is lastly something I can only be
    thankful and grateful to have in my life each day.

    Three Things Grateful for Today

    Had some extra time this morning before
    work. I was able to actually able to sit
    down and have a real breakfast. Many
    mornings if I have anything it is a banana, or bowl of oatmeal or worse. I am
    usually hungry not long after and dragging for the day. Instead this allowed me to start fresh and
    have energy that lasted.

    Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats. I am very partial to this place since I
    worked for a location before getting into my current profession almost ten
    years ago. The deal they serve each week
    is an affordable treat for me, and it is nice to go to a place where the staff
    knows who you are and gives special attention to your order.

    My new cell phone arrived today. It is the Droid Maxx by Motorola, and it is
    SICK!!! This thing honestly makes the iPhone look like a child’s Fisher Price
    toy. If you don’t know go do some
    research. I have been having trouble with my old phone and tablet seeing that they
    are now showing their age. This update
    should fix that and provide me with technology that will take me into the

  • Calae

    Of course, I have to thank my mom and dad, who not only brought me into this world, but raised me. I have never been hungry, or un-sheltered, or for want of anything I need — in fact, much of what I want, I’ve had the fortune of receiving.

    Thank you for those who I’d never know, who assisted in my actual birth, and raised me while I was too young to take care of my self.

    Thank you to all of my teachers, who taught me everything I know. Thank you to my family, who has always been by my side (whether I want them, or not ;) ). Thank you to all those who served to create the material possessions I have, or the services I receive.

    Thanks especially go to my friends. I have a few I love dearly, and many more whom I’m not as close with but still consider special. I thank them for all the times they’ve heard me complain, helped me through my depressed moments, and bear with me when I’m fearful, illogical, or just plain annoying. I thank them for understanding me when I needed someone to, telling me what I need to hear and not just what I want to. I thank them for giving me the connection, the love, and the lessons I didn’t quite get at home. I thank them for teaching me so much. I love them all and don’t think I could ever explain that to them so that they could understand (and without sounding like a clingy, crazy person Dx).

    I thank God, the higher powers, whatever it/He/She is…for creating a life that’s just so incredibly amazing, even if I don’t always see it as such. I’m so thankful for the chance to experience this world, this life. Life and all of it’s intricacies are so very beautiful, and I’m fortunate to be in such a place that I can experience them and appreciate them.

    My gratitude for the day:

    1. My mom bought me two new pairs of jeans today, which is awesome because now I have a fairly large collection of pants to wear!

    2. I began packing for my return to school today, and found two of my “lost” posters in the process!

    3. I got to enjoy fun music while packing, listening to Pandora on my dad’s awesome sound system.

  • Surrey Mum

    I have so many people to thank for my life, and making it what it is now, and me into the person I am. Of course, my mum and dad who gave me life and love me unconditionally, and my sister too for always being a part of my life. My grandparents, for having such a good influence on me and being a big part of my life, especially when I was younger. My college tutors for seeing my talents and encouraging me to do what I love. My work colleagues past and present, as I have always had good relationships with people I work with and have not had to suffer with conflict and bad feeling at work. My lovely husband, for loving me and taking such good care of me and our family. His family, for taking me into their lives and loving me as their own. Ian’s Nanny Rob, for being such a positive and inspiration person – always feeling lucky for what she had, even in the most difficult circumstances, and never complaining – something that I always try and remember. My friends – for bringing such a lot of happiness into our lives. Lastly, but most importantly – our two children, who I am very proud of, for enhancing my life and bringing so much joy. Love all these people dearly – thank you for being part of my life.

    Three things that i am grateful for on day 6 of the challenge are :

    Sitting in my garden in the glorious sunshine for10 minutes with a relaxing drink – bliss.

    A cup of tea brought to me in bed.

    My eyesight and contact lenses, so I can see so well.


  • Carol

    I am very grateful for my life. My mom had 4 miscarriages between my older sister and me (we’re 10 years apart) and I was the last time they were going to try for their second child. Bedrest and lots of hormone shots and I made it! I’m a fiery redhead who has been living ever since. Interestingly, I’m not like my parents or my sister except that we look a lot alike. I consider myself the “black sheep” of the family but in other terms I look at it as I’m just more fun than my conservative family. I wouldn’t be here without them though. My sister was in Catholic school and she and the nuns were praying for a baby sister. She got one!
    I thank the Universe for the life it has given me. Even when I’ve been so low and depressed and wished I had not been born, those times have made me the person I am today and I love her and am glad she’s here.
    Three things I’m grateful for today:
    1) My friends who are responding to my invite for my annual party. They say such sweet things and are very excited to attend;
    2) The beautiful weather we are having which makes my flowers beautiful;
    3) An easy week at work so far!

  • Miss Ellen

    Hey there!

    This was a great task, Celes, because it reminded me of a funny story my mother told me about the absolute beginning of my life on my own.

    There it goes :

    Thanks to the doctor who went jogging on his Sunday afternoon, having said to my mother a few days before : “It seems like the baby wants to stay in there a little longer”; but anyway came literally running back to the hospital when I decided to start this life.

    Thanks to my parents, for deciding they wanted children. Thanks to my godmother and godfather who took on the responsibility for this little human being.

    Thanks to my 3rd year (Elementary School) teacher for giving me extra challenges so I wouldn’t get bored in class. Thanks to my 2nd year (Secondary School) teacher for
    believing in me when others no longer did.

    Thanks to my thesis professor for supporting my subject choice, even if it was far away from her specialty.

    Thanks to my mentor in Italy for helping me feel at home there and learn something new every single day.

    Thanks to my all of my best friends, for always being there for me along the way, for never giving up on me!

    Special thanks to my boyfriend, for showing me the world ^.^

    I never thought I would want to thank so many teachers, but it’s true, the best ones really help you shape your future life and I am very grateful to them for believing in me!

  • Sulthana

    I liked your entry, particularly using a poem to express your gratitude :)

    • Karin

      Thanks Jackson and Sulthana for reading my blog…:)

  • Sulthana

    I’ve completed Day 6, here it is:
    Even after I finished writing the note, I realised it was only scratching the surface. There is so much to be grateful for.

  • Cary

    Thanks to my mother and father and all of my ancestors for the relatively healthy physical body I received; thanks especially to my mother for carrying, nursing, providing for, and raising me, taking care of all of my material needs.
    Thanks also to the spiritual beings who lent themselves to my creation and aided in my creation and guided my upbringing.
    Thanks to all the beings of this world who have inspired and assisted me in my growth and development. Thanks especially to M for showing me a different attitude, even though you don’t know it, and to SKY for showing me how to be positive and peppy :) And thanks to all the other people who have made me stop and think about who I am and who I’m becoming.

  • Andi-Roo

    I kept mine short and sweet! Here is my journaling, and of course you are welcome to come see more images of gratitude at my Pinterest board entitled “Gratitude-ish Things”:

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