Ask Celes: Now an Ongoing Series on PE!

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It’s been a fun two weeks answering reader questions! Thanks everyone for submitting your question(s). 😀 Here’s an overview of the selected and answered questions:

  1. Are You the Only Child? Do You Have Siblings?
  2. How Do You Get Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone?
  3. How Do I Stop Myself From Being Sarcastic?
  4. Are You Seeing Anyone at the Moment? What Is Your Biggest Obstacle to Finding Love?
  5. What Do You Do When You Feel Uninspired?
  6. What Books Would You Recommend?
  7. How Can I Turn My Weakness Into a Strength?
  8. How Can I Stop Being the Giver in a Relationship/Friendship?
  9. How Can I Be More Street Smart?

All in all, there, there were over 100 questions sent in, and some of them were really great questions which I want to address through the section. However, as much as I want to do so, I have to pause the Ask Celes section for now as I’m planning a new challenge which has to be launched in the next few days. (See section below on the 2013 countdown challenge.)

For those of you who asked questions already addressed in existing PE articles, I have responded to you with the respective links. I hope you will follow up on them and read them, because the articles do indeed hold the answers to your questions.

Continuing the Ask Celes Series!

Reopening the Ask Celes series has made me realize the merit of addressing reader questions on the blog. So, as of today, I’ve decided to make the Ask Celes an ongoing series! I will strive to answer one to two reader questions every fortnight, here on PE.

From now on, you can submit questions to me, whenever you want, via the Ask Celes page. So now you have a private channel to submit your questions to me. 🙂 Rules have been laid out clearly on the page, so please read them before submitting. Again, submission does not guarantee selection.

At the moment I’ll play by ear with this series. I’m not sure how long I will run it for or how things will pan out, but I’m willing to give it a shot and see how it will turn out.

New 2013 Countdown Challenge!

Having created the 24/7 PE members portal has now given me free time to create new initiatives for all of you. I’ve conceptualized a new 2013 countdown challenge to usher in the new year which I’m pretty excited about. A 13-day explosive challenge to count down to the new year. I’ll be announcing details *VERY* soon, so stay tuned if you want to be a part of this monumental experience. 😉

Thanks for being a part of PE! Let’s rock the end of the year together! 😀

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