Gratitude Challenge Day 11: List 3 Things You Tend to Take For Granted (and What You Plan to Do About Them)

This is Day 11 of the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gathered to practice gratitude for 14 days. This challenge was conducted in Aug 2013 and is now over–however, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Visit the overview page for all Gratitude Challenge tasks and posts.

Gratitude Challenge

Hi everyone, welcome to Day 11 of our 14-day gratitude challenge! :D We have three days left till the end of our challenge!

Day 11: Taking Things for Granted

Inspirational Quote: “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” ~ Cynthia Ozick

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude” ~ Cynthia Ozick

(*More gratitude quotes at Personal Excellence Quotes)

What are the things you often take for granted in life?

I can tell you what I often take for granted. I take for granted my eyes–eyes which give me vision and let me experience the colors of the rainbow. I take for granted my sense of hearing, which lets me hear the voices of my loved ones, hear the wonderful sounds of nature, and hear myself talk. I take for granted my voice (interestingly I’ve been having a sore throat in the past few days which made me realize this even further), which allow me to speak to the people I love, communicate with people, and speak to the people who matter–my participants in my online courses and in-person workshops.

I also take for granted my parents, who are always there for me, caring for me, taking care of my basic needs. I take for granted that my mom does my laundry without fail each time (made especially stark now that I’m staying at my fiance’s place now and we need to do our own laundry). I take for granted the free lodging my parents have been providing me since young, without expecting that I need to pay them for it. (This is typical in Asian culture; children usually give their parents a monthly “allowance” instead after they start working.)

Even toilet paper, a seemingly random item in our lives, is something we take for granted every day. Ever faced situations where you finished peeing or doing your business in a loo and realized that there was no toilet paper in your cubicle? How did you feel then? Did you panic? Did your mind race as you rummage through your pockets/bag for tissue only to realize that you don’t have that either? Well, I can definitely relate. :)

While Day 1′s task is to identify things which you are grateful for, today’s task is to specifically list 3 things you tend to take for granted. Let’s get started! :)

Your Task: List 3 Things You Tend to Take For Granted (and What You Plan to Do About Them)

  1. Identify (at least) 3 things you tend to take for granted. These 3 things can be objects, people, events, animals (pets, anyone?) or anything, really.
  2. Now, identify what you plan to do about these 3 things to stop taking them for granted. For example, if you tend to take your pet Fluffy for granted, perhaps you can be more attentive to him. Perhaps you can spend more time in the week with him and be mindful of times you neglect him. If you tend to take your mom for granted, perhaps you can do some kind acts for her. Cook for her. Take her out for dinner. Write a gratitude note to her. Talk to her more. The possibilities are endless!

We will be doing the action items you list in Step #2 for tomorrow’s task. Stay tuned! :)

Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

On top of today’s task, identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be events that occurred today, mishaps which could have happened but didn’t happen, or simply things which have always been in your life but which you suddenly came to feel grateful for today.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Having completed my speech at Spark Summit Singapore! It was a pleasant surprise to know that a number of the attendees were actually PE readers; some of them told me that they have friends who read my blog and wanted to attend but couldn’t make it! Thanks Hui Bin, Sharon, Yaleryn, Eddy, Norwin, and the rest of you for attending the talk. :D

    Check out this lovely graphic impression which graphic artist Bernie from Sketch Post did for me based on my 20-minute talk on Passion & Money!

  2. The opportunity to meet some of my readers in person through Spark Summit Singapore. It was definitely a humbling experience to meet people who have been following PE from since two, three years ago. It inspires me to continue working harder and reach out to more people out there in the world!
  3. For a voice which allows me to speak in the first place! If I don’t have a voice, I can’t even conduct online coaching courses, speak at events, conduct workshops, talk to my readers, or even communicate with the general crowd. Thank you universe for giving me a healthy and functional body!

Share Your Results!

What are 3 things you tend to take for granted?

What do you plan to do about them?

What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Share them in the comments section! :)

Once you’re done, proceed to Gratitude Challenge Day 12: Take Action on Your Plan from Day 11!

