Catch Me on Channel News Asia (again) Next Monday, Dec 31, to Talk about Setting New Year Resolutions and Making Them Stick!

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In my biggest media surprise of the year, Channel News Asia contacted me again for *another* AM Live! interview, after my earlier interview on bucket lists!

For this second CNA interview, it will be a live studio interview. I’ll be there to talk about how to set new year’s resolutions and make them stick. :D

The interview will be on 31 Dec (new year’s eve!), will start at 8:20am (Singapore time) and will be seven minutes long. Those of you who prefer to watch it online can do so via the online streaming player (only available in countries and territories covered by the AsiaSat 3S satellite, including the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Australia).

Update Dec 31, 2012: The interview is now over! :) Watch it below:

(My clothing (Elie Waterfall Dress in royal blue and clinched belt) have been proudly sponsored by Cassis Collections. If you can’t see the video above, visit this link:

Here are some shots of the interview:

Celestine Chua and Suzanne Jung on Channel News Asia, AM Live!

Being interviewed by Suzanne Jung again :) The first time was during my earlier interview on bucket lists

Celestine Chua on Channel News Asia, AM Live!

Listening intently to Suzanne

Celestine Chua on Channel News Asia, AM Live!

They showed my earlier interview on bucket lists during this interview. I didn’t realize until I went home and reviewed the recording! :)

Setting New Year Resolutions (Channel News Asia, AM Live!)

My four-step framework to achieving your resolutions: (1) Prioritize your goals (2) Set milestones (3) Set your action steps (4) Review! A condensation of the ESPER framework.

Celestine Chua and Suzanne Jung on Channel News Asia, AM Live!

Me with Suzanne Jung again. :)

For more photos of the interview, check out my Facebook PageChannel News Asia, AM Live! Interview (Dec 31, 2012)

Special thanks to Channel News Asia, Suzanne Jung, Hasnita, and Song Im for having me back on the show! :D

Thanks to all the media outlets for the generous coverage the past weeks/months! :)

PS: Those of you who read Cosmopolitan Singapore, check out this month’s (Jan’s) issue! I’m quoted in the article on how to make the best out of the worst circumstances in life.

  • Amanda

    Hi Celes! Seems like you’re having a lot of media coverage recently – keep up the great work! :)

    Anyway, since I’m supposed to wake up early (to prepare for school :P) I should be able to catch your interview this time. And thanks for the vid of your CNA bucket list interview – inspiring. I haven’t written my bucket list yet, but I’m planning to do it on 31st Dec.

    Lastly, just to let you know, I can’t seem to find your WOW club interview in the podcast section (with the iTunes plugin thingy), but I can if I subscribe to it via Google Reader. Even then, there’s duplicates of all the podcasts (your web lecture of overcoming emotional eating, for e.g. has 5 copies, all on the same date). Don’t know if it’s just me though! :rolleyes:

    BTW, loving the countdown and your workchallenge! Have a great 2013 (maybe this is so early, but who cares? :D)!

    • Celes

      Hi Amanda, thanks for the heads up with regards to the WOW interview! I’ve fixed the link.

      Regarding the duplicates of the podcasts, yes I see them too. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with Google Reader because I see them in Google Reader but not with the regular feed. I don’t know what exactly is the problem there (I’ve already checked everything on my end) so unfortunately that problem remains unsolved as it is.

      Yes, the media coverage has been coming on a regular, actually weekly, basis! I’m happy and grateful for the opportunities – no complaints!

      Would love to hear your feedback on my CNA interview on Monday, so let me know if you manage to catch it on the day itself! :D

      • Amanda

        Great, I’ve downloaded it already! :) Re Google Reader, hopefully it’ll get fixed (automatically, maybe? ;)) soon – holding back subscribing through it as it’ll be a pain to deal with all the duplicates :P, but I’ll be checking the page itself regularly.

        Good to hear that. I love the content you produce, whether it’s text-based (on this blog), or video/audio (web lectures and the media) – they’re all really inspiring. Hopefully they’ll continue in 2013 – all the best. :D

        Sure thing. I’ll set an alarm. Hopefully I awake to that. :)

        • Celes

          Hey Amanda! The Google Reader issue has been around for several months, so not sure if it’ll get fixed by itself. :( But generally I add new podcasts whenever I’m interviewed on a topic which is not in the podcasts list so far. (I don’t do anymore web lectures/podcasts so those definitely don’t get updated anymore.)

          • Amanda

            Hi Celes, great interview. Thanks for the tips!

            • Celes

              Thanks a lot for your kind words Amanda!! :D

  • Bob

    Lovely interview Celes, no wonder they want you back!

    • Celes

      Thanks Bob! :)

      • Bob

        Celes, I love your latest live interview as well.

        A thought occurred to me as I was driving using a GPS(Global Positioning by Satellite). As I was looking at the GPS I realised this is a method of goal setting.

        1. I type in my goal to the GPS – the address of where I want to go (Establish).
        2. The GPS plans my route asking me if I want to use toll roads or not – my choice of route(strategy).
        3. As I start driving the GPS indicates the next step, for example turn right in X miles. as long as I follow the GPS I will arrive at my destination (planning).
        4. Every 100metres my position is checked and reviewed. It tells me how far I need to travel to reach my goal and what time I will take based on my current trajectory (review).
        5. If I make a mistake due to error, closed roads etc the GPS plans a new route (adjustment).

        Thanks to your interview Celes, I realised I don’t always clearly establish my goals and review them often enough ie everyday minimum. I am now thinking how can I apply this to my goal setting!

        • Celes

          Thanks Bob! I’m really glad you got so much out of the interview. I had to keep my answers short as it was only seven minutes and it was live on air (so no edits/cuts thereafter). I hope the lessons you have gained will help you realize your goals in this new year of 2013. :D

          • Bob

            Hey Celes,

            What do you mean by “force that framework or force framework” In your New Years resolutions interview?

            • Celes

              Hey Bob, I think you are referring to the sentence where I said “four-step framework”.

              • Bob

                Ah, thanks!