Ask Celes – Anything you have been meaning to ask me? Now’s your chance!

Ask Celes

Hello guys! :D

After the success of last year’s Ask Celes column, I’m bringing it back for this week (or two)!

Any questions you have always wanted to ask me? Now’s your chance!

Note that I will NOT address or entertain any questions related to blogging, coaching, training, passive income, or business development. I’ll be creating a new blogging bootcamp soon on how to achieve a million-pageview blog (to be launched later this month), so stay tuned on that.

Other than the “forbidden topics” above, anything else goes. Including personal questions. ;) (Of course I have the option not to answer them too if not appropriate.)

Simply fill in your question in the contact form below and click “send”. If your question has been selected, you will find it answered in one of the upcoming blog entries.


  1. You should be okay with having your question answered publicly and your name displayed as part of the question. If not, just put an alias. This is an initiative to share reader questions with all of PE and have other readers benefit from the Q&A sharing, so please do not send a question and request that it be answered privately. It will be ignored.
  2. Keep your questions to maximum 5-6 lines long. Feel free to share a little bit of background on your situation (within the
    5-6 line limit). Any question that is more than 5–6 lines will automatically be deleted. This length limit includes all the background and explanation that comes with the question.
  3. Make sure your question hasn’t already been addressed in last year’s Ask Celes. If it has, it will be ignored.
  4. One question per form. If you have another question, submit it as a new submission.
  5. While there is no limit to the number of questions you can send, I highly recommend craft one to two good questions instead of write many different questions just to increase hit rate. Let’s give everyone a fair chance at having his/her question answered. Thanks guys! :)
  6. Submission does not guarantee selection. Only selected questions will be addressed due to anticipated volume.

Have fun, and look forward to reading your questions! The section will go on every day/every other day for 1–2 weeks until I’m ready to stop it.

Update: I have now converted Ask Celes into an ongoing series! Proceed to the Ask Celes page for the rules and the form to submit your questions.

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  • Celes

    Hey guys, as clearly stated in the post, questions should be directed to the form. All the past questions posted here have been deleted as they were cluttering up the comments section. I will NOT be reading any of the questions posted here and will only be taking questions posted through the form inside the post.

    Please only reserve the comments here for only questions regarding the Ask Celes section (and not questions FOR the Ask Celes section). Thanks! :D

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey guys! Some.of you are sending me a blast of questions (over ten!!). While I appreciate the enthusiasm, please refer to what I had written in the post about quality of questions over quantity. Sending more questions doesn’t mean higher likelihood of them answered; if anything it tends to decrease the likelihood. Not to mention it’s also physically impossible for me to get to all questions! I recommend to prioritize and only ask the one to two questions you really want to ask rather than submitting a mass of entries (which I won’t be able to get to anyway). Let’s be fair to other readers who are submitting questions and give everyone a fair chance at having their question(s) answered. Thank you! :)

  • NM

    Hi Celes,
    I am using my office system view your website (as I don’t have system a home). However, I am unable to view/download the form to send you my question. Is there an alternative?