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  • asma

    my health i was tired last week it made realize how blessed i’m
    my family and my friends i ‘m grateful to have them i ‘ll listen to them and be more attentive
    3 things i’m grateful for;
    my laptop
    charitable organization for ADHD
    my new home

  • Madalina Sraier

    This is actually a tough one. Whenever you take something for granted you don’t actively acknowledge the important role that it actually plays in your life, so you don’t make note of its existence. Let’s see. I tend to take for granted:
    -food. Our fridge is always full of food, my parents cook as if we were a huge family and not just two parents with one child. I’ve never been confronted with the situation where I was hungry and I didn’t have something to eat. To me it is normal to have food in the house at all times.
    -being able to pursue university studies. This is another thing I take for granted, something that I consider absolutely normal to do.
    -being healthy. I’ve rarely been ill (gladly I have a strong immune system) and this is probably the reason why I rarely think about how lucky I am to be healthy. It’s something so important and yet so overlooked by many of us.

    3 things I am grateful for today:
    -I received a great movie suggestion.
    -this morning I got to talk to a friend openly about some issues I’ve been dealing with lately, thing which has helped me tremendously.
    -I’ve successfully moved my blog from WordPress to Blogger.

  • Annette Hatley

    Three Things I Take for Granted and What I am Going to Do about it
    1. My voice. My voice is my job; I am a technology trainer. There have been several times I’ve lost my voice due to very bad colds and this caused issues because I was forced to postpone teaching sessions. In the case of new user training, if one of the other trainers wasn’t available, then I had to bite the bullet and cough my way through it. Even after apologizing for my coughing at the beginning (I kept a towel handy so I could cough in that), the new employees were genuinely worried about me. Too, I remained at the podium instead of providing assistance at their stations so I wouldn’t spread anymore germs than necessary. As a result, I have been paying attention to my surroundings, what I eat, and getting plenty of water and rest. I have to remind myself to do this, but I’ve learned that the more I take care of me, the healthier my voice will be.
    2. My circumstances. I have been blessed with an excellent, good-paying job. I often fritter away my extra money instead of being a good steward of my assets and saving the money for emergencies or being better prepared for retirement. With a very generous gift from my mom (she gave all us kids a monetary gift), I have used the funds to fix up my house to sell it. I plan on finding a much smaller house in the same area, live as minimally as possible, and work towards being solvent instead of having that sword of debt hanging over my head.
    3. My mom and sister. These are the two women in my life who mean the most to me. They have stood by me, regardless of the circumstances. We have had monstrous fights and survived. The end result has changed us, but our bonds have been strengthened by every arrow of dissension that has been thrown our way by circumstances and events. I have been trying to do this over the years, but more so now that my mom is in her nineties. I call them (separately) at least once a week with a smile in my voice and a heartfelt desire to share with them and to hear what they have to say.

    Three Things I am Grateful For Today
    1. Peaceful morning with cool temps.
    2. A morning spent in company with my sister. We had a great weekend together and she just left. I wanted her to stay longer.
    3. Sunshine. My kitty has been bad these last couple of weeks and I’ve had to punish her. Nothing extreme; mostly yelling and withholding affection. Today, I decided that despite this bad thing that she continues to do, I shouldn’t withhold affection. When I picked her up, she laid her head on my shoulder and sighed as if to say, “I’ve missed this.” All I kept thinking was, “I’ve missed this, too.”

    • blessedart

      I think these are great steps in changing how you take for granted your finances. Many of us seem to be of this same mind and not only over finances but also things. It’s important that we be good stewards and faithful over what we do have so that we can be given the more. Thanks for sharing Annette ;=)

  • Melody

    This was a difficult challenge! The three things I tend to take for granted are: 1) My husband (need to spend more quality time with him, could leave encouraging post-it notes for him before he leaves in the mornings); 2) having access to good, quality food (can eat more slowly, truly be thankful for it, savor that time and meal with family) & 3) fun times with family (I could slow down a bit more, take things a bit more easily during those times and really get more involved).

    The three things I’m grateful for today are: 1) freedom of religion; 2) my talents; and 3) my husband’s constant compliments.

