Our Engagement Shoot in Scotland, Part 2: Photos in Edinburgh! (Feat: Tantallon Castle, Cramond Beach, Edinburgh City)

This is part two of Ken and my engagement shoot series featuring our engagement photos taken in Scotland. For part one featuring our photos in Glasgow featuring Kelvingrove Park and West End, visit part one. To know how we met and got togetherHow I Found My Soulmate. For details on the day he proposed, visit: The Day I Was Proposed To (Thank You Ken Soh :) ).

Hand in hand, together forever :) (at St Giles' Cathedral)

Today’s part features photos from our Edinburgh shoot, shot in iconic Edinburgh spots from Tantallon Castle, to Cramond Beach, to St Giles’ Cathedral, to Edinburgh city! :D

Our Edinburgh Shoot, feat: Tantallon Castle, Cramond Beach, and more!

For our Edinburgh shoot, we had the pleasure of engaging Orange Lemur: run by Joanna and Jan, a husband-wife team. Joanna and Jan are Polish but have been residing in Edinburgh for the past few years. They have been doing wedding photography for five years and know the shooting spots in Edinburgh inside out!

When I told them my ideal scenes for our shoot which include castle, garden, beach, and nature spots, Joanna went out of the way to include them in our four-hour shoot (over two days). She recommended specific shooting spots in Edinburgh which was extremely helpful since we were mere tourists with no clue on good shooting spots.

Like Neil from Glasgow, Joanna was thoroughly (if possible, more) prompt and patient with my one zillion concerns, questions, and requests. Joanna and Jan even drove us to our shooting locations — some as far as a 40-minute drive away from Edinburgh City (Tantallon Castle) — at no extra cost!

How cool is that?? They got to be the nicest people around; it would have been hard for us to find any photographer who can offer their kind of service at their price. Ken and I feel very lucky and grateful to have engaged them. :D

Ken and I at Tantallon Castle (Edinburgh)

Sneaking a quick shot during our Tantallon-Castle shoot (A self-taken phone camera shot; not one of the engagement photos)

Joanna and Jan were very generous with the photographs: they shortlisted and sent us 220 photos from our two-day / four-hour shoot featuring various locations in / around Edinburgh City.

In the end, Ken and I shortlisted 29 photos for our wedding album. Like our Glasgow shots, I made some color adjustments, photographic refinements and minor retouching, but Joanna and Jan definitely take the full props for the wonderful photos.

Well, enjoy! :D

Hand in hand, together forever :) (at St Giles' Cathedral)

Hand in hand, at St Giles’ Cathedral. :) Really love the colors in the photo.

Gentle gaze (St Giles' Cathedral)

Gentle gaze… (I love this shot.)

Closeup (St Giles' Cathedral)

Feels like we were having our private moment and someone sneaked a shot of us. :)

At St Giles' Cathedral entrance

At the beautiful cathedral entrance

Gentle kiss (St Giles' Cathedral)

A gentle kiss, just like how he always does it every day. :)

Walking on the streets of Edinburgh City

Walking on the streets of beautiful Edinburgh city. I love this shot a lot! Very candid, real, yet dream-like at the same time. Almost feels like we’re floating through the city together, hand in hand.

Mutual gaze (Edinburgh City)

Mutual gaze

Lovers' embrace (Edinburgh City)

Lovers’ embrace. I really love this one, from the colors, to the emotions captured: everything.

Oh, it was the Edinburgh Festival Fringe when we were in town, which is the largest arts festival in the world. That’s why there were so many people in the background! I love that because it adds to the vibrancy of the photo!

Shopping for a ring :) (Edinburgh City)

Shopping for a ring. (Or rather, pretending to be. ;) We passed by this array of small shops and Joanna immediately saw a photo-moment right here. She’s awesome!!)

Hanging out at a cafe

Chilling at a cafe. Another of our favorite shots.

Kiss :)

Kiss :)

Joking around

Joking around, haha!

I initially didn’t want to include this shot in our album as it looked so silly, but Ken said we should because it’s so natural and funny! And upon further thought, I think he’s right! I love the candidness of this photo; it reflects the frequent laughter and fun we have in our relationship.

