Overview for Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days Challenge (Jan 2012 Run)

This is the overview page of Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days (21DHL) Challenge, Jan 2012 run.

Healthy Living Challenge

The Jan 2012 run for 21DHL was conducted in an exclusive sub-forum in the Personal Excellence Forums.

Below is the list of all the tasks for this run, as posted in 21DHL Official Tasks (Jan 2012) forum:

During 21DHL, our participants had their very own 21DHL journals, where they journaled their 21-day 21DHL journeys, including but not limited to their daily meals, caloric intake, exercise regimes, challenges and how they overcame them, daily insights, etc. Each journal contains a plethora of ideas and inspiration for your own healthy living journey.

Check out the group journals below (grouped by first letter of their usernames):

Image: Women running

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