  • Annamarika

    1. I take my skills of reading and writing for granted. Many people in this world don’t get even that much education, especially girls. I should be so happy and thankful as both reading and writing are my favorite things and writing is part of my profession, too. From now on I will take the time to evaluate how I want to use this skill of mine. I want to read things that lift me up, educate or etertain me in a good way. I don’t want to waste my skill with reading rubbish. Same goes with writing. I want to write stuff that makes me a better person and/or adds value to others.

    2. I take the dishwasher and washing machine for granted. They save me so much time! From this moment forward I’ll take an extra five minutes to do something fun or productive with the time I spared not doing the dishes or washing my laundry by hand.

    3. I take my husbands family for granted. I’m such a lucky one to have these amazing, lovely in-laws! They really are great and I enjoy spending time with them. I know there are less-fortunate people when it comes to in-laws. I’m going to appreciate them more and be sure to tell and show them how much I love them.

    And for today I’m grateful for:

    1. Sleeping in. My child was with my mum and us parents were able to sleep late. I feel well-rested, which is great as my school starts tomorrow.
    2. Fun-filled barbecue with my husbands family. We ate, drank, played with children and talked for hours. The weather was wonderful. It was as if summer came back to say goodbye to us all :)
    3. The intrest and many visitors our new blog (launched yesterday) is getting already. I have a good feeling about it.

  • blessedart

    3 things I take for granted

    1. I take for granted that I will always be free to move as I please. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve completely stopped exercising so I will begin to eat better and do various exercises and yoga stretches to help keep my body limber and strong.

    2. I take for granted not drinking enough water each day. Although I’ve gotten much better at drinking water over the last couple of weeks I am going to amp up my intake even the more just because I know the different benefits water can have in making me a healthier more productive individual.

    3. I take for granted the cost of electricity by allowing lights and televisions to stay on even when no one is using them and appliances that are not used as much often stay plugged into the outlet. I will be more deliberate in checking that lights and electronics are off or unplugged when not in use.

    Daily Journaling: Write 3 Things You Are Grateful for Today

    In addition to today’s task identify 3 things you are grateful for today. These 3 things can be anything. Reflect on your life and write in you journal 3 things you are grateful for today.

    3 Things I’m grateful for today:

    1. Attending an invite to a “Family & Friend Day Service” at someones church.

    2. Being served a delicious complimentary dinner on today as a guest (no tipping this time…but I did comment on the excellent service :+)

    3. Receiving more knowledgeable information on how I can learn to blog and make money.

  • Derrick R Kearney

    There are a lot of things we take for granted daily, and I
    am as guilty as anyone. I am sure I
    could list more but here are just three with what I can do to change.

    everyone has had the same opportunities in life as I have been blessed
    with. Some people have dealt with mental
    or physical challenges. There are those
    who have grown up in environments that have not been as generous or warm as
    mine. I have been lucky in many of the
    choices I have made, but also have been lucky in the choices made for me. I often in the past have looked down on some
    folks thinking they are simply dumb or not taking advantage of what has been
    offered in life, when in reality I have just been able to do a bit more. It is not that I have a lot or that I am the
    most intelligent person around, but I still should not down others for what has
    happened to them. I hope in the future
    to be more understanding of what others bring to the table.

    All things considered I work two very easy jobs
    on pretty great schedules. My main
    employment is usually weeknights and gives me weekends free for other things. Though there are many days I walk in nicely
    dressed, I can also come in shorts and flip flops for many other shifts here
    seeing that there is no real dress code.
    My secondary job works around my main schedule and also has management
    willing to allow me some free time of my own at my request. Neither place has to do these things nor do
    they have to employ other coworkers who are generous enough with their time and
    talents to allow me to “slack” a bit when tired from either job. In reality I
    made the choice to work and to overwork myself, so I should deal with the
    repercussions of this. I also shouldn’t
    hide behind the excuse of overworking and instead strive to do the best job I
    can to achieve higher goals with both places.

