Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program (30DLBL)

Update 25 Nov ’10: The 30DLBL Program is officially launched and we have over 200 copies sold in less than 2 weeks of launch! Get your copy now! THANK YOU for all your support, and especially those who intentionally stayed up just so you can be the first 20 buyers to get the book! I’m look forward to a journey of growth, love and excellence for all of us together!

Update Dec ’13: Nearly 1,000 copies sold and thousands of lives changed, never to be the same again!! Thank you everyone for your wonderful support, and feel free to post any questions you may have below. I’ll get to you shortly. Thanks! :)

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

“ “Life changing” would be the short version. As far as personal development goes, this was explosive.” – Isaak, 30DLBL participant

“This experience was the most extraordinary, most rewarding thing I ever done and its results overcame all my expectations. THANK YOU.” – Andreea, 30DLBL participant

“Participating in this 30 Day challenge has been a really amazing experience and journey. In these 30 days, I have discovered and rediscovered myself on a new level, reached a new level of awareness, learned new things. The biggest thing for me is 30DLBL opened my eyes and mind in a new way, in more depth. You brought so many meaningful tasks in one place. They are all useful. The 30DLBL is over, but I view this challenge as the new beginning of my personal growth.” – Qin Tang, 30DLBL participant

Hey everyone! :D

Many of you might recall our life changing challenge, 30 Days To Live a Better Life, which was conducted a few months ago at the blog. Over 1,200 participants signed up officially, plus more who participated on a passive basis. Every day for 30 days straight in September, we had to do the assigned task for the day, a task which would help us live a better life. The tasks were deep. They opened our eyes to a new part about ourselves. They required us to dig deep and discover ourselves on a whole new level.

Throughout the course of the challenge, many lives were changed, never to be the same again. Every participant who followed through the challenge emerged more conscious, directed and self-aware, all ready to take on the next stage in life.

Today, I’m proud to say that after weeks of hard work, the full 30DLBL Program , complete with the guideboook, workbook and lifetime membership pass, is finally available for pre-order!! Now you can do 30DLBL by yourself or together with your friends and family, in your own time and place!

Check out the full scope of 30DLBL, complete with the program details, screenshots, testimonials, and purchase details, in the 30DLBL Section.

Why Get 30DLBL

Whether you have done 30DLBL before or not, it’s a definite must-buy. 30DLBL is your critical tool to jump-start your growth and discover yourself on a whole new level.

Those of you who have done and completed 30DLBL have gotten tremendous benefits in those 30 days. With the 30DLBL Program, now you have all the tasks, tools and information in 1 handy book to guide you through the whole program. Not only that, the 30DLBL Program is a life-time investment in itself. Each time you do it, you will discover new things about yourself. It’s a program that can be done every 6 months or a year, for the rest of your life, and you’ll always learn something new each time. This makes it one of the best personal growth investments you can ever make.

For those who did 30DLBL halfway and didn’t manage to complete it for some reason or another, it’s your perfect chance to get started again. With this book at hand, you can do 30DLBL no matter how busy you are, in your time and space (you can take 2-days per task, 3-days per task or even longer if needed), and there is absolutely no time rush.

If you have never done 30DLBL before, I invite you to join in on the 30DLBL journey. The results and experiences of the users do not lie. Also, with 2010 soon coming to a close, it’s a perfect chance to do the 30DLBL program in upcoming Dec (that’s next month!) and kick off 2011 on a huge start!

By the way, Christmas is coming soon and you might want to consider getting this as gift for friends and family. The experience this can bring for them is invaluable. Many have already told me that they’re planning to buy the 30DLBL Program for their family and friends, and I believe it’ll be an exciting experience for them when they embark on 30DLBL themselves!

*Note that the 30DLBL material (both guidebook and workbook) will be in ebook form, pdf format. There isn’t a hard copy version as I’ve shared in the earlier update and in the forums.

I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and love into the 30DLBL Program. I really love how it has turned out and I believe you’ll love it too. Please let me know how you find the book once you get it!

Surf over to the official 30DLBL product page and get your copy there!

  • jackie paulson

    Where do I pre order this new book? Do I have to wait til the date you provided? I got your first book and I am so excited to get your new book. :lol:

    • Celes

      Thanks Jackie! :D Just bookmark this page and refresh come 21 Nov, 10am GMT +8 and the pre-order link will be up! Also if you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll get the pre-order announcement 1 hour before (meaning 21 Nov, 9am GMT +8) and you can pre-order from the link provided in the email :D

      Thanks a lot for your support, I really appreciate it! ♥ Let me know if you have any other questions too.

    • Jackie Paulson

      :wink: I put in for my order yesterday 11-20-2010. Thanks celes.

      • Celes

        Thanks a lot Jackie! :D Your order came in after the 20 pre-orders so you’ll be getting your copy on 25 November. That’ll be in time for a 30DLBL in Dec :D Let me know how you find the book after you get it!

