21DJC Day 19 – What Words Best Describe You?

This is Day 19 of the 21-Day Journaling Challenge (21DJC) for Nov 2011. View list of tasks: 21DJC Overview.

Hi everyone – Welcome to Day 19 of 21DJC! :) We now have 2 days left till the end of the challenge!

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Day 18 Review

Yesterday’s question was: “What Matters Most To You?“. (Read the responses.)

What matters most to me? For sure, growing and helping others to grow is the most important thing to me. It’s after all my life purpose. :)

My parents matter a lot to me too. They are the ones who brought me to this world and cared for me, even till this day. There wouldn’t be a me today if it wasn’t for them. And even though we don’t communicate much, that doesn’t mean we aren’t important to each other. We express our love to each other differently than most do.

My goals and dreams matter a lot to me. Pursuing them is part of living my life to the fullest. I defend them fiercely from anyone or anything that gets in the way. To hold me back from pursuing my goals is akin to locking me in a cafe and taking my life away from me.

People matter a lot to me. While this is probably obvious given my life purpose, it became apparent during my travels. I found that no matter what country I was in, it wasn’t the sites or sights that excited me. It was meeting new people, getting to know them, and making meaningful connections. To me, knowing someone new is an adventure. I would much rather do that than check out some building or rock which plays no role in my life and which I will probably never see again.

When I’m hanging out with someone, I like to know about their background, understand their motivations in life, and absorb everything they have to share. I feel there’s always something to learn from everybody – it’s like we’re each a walking encyclopedia, except that we’re more powerful than an encyclopedia because we have the ability to think and synthesize thoughts.

Love matters to me. I think to live a life with no love is akin to not having lived at all. Love is what sets apart living beings from non-living things. Love is the most powerful force in all of universe. History has shown, time and again, of how people are able to accomplish things greater than themselves, driven by love – be it love for a certain cause, love for other beings, love for the world, love for anything. (By love, I mean all kinds of love, and not just romantic love.)

With that said, let’s now move to today’s question!

21DJC Day 19

Today is the 3rd last day of 21DJC, and the 3rd last question of the challenge. Today’s question is:

What Words Best Describe You?

Describe Yourself

If you are to describe yourself, what words would you use? And why? (Feel free to cover anything from physical appearance, to your character traits, to your values and life beliefs.)

(Today’s question can be found in #6 of 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself In Life. For those who have Personal Excellence Book Volume 1, read Discover Your Values, where you get to uncover your values via a simple exercise.)

Put on your reflection cap and let your thoughts flow. Below is an empty form which you can use to write your answers to the question. Treat it as your private 21DJC journaling “room”, if you will. You will be seeing this form every day, for the 21 days of the challenge. There’s a button for you to keep track of your word count too, if you’re interested.

(Note you will not see the form below if you’re viewing this in your email client. Visit the actual post online to see the form.)

What Words Best Describe You?

Your Task Today:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question. There’s no word limit – whether minimum or maximum. Write as few or as many words as you want. It’s all up to what you want to express!
  2. Share your answer. After you are done writing, copy and paste your answer in the comments area and post it there.
  3. Check out other participants’ answers. Other participants will be sharing their answers too, so feel free to read and reply to their answers. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days.
Look forward to reading your answers! :D
  • Fiat

    I’ll describe my self with the word: Happy


  • Kamal

    “HONEST” and “JOLLY”

    “Honest” and “Jolly” are the two words which describe me the best.

    Being Honest to myself and to the world gives me a satisfaction from deep inside. :) It really feels great to be Honest. :)

    As my nature is very jolly, I get mix with everyone….most of them always tells me that “you are a jolly and lovable person”. Obviously being lovable makes me proud of myself. :)

  • May


    I am stubborn in anything I want, anything I want to achieve, and well, anything I can be stubborn on.

  • http://avene.org Glenn

    What words best describe me?