    I think of myself as a fun and entertaining
    person. Many people often are drawn to my outgoing
    personality and enjoy my company. The problem is that I tend to enjoy it also a
    bit too much, and will sometimes do things on my own that could and maybe
    should be shared. I have been told that
    I can entertain myself and often notice little things in life that make me
    laugh. Though it is good, I should
    realize that not everyone is as lucky.
    It is selfish for me to simply rely on my ability to keep myself smiling
    and not share these moments with others.
    Not that every joke needs to be told in public, but I should be more
    conscious to those who maybe gravitate towards me instead of pushing people
    away just because I want to only laugh at my own moments.

    Three Things Grateful for Today

    I got in really late last night from a friend’s
    house and was able to have a conversation on the phone during my drive. I was “safe” in that I put them on speaker
    and did not let it distract from being on the road. It was good not only
    because I was able to keep myself occupied during the drive so I did not become
    tired due to the late hour, but once home was able to continue to the
    conversation well into the early morning.
    It was great to catch up with this person and I hope to do it more

    I got up to get dressed for work today and found
    that my roommate had taken out the large collection of recyclable items to be
    collected tomorrow. Normally this is a
    non issue, but also normally done by myself in an effort to keep the home
    somewhat clean. We are both busy people
    and not always able to keep up with housework.
    I am a bit busier working two jobs so I have to use others for services
    from house cleaning to cutting the grass.
    These major jobs are normally paid, where the minor things I must either
    find time for me to do or they go undone.
    It is not that my roommate never picks up after himself but there are
    many days where I come home to find the common area littered with empty soda
    cans or with personal items including clothing scattered. Dishes will often sit for days until I have a
    free moment and a need to use them since I am not home to prepare my own meals
    as often. Lights are left on
    constantly. I have asked several times
    for this behavior to end, but feel instead that the living arrangement will
    have to end instead. With that said it
    is nice when things are done at home without me having to do them or ask that
    they are done.

    I had to come into my main job today and cover a
    shift for a coworker. Normally this time
    is returned to me either in overtime pay or in a “swap” day given back at a
    later date. Neither are really what
    corporate would like to see but are the ways my managers choose to deal with
    the scheduling here. Today’s day is a
    swap which I will have free next month. I
    had planned to be out of town on the day when I am swapping for, but instead
    will just take the day and rest unplugging from everywhere.

  • Anuj Grover

    I take for granted,

    1. My body and my health. While I consciously try to take moderate diet and I also walk etc, I usually end up missing on physical exercise routine. Need to establish one.

    2. I take for granted the way Reshma supports us in so many day-to-day activities. One way to appreciate her could be by giving her 5% extra when she leaves for home along with other gifts etc. Another way could be to thank her more often :-)

    3. I take the emotional comfort that I recieve at home for granted. It is so valuable. I can spend more ‘loving’ time with family members – sharing my stories and listening to theirs so that all feel happy to be home :-)

  • Kiki Maria Valera

    Ah, I don’t think my previous comment was submitted! It must have been erased. It was a really long comment too! >.<

    okay, a short overview of what I wrote,

    I want to be more grateful for myself, summer and job.

    Myself because I tend to put others before me. To resolve this I want to go to the gym, focus on my career and think more positively about myself.

    For the summer, I want to enjoy my last week of summer. I mentioned how my family has been struggling with money this summer. I spent half my summer worrying and being frustrated, I want to appreciate the free time I have.

    Lastly, my job. My job is boring, and its a school job. I want to appreciate my job more by changing how I think about it.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey Kiki, I think your previous comment was caught in the spam queue — I’ve approved it and it’s in the comments thread now! :) By the way, you may want to copy, paste, and save your answers in a text file before you click “submit” next time, just to be safe!

  • Hanna

    1. I take my friends and family for granted. After my mum died last October I have come to realise that I must enjoy the time I do get with loved ones as all things change eventually. I can feel as if each time I see people is the last time I see them, and so be very present to them and enjoy them.
    2. I take my health and ease of movement for granted. I can consciously be very grateful and continue to practice yoga every day and eat foods that benefit me most/all of the time.
    3. I take food for granted – it is not an unlimited resource. I can eat very consciously, gratefully and bless my food before eating as I was doing so before.

    1. I am grateful for the beautiful outfit I wore to my brother’s wedding.
    2. For the quality time with my family today.
    3. For the food we were offered at the wedding.

