Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program (30DLBL)

Update 25 Nov ’10: The 30DLBL Program is officially launched and we have over 200 copies sold in less than 2 weeks of launch! Get your copy now! THANK YOU for all your support, and especially those who intentionally stayed up just so you can be the first 20 buyers to get the book! I’m look forward to a journey of growth, love and excellence for all of us together!

Update Dec ’13: Nearly 1,000 copies sold and thousands of lives changed, never to be the same again!! Thank you everyone for your wonderful support, and feel free to post any questions you may have below. I’ll get to you shortly. Thanks! :)

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

“ “Life changing” would be the short version. As far as personal development goes, this was explosive.” – Isaak, 30DLBL participant

“This experience was the most extraordinary, most rewarding thing I ever done and its results overcame all my expectations. THANK YOU.” – Andreea, 30DLBL participant

“Participating in this 30 Day challenge has been a really amazing experience and journey. In these 30 days, I have discovered and rediscovered myself on a new level, reached a new level of awareness, learned new things. The biggest thing for me is 30DLBL opened my eyes and mind in a new way, in more depth. You brought so many meaningful tasks in one place. They are all useful. The 30DLBL is over, but I view this challenge as the new beginning of my personal growth.” – Qin Tang, 30DLBL participant

Hey everyone! 😀

Many of you might recall our life changing challenge, 30 Days To Live a Better Life, which was conducted a few months ago at the blog. Over 1,200 participants signed up officially, plus more who participated on a passive basis. Every day for 30 days straight in September, we had to do the assigned task for the day, a task which would help us live a better life. The tasks were deep. They opened our eyes to a new part about ourselves. They required us to dig deep and discover ourselves on a whole new level.

Throughout the course of the challenge, many lives were changed, never to be the same again. Every participant who followed through the challenge emerged more conscious, directed and self-aware, all ready to take on the next stage in life.

Today, I’m proud to say that after weeks of hard work, the full 30DLBL Program , complete with the guideboook, workbook and lifetime membership pass, is finally available for pre-order!! Now you can do 30DLBL by yourself or together with your friends and family, in your own time and place!

Check out the full scope of 30DLBL, complete with the program details, screenshots, testimonials, and purchase details, in the 30DLBL Section.

Why Get 30DLBL

Whether you have done 30DLBL before or not, it’s a definite must-buy. 30DLBL is your critical tool to jump-start your growth and discover yourself on a whole new level.

Those of you who have done and completed 30DLBL have gotten tremendous benefits in those 30 days. With the 30DLBL Program, now you have all the tasks, tools and information in 1 handy book to guide you through the whole program. Not only that, the 30DLBL Program is a life-time investment in itself. Each time you do it, you will discover new things about yourself. It’s a program that can be done every 6 months or a year, for the rest of your life, and you’ll always learn something new each time. This makes it one of the best personal growth investments you can ever make.

For those who did 30DLBL halfway and didn’t manage to complete it for some reason or another, it’s your perfect chance to get started again. With this book at hand, you can do 30DLBL no matter how busy you are, in your time and space (you can take 2-days per task, 3-days per task or even longer if needed), and there is absolutely no time rush.

If you have never done 30DLBL before, I invite you to join in on the 30DLBL journey. The results and experiences of the users do not lie. Also, with 2010 soon coming to a close, it’s a perfect chance to do the 30DLBL program in upcoming Dec (that’s next month!) and kick off 2011 on a huge start!

By the way, Christmas is coming soon and you might want to consider getting this as gift for friends and family. The experience this can bring for them is invaluable. Many have already told me that they’re planning to buy the 30DLBL Program for their family and friends, and I believe it’ll be an exciting experience for them when they embark on 30DLBL themselves!

*Note that the 30DLBL material (both guidebook and workbook) will be in ebook form, pdf format. There isn’t a hard copy version as I’ve shared in the earlier update and in the forums.

I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and love into the 30DLBL Program. I really love how it has turned out and I believe you’ll love it too. Please let me know how you find the book once you get it!

Surf over to the official 30DLBL product page and get your copy there!

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