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How To Stop Stress Eating Course

Are you a stress eater?

Do you eat in response to emotions like anxiety, boredom, etc.?

Do you sometimes eat to comfort yourself?

Would you like to permanently overcome your emotional eating struggles in the next one month?

If so, you are in the right place!

Hear My Story…

Since I was an adolescent, I was a heavy emotional eater. By emotional eating, I mean that I would eat in response to my emotions. I would eat whenever I feel stressed, anxious, annoyed, angry, tired, bored, or even–get this–happy. My eating never had nothing to do with hunger, but based on my emotions and whimsical fancies.

My emotional eating issues got to the point where they were very severe. I would binge crazily, try to control my eating the next day, only to binge crazily again within a matter of half a day or at night. Not only that, I also binged on terrible food–french fries, ice cream, cookies, cake, chocolates, and so on. It was terrible. For years, I fluctuated between explainable binge behaviors and desires to restrict food. 

Burgers and Fries

Burgers and fries–part of my binge eating food

My emotional eating behavior took its roots from my childhood. My parents and I live in a high-context Asian culture, whereby we don’t express our intents through words–we express them through actions and symbolism. They would buy food day-in and day-out, regardless of whether my brother and I were hungry. They would ask me questions like “Are you hungry? Do you need me to cook for you? Do you need me to buy food?” multiple times throughout the day, even when I already had my meal.

As a result, I grew up with a severely twisted relationship with food. I regarded food as love and I would eat in response to stress, sadness, anger, and other negative emotions since eating was way of expressing love to myselfEating gave me a temporary relief; a temporary high where everything felt okay and all was right with the world.

But this high never lasted. It wouldn’t be long before I felt unhappy again, since my original problem (whatever made me feel stressed/sad/angry/etc.) was not resolved. I would feel even worse this time because not only was my problem not resolved, I had to now face the problem of having just overeaten, hence jeopardizing my diet/weight loss plan. I would then eat even further, stuffing myself with food, to the point where my stomach really hurt. Then I would stop, because I simply couldn’t physically go on any longer. That was how bad my stress eating was.

Emotional Eating

A typical scene of how I would be at night–alone with a pile of food in my room.

Then, things changed. When I was in my mid-20s, I swore to myself that I was going to resolve my eating issues, once and for all.

I worked through my eating issues, one step at a time. First, I gained consciousness of my erratic behavior. Then, I broke down my eating patterns to understand what were my emotional eating triggers. Subsequently, I drilled into my triggers to break my emotional eating patterns.

It wasn’t easy, for I failed many times. Many days I start off on a good note only to end up bingeing right at night.

Shame and Despair

Shame–and sorrow

But the important thing is… I didn’t give up. I never gave up. I would get right back to tackling my emotional eating behavior the next day. I did this day-in and day-out, for weeks, months, even years.

Today, I have finally overcome my emotional eating problem. I no longer eat in response to stress, anxiety, annoyance, anger, tiredness, boredom, or even peer pressure. I no longer have a love-hate, yo-yo relationship with food. I simply eat as and when I need to eat, and I eat incredibly healthily–I only pick the healthiest choices for my body, which includes salads, grilled over fried options, and low-to-non-fat food over fatty food.


Salads — one of my meal staples today. I love salads because
they are fresh, nutritious, and low in calories.

I have lost the excess pounds I have gained as a result of my emotional eating. My complexion has improved. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

A photo of me while in Hong Kong

One of my recent photos while in Hong Kong. I’m a lot slimmer than I used
to, having working through my emotional eating issues.

I have successfully overcome my emotional eating problems, and I would like to now work with you to overcome your emotional/stress/binge eating issues.

Starting from 28 July, Sunday, (that’s just 10 days away!), I will be running a group coaching course on How To Stop Stress Eating. This is an intensive, four-week course to help all emotional and stress eaters out there to overcome their emotional and stress eating. If you sometimes eat in response to stress or you have struggled with maintaining healthy eating habits, this course is just for you!