  • Bette

    1. I am so grateful that a friend that we were all sooo concerned about is safe and sound and that he will be receiving the help he needs to restore his well-being.
    2. I am so grateful that there was such a loving energy within me directed toward everyone today. It felt so good to be so sincerely peaceful and loving inside, to feel such love and patience and compassion, and to express that. I experienced Love’s powerful transforming energy today in all my encounters with many people. SO much so that I will hold close just how it felt to feel that loving.
    3. I am so grateful that we have such a beautiful array of veggies in our garden, and we picked, prepared, and cooked them in a delicious dinner and shared it with the friend that we were so concerned with. It was a beautiful experience to share in that way with someone who was in such dire straits…to have a healthy, peaceful dinner together

    I have been so challenged in so many ways and on so many different levels that, upon first contemplating this idea, I honestly cannot think of anything or anyone that I take for granted. I have practiced an attitude of gratitude for so long that I am on automatic when it comes to feeling grateful.
    I am tuned into feeling grateful and how I can increase my awareness and feel ever more grateful and express that gratitude in my daily life, i.e. telling people how much they mean to me, etc. Telling myself how much I mean to me, how precious my life is, what a miracle I am, what a miracle we all are, and how I can make the most out of my life as much as I can, for as long as I can.

    As I ponder gratitude and taking things or people for granted, I discover that I am my greatest adversary, and that says that I need to pay attention to just what that means and how I can be more of an advocate for myself, Sometimes I need to do things that I would rather not do, but they are for my best interest. Face the fear or discipline and do it anyway. I am grateful to life and for my life, and honoring life and myself means to sometimes do things that are very challenging. To become willing to take care of myself in loving ways. To get closer to just what that means for me and be willing to do that. That is the area that needs to be fine tune…not taking my life for granted, thinking that i have all the time in the world to live, fulfill my mission, accomplish my goals. Oft times it feels like I have forever, and, as a soul I do, but as myself in this lifetime, there are time constraints and it is not about forever…

    So for me it is important to get good rest and sleep, have proper diet and exercise, meditation, and recreation…keeping these basics regular in my life is a great challenge. Being organized with my writings is also a challenge, as is being organized in general. It truly is the little things that count. It is truly the details that count. Honoring myself and my life and getting my self and my life in order are the little details that refine my attitude of gratitude and safeguard me against taking myself or my life for granted.
    Yes, how do I honor and love myself moment by moment?
    Ditto for how I honor and love others.

    SO BE IT…..

  • Spešl Pavrs

    After thinking about todays task, I found out I tend to take for granted pretty much every object and subject of gratitude that I wrote about in this challenge. Although I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life, I tend to take them for granted. I guess that is because gratitude as a state of mind and constant, continuous attitude towards life is something I can gain through practising it.

    It would be interesting if we could take our problems and difficulties in life for granted. Not giving them more attention than it is needed.There would be more space and time to celebrate all the good stuff that is happening,

    I take for granted: my boyfriend, my dog, my family, my friends, electricity, water, my health, my body, my job, my co-workers, food, the sun, my computer, my phone, rain, my home, my abbilities, …

    My plan to stop taking 3 of these things for granted:
    - my dog: I will be giving her more attention. I will brush her hair/fur daily and her walk will last at least 5 minutes more than now.
    - my boyfriend: I will be giving him more attention :) I will hug him more often and I will give him a compliment more often. Everyday, I will tell him that I love him.
    - my body: I will make an appointment at the dentist! I will brush my teeth twice a day and I will floss. I will be doing exercises for my eyes, for better vision.


    On day 11 of gratitude challenge, I was grateful for:

    - getting a bunch of home grown vegetables,
    - visiting my mum and my aunt,
    - insight of my no-reason-crankiness.

    • Celestine Chua

      It would be interesting if we could take our problems and difficulties in life for granted. Not giving them more attention than it is needed.There would be more space and time to celebrate all the good stuff that is happening,

      Hey Spešl Pavrs, that’s actually a very sharp insight. For a while, I noticed that I tended to get very upset whenever a small mishap or hiccup happen in areas that matter to me.

