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As some of you may vividly recall, last month was a month of intense character development. Through Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program, many of us addressed deep-seated issues, achieved new insights, and came to new breakthroughs.

I thought part of what made the experience so amazing was the opportunity to engage on a level we normally don’t at PE. This is why I love the challenges so much – be it 30DLBL, 21DHL, BIB, MDC or 30BBM. Each challenge has provided me with the opportunity to know you better. The connection with all of you is what drives me to keep writing and to keep sharing at the blog, on top of my passion to grow and help all of you grow.

In line with that, I thought I’d do something fun with you guys for the upcoming week. :D

For those who have been reading the blog for a while, you might know of the Ask Celes section. It was an aunt agony-esque section I used to have on PE, where I would address reader questions via the blog posts.

While it was a great way for me to connect with all of you, it was short lived though, because: (a) I received way too many questions than I could address. I didn’t want people to raise their hopes up and to waste their time sending questions if they weren’t going to be addressed. (b) I always have an extensive list of topics which I want to blog about, and that section had diverted my attention.

I’m not planning to reinstate the Ask Celes section, because I did that before and the same situation emerged.

Rather, I’m going to dedicate the next week month as “Ask Celes” week month. During this week month, I’m going to dedicate the blog posts to answering reader questions.

So if you’ve always had a question / questions you wanted to ask me, or if you have some burning issue / question on your mind that you want to get perspective on (be it on relationships, people skills, career, health/fitness, cultivating habits, emotional mastery, productivity, goal achievement, etc), now is the perfect opportunity! :D

Here are the guidelines:

  • Length of question - You can either post the question directly or provide some background before asking your question. Either way, keep each submission short – 3-4 sentences ideally. The shorter, the easier for me to answer. If I get a submission in the form of some life essay, there is very low likelihood I’ll be attending to that.
  • No limit to # of questions - Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Send them as individual submissions please – i.e. 1 form submission for 1 question.
  • Submission form - Please use the “Ask Celes” submission form below (within the blog post) for your question, and not the comments area of this blog post. The submissions will be filed to a special folder in my email which will make it easier for me to address them. If you’ve any comments/questions about the “Ask Celes” segment itself, air them via the comments area.
  • Personal growth – Your questions should be linked to personal growth in some way for me to address them. Generally most questions satisfy this criteria, since everything in life can be linked to growth.
  • Personal questions – You are free to ask me any personal questions about me or my life, though I cannot guarantee I’ll answer them!
  • Anything goes – In case of uncertainty, just type in your question and see where it takes you! No venture, no gain, right? After all, what do you have to lose? Nothing! At most it just doesn’t get addressed.

Here’s what to expect for the week:

  • One blog post for every question - I’ll be addressing each question with 1 post. If there are similar questions, I may clump them and answer them together.
  • Posting frequency - I may post anywhere from 1 post a day to several posts a day, depending on volume of questions. So there’ll be plenty to read in the next few days! Get on the newsletter to ensure you receive all the replies.
  • Length of reply - To address as many questions as possible, I’ll not be replying with the depth I normally do for my blog posts. Since the material at Personal Excellence is already quite extensive, I foresee myself posting redirects to existing blog posts as part of my replies, where relevant. As a broad guideline, my replies will probably range from 100 to 750 words, so please don’t expect a lengthy in-depth analysis and A-Z coverage on the topic. Ultimately I’ll write as much/little as necessary to express my answer.
  • Selection criteria - For practical reasons, I don’t be able to answer all the questions. Rather, I’ll pick the ones which I feel will be most relevant to the readers/PE. In the event your letter is picked, you’ll *not* be notified – So check by Personal Excellence regularly! Subscribe to the newsletter so you won’t miss any posts.
  • Personal growth - Since Personal Excellence is about growth and personal excellence, I’ll be tackling each question from that angle.
  • Duration – My plan is to do this for 1 week, though I may extend / shorten it depending on the response. If we get an incoming stream of quality questions, I may continue for a few more weeks. Depending on the outcome of this project, I may do it periodically in the future.

Ready? :) Fire away below! I’ll be writing the replies right away as I receive them.

Update Dec ’12: The Ask Celes section has now been turned into an ongoing column! If you have any questions, submit them via the Ask Celes page. For all past Ask Celes questions, click here.

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  • Jimmy


    I am new here.

    Just wanted to check if you will group all questions into categories for better discussion?


    • Celes

      Hey Jimmy – welcome! :D I’ll be filing the posts into categories as with all the blog posts on the site (i.e. refer to the “Filed in” that can be found at the end of every blog post, and also the category column listings in the sidebar of every page on PE). The questions themselves will be answered on a rolling basis via 1 blog post per question, as what I’m doing at the moment.

  • K.S.B.

    So wonderful of you to do, Celes! :heart:

    • Celes

      It’s my absolute pleasure to serve all of you, Krys :heart: :)