How To Stop Stress Eating Course, Starting July 28!!

“Since your EE program, I’ve been on a wonderful journey of healing and wholeness. As of Sept 1st (less than two weeks since completing the program), I am down 17 pounds and loving my new way of eating whole, fresh and tasty foods. Thank you!” ~ Lisa H, course participant

“The EE course was very useful. Doing Module 1 alone  made me realize that I was trying to use food as a substitute for so many things, including love and excitement. During Module 3 as we dug to the root of our spiritual self, I found a lot of of baggage that had been weighing me down and causing me to reach out for food as a form of punishment.

Through this course, I have learned so much not only about understanding and managing my EE tendencies, but also a surprising lot about myself.  I would definitely recommend this program to others! ” ~ Jodi, course participant

This upcoming How To Stop Stress Eating Course is an intensive, four-module I have specially designed to help all emotional and stress eaters out there to overcome their emotional and stress eating.

I consider this the best program you can ever find on emotional eating because it tackles emotional eating from the root level. This is your one-stop solution to overcome emotional/stress eating and a program you cannot miss if you are serious about living a healthy life, free of bad eating habits and food struggles.

My objective of this course is to help you eliminate emotional eating for the rest of your life, not to provide a short-term fix.

Some details about the course:

  • You will receive four x 2-hour group coaching sessions by me, at a pace of one session a week.
  • Every week, you will learn one key lesson on overcoming emotional eating, after which you will apply it for the next seven days! 
  • Each session will consist of of theory (content sharing in a lecture format), exercises (where you apply the theory), sharing by the participants, and a Q&A at the end.
  • I will be personally coaching you every session.

The course will eventually culminate in the fourth and last session, where you will review your results and embark on your new life ahead–free of twisted notions surrounding food!!


Here is the agenda for the four-week intensive course:

  • Week 1: What are You Trying to Feed? Understand the Void (Tackling the EMOTIONAL aspect of emotional eating)
  • Week 2: Breaking Your Erroneous Beliefs Surrounding Food and Eating (Tackling the MENTAL aspect of emotional eating)
  • Week 3: The Psyche Force Behind Your Emotional Eating (Tackling the SPIRITUAL aspect of emotional eating)
  • Week 4: Rebuild the Right Eating Habits (Tackling the PHYSICAL aspect of emotional eating)


What is the course schedule?

At the moment, the sessions are planned for the four Sundays in July and August (subject to changes):

  • July 28 (Sunday) / 9–11pm Singapore time (GMT +8) — Session 1
  • August 4 (Sunday) / 9–11pm Singapore time (GMT +8) — Session 2
  • August 11 (Sunday) / 9–11pm Singapore time (GMT +8) — Session 3
  • August 18 (Sunday) / 9–11pm Singapore time (GMT +8) — Session 4

Kindly crosscheck the corresponding time for Singapore for your timezone. I’ve provided the equivalent timings for other time zones below as a reference, though they may be subject to errors:

  • CDT (GMT -5): 8am to 10am
  • EDT (GMT -4): 9am to 11am
  • UTC (GMT +0): 1pm to 3pm
  • CET (GMT +2): 3pm to 5pm
  • IST (GMT +5:30): 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Why are you conducting this course?

I’m passionate about the topic of emotional eating. I’m passionate about helping others rid their lives of emotional eating habits. I’ve been the slave of emotional eating for 10 years and it had caused me so much anguish. If you ask me, I wish there was a program or an online course like this which I could join back when I was still struggling with my eating issues. It would definitely have made my life much easier, happier, and stress-free.

However, the upside is that it has allowed me to identify a truly holistic solution to emotional eating which I have never seen before. Many courses and programs out there are either a partial solution (uses one of the prongs in my four-prong approach) or tries to address emotional eating from the surface, leading to a partial or non-resolution of the issue.

