A Feedback that Brought a Smile to My Face (Plus a Special Thank You to You!)

Thank You Note

While I’m writing part six of the latest soulmate series, I thought to take a break to share a feedback which I recently received from a coaching client.

Two months ago I was coaching a lovely lady T to help her achieve work-life balance and to take a more proactive approach towards life. (I haven’t mentioned this, but I reinstated my one-to-one coaching service two months ago to work with a select number of clients each month, since I’m passionate about helping people one-on-one at the end of the day.)

While the topics started out benign, we soon delved into deeper topics during our sessions, including discovering her life purpose, unchaining the role of weight on her life, breaking down a highly stressful career dilemma, and realigning her with her inner self.

Our sessions concluded last month, and T sent me this feedback last week which brought a big smile to my face and heart (yes, my heart was smiling too :) ):

Dear Celes,

I had followed your blog on a few occasions but little did I expect that someday I would engage your services, and I am glad that I did. You had come into my life at the most crucial moment; at a point where I was going to make a transition in search of my authentic self.

I recall how excited I was as I anticipated our sessions which were fruitful, as I had seen much result in just the first session alone. I would like to thank you for guiding me into setting a target for my weight loss and bringing awareness to the amount of calories I consume in a day. After a lifelong struggle, I have finally found a way around it and I am seeing the results. You have helped me bust the myths and I am seeing progress. I am confident that I will get to my ideal weight eventually.

Our subsequent sessions took a different turn because the new job that I have embarked in did not seem as ideal as I thought it to be. During my state of confusion, thank you for allowing me to express myself freely. I looked forward to each of our sessions for I was always at ease with you. I felt free to commit for I knew I was not being judged and those sessions were special for I was the most honest to myself.

 Thank you for giving me the confidence that I had power over my situation. My sessions with my superior took a beating on my self-esteem and I recall a night when I almost had a nervous breakdown because the negativeness got so overwhelming.

While I lay in bed, desperate to get myself out of this because I was new to the overwhelming emotions, I remembered what you had said in one of our sessions, “You have a good head over your shoulders.” That confidence snapped me out of the limitations that I was told about myself and revived me. I got up from my sorry state and did the dumping exercise that you had suggested. After that, I affirmed and meditated.

All of a sudden, it became clearer to me as for why I was confused and had struggled so much. The most important realization that gave me strength that instant was that there was nothing wrong with me and I had a good head over my shoulders. I was right on track.

Once again, thank you for being with me during those four sessions and in spirit thereafter. You have made the difference and now I am looking forward to embarking in a life that would lead me to the discovery of my authentic self.

Lots of love,

I have already sent T a private response, but if you are reading this now T, here’s a huge “thank you” to you: not (just) for writing this feedback, not (just) for your kind words, but for allowing me to work with you to take your life to the next level. You have such a bright mind and soul (your thinking is so acute!) and I wish you all the best in your journey towards your highest self. :D

Every day I feel blessed for being able to do what I do and positively impact people through my words. While I consciously crafted this path by myself and built my business by taking action on my dreams five years ago, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing today if not for you guys reading this blog.

Hence, I just want to take a moment here to say “thank you” to all of you. Thank you for following PE all these years. Thank you for supporting my work: day or night, rain or shine. Thank you for choosing to grow and live a conscious life, rather than turn a blind eye to your higher destiny.

I often get comments saying, “I’m a long-time reader but have never commented before… I just want to say thank you for everything” and it’s a nice fuzzy feeling knowing that the little things I’ve been doing all this while have been adding up to create a positive impact in others’ lives. I know not all of you read all my writings and most of you reading probably has never left a comment on PE before, but that still does not negate your support and my gratitude towards you. You help me live my dream by virtue of reading this blog and taking action on your goals and in your life. So for that, thank you.

I wake up excited to work every day because I get to do what I love, which is to help people to achieve their highest potential and live their best lives. I’m doing this for the rest of my life and I hope all of you will be here with me forever as I continue on this path. :)

Thank you. Let’s continue to rock and be our best selves and live our best lives! :)

♥ Celes

  • http://www.starsparklex.blogspot.co.uk/ Moonsparkle

    Thank you for creating Personal Excellence. Your articles have been very helpful to me. :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Thank you so much for being such a great pillar of support at PE Moonsparkle!! :) *hugs*

      • juhi

        PE is changing my life tooo.thank u celes so much even though i m just a starter but still i could feel a lot of change in myself
        ..specially my approach towards life and career…..
        ..its like blooming
        me again
        thaks again so much

        • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

          Thank you so much juhi; that’s so great to hear! Please continue to be the positive beacon that you are and grow and take action towards living a better life. :)

  • http://www.ilike.com/user/Sharon_P192 Sista42

    PE has certainly inspired me with hope and promise to forward-thinking about my destiny. ..We sometimes can’t see the gifts in ourselves through another’s eyes. Thank you for developing and creating this platform.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Aw, thank you for your kind words Sista42. :) Your destiny is greater than you think and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Thank you for being a part of PE. *hugs*

  • Ipshita

    Hey Celes. This is Muna(aka ipshita, Muna is my nickname).