      Then later, when I troubleshooted the issue, I realized that it was because I always expected things to go 100% to my vision (it’s not even like I was expecting things to go to *plan*; I was expecting things to go to *my* plan, which meant even lesser room for errors). I realized that I was having an unrealistic view–in reality, there would always be a margin where the situation does not turn out as planned. The newer you are to the circumstance, the bigger the margin of possible issues. While we can plan as much as possible, we should account for those unexpected hiccups and be prepared to deal with them, rather than assuming everything will happen the way you plan it to be (unless it’s a situation you have a lot of experience with).

      It’s like what you said, about how we never seem to take for granted that problems and difficulties would occur. The thing is that these things would always occur–they happen to every waking person in life anyway, so what’s so special about any of us that give us immunity to life’s problems? It’s about how we face the problems after receiving them that makes us soar in our lives, rather than whether we face problems or not.

      A piece I wrote before on dealing with life’s daily setbacks:

      • Spešl Pavrs

        Yes, it is a great article. You made it through your reaction, evoked by a lost card, in 15 minutes; someone else would be stressing about for a whole day or more. For example, when something stresses me, I am able to think about the problem for a whole day. On the other hand I have never ever been thinking about something I am grateful for a whole day or a whole week :) We tend to complain, rather than tend to thank :)

        I guess that when problems occur, our ego gets the message: I am not good enough (which could be our fundamental belief). And than our mind starts to search for solutions to set a state of circumstances adequate to situation, which our mind/ego thinks is the best for him (so things would go our way) – situation that brings us back safety and comfort. What a misguided behavior – the problem that occured is aready the best thing; everything that happens is in perfect order and it happens for a reason. You did not lose your card, because life wanted to upset you. Life wanted you to learn something and you can learn only through experiences. Like you said, It is all about facing the problems (comes from our “inner” world), it is not about the problems itselfs (“outside” world).

  • Calae

    1) I take my body for granted. I haven’t exercised since before school ended back in early May, I’ve been eating junk food (especially with the excuses of “oh I just moved into a new place/it’s the first week of school, I should treat myself” and the like), and I haven’t been flossing each night or wearing my retainer as often as I’d like to.

    I can say one thing I -don’t- take for granted is my eyes. Wearing my glasses and contacts always makes me acutely aware that not everyone has perfect senses, and even with that I’m very fortunate that I can see at all, and that compared to some others who need their vision corrected, I can see rather well (I have one “good” eye that still needs correction but still allows me to see fairly well even without my glasses or contacts).

    2) I take my family for granted. I see so much of what they do as annoying or unnecessary that I tend to push them away to get space, but the reality is they won’t always be here.

    3) I take my time for granted. Instead of filling my days with learning, bettering myself, and enjoying life, I spend most of my free time doing idle tasks like checking facebook or watching non-educational YouTube videos (sometimes I watch ones I hardly consider enjoyable, just because I want something to do). As a result, there are “things I want to do” that just never get done because I’m too busy doing nothing and “waiting” for something else to distract me.

    So, what can I do to remedy these? Some are deeper issues than others…

    1) I plan on going to the gym at least three days a week starting on Wednesday, so I can begin taking care of myself again. I’ll make a conscious effort to drink more water, and eat healthier. I’ll also plan on flossing nightly, and wearing my retainer at least once a week. In a nutshell, just caring for my body as much as I care for other things, like my possessions which I treasure greatly. Why shouldn’t I treasure my body, too?

    2) For my family, it’s difficult. I’m afraid that if I give an inch, they’ll take a mile. I suppose though I can try to take the things they do to show they care more seriously, instead of as just something they do because they think they should. For example, I can take my time with my nightly text messages with my mom (as annoying as I find them) in order to appreciate the fact that she DOES care, and show I care about her in return.

    3) I need to take the time to work through the cause or causes of my idleness, which I firmly believe is a result of not caring about myself too much (ie, being fearful because I lack self-esteem). I think I need to work on being more positive in general, as despite being “outwardly” positive and grateful, I still tend to have quite a lot of negative self-talk which I think really holds me back. I will need to make it a point to be more observant with these negative thoughts, and work on changing my beliefs to positive ones.

