Ask Celes – Do You Use an iPhone?

Hi Celes, do you own an iPhone? – Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, no I don’t own an iPhone at the moment. I use a Nokia E63 – have been using this for over 2 years. It’s my trusty QWERTY which I use to check my emails, manage my calendar, and type my articles while I’m on the go.

Apart from having to replace the battery once (just this month, because batteries wear out after 2-3 years), the phone has been working perfectly for me, so I don’t plan to change anytime soon. I usually only change my technology tools only when there is a need, and there is no need at the moment.

If I do change my phone in the future though (maybe 1, 2 years later), I’ll probably get an iPhone. I’ve heard a lot about it and seen it in action, and it’s definitely quite the game changing tool. When it first came out, I was resistant toward it due to the touch screen (I prefer to feel my keypad when typing), but I gather it’s a matter of getting used to it.

For the iPhone users, what model are you using and why did you get it? What do you love most about your iPhone?

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  • Amanda

    I don’t actually own an iPhone, but my father and brother do (iPhone 4 and 3 respectively).

    Some reasons why they love iPhone…

    *They are so customisable
    *Apple has a platform to rearrange the app icons on the computer and sync to the phone. (If I’m not wrong, it’s on iTunes)
    *There’s also the ability to jailbreak paid apps so you can get it free.
    *There’s also a lot more apps on iPhone.

    But like you, I prefer my current phone, Xperia X10 Mini Pro. :) I use my phone to do these:
    Read books (on Aldiko), keep track of homework (to-do list), call/sms my friends/parents (stock apps), and check email (stock). My phone does all of these perfectly. :dance:

    I also can do what I want to do on my phone without trouble.

    • Celes

      Thanks for sharing, Amanda! :D I just checked out the Xperia on Google. It looks pretty sleek. Is it touch screen, like the iPhone? Looks like there are a lot of touch screen phones nowadays. I have a few friends using HTC which are much cheaper (than iPhone) and look pretty good.

      • Amanda

        Yep, it is touch screen. :) HTC is also pretty good. Maybe you can also check out Samsung Galaxy S.

  • Luis Magalhães

    Hey Celes!

    I have to be the guy that suggests that you at least explore the Android phone platform before deciding on an iPhone.

    A good android phone will do as well or better than a top of the line iPhone, is cheaper and the applications are either cheaper or free.

    Most importantly – to me, of course, it’s up to you if you care about such things and feel that way as well – it’s an open standard, meaning anyone can develop or publish for the phone operative system, even you. This results in a healthy ecosystem where you can be pretty sure that someone has developed a solution tailored for your needs.

    While Apple – despite indeed making really great products, beautiful and easy to use – has at best a pretty restrictive policy about who can do stuff for their OS, and even about what consumers may or may not do with their phones.

    The downside of the Android phones is that there are a lot of them around, so it makes researching and finding the perfect one for your needs quite harder than just buying one of the latest or previous generation iPhones. :)

    And of course, nothing beats the vanity factor of having an iPhone. :D They are an incredibly sexy piece of gear. :mrgreen:

    • Celes

      Hey Luis! :D I’ve heard about the Android phone platform but haven’t researched much about it. Which phones use the Android platform? I was looking up on wikipedia – seems like pretty much all the other phones that aren’t the iPhone, is that right?

      • Luis Magalhães

        Well, the majority of non-apple smartphones are Android-based, but far from all of them. There are some other kinds, like Samsung’s Bada OS and so on. But iOS (iPhone) and Android are really the only ones that matter, so the first thing you should check on a smartphone is to see if it is android-based.

        Most of the top-shelf Samsung and HTC models use Android, and you really can’t go wrong with any of these two brands, they are at the top of the Android Smartphone leagues.

        Sony is catching up and they have the usual Sony advantages – sleek industrial design, awesome sound, etc. But oddly enough I think their screens have a lot of catching up to do in comparison to the superb Samsung screens.

        At the moment, I think it’s Samsung that has the most comprehensible offering with their Galaxy line – from the 600€ Galaxy Ace 2 to the “my first android phone” 150€ Galaxy Mini.

        All of them are good value for what they offer, though since I guess you mean to use it a lot for work, you’ll probably want to go for the mid-to-high range.

        The good thing is, Samsung Galaxy is insanely popular in Europe and iPhone is king in the US, so during your travels you are likely to be able to try out both and find which one suits you better. :)

  • Amanda

    I agree about the “The downside of the Android phones is that there are a lot of them around, so it makes researching and finding the perfect one for your needs quite harder than just buying one of the latest or previous generation iPhones. :D” part.

    I took about maybe a month to finally decide on my phone. :)

    And also “They are an incredibly sexy piece of gear. :mrgreen:” Yeah, all my friends really want to have an iPhone. They think it is :cool: cool. Except me, maybe. :D :rolleyes:

  • Benny

    I have the latest iPhone and have had an iPhone since it first came out. I love it! It’s a little computer in my pocket. When the next iPhone comes out, the camera will improve so the pictures it takes will be even better. I find I take most of my pics w/ the iPhone because I have it w/ me all the time.

    • Celes

      Nice! Do you have an iPad, and what do you think about it?

  • Jimmy

    I only decided on an iPhone about 2 years back after my Nokia broke down. Did not really follow the craze then. But since having that it has really revolutionize my lifestyle. you can basically do anything you want using the iPhone. Let’s see, I have paid my bills, booked an airticket, commented on blogs, transferred funds, signed up for a course, played games, emailed, sent my work attachments, shared photos, and many many more.

    Initially, I have apprehensions on usage, but after a while it is easy. There is a great life lesson here. We are all afraid of change, but once we step into the unknown and try it, things become norms after a while. Our lives also improve. But beware, of the iPhone too, it can become a major time stealer if we are not clear about what we want out of it. That’s just the woes of technology. :sweat:

  • Joe Lee

    I only got my iphone 3 when iphone 4 was released. And I didn’t buy it, it was given to me by a friend who change to iphone 4. Initially I felt uncomfortable because there are no buttons to feel.

    Got used to it eventually. Must say that it was a great machine.

  • Dawn

    I heard that the Iphone doesnt recognize adobe or pdf files which i wondered how that would work with Celeste b/c alot of her stuff is adobe or pdf………. i read her stuff all the time so i dont know… there are some downfalls of the iphone of some apps that wont take…. but i will have to ask again what they are… Celeste, if i was to purchase your personal excellence book, how would that upload to my droid phone i have…. how does all of that come into place…. i know how to do on my computer but i am techy- dumb…. help……. does your stuff download to iphones?

    • Celes

      Hi Dawn! This reply is coming late (I only chanced by it today), so hopefully you got the reply to your question already. I don’t use an iPhone, but I wouldn’t think that an iPhone can’t access PDF files as it’s a standard document format. As long as you have Adobe Acrobat installed (and it should come pre-installed in any new phone you buy; if not, you can install it by visiting Adobe’s website), you’ll be able to browse PDF documents. Hope that helps!