Quiet moment in the garden

Sweet and quiet moment in the garden. This was taken at Princes Street Gardens. I love the flowers: they are so vibrant and pretty!

In Tantallon Castle ruins

In the interior of Tantallon Castle (or what’s left of it). :) Tantallon Castle is a semi-ruined mid-14th-century fortress and it’s one of the castles in the care of Historic Scotland today.

Oh, while we may look really comfy and eased in the photos above, the whole photoshoot process was a mad rush in coolldddd weather! About 10–14 degrees in summer wear (as you see in the photos): too cold for a born-and-bred Singaporean like me! Ken had it better since he was in jeans / pants with long-sleeved tops, but he felt the chills too!

Since we engaged Joanna/Jan for only four hours over two days, we only had like 30 seconds to pose, look right, and shoot for each scene and had to rush quickly to the next spot after that. I felt like I was in some commercial production, baring the cold weather and hustling from one spot to the next. It was all good fun though, I’ve to admit it. I was a little disappointed when we wrapped up after the two days! :)

Tantallon Castle ruins

At the top of Tantallon Castle. I love this shot; so dream-like!

At the top of Tantallon Castle

What a dramatic shot; we love this one!! This was taken atop the castle. Believe it or not, it was the wind blowing my hair! It was unbelievably windy (and cold) there at the period we were there (August). Half the time I felt like my earrings were going to fly off! (Thankfully they didn’t.) But it was so fun despite the weather challenges!

Lying at the wheat field outside Tantallon Castle

A lazy day on the fields. :) Both of us love this photo because it reflects the sweet, relaxed, and mutual love in our relationship!

In each other's embrace (Tantallon Castle)

“Oh hello, my handsome prince.” :)

Outside Tantallon Castle

At the top of the world. This is one of our favorite shots! :D That’s Tantallon Castle in the background amidst the wheat fields; it looks like it could have been ripped from an old European painting! We actually chanced by this spot by accident; Jan meant to drive us to a nearby beach to shoot us and the castle from afar but this spot proved to be so much better. We love it! :D

Outside Tantallon Castle (Notebook-esque shot)

We really love this one too! After I saw this shot, the first thing I thought was that it looked a lot like the Notebook movie poster! (And we were just being ourselves and not trying to pose or mimic anyone/anything!)

In each other's embrace (Outside Tantallon Castle)

Easily our favorite in the Edinburgh series! This shot is gorgeous! The scenery, the pose, the look, and everything combined feels like it came right out of a movie set.

Oh, Ken actually went all the way to buy the white-roses bouquet in the last minute (spending an hour to commute back and forth)  because I felt that it would be nice to have a bouquet for our shoot. And it did! The roses topped off our shoot perfectly, though it would still have been great without them. Thank you Gougou. ♥ :D

Sunset moment (Cramond Beach)

Beautiful sunset at Cramond Beach. Magnificent location, moment, and shot! If it’s even possible, the sunset actually looked more beautiful in person than in the photo!

Proposal (Cramond Beach)

The proposal

Kiss atop the cliff (Cramond Beach)

At the top of the cliff; at the top of the world. :) One of our favorites.

At a cliff side(Cramond Beach)

Ken keeping me warm. :) I thought this photo is cute. :)

A sweet moment together (Cramond Beach)

Hand in hand at the beach. I really like this one; it’s very sweet and innocent. ♥

Kissing under the moon

Under the beautiful (almost full) moon.

I thought this picture is so funny and cute at the same time because of how Joanna and Jan digitally magnified the moon to the point where it’s so big and akin to anime moons, haha! The actual scene was actually a LOT darker than in the picture too by the way: Joanna and Jan lightened it by quite a bit in their post-edits.

Watching the sun set together forever, till the end of time A sweet moment together (Cramond Beach)

Final photo: Watching the sun set together — today, tomorrow, and every day, till the day we die.

(All clothes and accessories from our wardrobe. Photography partially sponsored by Orange Lemur. Check out more of their portfolio and photography services at OrangeLemur.com!)

My Thoughts Post-Shoot

Overall, our Edinburgh photos are different from our Glasgow shots in that they have a touch of drama and boldness, while our Glasgow ones bring out a more casual and down-to-earth quality of our relationship. These are probably reflective of the photographers’ personal styles too.

