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Law of Diminishing Returns

Graph: Law of Diminishing Returns (Total Input vs. Total Output)

Have you heard of the law of diminishing returns? It’s a concept that I learned while studying Economics in junior college. I find the lessons very applicable in personal growth. Let’s say you have a maize field. You want to increase your…

How To Overcome Perfectionism: Your Complete Guide

White flower

This is the last part of my 3-part series on perfectionism and how to make the best out of it. So far, I’ve shared the 11 signs of perfectionism. I’ve also shared 6 hidden downsides of perfectionism, including procrastination, having a skewed view of reality, deep inner…

6 Hidden Downsides of Perfectionism

Eyelashes - "I'm not happy being myself"

This is part 2 of my 3-part series on perfectionism and how to make the best out of it. If you haven’t, read part 1: 11 Signs That You Are a Perfectionist first. “Perfectionists are their own devils.” ~ Jack Kirby “Perfectionists vary in their behaviors: some…

11 Signs That You Are a Perfectionist


This is part 1 of my 3-part series on perfectionism and how to make the best out of it. Are you a perfectionist? Do you often seek to achieve a perfect standard in your work? Do you feel a need to perfect every…

Getting Burnt Out by the Internet? 7 Tips to Deal with Digital Burnout


Today I was at the beach. It was a refreshing feeling, seeing the waves and blue sea and hearing the calming waves. While I was there, it made me think about how much of the real world, nature we’re missing…

Running 2 Blogs with 90,000 Monthly Pageviews — While Holding a Full-Time Job [Matt Leyva]

Matt Leyva and his blog traffic growth

Have you tried to start a blog or web business before? If you have, you’ll know it’s not as easy as it looks. This is what PE reader Matt experienced a while after he started his blog which led him to feel overwhelm and procrastinate. Learn how he overcame odds to build 2 blogs with 90,000 monthly pageviews — while holding a full-time job!

From Over 20 Years of Putting Off Her Book, to Upcoming Author [Diana Diehl]

Diana Diehl

Have you ever had people tell you that “It’s too late to do [X]” or “You’re too old to do [X]; don’t bother”? For a long time, this was what PE reader Diana faced. This led to her putting off her passion in writing and her book project for over 20 years. Here’s her story of how she worked through her fears and is finally publishing her book after over 20 years, at age 63. ♥

From Procrastination to Massive Productivity in 1 Month [Craig Scott]

Craig Scott: Child to Adult

Have you ever had the problem where you would start on something, procrastinate, and then give up? And then you would switch to something else, try it for a little while, and then give up? If so, you are not alone. For over 15 YEARS, this was what Craig experienced. Read how he turned things around and became a massive action taker, even today!