[Manifesto] How To Deal With Critical People

New manifesto up. :D The latest one is based on another all-time classic article on PE, on dealing with critical people:

How To Create More Meaningful Relationships Manifesto (Click image for larger version)

Read the full article: 8 Helpful Ways To Deal With Critical People

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  • http://life-accomplished.com/ Tonya

    I have trouble with #6. I mean once it’s out there it’s hard not to grab hold of and run with it. It stings.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Tonya! Remember that what they say belongs to them unless you accept it. It’s like a present – it’s not yours unless you take it (as what I shared in the original article: 8 Helpful Ways To Deal With Critical People.

  • http://www.developmentcoach.co Bev Morrison

    I love your blogs and often repost on twitter. Please add a Facebook icon so that I can share it easily there as well,


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Bev, thanks so much for your support! ;) Isn’t there a Facebook icon below each post, though?

  • krishna

    hi celes I love your blog very much especially the challenges. I am taking the challenges on my own because I came to know about your blog just now. I wish I would have come to know of it earlier…

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Thanks krishna! :D There are new challenges almost every month, so it’s okay even if you missed the past ones, you can always take part in the one that’s currently running. I’ll likely have a new challenge for March, so stay tuned at the site! Do sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already.

  • Jim

    1 and 7 are my favorites and work every time. Even if 7 doesn’t seem to affect them, it sure makes you feel good!

  • http://www.quotesnsayings.net/ Rimma

    I really enjoying ur blog. I like #7, i always do that but it just hurts when people dont react the same as we do. But finally as you suggested in #8… I am gonna avoid those… :)

  • Michael

    I have experienced, encountered and have dealt with a lot of critical and negative people all my life. My parents, especially my mother was a very critical person. Most teachers I had growing up had been critical people. Every job I have had I have worked with one or more critical and negative people. I have worked with children and teenagers, including troubled teens with mental health and emotional problems and have witnessed adult staff who had been very critical toward the young people they suppose to care for and help. I currently have a friend who is critical person. From these encounters, and experiences in my life I have discovered that I have become a less critical person because of what I have gone through and the impact these people have had on me. From these encounters I have learned to be a different person and not become like them.
    From these many experiences and others it seems to me there is a lot of negative, toxic and critical and miserable people in our society.
    I have learned that the issue is not with me but with them, that is the reason why they act the way they do toward others. I have also discovered not to allow their issues and negativity to continue to impact and effect me and my self esteem and self confidence. You do this by often ingoring them and their behavior, limiting the amount of time spent assocating with and being around them, speaking up and confronting them letting them know how you feel and what you expect or want from them, avoding them or ending your association or relationship by unpluging yourself from them for good.
    I have found often these type of people are so negative, so unhappy,miserable, controlling of others yet out of control themselves and frequently do not take nor accept responsibility for their own behavior, attitude and personal issues since it is the other person’s fault all the time and their negativity is so toxic and has such a toxic effect on others happiness, esteem , confidence and emotional and mental health and well being it is often best to avoid these people all together, or to end your relationship or dealings with such people because of how they make you feel. Those who discourage you and often bring out the worst in yourself, and often upset you, drain you mentally, emotionally, provoke you into anger, and those who belittle your own dreams and ambitions if you think about are not worth having in your life. If someone has a enough self confidence and respect for themselves they would not allow these people to continue to impact them with their negativity and toxic personal issues. I have learned that I am better than what I have experienced in my life and like everyone , deserves to be treated with kindness and respect and to be encouraged, inspired, lifted up and supported by others, and to have someone who cares about us and accept us for who we are.
    My experiences have been mostly positive working with and interacting with children and teenagers, and less so with adults. I am an adult today, who just turned 40 ,however, since my preteens and up today I have dealt with more adults who have betrayed my trust, disappointed me, hurt me, often mistreated and disrespected me and my unique contributions, and have caused me more pain, and have created more obstacles and oppression. The prevailing attitudes and behaviors I have experienced from many adults have been negative, critical, selfish, arrogrant, self centered, jealous, mean ,cruel, nasty, sadistic, win-lose type attitudes, controlling, bossy, pushy, aggressive, yelling, rude, discourteous, very disrespectful, troublemaking, domneering, overpowering, emotionally, verbally, mentally abusive, bullying behaviors, including an attitude and behavior of superiorty, and many of the traits of anti social issues or someone who is a toxic negative type attitudes and personality types. So who is the problem adults or our young people? My answer comes from my own experience.

  • http://www.BredouAlbanBrice.com Alban Brice

    Your manifestos are getting better. Keep up Celes!! Will be back on circulation soon. See you!