Well, Ken and I love them both. :D The pictures shared in part one and this part are our top favorites; I particularly love the piggyback shot (Glasgow), the quiet moment in the forest (Glasgow), the bridge shot of Ken carrying me up (Glasgow), the one with Ken adjusting my flower clip (Glasgow), the closeups of me gazing at Ken (Glasgow and Edinburgh), the epic grayscale shot of us standing on the road (Glasgow), the beautiful and dream-like shot of us walking into the sunset (Glasgow), all the hand-in-hand shots, and almost all the Edinburgh ones (the backdrops are simply gorgeous and accentuated the nature of our relationship).

All in all, we feel both shoots have captured the essence of what we want: authentic, candid shots which reflect our love, camaraderie, and the true nature of our relationship. (Not cheesy, posy, and heavily retouched photos which look nowhere like the couple nor reflect the true nature of their relationship.) The desire for authentic and artful photography is the precise reason we engaged Neil and Orange Lemur for our photoshoots. So we’re really happy that the end output turned out to be exactly what we were looking for! :D

We are also happy we shot with two different photographer teams because we got such a great variety in locations, mood, and styles. We definitely got the best of both worlds engaging Neil and Orange Lemur who have very distinct photography directions.

6 Tips To Achieve Your Best Engagement/Bridal Shoot!

If you are doing an engagement or bridal shoot soon, six tips I have to share:

  1. Research the photographers first by checking out their portfolios. Different photographers have different styles, and the best way to tell what their styles are and whether they match what you’re looking for is by seeing their body of work: not by hearing what they say. A picture tells a thousand words and that’s especially true here.

    Many Singapore / Asian wedding photography services I looked up (prior to engaging Neil and Joanna/Jan) had very cheesy and posy portfolios, which weren’t what Ken and I were looking for. It turned out that the Scottish / European photography style is more in line with our preferences, so it all worked out well in the end.

  2. Look up reference photos as you brief your photographer(s). I scoured different photographers’ portfolios and the internet for reference poses and locations of what I wanted for our shoot. This helped me to directly convey to my photographers what I was looking for. Again, a picture tells a thousand words, especially when you’re working with photographers!!!
  3. Practice taking photos together with your S.O. before your shoot. If your shoot is anything like ours, you won’t have time to think nor check the output for each scene: you’re going to only have one to two minutes top to pose/look good/get a good shot for each scene, after which you’ll be zipping from one place to another (high heels and all if you’re female).

    So, practice taking photos together as a couple first (if you don’t normally do that) and think about the poses you want to do: especially if you’re planning just one pre-wedding shoot! After our shoot with Neil in Glasgow, Ken and I immediately thought of poses we could have done but didn’t, after which we got them down in our Edinburgh shoot.

    Can I stress that couple camaraderie is very important too in photo taking? I assume you would already have that or both of you wouldn’t be marrying each other! ;) 

  4. Bring a pair of flats (for ladies) to easily move from one place to another. Otherwise you may get tired and sweaty from moving around in heels, which will surely show through in the photos!
  5. Do quick checks before each scene to ensure everything is in place. From jumbled earrings, to misaligned bangles, to rings getting out of place, to creases in clothes, to flyaway hairs, to makeup wearing off, anything is possible. Makeup can be fixed and so can hair, but the rest, not that much. There was one beautiful closeup shot of our ring which we couldn’t use because the ring was very misaligned; even the ring shot you see in our Glasgow shoot was salvaged after some reconstruction work by me. Make things easier for yourself by checking that everything is in place first!
  6. Be camera aware. My experience with video filming (interviews, Celes.TV) and photo taking helped in that it made me more camera aware: I had a general idea of how to pose to get the best visibility and also to get the right look for the photo. I also helped to pose Ken as much as possible to achieve the same. These helped in that it gave us quite a wide selection of shots to choose from in the end.

    While #3 is about building couple camaraderie in front of a camera, this tip is to about building your own camera awareness. Have someone take photos of yourself so you know how you look on photos in different angles/poses/expressions. Find your best angles/poses for your shoot and learn to convey the right expression for the right look in the shoot.

    At the end of the day, a good photographer should makeup for gaps in #3, #5, and #6, but in case your photographer can’t fill these gaps (they may have their hands full with other things), be prepared! This is a once-in-a-lifetime shoot, so I want you to get the best out of it!