    This will be a short journal entry for me, and will only include words I believe best describe me. I’m sure if my wife were asked the same question about me, it would be a completely different story :) So here goes:


    There are more I’m sure, but these are all I can think of first thing in the morning. :mrgreen:

  • http://visualizefitness.tumblr.com/ Ivona

    In the book Eat, Pray, Love there is a chapter where Elizabeth talks about the concept that everybody and everything has a word that can describe it’s essence. Just one single word. I was intrigued by that idea and so I thought what would be my word?
    I had a few ideas, they were good, but not good enough. And than I tought that maybe if I can’t yet define myself with one word for a whole lifetime, I can find a word that describes this phase of my life.
    I found that word easily. It’s GROWTH.
    Growth means becoming a better me. Growth means expanding my knowledge and my capabilities. It also means gaining new experiences. Growth means growing up,in the sense of being more mature. Growth means…expanding myself in every sense (well, except in physical sense, in that sense I need to shrink down a bit :) )

    My other motto is (don’t laugh!) > Beauty,brains & fun<. It describes aspects that are important in my life right now:
    BEAUTY is …well, it has some power in itself. I want to be beautiful and noticed by the opposite sex. I love flirting, I am not quick into going further than that, but I love flirting and teasing boys… It is also about being in nice surrounding, about fashion, about being hedonistic, and about a beautiful figure – eating healthy and exercising and taking care of my body.
    BRAINS are because I am nerdy in a way :) I am someone who actually loves school. Learning new stuff that many would say those are useless information. I am amazed by science and even more amazed by nature. I love reading. I enjoy a good conversation. I just get pleasure by being intelligent on one part (Mensa certified that), and having the knowledge on the other. It is one thing I am sure off and one I am proud about, and a thing that nobody can take away from me. It is actually something that makes me arrogant at times. :/
    FUN was added to my original beauty&brains motto, because this is the best time in my life to really have fun. I am a freshman in college, and I am pretty much carefree. I have lot of time to hang out with friends, go out, experience new things, do something crazy if I want to…

    TRUE TO SELF are the words I would use to describe my character in the shortest possible way. Because I don't believe in pretending and fakin' it, and trying to be something else than yourself. That way you're kidding yourself more than you do other people, I believe in improving yourself.

    So that's it. There are any words to describe my character, traits, physical appearance, but these 5 describe me and my vision of life the best.

    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion

      You are a Mensa certified genius?

      Yes, I love beauty and brains.

      Right, I try to be myself, authentic. Intellectual and mystical….

    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion

      Science is the Spirituality of the Rational.

      • http://visualizefitness.tumblr.com/ Ivona

        Hey Prion :) Thanks for replying :) No, I don’t have that high IQ to be accepted at Mensa, they require a person to be in top 2% of the population, and I am in the top 8%. That is still considered to be above average so I am happy about that :)
        And I like the quote

    • Bob

      Hi Ivona,
      Roger Federer describes/summarises people in three words.

  • Laurel

    Optimistic, truthful, mellow, whimsical, dedicated, loyal, and patient!

  • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion

    loyal, devoted, passionate, quiet, serious, reserved, colorful, deep, rational, logical, scientific, impatient, proud, independent, dishonest, stubborn, foolish, caring, sweet, happy, sad, depressed, joyful, smart, ignorance, sinful, innocent, introspective, retrospective, head-in-the-clouds, verbose, intuitive, insightful, practical, foolish spender, kind, unkind, rebellious, iconoclast, honest, wise, stupid, truth-seeker, good listener, selfish, poor listener, thoughtful, contemplative, pensive, whimsical, feminine, mysterious, tom-boyish, imaginative, creative, wistful, jealous, admiring, thankful, ungrateful, growing, perceptive, loving, distant, private, open, introvert, outgoing, shy, moody, intellectual, purple. clean, tidy, neat, meticulous, care-free, sometimes worrying, hardworking, diligent, lazy, right, wrong, thoughtless, forgetful, sincere, authentic, and genuine…………………

    it doesn’t matter, because no one’s going to read this.

    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion

      Mystical, and spiritual…complex…

    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion


    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion

      Sometimes funny.