    Three things I was grateful for yesterday (day 11):

    1) Spent most of my day with my best friend, and got to talk with another best friend for a while. It was an awesome way to spend the last day of my summer. =)

    2) Got to sleep pretty early for me (12:30am), so I wasn’t exhausted when I woke up this morning.

    3) Had a friend of mine lower my bed for me. It was previously at a height that was difficult for me to climb onto at 5 feet tall, but I didn’t have a socket wrench so I couldn’t adjust it. He brought one and helped me lower the bed, so now I can get on/off my bed without being awkwardly too short to do so!

  • Rainbow

    There are probably far too many things that I take for granted in my life – but I have been thinking about things that I can take action on, and which will help me to improve myself.

    So, three of the things that I take for granted in my life at the moment are:

    1: Time – it is so precious, but i do take it for granted too much. I am very lucky that I work part time, so I do have plenty of time to myself at home – but I do not always make the most of it. I can easily take all day to do jobs like housework, which I know could be done in half a day, if only I didn’t keep stopping to check emails, look at my phone, have a cup of tea etc. I know that I should be able to take at least one day a week to do something productive and interesting, rather than spend all my days off around the house not really achieving anything other than a tidy house (which often no-one even notices the difference!) I have decided that I will try my best to be more organised and efficient with the jobs I need to get done, so that I can spend a whole day each week doing something that I love.

    2: My Body – I have always taken for granted the fact that I am slim and can pretty much eat what I like without gaining weight. I know that I shouldn’t be like this though, because as I get older, I am finding that i am gaining a little more weight, and that it isn’t so easy to get rid of it. I also need to be more aware of my body and what I put into it, so that I can keep myself as healthy as possible. I plan to exercise more, and watch what I eat a lot more – especially my portion sizes, as I know that I can eat a great deal, even when I don’t really need it. I also plan to start drinking more water, which I used to do, but I have got out of the habit lately.

    3: My family – I have a great family, even though we are not massively close and do not live ‘in each others pockets’. I always take it for granted that my family will always be there – but I know that this wont always be the case, and I do not want to have regrets in the future, wishing I had made more effort with my family when it is too late. I plan to phone y sister and see if we can meet up soon, and visit my Mum more often.

    Three things I am grateful for today, on day 11 of the challenge, are:

    My husband being able to spend the day with me today, which is unusual at this time of the year, as he is very often working 7 days a week in the sumer.

    Great advice and help from the girl in the Body Shop – lovely person.

    That almost all my eBay items sold – I am having a big clear out at home to make some space and raise a little cash:)

    Thank you X

  • Vinay Kumar

    3 things I take for granted:

    I’ve to admit I take my parents for granted. They are two of the most important people in my life, but I do take both of them for granted sometimes. My mom’s always been there for us, taking care of all the household responsibilities, and cooking delicious food. Dad, eventhough he got retired just now, hasn’t stopped working very hard. He’s seeing to it that the money we earned gets invested well and working hard towards that. But the fact that both of them insist I live life according to their ways has made me spend lesser time with them. I’ve been trying to avoid them since in most of the conversations they come down to is how I should live my life in the ‘correct’ way – their way.

    I’ve also taken my job for granted. I’m quite talented and I can get the expected work done with lesser effort. I’ve been happy to not push myself. To not give my best. To just give enough. But I do feel sometimes that I’m taking my job and my career for granted. My manager keeps appreciating me all the time – I just got a great hike and a promotion this year. But I somehow feel I don’t deserve that appreciation and all the perks I’ve been getting.

    What do you plan to do about them:

    I plan to be nicer to my parents. I intend to not loose my temper even if they express their anger at me. This other day my dad did speak in an irritated tone, and that irked me too. But I managed to control my instinctive reaction. I responded in a kinder way, and after all the discussion that ensued, having maintained my composture throughout, I was proud and happy. I intend to not answer back rudely to them. To look at the love and concern beneath their outer ways of expressing it. To accept them the way they are and love them unconditionally. To not compromise on what I want, but to hear their point of view patiently and try and explain my view of things, and why I do what I do.