Incidentally I’m writing a new post on how to overcome camera shyness and build camera confidence. The post is coming up in a few days’ time, so stay tuned! :D

Our Wedding on May 25 next year!

Our wedding date is now set for May 25 next year (2014) and we’re having a Chinese-style wedding dinner banquet at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel! We decided to make it an exclusive event (compared to original plans) as we only want people who matter the most at our wedding, it being a highly personal day and all!

As a follow-up to my original announcement, I’m still intending to open up invites to long-time readers/supporters because I want you there with me on my special day. (Thank you to everyone who’ve been expressing interest to attend; I’m so excited knowing you guys are keen to come too!)

However, I can’t guarantee any seats at the moment because (a) we are going to have 100 people only after all, and (b) that’s 100 people split between me and Ken, of people we’ve known our entire life including family, relatives, personal friends, and childhood friends! I’ll share more details in November/December, so stay tuned!

Share Your Thoughts!

I hope you guys enjoyed our engagement shoot series! :D

Which are your favorite photos from our Edinburgh shoot?

Do you have a favorite between our Edinburgh or Glasgow shoot, and if so why?

Do share in the comments section! :D

  • Nicole Johnson

    Beautiful! Thrilled for you both.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Nicole! :))

  • Kerstin Kerstin

    Aww! The photos are so beautiful! The best of luck to the great couple ♥

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you Kerstin!! :) Thank you for your well wishes!

  • Anonymous ghost of Tantallon

    Hi, I just recently discovered your great blog. Thank you very much for all the great posts on it! Every time I visit your blog, my heart is filled with warmth, love and positivity. I never thought a website could do that. Thank you! I wish you the best in your relationship and life. Personally I like the Tantallon photos. I was listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khh5NqMx8AI while watching your photos, I don’t know any Chinese so I don’t know whether the lyrics fit, but the music sounded just right :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Anonymous Ghost! :D So glad to hear that the blog fills you up with positivity! Please continue to visit; I’ll continue to write and share more positive writings and my personal lessons/stories through life.

      Re: the video, that’s so interesting that you were watching that video when seeing the photos; it seems like a music video of the drama Legend of the White Snake (popular Chinese legend which has been told in dramas in many different iterations around Asia).

  • Susan

    I like the Edinburgh shoot better because it is more artistic and dramatic. My favorite shot is the Sunset at Cramond Beach with the 3 tall pillars. I love the flowing white gown and waving hair. You could print this on canvas as a piece of art! For close-ups, I love the one near the Castle with the white flowers in front of you.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi Susan, thank you for your comments! We love that sunset shot too. Ideally we want to print a couple of our top favorites in canvas and all when we move into our new home, but we would need to check the photo size limitations first (not sure how big the photos we were sent can be printed up to; the photographers told us we can blow them up pretty big but we need to check with the printer first!).

  • http://NoMoreHoldingBack.com/ Larry

    Great shots! What strikes me is Ken looks like the textbook definition of strong but gentle man. Have fun!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Haha I just told Ken that and he laughed then struck his chest out (make-believe prideful pose) in response to your comment!

  • fufu

    I love your pictures!!! It’s inspired me to the same when I get married ;) and I have a question out of curiousness. Why do you wait so long to get married (besides reserving the spaces, preparations, costs, etc and all) How do you even have the patience xD?

    When I get really excited about something I get so hyper I almost want to run and do it the same day and if I don’t do it I almost go crazy because I can’t stop thinking about it haha. So is it something like you guys want to make sure everything is perfect for that special day? :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Great question fufu! Actually things moved in a whirlwind in the first two months before we got engaged (actually less than two months: from getting together, knowing each other in such an accelerated — though not deliberately forced — pace, moving together, knowing each other’s family, growing closer, etc.), so we just thought having a year between engagement and marriage is a nice period of time to chill before the wedding! Weddings typically need a lot of preparation and we just wanted to take our time and enjoy the process.

      Being that this is the only time I’ll ever be engaged my whole life, I also wanted to just relish and enjoy the whole engagement period (which we have been doing, though now we feel like an old husband-wife couple already lol!).

