My Childhood Photos: A Walk Down Memory Lane

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is to create my wedding album for my upcoming wedding in May. In the process of doing that, I’ve been digging up my past childhood photos (to show a growing-up collage of myself and Ken).

Looking at these childhood photos have been conjuring up tears, because many of these memories were lost on me growing up. It’s nice to know that there was a time when I was so happy and carefree as a kid (as was my brother), in contrast to many of my older memories of my childhood and my relationship with my parents as a child (which were of negativity, as I had written in my anger series and parent series). It is also nice to see that my brother and I were really close when we were young, even if that changed when we grew older.

(Side note: It’s funny that I would start crying all of a sudden while looking at the photos, because Ken would immediately come to my side, hug me, and tell me that everything is alright. This has probably happened like four or five times so far!)

I guess with my brother and I growing up into adolescents and the realities of life sinking into the household as the family grew older, along with the inherent issues between my parents, it caused everyone to drift apart. I don’t wish for my family to be the same as it used to — like I mentioned, I’ve come to terms with my relationship with my family today — but it does hearten me to know that we were once really close. And that just as people drift apart, they can always float back together too — as long as the parties involved are invested to make things work out.

I thought to share my childhood photos with all of you today. Nothing personal-development-related, just to share a piece of my life with you guys. I hope this inspires to take more photos of you and your loved ones, because the photos can serve as great reminders of happy times with our loved ones as we grow older.



1985: Me in baby cot with my brother

In my baby cot with my brother by my side (I tweeted this photo out last week, and PE reader Vishnu said “very cute :) !! you were always smiling, even then!!”)

1985: Crawling with my brother beside me :)

Crawling. :) Look at my brother’s smile!

1985: My first birthday

My first birthday (I think my brother took my pacifier and sucked on it for fun)

1985: In my wooden baby chair

Oh, hello! :) I remember this wooden chair — I would fidget in it all the time because I wouldn’t be able to get out once I was placed inside. There was a point when I figured out how to move around while INSIDE the chair and I would shuffle around the house in it, LOL! My parents stopped putting me inside after that happened a few times.

1987: Birthday celebration with my brother


Another birthday. I guess mine, since I was standing in the center?

1986: A photo at the stairway

By the stairway :)

1987: Pink panther toy

I remember this pink panther toy! I played with it for a while, but I don’t know what my parents did to it after that.

1987: Hugging my pink panther toy

Snuggling with the panther :)

1987: Blowing candles

Another birthday

1988: Birthday celebration


Happy birthday again — I think this was my fourth birthday? See that box on the table? I later found out that it was a large talking doll, which really freaked me out. I went to my room, kept crying, and refused to get out until my parents got rid of the doll. (I never saw it again.)

1988: Making a wish!

Making a wish :)

1988: At an exhibition

At some exhibition with my brother (Mosaicked his photos from this point onward to protect his privacy)

1988: Holding a rose

Holding a rose. :) I think this was after some school event?

1988: At the zoo with my brother

At the zoo, with my brother

1988: Running to my dad

Running towards my dad :)

1990: At the swimming pool with my brother

With my brother at the swimming pool. I thought we looked kinda cool here!

1990: At the science center

At the science center

1990: Outside my home

Outside my home

1991: My first passport photo

My first ever ID photo, haha :) Most of us tend to dislike our passport photos when we are young, but they’re really cute to look at when we grow up. I thought this one was kinda cute/funny, now looking back as the adult me.

1990: With my mom :)

With my mom

And Yours?

Do you have any childhood photos of your own? Maybe it’ll be nice to review them every once in a while, as a walk down memory lane. :)

(Photos: Celestine Chua)