True resolution of emotional eating issues comes when you don’t have to enforce or control anything. You simply naturally eat healthily and normally, without any inclinations or desire to overeat or reach out for food when you don’t need to. Most people think they have overcome their emotional eating issues, when they are in fact, just repressing them. I’m here to help you achieve long-term resolution of your emotional/stress/binge eating issues.

Who should take this course?

I only want to work with people who are really serious about making a permanent change in their eating habits. People who are sick of turning to food as a response to emotions and/or life events. If you want to develop healthy eating habits and you want to free yourself from your eating issues, this is for you.

There are some clashes between the course schedule and my calendar. What should I do?

Don’t fret. I will be providing recordings of the course for attendees who can’t make it for specific weeks. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing for one week from the date of the session. This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements they need to attend.

Also, even if you can’t attend the session, I will be giving free e-mail consultation to any course participant who has questions in between the week’s modules. This consultation will last throughout the duration of the course.

I’m an alumni of last year’s course and I’m interested to retake this course again.

You are definitely welcome to! I’m offering an alumni rate for those of you who took part in last year’s course–joining the course again is a great way to reinforce the lessons you have learned and solidify your renewed relationship with food. You should have received an e-mail to the e-mail address you used to purchase the course last year. Let me know in the comments section if you didn’t receive the mail!

I’ve bought your stress eating program before.

Those of you who have bought the product-version will get a members rate. You should have received an e-mail to the e-mail you used to purchase for the product. Let me know in the comments section if you didn’t receive the mail!

How much is this course?

Read the next section! :)

Small Investment for a Life of Healthy, Conscious, Restraint-Free Eating

The cost of an eating disorder treatment on average is about $30,000 a month. Many patients require three or more months of treatment. And even then, they still need years of follow-up care.

Let’s say you are able (and willing) to fork out that amount of money for an eating disorder treatment.

Let’s say you proceed to undertake such a treatment. Would you then permanently resolve your emotional eating issue?

While these treatments have their merits, especially for those people who have serious food issues, they don’t necessarily create lasting change. Many patients need years of follow-up care after treatment. Some check back into the eating disorder facility after several weeks, months or years, because they have “slipped” and need to be guided back on track.

These treatments have their merits. However, true resolution of emotional eating comes when you naturally do not overeat nor think about eating when you are not hungry. Many of these treatments do not result in full resolution of the eating issues. They may result in partial resolution, but not the full resolution.

If you want to truly resolve emotional eating once and for all, you should strive to achieve a state where you naturally do not overeat nor think about eating when you are not hungry, just like a non-smoker feels nothing when he/she sees a pack of cigarettes lying next to him/her. This is what it means to have truly resolved emotional eating. Many courses and programs, unfortunately, do not help you to achieve this state.

My objective with this four-week, intensive, emotional eating course is to help you attain full resolution of your emotional eating problem, or at the very least, clear off a big chunk of your emotional eating issues.

The cost of this four-week emotional eating program is $238 USD only. That’s for four weeks of specialized coaching by me and four weeks of targeted attention with someone who has personally worked through emotional/stress/binge eating issues before. It’s also less than $30 per hour, which is about the price of five McDonald meals. By eating healthily starting from today, you will already save hundreds, if not thousands, every year from not eating excessively.

Imagine this. No more binge eating at night. No more erratic eating urges. No more yo-yo dieting and beating yourself up by stuffing yourself with food.

Put emotional eating behind you and remove yourself from this lousy emotional/stress/binge eating cycle. Sign up for the course today and get ready to live a life that is free and unchained from food. Restore your relationship with food to the way it should have been all along—one of neutrality, without binds, love, hate, or emotions.