      There were many times in the past few months when I did think, “Gee, I rather just get married in the marriage registrar’s office right away than deal with this wedding preparatory hijinks,” because ultimately it’s marrying Ken that matters to me: not trying to organize/set up some event to “announce” to the world about our union (which incidentally my blog and Facebook page already does the job very well, perhaps even more so than having a wedding dinner to a private list of people).

      But given that I’ve already announced about the wedding plans and date earlier and we already expressed that intention to some friends/family, we thought to just move ahead with this intention and have fun along the process. And we are, now! (Ken himself really doesn’t care how it’s done: all he wants is to be with me and he just wants me to be happy.) Having our wedding at a hotel really makes the whole thing easier for us because the hotel (Shangri-La) takes care of a fair bit of the arrangements: we just have to select from the options provided, such as table linen, flowers, and so on. So now the key thing next is the bridal wear and I’m excited to get started on that in a couple of months’ time!

      And yes fufu, you should totally have pre-wedding photos before you get married next time! :D I’m sure it’s going to be totally beautiful, you and your girlfriend!!! :)

  • Wouter

    Very beautiful! Best of luck to both of you!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Wouter!! :)

  • Ashna Singh

    Beautiful Celes!!! Congrats and all the best to you both :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you sweetheart! :D We appreciate your kind words!

  • John (Jean C)

    Hi Celes and Ken,
    Great pictures. Being in love is the greatest high in life. Been there, done that more than once so consider myself very privileged. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you so much John! :) We appreciate your kind words!

  • Christina Mattschei

    Hi Celes, these are so beautiful! I especially love the more dramatic ones you posted at the end. They are very inspiring! <3

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Christina! :D

  • http://www.starsparklex.blogspot.co.uk/ Moonsparkle

    Lovely photos! My faves are the first one with the white roses, the one captioned “At the beautiful cathedral entrance” and the Tantallon Castle pics.

    Your wedding plans sound good. I don’t know much about Chinese-style wedding dinner banquets, so I’m looking forward to hearing about that and the rest of the wedding! :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hey Moon! The first one with the white roses: are you talking about the one with our closeup face shots?

      That’s actually a self-taken phone camera photo, haha! We found it quite funny that that would be a favorite (over some of the other professional ones) given that we just casually took it in a second with an old mobile phone! (Whereas the others were taken by a professional photographer with very professional gear.)

      I love the others you mentioned as well! I can’t wait to see them in an actual album or a big canvas as Susan said; have to get around to designing the album first!

      • http://www.starsparklex.blogspot.co.uk/ Moonsparkle

        Hey Celes! Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about. :) I realised after I commented that it was a self-taken one but I still think it looks good! lol. Sometimes spontaneous photos come out nice!

        I like the ones with the sunset behind too, they look atmospheric. :) That will be cool having them in an album. I read Susan’s comment; that’s a good idea, they would be good on canvas, especially some of the “dramatic” ones with the sunset and castle in the background. :)

  • Farnam

    Wow, I can not choose a good word to project my emotions about the picture,I can just say they are beautiful, as both of you and your love.
    I wish happiness for you two.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you so much Farnam for your kind words! :D

  • Ipshita

    Hey… Wonderful pics Celes! You both look so happy and the scenery is breath-taking. The shoots are very candid and it gave me the idea to include engagement photo shoot in my wedding-list too. Also i should include that Ken looks really like a prince :) and u a princess. Its good to know that the much awaited date is finally out. Take your time and plan the wedding of the century :) .In India May means torrid summers and is generally a crossed-out month for weddings. How is the weather in Singapore in May?

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi Ipshita! May is quite a popular month for weddings in Singapore/Chinese culture I think, along with months during the year end. That’s because usual months like February-March and July-August are out for Chinese for separate reasons (like February is Chinese New Year, March usually coincides with a festival to tend to the graves of loved ones (seen as a negative period to have celebrations), and so on. (Not that any of this was our key consideration in choosing the month/day though; we don’t believe in conventional thought and went with the date most significant to our relationship).

      The weather is also the best in Singapore between May-July in terms of having the least rain, though it’s also the hottest in July! The rainy months are usually Nov-Jan of the year.

