Catch me on 938LIVE, this Tuesday, 2-3pm, on The WOW Club! (Dec 11)


Just a quick announcement to share that I’ll be on 938 LIVE this Tuesday, Dec 11, on The WOW Club hosted by the very lovely Michelle Martin! :D WOW stands for Women of Worth and this is where Michelle interviews inspirational women who have great stories and lessons to share. This is my first time on WOW segment and I’m very excited that Michelle has invited me to be on the show!

This will be my fifth time on 938 LIVE, with the first time being in 2009 where I was on The Living Room (hosted by Stanley Leong), second time this year on Slice of Life (by Eugene Loh), and third and forth times last month on They are Making a Difference (by Daniel Martin) for the 14-Day Kindness Challenge. (Not sure if Daniel and Michelle are related since they have the same last names?)

The segment will air from 2–3pm, Singapore time (GMT +8). Equivalent timings:

  • PST: 10-11pm, Dec 10 (Mon)
  • EST: 1-2am, Dec 11 (Mon)
  • UTC / GMT +0: 6-7am, Dec 11 (Tue)

It will be a talk show, free-flow format. I’ll sharing about my story, difficulties I faced in my journey at the beginning, how I overcame them, and what you should do to succeed in your personal endeavors. :D

For those in Singapore, tune in through radio 93.8FM. For those not in Singapore, you can still listen to the show! Simply login to the 938LIVE radio page during the day/time itself, and you’re set!

>> Link to listen to 938LIVE

Remember to block the date/time in your calendar — Tuesday, Dec 11, 2–3pm, Singapore time. Catch you guys then! ;)

Update Dec 11, ’12: The interview is now over! I had a really great time speaking with Michelle today and she has created the space for me to pack as much value as possible within the 1-hour interview (about 25 minutes minus commercials and traffic reports). You can listen to the podcast in our podcasts section.

938LIVE Interview with Michelle Martin

With Michelle Martin outside 938 LIVE studio

Special thanks to 938LIVE for allowing me to share the recording link on the site. Hope you guys will find it useful! :) I certainly enjoyed my time with Michelle!

  • Bob

    Congratulations Celes,

    Before you know it you’ll have your own radio show!

    • Celes

      Hey Bob, that would be fantastic if it happens! :) Thanks for your support!

      • Bob

        Sounding Good Celes!

        Try this link as the one’s above don’t work for me:

        • Celes

          Hey Bob! Weird that the link didn’t work for you-I’m glad you managed to find an alternative! Hope you found the segment useful today. :D There has been some positive comments coming in from readers who caught the segment, so I’m personally just glad that some of you managed to catch the segment and find it meaningful!

          • Bob

            Thank you Celes,
   have a good free radio app as well, with which can listen to many stations live.
            You were delightful to listen to, I enjoyed the three segments that I heard, especially the examples of your two students. I found you a little nervous to start but you just got better and better, by the end of the last segment your voice quality was the best I’ve ever heard! I liked how you wrapped up with with the 80/20 list of priorities.
            Would it be possible to download this broadcast from your iTunes’s podcast feed? The widget doesn’t work with apple.
            I look forward to hearing more radio from you Celes.

            • Celes

              Hey Bob, that was weird you found me nervous! This was probably one of the calmest interviews I’ve been ever done. Interviews have kinda become a mainstay in my schedule that I look forward to every week / every other week now.

              I actually thought (after playing back on my recording yesterday) that I sounded way too morose. I hope people didn’t feel like I was distanced and could still relate to what I was saying during the show though.

              You can listen / download the recording from my podcast player on the podcasts page. It’s up for download there now. :D In case you’ve never checked out the podcast player, it actually includes selected interviews from my past too which you can download there. Your iTunes comment reminded me that the radio interviews on my podcasts page aren’t listed on the feed. I’ve integrated them so you should see them pop up on your iTunes feed as well.

              Thanks for your kind words and for tuning in! I appreciate your kind support. :D It was great fun speaking with Michelle and I’d say she’s actually one of the most sincere and rigorous hosts I’ve ever met, with the way she tried to work with me to get as much information/value onto the show without letting broadcast technicalities get in the way.

              • Bob

                Michelle gave you an excellent interview which was due to her choice of guest, her skill of asking the right questions, having a larger amount of time, hence flexibility to find the qualities in women. She has trained herself to bring out certain characteristics to identify with her audience.
                Every radio station/program has a target audience hence the amount of time & pressure on the dj’s is different.

                Concerning your voice Celes, I think that how we perceive what we sound like is sometimes slightly different to how we actually sound. When I used a microphone on a public address system (a long time ago) I found that I had to modulate my voice by speaking slightly slower than normal and rounding my words.
                By rounding your voice Celes, you with allow the audience more time to hook/receive your message, Dj’s and actors alter the sound quality of their voice to project it. When listening to you on KissFM, I observed the sound waves of your voice with their graphic equaliser Celes and noticed your ebb and flow was not as smooth as the Dj’s. I love your energy and enthusiasm and this will still come across, but the package will be more powerful.

                • Bob

                  P.S. I don’t think you sounded to morose at all. I think it is now finding the right balance between your speed of delivery, your voice modulation and most importantly your message.
                  Thank you Celes for putting your recordings on iTunes, I am going to listen with interest.

                • Celes

                  Thanks for your input Bob! I’ll consider it for future interviews. My end goal is to just be myself and concentrate on the message I’m delivering, while ensuring that the way I deliver do not distract or prevent people from understanding me or getting the message. To be honest, I tend not to concern myself with technicalities of delivery; for example with public speaking, I’m pretty sure that I probably defy half the do’s and don’ts list of what people would learn in Toastmasters (I have no idea; I don’t take Toastmasters, but off the top of my head would be things like speaking fast, walking around rapidly in the room sometimes, certain delivery preferences, etc.), but it does not stop the participants from enjoying the sessions and repeatedly signing up for followup workshops without fail (which I set as one of the key metrics on whether I’ve connected with the audience).