Update Jul 27, 2013: Sign ups are now closed and we have a class of 13 participants!! Congratulations to those of you who have signed up! I’ll see you guys tomorrow, Jul 28! :)

I look forward to coaching you through your eating/food troubles over the next four weeks and helping you resolve them for life. :)


Any questions? Please post them in the comments section. Thanks! :)

  • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

    Only 6 seats left! Register now if you are truly interested. Let me know if any of you have any questions! Look forward to working with you guys in person to permanently overcome your emotional eating issues. :D

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Ok at this moment we already have 7 8 11 participants registered (within 12 hours of the course launch) which makes up an almost full class size, so I’m ready to close the registration at any time now. I’m keeping registrations open for the night just in case there are people who have not gotten the chance to check their emails yet; I’ll likely close the registration when I wake up tomorrow (morning, Singapore time).

      For those of you who are interested in the course but have yet to register, now is the time to do so. Registration will be close by tomorrow (Thur) morning, Singapore time.

      • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

        Ok, registration is now CLOSED. We have a FULL class with 11 participants. For those of you who have registered, you should have received the registration email, so check that and register for the online sessions via the link provided. Look forward to working with you and the other participants this Sunday!! :D

  • Jess

    Hello Celes,
    I am very much interested and hope its not too late by the time I finish my comment. I just want to make sure how will this be done. It would be my first time ever trying something like this.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Jess! The course will be conducted every Sunday, for four weeks, in an online meeting room (link will be shared in the confirmation email which will be sent after one has registered for the course). Participants log onto the meeting room via the link provided at the stated date and time.

      During the class, I will share slides, present content, and also get the participants to do exercises. These exercises are meant to apply the theory and help the paricipants get to the root of their EE issues. Participants will get to participate by sharing their answers to the class (so earphones and a computer microphone will be needed). No web cam is needed. If the participant has no computer microphone, he/she can use the text chat (which will be provided in the meeting room). However, a mic is preferred for better engagement. There is also a Q&A section where participants can ask any questions on EE/that session’s topic and I’ll answer them.

      At the end of each session, there will be (simple) action steps and things to be done for the week, till the next session. This happens every week until the end of the course in the fourth week. Each session also builds on the material and knowledge from the previous session(s). At the end of the course, the participant would have worked through a big chunk (if not all) of his/her EE issues and get to create the action plan ahead for a healthy life of conscious, healthy, and restraint-free eating.

      Let me know if any of this is unclear! Happy to answer any other questions you might have.

  • Jess

    Thank you Celes, for your quick response. I’m looking forward to it.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Jess, thanks for your registration! I look forward to working with you and the other participants this upcoming Sunday. :) The course materials will be sent 12 hours before the session, so stay tuned for the email.

  • Wanda

    Wonderful Offer Celeste. I wish I could do it but finances currently dont allow me to. I hope it all goes well and if you have another one in the future I will make every effort to find the money to do this. However your website in itself is quite helpful. I have not binged for two night now and its because I am now conscious of my triggers. I beleive I can do this and will continue to fight this battle, with the help of your excellent article on “Emotional Eating”. Keep making your mark in the Web World. :hug:

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Wanda, thanks for your kind comment. :D I’m sorry that your finances currently do not allow you to participate in this course but at the very least you can utilize the free resources on the site, including the existing articles that I have written on the topic. There is a self-esteem seminar which I’m planning on August which you might want to check out (as self-esteem is frequently linked with emotional eating); that will be at a more affordable rate as it will be a large group seminar. I’ll be posting details on that sometime next week.

      Much love to you and do keep on reading the site. I really appreciate your love and support. :hug:

  • Jodi

    This came at just the right time Celes! I just registered and I look forward to starting with you and the other participants this Sunday.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      How great to have you aboard, Jodi!! :D I totally look forward to working with you and the other participants this Sunday! The materials for the first session will be sent out on Saturday (to the email you used to register for the course), for stay tuned for that. :D

  • http://www.CoachingWithChristina.com Christine

    Hi Celes,

    This is such an amazing idea and I think you will help a lot of people! I will definitely keep in mind people I can recommend this to if you decide to do another coaching group like this in the future on this topic.