    I also plan on working at my office more industriously. To not waste a lot of time in checking personal mails or checking facebook during office hours. To not spend time in idle socializing. To work really well. To work efficiently and give in the promised 8 hours of work each day. In fact I’ve found that the days I work really well, I leave my office feeling extremely satisfied, and that satisfaction stays with me through the day. I tend to work well under supervision. But I intend to supervise myself and give my best regardless of how I feel.

    3 things I’m grateful for today:

    - My movement class which is pushing my body to its limits and making me learn and grow as a performer.

    - My software job, that pays me much more than the hard-work I put in. It has also given me a wonderfully professional environment to work in, alongside some dedicated colleagues.

    - All the lovely content available on internet. I haven’t been reading books for many years now. My only source of learning and gaining new knowledge is the internet nowadays. Thanks to lovely websites/blogs like yours Celes!

  • Suzanne McClendon

    Day 11…I thought that I’d already attached this one, but I don’t see it. Sorry if this is a double up.

  • Miss Ellen

    Still catching up, guys ;)

    I often forget how wonderful it is to have
    hands. These tools made up of 27 (!!) little bones, with opposable thumbs,
    making it easy to grasp things, are used every single day. I use them to brush
    my teeth, write letters and type blog entries. I use them to feel the fabric of
    my clothes, the soft linen and silk in summer, the warm and cosy wool coat I
    wear during wintertime. They allow me to feel how fluffy a teddy bear is, how
    hot a cup of tea and how smooth the keys of the piano.

    Another thing I take for granted, is
    education, in any form it presents itself. I didn’t always like going to
    school, except for the fact that my friends were there. Only few teachers could
    really catch my attention, but somehow they taught me things that I still use
    today. For example, I never was a genius at physics, but I still apply the
    principles of it while riding my bike – be it without thinking about it ;) But
    most importantly, it taught me about the world we live in, how it became what
    it is today. Even later on, when watching a documentary on a peculiar island,
    reading a book about a specific historic period or marketing principle, it all
    teaches you something. Your education sculpts your personality and provides you
    with many assets you need later on in life. Even when most kids don’t like
    going to school, it is a huge privilege, as many children have to do without.

    A third thing I take for granted are my
    parents. This may seem a very obvious answer, but I do. They have been in my
    life since the day I was born, they take care of me and help me whenever they
    can. But sometimes I get angry with them, and no, that was not only during
    puberty. They are the most important people in my life, and we actually have a
    very close bond thanks to a tradition of family dinners and trips, but somehow
    you tend to forget what they did for you. They took care of you when you were
    sick – waking up in the middle of the night to comfort you. They helped you
    reading your first book or learning how to ride a bicycle. They challenge you
    to do your best in school, which at the time, you don’t like at all, but now
    you realize why they did it. There is so much more they did and still do for
    us, but we tend to forget to thank them or do something in return.

    My Action Plan :

    - really feel things tomorrow, and be aware of the touch!
    - be much more grateful for amazing blogs like Personal Excellence, Seth Godin and my friends’ blogs + books I read + any information that I look for.
    - plan a Thank You Surprise for my parents and help them out more!

  • JadePenguin

    3 things I’ve taken for granted are – not having deadly diseases around
    like malaria, not having natural disasters, having food on supermarket
    shelves (thinking of what I’ve heard about Soviet times here). The
    obvious action plan for 1) and 2) would be donating to malaria/disaster
    charities which I’ve done before but right now I’m a bit tight on funds.
    The third, hmmmmm, growing my own could be a relevant action, which I’m
    already doing

    3 things today – 1) the amazing volunteer party at the nature reserve
    where the lovely people made an effort to make vegan food (mostly
    because of me, it seemed! I was so so delighted to know such amazing
    people who’d go out of their way like that ) 2) that my quiche came out alright and people loved it
    3) that British Telecom sent an engineer so quickly to check out the
    faulty phone line (I contacted them only yesterday!). It didn’t get
    fixed yet cuz the problem lies elsewhere but I’m grateful for the speedy

  • Giraffe

    3 things i take for granted are food(including water), shelter and Clothing

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