Ask Celes: Concluding Comments

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After 10 days, over 120 questions asked and 19 official questions answered, the Ask Celes section is now officially closed.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to send your question(s). 😀 I really appreciate it.

Many of you asked very intriguing questions, ranging from life, to relationships, to career, to health, to PE-related, to personal questions, to others. Unfortunately, I was not able to answer all the questions for practical reasons, though I did try my best to revert to as many as possible.

For those who received a response (be it publicly via Personal Excellence or privately via email), I hope you found it helpful in some way or another.

For those who didn’t, know that for whatever question you have in life, the answer lies somewhere inside you already. It’s just a matter of looking inside, listening in to your inner voice, and trusting your gut instinct.

Here’s the full list of all 22 official Q&As:

  1. Have You Ever Lost Motivation During Your Journey?
  2. Has Anyone Ever Discouraged You From Working on Your Blog?
  3. How Do I Meet Like-Minded People?
  4. How Do You Know If Your Life Purpose Is For Life (and Not Short/Medium-term)?
  5. Are Coaching Courses Necessary To Be a Coach?
  6. Are You Planning To Release a Hard Copy or Kindle/e-Reader version of Personal Excellence Book?
  7. Is It Possible To Let Go of Unhappy Past Forever?
  8. How Can One Be More Accepting of Others?
  9. Do You Have Plans For a Blogging Ebook or Course?
  10. What is Your Ultimate Goal for PE?
  11. What Can I Do If I Want To Change Someone?
  12. How Can I Get Rid of a Bad Habit?
  13. How Do You Keep Yourself Humble While Recognizing Your Worth?
  14. How Are You Earning Money When You Don’t Have a Job?
  15. What Is Your Typical Daily Routine Like?
  16. How Do I Stay With a Cheating Spouse?
  17. Should I Tell My Ex That I Cheated On Him Before?
  18. How Do I Take My Goals Seriously Enough To Achieve Them?
  19. How Do I Prepare For My Comeback in Life?

Know that the answers I shared reflect my personal view, and are not the gospel truth. At the end of the day, take what’s relevant to you, apply accordingly, and discard the rest. Ensure that whatever you take on resonates with you and your values. This is the most important thing – doing what’s truest to yourself.

The section has been a fun project and was great while it lasted. 😀 For me, I feel like I now have a better idea of the personal growth topics some of you are dealing with. I also feel it was a great way to “talk” to some of you directly, vs. my usual posts which are more directed to the readers at large.

Moving forward, I’m thinking of having a new challenge, probably a meditation-related challenge. Many readers had expressed interest in such a challenge after 30BBM back in Aug, and I think this is now the perfect time to do this, before 30DLBL at the end of the year!

I haven’t worked anything out yet, but it would likely be in a different format than the past challenges (X days of pure meditation vs. a task-a-day type of challenge such as 30BBM or 30DLBL). Stay tuned for more news soon!

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