    Just had to share something funny–I have synesthesia (if you don’t know what that is, it means my brain assigns color to words, letters, and numbers against my will–I think them rather than see them, but some people with this condition see them) and the colors you picked for each of the words Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical are *exactly* the colors my brain assigns to them. So funny!!!! We’re on the same wavelength somehow :)


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      How amazing is that, Christine! :D Perhaps it tells us that there IS a language with colors and our subconsciousness has a way of picking the right colors that represent various things. :D

  • Bette

    Celes, I am glad you are offering this course! It really is needed by so many people. I certainly have received the benefits of much guidance and inspiration from doing your courses.

    Today I have been thinking about whether it is wise, or even needed for me to participate in this latest specialized course you are offering. (Just read the email in the wee hours last night-wee hours of Wednesday morning). Since this is a topic that has related to how I lived my life (or needed to) regarding emotional eating, etc., of course it gives me cause to pause and consider it.

    For the past year, I have been on track, no emotional eating. When I abstain from foods/substances that are addictive (like sugar and flour are MAJOR offenders), I have NO cravings!!! I eat small meals when I am truly hungry. My one year anniversary for being on my food Plan is July 27th, and I have dropped 102 pounds in this past year!!! Hallelujah!

    I have done major work, all throughout my life, and lots of work with your excellent courses/challenges this past year, as you know. I feel centered and balanced. I so realize that there are many levels on which to address the issues of emotional eating. I really have done a lot of work with this subject, and I realize that all the levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) must be in play for sustained weight loss/equilibrium.

    So these are the comments and my thinking leading up to the question of :
    ” When is enough, enough?”
    I do feel like I have dug really deep, and am living a life that just keeps on getting better and better, and I certainly have more than I can ever actually DO, especially when it comes to doing the work for your courses. I read your material, apply myself to the questions the tasks pose, record my responses in my notebook, but am behind on interacting with other participants as much as I would like to. Am I being TOO thorough? Am I taking on TOO much? Would I be better off to get out there and DO/interact more, and , although I am a writer, spend less time writing? These are some questions I ask myself.

    The self-esteem course coming up in August that you refer to sounds great too (ANYthing you offer IS!), but again, how much can I actually fully participate in, as fully as any course you offer deserves (and I deserve ;) ), and have it not overlap with the deep digging and insights that are unearthed as I continue to more thoughtfully and fully do the work that you offer/challenge us to do with the Live Runs and your thought-provoking articles/manifesto’s, and so forth.

    Seems like to me that at this point, whatever insights and revelations I am to receive for my highest good, are going to come to me, one way or another, as long as I show up in my life, willing to listen and do what is needed to take care of myself and live a better life. I improve and get results sometimes quickly, sometimes more slowly, but as long as I move in the right direction, I’m good.
    I am no longer in the mindset that I am missing something, If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen in just the right way. I’ll be open to receive, do my part, and it will be part of my growing consciousness.

    Okay Celes…I know I have made comments here that stretch beyond THIS special offering, but somehow all these comments with inherent queries relate to this special course, and the wisdom in taking on this, the upcoming self-esteem course, or whatever may come….when I am in the midst of doing the work for DLBL and even the last BBM…is all part of the question, ” just when is enough, enough?” Perhaps I am in process of accepting that “I am enough,” and certainly “doing” enough!!!

    There are my thoughts, concerns and questions that are swirling in my mind…seems that things work out if they are intended to and it’s all good…this special course may be closed already by now, I’ve been writing so long…but the concerns and questions remain about this course and others that are forthcoming, regardless. Perhaps I have already taken this course in many ways….(FEELS like it…)

    Thank you for everything., Celes. :hug: and hope this is making sense…there are SO many opportunities that challenge one’s progress and growth…the challenge being not to feel overwhelmed by it all…by ANY of it! I remind myself that it’s about discernment and using my intuition and best wisdom. Just breathe. I remind myself that all this increased energy I am feeling from clearing mental clutter and emotional baggage and a tonnage of excess weight doesn’t all have to be “used”…it can remain as the vibrancy, the generator, from which I live, move, and have my being.

