Ask Celes – Do You Use an iPhone?

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Hi Celes, do you own an iPhone? – Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, no I don’t own an iPhone at the moment. I use a Nokia E63 – have been using this for over 2 years. It’s my trusty QWERTY which I use to check my emails, manage my calendar, and type my articles while I’m on the go.

Apart from having to replace the battery once (just this month, because batteries wear out after 2-3 years), the phone has been working perfectly for me, so I don’t plan to change anytime soon. I usually only change my technology tools only when there is a need, and there is no need at the moment.

If I do change my phone in the future though (maybe 1, 2 years later), I’ll probably get an iPhone. I’ve heard a lot about it and seen it in action, and it’s definitely quite the game changing tool. When it first came out, I was resistant toward it due to the touch screen (I prefer to feel my keypad when typing), but I gather it’s a matter of getting used to it.

For the iPhone users, what model are you using and why did you get it? What do you love most about your iPhone?

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