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My New Book “10 Rules of Super Productive People” Out Now!

10 Rules of Super Productive People

Hi everyone! While we’re all anxiously awaiting the start of the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge on July 7 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here), I’m very excited to announce that after many months of hard work and sweat, my latest book 10 Rules of…


How to Stop Analysis Paralysis and Make (Good) Decisions Quickly

Girl thinking with a pen

How do you behave when it comes to decision making? Do you spend a long time thinking over every single decision, because you are afraid of making the wrong choice? Do you feel a need to analyze every single option before you come to a conclusion?…


How to Increase Your Web Browsing Speed By 500%! [Video Tutorial]

Increase Web Browsing

Following my tutorial on how to increase your typing speed by 500% (almost 2,000 views so far!!), here’s a tutorial on how to increase your WEB BROWSING speed by… 500% and beyond!! I share with you nine tips to do so in this new video tutorial!…


How To Make Your Window *Always* Stay on Top of Other Windows [Video Tutorial]

Always on Top Utility

Have you ever wished there’s a way for some windows to stay on top of others? Wouldn’t that be more productive than just switching back and forth between windows whenever you want to compare data, copy and paste information, or even watch a Youtube video…


How To Increase Your Typing by 500%! [Video Tutorial]

Increase Your Typing Speed

Want to increase your typing speed by 100%… 300%… 500%… or even 1000% and beyond? Well, now you can, in a way that’s easier than you may think! :) Learn how to do just that in the video below. Special thanks to Ken for introducing me to Texter two months ago. :)


How Do Top Achievers Stay Motivated? Introducing: Anti-Procrastination Course, Your 4-Week Video Course!

Anti-Procrastination Course

This is the enquiries page for the Anti-Procrastination Course product. Read more about the intensive four-week course: View the 12-minute program preview: Get the program NOW and overcome procrastination for life: Any questions, post them below in the comments section and I’ll revert to you shortly. Thank you!


[Sign Ups Closed] Want to Overcome Procrastination—For Life? Join the Anti-Procrastination Course NOW! [Starts June 2]

Wall Clock

Are you procrastinating on certain goals on your life (e.g., losing weight, finding your soulmate, starting your new business, working on your blog, being the top student)? Do you wish to stop procrastinating and realize those goals right away? If so, the all-new anti-procrastination course…


How To Conduct Effective Meetings at Work

Guide to Effective Meetings

This is a guest post by Cornelius Mota of Poise Catalyst. How much of your time goes into job-related meetings on a weekly basis? My guess is that a lot! Whether you chair the meeting or you are just a participant, meetings occupy a large portion…


Procrastinating on Studying? 5 Ready Tips To Overcome Procrastination [Student Edition!]

Tapping a pencil

This is a guest post by Daniel Wong of Living Large. How would you answer this question: “When are you going to do your Social Studies assignment that’s due next week?” I’m pretty sure your answer isn’t “right now.” It’s more likely that your answer is…


How To Overcome Distractions When It’s Time To Study


Today, I’m very proud to introduce to you the fourth guest columnist to join the PE family: Daniel Wong, author of the book The Happy Student! By now, you guys are probably no stranger to Daniel. I had Daniel as the first guest of Celes.TV,…


3 Simple Tips To Achieve Inbox Zero Using E-mail Filters [Video Tutorial]

Achieve Inbox Zero through E-mail Filters

Many people often ask me how I manage my e-mails. Even though I receive a fair amount of mail every week, I’m on top of almost every mail that enters my mailbox and respond to priority mail like urgent enquiries, media enquiries and business mail…