  • Nikki

    It looks great!! :-D Cant wait to buy it!! :) :-D

  • Celes

    Hey Nikki, thanks a lot for your support! Do let me know how you find the book after you get it :D

  • Isabel

    Hey Celeste! I am interested in getting a copy! If it’s an ebook for the workbook, how will we be writing our results on the daily tasks?

    • Celes

      Hi Isabel! I’ll be sharing both the .odt (LibreOffice – free downloadable software like MS Word) and the .pdf version for the workbook. So for those who like to write their 30DLBL results in the computer, they can use the .doc version. If they prefer to write, they can easily print the .pdf. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions! :D

  • Mnemosyne

    Hi Celes… great work… i am actually thinking you might not finish it by Dec as I read some of your posts… but this is really timely because i want to apply the 30DLBL before new year… like i want to be a NEWLY IMPROVED ME by Jan 1…

    already reminded myself on my phone that i need to buy 10am on Sun lucky we have the same time :wink:

    Keep up the good work…

    • Celes

      Hey Mnemosyne, thanks so much for your support! It has been challenging as there’ve been a lot of other projects and engagements in the past 1-2 months, but I really wanted to get it out this month so a number of readers have said they wanted to get 30DLBL Book for their family / or do 30DLBL in December.

      By the way if you’re on the newsletter (, you’ll get the pre-order link in your mail 1 hour before! So if you live in Singapore that’ll be 9am :D

      • Mnemosyne

        i am on the newsletter and i already bought it… hopefully i am on the top 20….i live in the Philippines but i do usually visit Singapore 2-3 times a year for a week long visit… hope to get an appointment with you in 2011…

        keep up the good work… so excited to receive my 30dlbl..

        • Celes

          Hey Mnemosyne! Yes you are one of the first 20 buyers and I’ve sent the download details over :D Thanks a lot for getting a copy and I’d love to hear from you on how your 30DLBL goes!

          • Mnemosyne

            yes…i made it to top 20 :wink: so happy…but i am already sleeping at 12am :-|

            i am downloading it now… so excited to re-start… i actualy do some of the task before and i love them but since i got this… i want to do the full program…

            i will certainly keep you posted…

  • Deborah

    I am not seeing the price for your new book.

    • Celes

      The listed price of the full program (main book together with workbook) is $45USD. As a special for tpeb readers, there will be a promotional offer of 30% off when it’s up for pre-order this Sunday, which will be approx $30~USD.

  • Amit

    Hi Celes, wow the book looks great… I didn’t get to do 30DLBL earlier and have been waiting for your book to be out. Look forward to get a copy on Sunday :D

  • Qin Tang

    I am looking forward to your new book. Congratulations for completing this big project.
    I assume you take credit card and I don’t need to have a paypal or other third party account.

    • Celes

      Hi Qin Tang! I’m really glad and excited that the 30DLBL Book almost completed (I’m in amidst of finalizing the last parts of the book actually, which will be finished before the pre-order date). It turned out to be a much bigger project than I anticipated and I’m glad everything worked out the way it did :D

      You’re right – credit cards will be accepted and there’s no need to have a paypal / third party account. :D

  • Andy

    Hi Celes..

    It’s very wonderful that you have finished the 30DLBL book.. will buy it for sure :D

    • Celes

      Thanks a lot Andy for your support! :D I noticed you just got a copy of Personal Excellence Book too – thanks and will love to hear your feedback :D By the way, version 2 for PEBook is coming out in December (in conjunction with second anniversary site launch, which is 14 Dec) – it’ll be updated with latest versions of the posts + the best new posts in the past 4 months. Everyone who has bought PEBook will get the upgrade for free so stay tuned for it :)

      • Andy

        wow.. great!.. will definitely stay tuned for the upgrade then :D
        very great job Celes :)

        • Celes

          Thanks Andy! :D Much love to you and thanks for getting a copy! :D

  • Miss Guimba

    Oh, Celes! Congratulations on your book! I am sure that you’ve worked really hard to get this before December. Looking forward to having my hands on one. :mrgreen:

    • Celes

      Thanks a lot Miss G! :D I’d love to hear your feedback after you get the book(s) (there’s going to be the guidebook and the workbook) :mrgreen: By the way, I hope all’s well at your side! ♥

  • lalaine

    hi celes, i want to order your book but i dont have a credit card right now and i am ordering from saudi arabia. is there a way on how i can send the money to you for the book??? i am super excited to read it..=) thanks! :wink: :wink:

    • Celes

      Hey lalaine! I just dropped you an email – let me know if you didn’t get it :D

      • lalaine

        hi celes,

        i didn’t get any emails..=(the only emails i got are the updates and feeds..from your site.=)

        • Celes

          Hey lalaine! Got your reply so I assume this comment is not relevant now :D Let me know which one works best for you :D

  • Heidi

    I’m with Deborah, I’d like to know how much it is going to cost so I can plan for this… :?:

    • Celes

      Hey Heidi, thanks for your question! The listed price of the full program (main book together with workbook) is $45USD. As a special for tpeb readers, there will be a promotional offer of 30% off when it’s up for pre-order this Sunday, which will be approx $30~USD, so do grab your copy then :D

  • J.D. Meier

    It sounds like powerful stuff.