                  I think my personal issue with trying to conform with a certain delivery is that the speakers/messengers/etc. become cookie cutter deliverers with no edge, no personality, nothing that distinguishes between them and others. Basically they all sound the same, and they really do. I have seen this happen again and again with many speakers or ‘personalities'; these people do not appeal to me and I don’t follow them nor care too much about what they have to share. On the other hand, there are some really world renowned individuals who probably, again, defy the usual do’s and don’ts of public speaking/delivery, yet people turn to them again and again because that’s how they actually connect, by being different and being themselves.

                  An example that come to mind is Ellen Degeneres – anyone who has watched her show before would know she says a HUGE number of ‘uhs’ ‘uhms’ ‘ahs’ during her shows for some reason (probably seen as a huge booboo and nono in hosting and public speaking). I guess Ellen could always easily chop them out of her delivery (she is a highly successful and seasoned host, I’m pretty sure she can alter her delivery method in whatever way she wants), but somehow she just chooses not to do so. While I had very initially thought it was strange, I grew to like that and embrace that as simply part of her and what makes her different from others. And that has not stopped her (or if you could say, might have even be part of the reason of her success) from being one of the biggest talk show hosts on planet earth! She works and she ticks with others because she is simply her and she isn’t “manicured” and “sleek” like 10,000 other hosts/speakers. I’m pretty sure if she isn’t successful, people training her would probably have tried to buff her down in her delivery, iron out her idiosyncratic mannerisms and try to turn her into cookie cutter material, and that would probably have not allowed her to be as relatable and as successful as she is today.

                  I totally love your input and what you have to share Bob, just airing my thoughts out loud to the general audience regarding this topic here! I hope you don’t think that I’m trying to deny your input. I just want to stress that my intention isn’t to master delivery techniques or sound the same like professional DJs, trainers, etc., but simply to focus on personality, message, and value of the message, while ensuring the delivery does not get in the way (which it has in the past and I have since worked and am continuing to work on it).

                  I appreciate all kinds of input people give me regarding delivery and how they think I should deliver, but at the end of the day, sometimes they (not referring to yours here) are also more reflections of what they think something should be delivered/done but may not necessarily be what’s truly helpful to relate to other people. I’ve gotten some pretty drastic opinions like I should change my accent, I should intentionally pause between certain words, I should speak in a higher pitch voice (I’m serious), I should speak in a lower pitch voice, I should take an English speech class (I think this was coming from someone who had little exposure to international accents rather than anything else though), and all kinds of weird opinions, and if I integrated all of them I would do better not to talk at all! The onus is then on me to personally filter the input I receive and assess if it’s in line with what I want to do for myself; if it does I’ll gladly take it and integrate it, if not I usually put it aside.

                  My conclusion is just that I’ll deliver it the way that feels right to me; everything else is just noise in the system and not something that I personally concern myself too much with. If people give me feedback after each delivery telling me that I have impacted their lives and they have been touched by what I have shared, then I consider my job done. I do not wish to change to fit individual preferences on how I should sound; I think delivery is a part of my individual identity and just something I want to do naturally as part of me, and not something that I modify deliberately because it can wind up like just another cookie in the jar or like a manicured professional/robot.

                  (By the way, I’m not too sure what you mean by ’rounding’ voice? If you can elaborate on that that would be great Bob! :) )

                • Bob

                  Hey Celes,

                  Rounding your voice means just changing the pronunciation fractionally to make the word sounds clearer.

                  I agree with you 100% Celes, that you should keep your unique accent. It is this distinction that gives the beauty of the individual. I love to hear the sounds of different accents whether they are strong Scottish, American, French, German, Chinese, Asian, African and so on. We can all feel when someone is genuine and speaks from the heart, it is this that makes the true connection at the end of the day.

                • Bob

                  An extra information about rounding, what I mean is that by observing the audience (if possible) you see whether or not they have understood what you have said. I worked with Americans and there are some big differences on how I would pronounce words in English and by lengthening or emphasising certain words the message passed smoothly.

  • Christina

    That’s awesome, Celes! Have a great time :)

    • Celes

      Thanks Christina! :D I will!

  • Felice

    Hi Celes
    Yes, I heard you on the radio today, very inspirational., especially removing blockages. ! Thanks for the sharing!!

    • Celes

      Aw, thank you so much for your kind words Felice! :) I’m glad you enjoyed the segment and found it valuable!

  • Elton

    Hi Celes, have heard of your interview 938 live just now, very meaningful explanation of how you mention of productivity concepts, sharing your authenticity on blog which differentiates you from others. Nice sharing :)

    • Celes

      Thanks for your kind words Elton! I really appreciate it. :D I’m glad you managed to catch the segment despite your busy schedule too!

  • Celes

    By the way guys, have updated the post with the link to download the audio interview, courtesy of 938 LIVE themselves. If any of you missed the interview and you are interested to hear what we discussed, you can download and listen to it offline. Thanks 938 LIVE for allowing me to share the recording link on PE! :D

  • Jacintha

    It was my first time listening to your sharing but it is indeed an ear-listening experience. Really insightful and helpful thanks.

    • Celes

      Aw thank you for your kind words Jacintha! :D I’m really glad you got to tune in and you found the interview helpful! :D

  • Patrick

    Hi Celes , heard your radio interview and thank you for your valuable information it is very helpful.

    • Celes

      Hi Patrick, thanks for your kind words! :D