    Wonder if you may have any suggestions or insight for me? I know everyone has to decide for themself. Still, I’ll go ahead and post this. I do want to share my process of thinking with you… I truly am committed to being the best me, but sometimes perhaps I go too far(is that even possible?)…. What is your sense about these matters? (and sorry about the long post, if that’s an issue….)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Bette! :D That is a great question, “What is enough, enough?” I’d say go with what you feel you need most right now. What are your priority goals (from Day 3: Life Map in 30DLBL)? What are the things that will help you swing forward the most in these goals? Do those things. For the things that spring up your way in the process, evaluate them accordingly and see if they have a place in your life. If they do, take them up; if they don’t, don’t take them up. Have your life’s plan (which you already do!!! from what you shared in the first week of 30DLBL), stick by it, and live by it.

      For the EE course, I think anyone who takes it will definitely benefit from it. I think you most definitely do not need it, based on everything you’ve been sharing in all the past courses in PE. It sounds like you have worked through majority, if not all, of your past EE issues, and one year of not emotional eating is a HUGE milestone. So I think you should definitely continue your way with whatever has been working great for you, and just stick to that. (When not broken, don’t fix it!)

      Regarding the self-esteem “course”, actually it’s a seminar. Meaning it wouldn’t be as intensive as 30DLBL or 30BBM, but just a one-off, one-session, low commitment engagement. I understand that there are many people who are unable to commit to long periods of growth sessions, so I’ve decided to introduce a seminar-type series (with the self-esteem one being the first of several in the future, probably), where people can sit in, soak in the best information they can ever get on the topic, then leave and apply the lessons thereafter. The seminar will likely be 2-3 hours; I need to work that out first on how I want to structure it. But I think this topic will be immensely useful for all readers on PE, so I’m intending to make it a mass seminar. If anyone has benefited from reading the articles on PE; if people like my approach of “address root cause, not effects”, this seminar is definitely for them. (I won’t be focusing on surface-level, superficial approaches which seem to be pretty popular outside of PE.)

      Let me know if you have any questions, Bette! Always a pleasure to hear from you. :D

  • Dayna


    I think some of the time zone examples need to be changed so they all start 30 minutes after the hour, right? Looking forward to starting at 9:30 a.m. Central Time (I think!), on Sunday.


    Every Sunday, 10:30pm to 12am, Singapore time (GMT +8). Equivalent timings for other timezones:

    Sunday, 10am to 12pm, EST (GMT -4)
    Sunday, 2:30-4pm, UTC (GMT +0)
    Sunday, 4:30-6pm, CET (GMT +2)
    Sunday, 8-9:30pm, IST / India time

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Dayna, you are so right! I have corrected it. Only the EST is wrong though – it should be 10:30am to 12pm EST, Sunday. For India, it’s 2.5 hours before Singapore time, so it does start at 8pm at India time.

      It seems that majority of the participants for this class are from US, with a couple from other countries. Look forward to working with you guys soon!

      (PS: You are right, it starts at 9:30am Central on Sunday for you! :D )

  • sharon

    Hi Celes – I’m so looking forward to this. I really want to solve this issue once and for all, and your approach sounds like it may just be what will do it.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Sharon, that’s fantastic! Welcome aboard-you should have received the registration email, so check that and register for the online sessions via the link provided. :D Look forward to working with you and the other participants this Sunday. :D

  • BBz2009

    Hi Celes,

    Arrived a little late for this – would you be running more sessions at a later date?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi BBz! I’m not sure when I would run the class again – it would probably be quite a while later, at least 3 months if not 6 months later, as there are other classes that I intend to run based on reader demand.