    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion

      rude, romantic, sorry, sweetheart.

    • http://polycrystallinelace.wordpress.com Prion


    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hi Prion, you’ve posted 6 entries so far for today’s question, which is quite excessive. Please kindly consolidate your answers in 1 entry so as not to clutter up the comments. Thank you.

      I’ve moved all your comments to today’s task under your first comment so other participants can refer easily.

  • Tiffany

    Words my friends would use: Awesome, crazy, freaky, funny, fun, “Tiffilicious” XD
    My words: Shy, distant, caring
    Of course these words change depending on the situation. Lol

  • Mary Jane Hoover

    forgiving and unconditional acceptance. I always try to see the soul people rather than what they look like. I tend to read the heart. Creative and eccentric. I want to be memorable, if only to myself.

  • lotusbleu


    • Barry


      You are Succinct also.

      Here are some unsolicited comments, I hope you don’t mind.

      Is this a “funk” you are in now, or is / has this been your continued state for a long period?

      When I am jaded it means my optimism has been pushed to the way back, by frustrations over worldly matters – some of those matters are important and real, some less so.

      Yet I’ve found that my negative energy at that time does nothing to “solve the worlds problems” and does nothing to make me feel better. I “find peace” – by stepping back, and letting go of the negativity that I am allowing to flow through me – Letting go through prayer, meditation and appreciation of simple beauty.

      One thing about “Jaded” – if you keep feeding it, it won’t go away.

      Of course all of the foregoing assumes that “jaded” is a state in which one might not want to stay. Yet if it is actually what you really want and you’ve got it – then you are fulfilled, until what you really want changes.

  • Kimberly

    If I could pick a few words that I think describe me, I would choose:

    Patient, Honest, Optimistic, Creative, and Loving.

  • MeganF.

    The WORDS best describe me are: compassionate, caring, kind, trustworthy, sensitive, considerate, understanding, creative, smart but impatient and extravagant. This is not easy for me to assess myself but I have to accept that these are the honest positive and negative words about me.

  • Anu

    This one is easy- my word would be Sunshine Kid, because that is my nickname!

    There are other words, too like charming, optimistic, smiling, smart-worker! But nothing comes close like my nickname.

  • Charles

    Observant, intuitive, adventuresome, playful, dreamer, lover, mostly happy, always seeking to experience more of everything.

  • J

    Godly, Christian, cerebral, analytical, spiritual, curious, philosophical, responsible, loving, organized (wasn’t always :) ), deep-thinking, caring, adventurous, trusting (too trusting), tired, happy, positive, strict, kind/generous, forgetful, anxious, semi-jaded, reliable, humorous, exacting, not into following rules and norms.

  • Viole


  • Iva

    What Words Best Describe Me?


  • Raven

    Wow, that list could be long if you just go with free association….

    Quarky, Eclectic, determined, tenacious, sympathetic , adventurous and cowardly, giving, strong willed, sarcastic, realist, organized, loving, compassionate, student of life, fighter, blessed, creative, wimpy, verbose, phobic, transitional, metamorphosis, curious, fun-size, loyal, guarded, lucky, hopeful, loved, silly, exhausted, foodie, wine lover, Puerto Rican, unique, imaginative, young at heart….

    really it could go on and on both good and bad :)

    • http://love-whisperer.blogspot.com/ Asni

      I like being silly and young at heart. I’m with you here! :mrgreen:

    • http://www.photoblog.com/karmankwarner Karman Warner

      I like Quarky~that is such a fun word. :dance:

      • Raven

        It’s even fun to say!!! : D

  • Taffi

    I am not sure if the answer to this is what i want the words describing myself to be….or what they currently are! Here is the wish list

    -With integrity
    -Loving, Kind, Caring
    – Infectiously Happy
    – Hopeful
    – Vulnerable
    – Open minded
    – Growing
    – Humble
    – Seeker
    – Patient
    – Real

  • http://www.keoleny.wordpress.com Leny Keo

    The word that describe about me is creative, good, funny, soft, Independence, funny and growth. Those words design me today. Leny