      That’s interesting that May is generally a crossed-out month in India by the way; would be because of cultural perceptions of that month (torrid = harsh) or because of practical reasons like since it’s so hot, it wouldn’t be good to wear your gown or good for a huge celebration with others?

      • Ipshita

        Hey Celes

        Indian(esp. Hindu) marriages takes place from the month of October to March and many astrological signs are considered before setting a date. Marriage, conventionally here is a very detailed process in which families are in regular consultation with the priests who tell them which date is auspicious.

        Though young people do not believe in such things but parents can be quite persuasive when it comes to marriage and they try to find the best auspicious date which features bright omens :D. The wedding season in India is generally cold and is also accompanied with rains so we are used the harsh conditions.

        I would like to know what type of wedding you are planning to have? Are you having a church wedding? Traditionally what type of wedding Chinese people have?

        • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

          Hey Ipshita! :D We’re having a traditional Chinese-style wedding banquet which is definitely not a church wedding. You can read more about Chinese weddings here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_marriage

          While the Chinese style wedding comes with many traditions, customs, and guidelines, we are not letting ourselves be bound by them but are simply taking the path that most aligns with our needs and desires. (The fact that our wedding is exclusive with only 100 pax is indicative of that; many Chinese weddings easily have 250 pax or even over 500 pax as Alyssa mentioned in her comment above.) I’d say while our wedding is a Chinese-style dinner banquet, it’ll be very modernized, mix with our personal elements (e.g., we *MAY* have a first couple dance which is typically a western concept: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_dance). We haven’t planned the finer details yet and will do so nearer to the date.

          We’ve also found that some people have template, cookie-cutter-style weddings and end up having a wedding which is more ceremonial than reflective about anything about the couple. Some also let it become an extravagant affair for their parents to show off to relatives/families. Neither are what we want; we want something that is true to our relationship and love. (At the end of the day the wedding is ours, not going to be parents’ or society’s or tradition’s.) So we expect that our wedding is going to be quite personalized and exclusive, with a touch of elegance and romance.

  • Alexandra

    Hi Celes and Ken! Being the girl from Greece who also pays a lot of importance like you two to the number 5 (my wedding day: 5/5/2012! Dear Celes we have already shared this detail between us two when you first announced your new relationship in May 2013, remember?) I couldn’t help but being impressed by your photos! No matter how impressed though one may be by the absolutely wonderful background and magnificent surroundings it is without doubt that the pictures talk by themselves: the language of your bodies and the look in your eyes demonstrate that you two guys truly belong to each other. Even if one doesn’t know anything about your story, just by looking at you two one immediately assumes that it would be a real pity if in this life you two didn’t manage to find one another! For my eyes you are blessed to be together because your own eyes show what’s in your soul!True love! The fact is that you have picked up a highly talented photographer (without a doubt), you have chosen a wonderful place to have your first photos as a couple, but without your involvement and true feelings for each other, the best artist of the world could not have managed to show so many things in the atmosphere without your cooperation as “one”. I can’t help but wonder how great your wedding pictures would be……!!!!! Well, in less that a year we shall definetely know!!

  • http://www.positivekaizen.com/ Alyssa

    Hi Celes,

    I love the Cramond Beach part the most. Hope you guys have a wonderful wedding in May Next year. Sounds exciting to be able to do it in Shangri-La Hotel. 100 ppl is a bit too less, 10 tables? So i guess your wedding dinner would be a very private occasion :) Wish i can be there to witness the moment :D

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hey Alyssa! Yes that’s right, we’re having only 10 tables at our wedding with the 100 guests. :D We decided to make it a more private occasion with people most important to us since our wedding will be a highly personal and dear event. This is quite a stark contrast to general Chinese weddings which tend to (easily) have 20 tables and up!

      I hope you can come to the wedding too; we’re confirming invites with personal friends and family in this moment and I should be announcing for RSVPs from PE readers in Nov or Dec.

      (PS: Hope you got the China Panda toy clip you were checking with me on the last time!)

  • Jennifer Zhang

    Hi Celes, you looks so stunning in those pictures and Ken looks handsome too :). You can tell just from the pictures alone that both of you are so in love! 祝你们白头到老, 永结同心!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you Jennifer! :D You’re so sweet with your comments; I wish you the same with you and your husband too! :)

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