Announcing Challenge Plans for Apr 2012: "Free-For-All" Challenge!

Hello everyone! 😀 After reading your feedback and some consideration, here’s what’s going to happen for the April challenge – I’ll be making April a Free-For-All Challenge Month, where all of you get to design and create your own challenge for yourself!

“Free-For-All” Challenge in April

I just converted the Personal Excellence Forums into a dominantly journal-based forum, whereby anyone can create his/her journal for any goal he/she would like to work on, and subsequently set his/her action plans and document his/her progress in achieving this goal.

Previously, we only had the Live Your Best Life (LYBL) forum for such goals-journaling purposes (and it has been a huge success, thanks to all of you forum members!). However, LYBL is only for life goals, whereas there are many goals which I feel members can benefit from journaling on (such as Health and Fitness, Career and Business, Relationships, and so on).

Hence, I converted all existing sub-forums into journal-based forums – and added a new sub-forum (Habits Cultivation). Here’s the structure for PE Forums now:

  • Journaling Forum
    • Live Your Best Life Journal – Where you create your LYBL journal, set your overall life goals, devise strategies to achieve them and document your goal achievement process.
    • Health & Fitness Journal – For those who want to lose weight, build muscle, cultivate a fitness regime, improve your diet, start your own water fast. Create your journal, set your health and fitness goals, and document your process.
    • Habits Cultivation Journal – For those who want to cultivate any habit that does not fall under the forums above, such as reading, writing, singing, thinking positive, [any X habit of your interest]. Create your journal, set your habit goals, and document your process.
    • Career & Business Journal – For those thinking of switching jobs, starting a new business, upping your work performance or perhaps even switching to a new job/career path. Create your journal, set your career and business goals, and document your process.
    • People & Relationships Journal – For those who want to improve the relationships segment of your life – be it finding your ideal partner, improving friendships, parental relationships, romantic relationship, etc. Create your journal, set your relationship goals, and document your process.
  • Discussion Forum

Personal Excellence Forums

For April, I DARE all of you to select an area of your life you want to improve, create your journal (in the respective forum), set your action plan to work on that area for 7/10/21 days in April, and document your progress!

Refer to Live Your Best Life Journal sub-forum for examples. Many members have created their LYBL journals and subsequently used them as their accountability pod. Of course, the journal you create is dependent on your goal – if you have a health & fitness goal, you would want to create your journal in the Health & Fitness forum.

Not only that, you are more than welcome to invite other members to join your challenge! (only if you want to) Simply create a new thread in the respective forum to rally for buddies if you wish.

For example, if you want to work on losing weight in April, and you want to exercise for 21 days from 1st to 21st April, create a new thread in the Health & Fitnesssub-forum, share your intention for a 21-Day Fitness Challenge from 1st to 21st April, and invite others to join in. Interested participants should post your intention as replies to that thread, and subsequently create your individual journals to document your journey cultivating your fitness habit from 1st-21st April. All of you should also read each other’s journals and support each other during the period.

In the larger scheme of things moving forward, you are free to use PE forums to create any challenge you deem fit – be it after April or longer than 21/30 days. Again, there are many member journals in the LYBL sub-forum which you can take a look for ideas.

Official PE Challenges (for next quarter)

As for “official” challenges at PE, we will definitely have 30DLBL in June as usual (30DLBL is scheduled for June and December every year). For those who have yet to get the program, I recommend you do so and start working on your tasks in your free time! 30DLBL is the top, premium life-development challenge here at PE.

Vision for PE Challenges Moving Forward

I’ve actually been running monthly challenges non-stop since August last year (except for Sept, where I took a month break). During August, there was 30BBM; then 21DMC in October, 21DJC in November, 30DLBL in December, 21DHL in January, 21DFC in February, and now 21DPC in March. (View all past challenges here.)

I’ve to be very frank that there were several points in the past 6-8-months when I felt my life was taken over from having to churn out challenge output on a non-stop basis. Since every PE challenge has back-to-back, daily tasks for either 21 days or 30 days, every time I run a challenge, my 21 days or 30 days for the month would revolve around writing the material, getting the tasks up in time, overseeing the participants’ daily progress, ensuring everything is going smoothly (site-wise, individual participant-wise and group-dynamics wise), and nudging the community in a positive direction.

And then even when the challenge ends, I never get much of a breather, because the tying up of one challenge would immediately lead to a new one for the next month (partly due to readers’ requests), which would require me to quickly conceptualize, create, and market the new challenge before 1st of the month arrives.

I know for sure that the direction moving forward with PE Challenges segment includes: (a) empowerment of you, the readers/participants, in taking leadership of your life (which is what has been happening with the past challenges)  (b) subsequently, initiative in taking action on improving specific areas of your life even without the official challenges (via the journaling platform on the forums) (c) eventually, ongoing challenges run by PE readers, for the PE community. I would definitely step in every now and then to run a challenge that I’m passionate about, but otherwise I do not see the same level of heavy involvement I’ve been putting in the past 1 year (I see that as necessary to get the new initiative up and going, but doing this in the long-term will only be stifling the growth potential of the community.)

I think we have definitely been moving in this direction the past few months. Especially with the conversion of PE Forums to a journaling platform. It’s a huge step in the right direction, and I’m very excited to see how things evolve to next. Obviously the pace at which this happens depends a lot on the PE community now and whether we’re ready to cross the chasm, but it’s more a matter of time and not something I’m worried about.

My April/May Plans

While I slowly work towards the long-term vision for PE Challenges, my priorities for the immediate period are to work on a new book (yes!!), establish The Celes Show into a leading video channel for personal growth, and get back to creating great content on PE (subsequently expanding its reach). I have a lot of exciting things planned and I can’t wait to share them with you guys one by one. More in due time!

Create Your Journals Now!

So that’s it for the announcement! Register your account at the Personal Excellence Forums if you haven’t, create your journal in the respective forum, and get started with your goals!

You can create your own X-day / X-week / X-month challenge or make it an ongoing journal (i.e. no end period) – whatever works best for you. Read the other members’ journals and support them in their journey as well.

If you have any questions or problems regarding how to use the forums or create your journal, let me know via the comments section here or directly at the Feedback and Help Box sub-forum.

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