Comments Are Now Open!

I’ve been having a lot of fun connecting with readers on Twitter and FB. If you haven’t already, please add me on Twitter @celestinechua and Facebook. I look forward to connecting with you more there :)

I asked and you replied! Here are the results:

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Here’re some interesting comments by you:

“Hi Celes. I would say definitely keep them turned on. It’s a great way to interact with the people who are reading your blog and a great way for readers to let you know their feelings. Without them a blog seems lifeless somehow and there is no community there. I also believe, until you have around 50,000+ subscribers that you will not get the loyalty factor of readers who come to the blog all the time.” – Steven Aitchison

“It would be ideal if you have a system like youtube where people can vote up or down a comment, and flag comments as spam/racist etc… You’ll have to ensure that only people who are registered can participate in commenting/voting or the system can be abused. Not that people won’t abuse the system with registration, but it’s much more troublesome.” – bliz

“I’m guessing that your blog gets a lot of visitors and therefore you could end up with lots of spam if you have comments on for all. But for those special posts when you are interested in the opinions of others, or for personal posts where people may be able to offer advice to you then I’d leave comments turned on. Then again, you can always give it a trial run and se how things go.” – Deano

“How can I vote “No” to comments, when this comment thread itself is proving the opposite? :D

The overall problem here is: no one is smart enough to know in advance who has valuable things to say about each topic. So you need a system that open to everyone but somehow filters the bad stuff. Blogs weren’t initially designed to deal with this problem a.k.a tons of comments from people you don’t know.” – Jack Christopher

And since majority is in favor of comments, I’m be opening up comments for all :D. Ask and you shall receive! More specifically, I’ll be doing a trial run where comments are open for all posts. Depending on how it goes, I might leave it open or scale down to opening comments only for specific posts (but then it runs the problem that Jack pointed out). Let’s see about this.

To JB and Kakynologyst who suggested having a forum, I guess Personal Excellence reader base has not reached the critical mass that makes a forum feasible (based on my past experiences, forums tend to be ghost towns until a site is sufficiently large). I’m thinking about a 5,000 subscriber count will be a good indicator to start (right now Personal Excellence is at about 2,000). It’s definitely in my future plans, so don’t worry!

I took time out over the weekend to hack away at the wordpress comment script. Here’s an overview on what to expect when you comment at PE:

  • Up/Down rating – You can now vote comments up/down. No need to register. You can only vote once for each comment, and you can vote for as many comments as you like. This is a way for readers who are too shy to comment to participate in the discussion. :D Thanks bliz for the great suggestion!
  • Threaded comments – Unlike before, you can reply to each specific reply. Spiffy! :D
  • Numbering – Comment # can be seen on the top right corner of each comment
  • Avatar – This refers to the 70×70 picture that goes with each comment. The default avatar is the Personal Excellence crop. To customize your avatar, simply register an account at Gravatar and add your picture there. When you post a comment here, the comments script will automatically grab the picture from Gravatar.
  • 30 days period – Commenting is open for 30 days from date of articles. This is to limit spam on the blog. 30 days is really long though, so it shouldn’t be a problem! There are always recent posts to comment to.
  • Replies by me – I won’t be able to personally reply to every comment, but trust that I read every one of them. If there’s anything specific I have to say, I’ll reply to your comment.

So yes, feel free to comment away from now on! :D

  • Steven Aitchison

    I think you’ve made a wise decision Celes and it’s great you got your readers involved in the process. I also like how you’ve implemented the other changes to the comments which I will now look at myself.

  • Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Celes.

    This is good stuff here. I like that you discussed this decision with your constituents, and took in feedback. That is where quality comes from.

    I’m glad to be a constituent here on PE. Others probably got an idea of what to do on their sites as well.

  • Anastasiya

    Hi Celes,

    it’s a great decision. Conversation is a wonderful part of any blog and I think that comments will add a little bit of “life” to your great posts. I am looking forward to commenting on your future posts!

  • abjgaviota

    Yesterdays affirmation about loving myself I hugged myself and found out I liked doing it so I sent wo rd to my friends and this morning I received more hugs besides the one I gave myself.
    Anyway I’m having fun discovering this.

  • Veda .G

    Hi Celes, the link to my blog is

  • Foli

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry I’ve started late. I think the Affirmative Challenge event is worth taking. I’ll try to post two to three blogposts a day to try to catch up with the group. Already the Day1 Affirmation has done me much good. I strongly wish to continue this journey into my inner self to draw willpower out of me and overflow with success and happiness. Thank you for letting me join in spite of my being late. Thanks a lot.

  • Foli

    Affirmative Challenge Day2
    Hi everyone,

    Glad to be able to continue in spite of web connection challenges.

    What I hate myself for
    I hate myself for lack of decision, willpower or rather fear of failure or again for accepting the stereotype of working all life, getting retired, continue living poor and eventually die in misery. I hate myself for thinking was not cut out for entrepreneurship and was better off sticking to my day job because it is very risky. Last but not least, I hate myself for indecisiveness, hesitation, taking too much time brooding over ideas and not taking action, pondering on life challenges, pitying self for failure, worrying about future, being used by other people to build their reputation and wealth etc. I hate myself for not wanting to engage myself in social organizations and speak out my deep thoughts.

    The reason behind the self-hate
    I have discovered that my self-hating thoughts originates from my childhood and difficulties I faced; being a child of divorced parents, I lived far away from my parents in a remote village where I was not accepted for being different. I loved school whereas the others loved farming. A school goer is considered a lazy boy. So I was singled out and rejected.
    Being a resident of Burkina Faso (I was born and educated in Togo), I hardly reach out to achieve great things like starting a business in order not to rouse people’s jealousy and subsequently be singled out again; hence the hesitation, lack of decision, fear of failure to start my own business.

    Self – love Proclamation
    I know I’m smart, positive, and caring towards others. I love that I have such wonderful qualities and I’m proud of myself for having them. I hug myself……. I feel great. All my achievements are good but the best are yet to come. “I love myself unconditionally.” As the saying goes “Charity begins at home”. How can I love others if I don’t love myself? I can only love others on condition that

    I love myself first.
    To achieve that love and share it around me, I have to reach out to people, achieve my dreams, start my own business, accept what and who I am to build my best self.

  • Foli

    Affirmative Challenge Day3

    I understand why this happens to me. I prefer to stay and remain in my
    comfort zone : my day job. I think and say I can’t do it because I don’t want
    to take risks. I fear failure and bankruptcy. Robert Kiyazaki’s book Rich
    Dad Poor Dad has become my bedside bible. I have been the Poor Dad type
    i.e. study hard, get degrees, have a well-paid job, study/work hard to get a
    salary raise, pay bills, complain about the boss not paying well; briefly
    speaking, I feel like a trapped and caged guy in the ceaseless rat race. Continuing to work
    in my day job is like being trapped in a cage. And I have to do something to
    get out of it.

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey Foli!! This isn’t the right thread to post the affirmation challenge results (notice that this post is from 2010 and is about a separate site announcement and has nothing to do with the affirmation challenge). I reckon you got here from a bad link in one of my posts.

      I’ve already shifted your comments to the right threads, but moving forward I need your help to post your results in the respective daily affirmation task threads. (You can access the daily threads from the blog main page at the moment.)

      Let me know if you see this message so I can delete both our comments here (which don’t belong to the right place).

      Thank you, and welcome to the affirmation challenge! :D