How To Make Your Window *Always* Stay on Top of Other Windows [Video Tutorial]

Always on Top Utility

Have you ever wished there’s a way for some windows to stay on top of others? Wouldn’t that be more productive than just switching back and forth between windows whenever you want to compare data, copy and paste information, or even watch a Youtube video while working?

Well, now you can! :) Following the popularity of my Texter tutorial, this is my new video tutorial to help you be more productive at the computer:

(If you’re unable to see the video above, watch it via this link:

  • Download Always on Top: 
  • (Right click the link and click “Save as” to save the file to a specified folder on your desktop. I do not own Texter nor did I create it; I’m merely providing a copy for your ease of downloading.)

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Want to see more video tutorials like this? Let me know in the comments section on Youtube! :) Thanks!

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  • joker159

    ha, people tend to say hey, linux is way behind windows, oh my G ! you need to install a sofware for such a simple option :)
    this function is native on Linux ubuntu os, I use it for about 7 years now :)
    yeah and it’s very practical :)

    • Celestine Chua

      I don’t know about people saying that Linux is behind Windows; I personally use Windows because that’s the first OS I’ve learned to use and I just don’t see any significant reason to switch. I personally don’t know much about it but from what I gather, it’s not exactly first-choice option for people who are not very tech savvy (and there are many of such people in the world). Different OSes simply fit different needs I guess.

      And yes, this function is indeed very practical!

      • joker159

        Yes Celesting, i grew up with windows too, used it for about 10years & wanted to know if the grass is more greener in the other side and yes it is ! (linux* indeed!)
        well, i understand that you don’t care :)), the status quo is very comfurtable :)
        it’s bizarre that sometimes we learn So much more; particularly in domain that we don’t seem to care at the beginning :)

        well, I won’t tell You that learning new thing is the best thing in life because You know it better than anyone else here :)
        and of course as the best thing in life it’s free* :)

        ps: my english is not perfect as you can see it, that’s probably because I’m French :) who don’t speak English of course :(

  • Charles Cave

    Looks very useful! That was an excellent how to video. I wonder if control space is a keyboard shortcut in photoshop? I will try the program today.

    • Celestine Chua

      Thanks Charles Cave!! :) I don’t know about that; I personally haven’t used that shortcut in PS before. Plus it doesn’t work for Sony Vegas Pro too so my only guess is that it doesn’t work for resource-intensive software — but that’s just my only guess. Not that it impedes on the functionality of Always on Top though; it’s awesome!!

  • Miss Elf

    This is GREAT, I mean really great! I am clicking back and forth between open windows a lot (copy-pasting data). I am very excited and happy now :)
    There is just one thing about Always on top: I can not have open two windows of Office Excel at the same time…
    I also love Texter! Thank you and yes I would like to see more video tutorials like this :)

    • Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you Miss Elf!! :) I’m glad you have found these video tutorials helpful! I’ll definitely be on the lookout to see what new ones I can make. I’m considering making one on Dropbox and tips to maximize usage of it.

      Can you tell me more about the thing with Excel? Do you mean that you can’t float two excel windows at the same time? If so, I suppose you can have one excel window in the background and another floating — or do you want to float TWO excel windows on top of a totally different background?

      • Miss Elf

        On my computer at work I wanted to have one excel window in the background and another floating (so I could copy-paste data from one into another) – but I could not do so: one excel was floating and when I wanted to open another excel in the background, it opened in a floating window. I hope you know what I am trying to say :) Now I tried the same thing on my computer at home and it worked. Maybe I did something wrong on computer in the office – I will try again on monday.

  • Appu Srva

    Hi Celes… This is very helpful. :) I’ve been following your blog from 2 years. I love the images, which you use for your posts. Can I know from where do you buy them? And do you know any source from which we can download free images to use in blogs?

    • Celestine Chua

      Hey Appu, thanks for your support! :) Your question is not related to the post but I’ll answer them here anyway: you can get the images from (which requires purchase) or look for creative commons 2.0 images on (attribution and link back required). I share more of such details on blogging in my Blogging Success Program: Hope that helps. :)

      • Appu Srva

        Thank you Celes for your detailed reply… :) I’ll follow that. :)

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