    I’m a fan of monthly themes and picking a month to trade up for a better life seems like a perfect focus.

    • Celes

      Thanks J.D. :D You’re right – the changes that will come from just the 1 month is incomparable, as the participants have attested to in the previous 30DLBL run. It’s quite amazing how much our lives can change in 30 days just by directing our efforts in the right places.

  • Farnoosh

    Celes, I remember following the blog with the 30 day challenge you had even though I didn’t officially participate (shame on me! :oops:) but I remember getting also the emails and they were full of amazing ideas….transformational really for a month of anyone’s life – so congratulations on this great book – the cover design and worksheets and the entire page layout is very appealing and the content looks FANTASTIC! I am very very excited for you and will be sharing this with my friends and peeps!!!

    • Celes

      Thanks Farnoosh! I’m really very happy with how it turned out and I’m excited that it’s going live soon. Thanks for your support – I appreciate it!

  • Francisco

    Hi Celes,

    Congrats about the launching of your book, I certanly give it a look, just 1 question ¿Are the same topics tha were covered in the 30 day challenge happened in Septmeber? ´cause if they are I think everybody should get a copy, is just one of the most valuable handwritten stuff that I´ve seen in a long time!!

    See ya!


    • Celes

      Hi Francisco, thank you! :D Many of the topics will be inside of 30DLBL Book, with new tasks too. I have selected the best topics from the original 30DLBL, took out the ones which were not so useful (in comparison) and created 6 new tasks to complete the new 30DLBL.

      Structurally it is similar to the original 30DLBL, but it has pretty much been a rewrite from start-to-finish, with task revisions, arrangements of tasks within 30DLBL to make it more coherent, more examples, more information (for example the task on Values now comes with a Values list of nearly 200 values, plus the gratitude task comes with a sample gratitude list too), so I highly recommend everyone get a copy. The addition of the workbook also makes it extremely easy to get going with the program. Not to mention it has a life-time value since it’s to be done over and over again. All future 30DLBL runs will be based on the one in the book.

      • Francisco


        Love it Celes, awesome work, I can´t wait to see all the new features ´cause I have to be Honest, I think I could have done it better in September (I know I don´t have to be that perfectionist…..I´m working on it! hahahahaah :roll: ….
        Second chance for me :-P

        I´ll be in Brasil for work the day of the launch, so I´ll chek the timezones and everyhing.

        Cool stuff Celes! Keep rocking it!!!

        Francisco. :mrgreen:

        • Celes

          Fantastic, thanks Francisco! :D I’m excited to hear your feedback when you get the book! Let me know if you have anymore questions! :mrgreen:

  • Ângelo

    hi celes :)
    i want to buy your ebook,but i dont have credit card
    how do i buy it?

    thank you


    • Celes

      Hey Angelo! Good to know it’s resolved on the card. You’ll get to download your copy on 25 Nov – Let me know how how your 30DLBL goes :D

  • Rudy Bautista

    I like your book and hope to have one.

    • Celes

      Hey Rudy, the pre-orders are live now so you can get your copy :D

  • jm

    Hi Celes, are you able to provide a better price if we ordered both Personal Excellence Book and the 30DLBL Book together? Thanks! :lol:

    • Celes

      Hey jm, thanks for your enquiry and interest! :D No bundle price unfortunately – the best prices are all on the site. If cashflow is a concern, I recommend you space out the orders (which is what one reader did) :D.

  • Imelda

    Hi Celes, I have just bought the book. Look forward to reading and working on it. :mrgreen:

    • Celes

      Hey Imelda! I got your order – Thanks a lot for your support :D You’ll get your copy on 25 Nov – do let me know how it goes for you! :D

  • ganesh

    Hi Celes,

    I was there right after receiving your email trying to submit payment while Credit card.
    It sends failure messages for both my card. Upon checking wiyh my banker.They claim paypal just tried to verify but did not submit for USD30 claim.

    Very sad with the transaction experience. I missed the changes to get your previous book. :roll:
    Anyway, do you have an alternative way to make payment ?

    Looking forward to work on my personal excellence.


    • Celes

      Hey Ganesh! Oh dear, that’s unfortunate :( Payment by a credit card or Paypal account are the 2 best options. Paypal method is to get a Paypal account, where you can directly withdraw money from your bank account. There you’ll have “cash” to make online purchases.

      What’s the specific error you got with paypal? There have been many readers who have made the purchase yesterday and today with Paypal, with no problem. Let me know!