    I wanted to say thanks for writing this blog. I am following from past one year or may be less. The time you came into my life, I was in the middle of a career crisis. I was in the final year of my college and was unsure what to do next. Your blogs were immensely helpful, specially the “slump” one. I was in a mental slump myself and was sinking deeper and deeper into it. More I sank into it the more i got negative and depressed about myself that I will never get out of this.That article and also how to remove bad habits one redressed the problem and I got to the root cause that I was afraid and unsure of the future. After reading it I sat down and worked with myself.
    Also there was this one blog that described your previous relationship and how who got out of it. That was also very helping. I was also haunted with a similar problem so I connected with it.
    I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me towards living a better and confident life. PE is one of the best things that had happened in my life and the positivism around here is contracting.
    Keep doing the great job. <3 <3 <3

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you so much Ipshita!!! :) I would never have known the positive impact of those articles on your life, so thank you so much for sharing this with me.

      That’s amazing to hear how you were able to get to the root cause of your issue from reading the articles and sitting down to work with yourself. I’m so proud of you. :D And I’m also really happy to hear that PE has inspired you towards living a better and confident life. You definitely sound like a confident and smart lady from the comments you leave on PE. ♥

      I’ll continue to share my life experiences (and struggles) openly on PE so that we can learn and grow together on the blog. Thank you for being a part of my life Ipshita/Muna. ♥

  • dew

    hi celes,
    this is the 3rd time i am commenting. i loved this article and especially the “You have a good head over your shoulders” thing was very catchy. what did you mean exactly when you said so? is it something about intellect or beauty? or is it something to do with self-esteem?

    i have been following your articles for a long time and they make me believe a little more in me. thank you for writing so beautifully and inspiring the lives of many. some of your articles bring bright smiles on my face during my gloomy days….


    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Hi dew, thanks for taking the time to comment! I definitely wasn’t referring to beauty with that comment to my client: I was talking about how she has a conscious mind, best of intentions, and a great heart. Sometimes we just need such gentle reminders about ourselves because we can be the harshest critics of ourselves!

      I’m so glad to hear that the articles bring bright smiles on your face during gloomy days. Thanks for letting me be a companion in your journey through life dew. :) *hugs*

  • http://www.middlefingerproject.com/ aimee@middlefingerproject

    How lovely to have such nice feedback. It must feel so good to know what you are doing is helping people.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      It does! Thank you aimee. :)

  • Farnam

    Hi Celes,
    I’ve got to go right now, but from a few posts ago I decided not to be a “silent reader” anymore, that is why I just want to leave a short comment and thank you for you and your words.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      Farnam, thank you for deciding not to be a “silent reader”. I’ve appreciated every single one of your comments and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on my articles. Thanks for being a part of PE. :)

  • T

    Hi Celes,
    Although you had sent me a private response, this article has rendered me speechless. I’m still finding my words. hehe Thank you. :) I am thankful for this connection.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      So am I, T. Thank you so much for being a part of PE and for being such a beautiful soul! :)) Like I said, it was truly my honor to have worked with you during those four sessions. I look forward to more great times in the upcoming period. :)

  • http://wikitalks.com/ Maria G.

    “Live our best lives” – that’s it. I like your
    article, as it sounds so strong. You really love what you’re doing. And how can
    person that loves two almost different things in her life (foreign languages
    and music) get any kind of support from people that surround her and always
    order what to do? I’m honestly speaking about me. As I’m working with languages
    and I love music much more. Is it easy for me to throw out everything that is
    extra and start leading life you gave us here as an example? Thanks.

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      This is not something which I’d be able to cover/address in just a comment reply, but in short, perhaps you may want to find a third path that allows you to do everything you want to do, all at the same time, vs. thinking about the situation in binary terms (i.e. pursue music or pursue foreign languages)?

      Ultimately it’s about finding (or creating) a convergence point, the sweet spot, where you get to do everything you love, and once you are able to do that, you are all set to go.

      The exercise here may help: http://personalexcellence.co/blog/passion-or-money/

      About getting support from others: http://personalexcellence.co/blog/unsupportive-people/

      This article may also be helpful: http://personalexcellence.co/blog/decision-making/

  • Fufu

    Dear Celes, I smiled as I read this post as well. ;) I don’t know how to explain but ever since I found this blog, I’ve never been the same again. I’ve fallen and risen up but in general I never went back to who I was. At first I was a bit sad because I felt like I was loosing myself and tried reversing my personality to a low conscious state (simply because my family had a more mundane look at the world and it was hard to communicate with my new personality) but quickly I realized this was the new me and I wasn’t going back after the things I learned in personal excellence.

    Thank you for your time, thank you for helping me start my new life. I still remember how the article of inspiring songs really -well- inspired me. I feel reborn. I accepted my orientation and as thus accepted my girlfriend’s feelings (prior to that I had homophobic reactions because I didn’t want people to make fun of me because of my orientation).

    I’ll open up a bit. I decided to let my blog go to follow my real passion which is storytelling and editing videos on YouTube. I was writing the blog because I was afraid since it’s harder to gain an audience as an author, especially with my lack of grammar but I’m happy since I chose to follow my true passion in a way I’d never been before. :)

  • Maria

    Hi Celes,

    I would like to thank you too for all the support through the articles and the inspiration. You deserve all the best. I hope you will have an even greater success from now on.


  • bongani sibeko

    I don’t know but this might be one of those moments that serve as the confirmation that yes what you are doing is exactly what you were born to do. Do we need such assuring moments in the pursuit of our journeys in order to be certain that yes we are definitely on the right track?
    Inspired by your work in life!

    • http://personalexcellence.co/ Celestine Chua

      I think all we need is the knowingness within ourselves. Everything is just an add-on. :)

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