21-Day Lifestyle Revamp Program – Day 1 Review

This is part of the 21-Day Lifestyle Revamp Program series.

Thanks so much to everyone who has signed up so far! The response has been very positive and more than I had anticipated (Honestly, I was half expecting I would be doing the trial by myself!). All of you should really give yourself a huge pat for taking action to change your life.

From reading your comments, I realized many of you are actually using the 21-Day Mega Trial to revamp your life, just like I am. I’m renaming the 21-Day Mega Trial as the 21-Day Lifestyle Revamp Program which is more adept :D.

This is just a quick update to let everyone know how I’m doing on the 21-Day Lifestyle Revamp Program :)

So today is Day 1. I woke up at 4:59am to my mobile phone alarm. I felt the initial grogginess but not wanting to give in, I sat on the bed and rested with my eyes closed. 1-2 minutes later, the grogginess was gone. I was up for the day. Habit #1 for Day 1, check 😀

I forgot how good it feels to wake up so early. After I was done washing up (I decided to do my skincare regimen in the morning as well as evenings), I was at my computer. Instead of instinctively clicking to my email and social media sites, I planned my day ahead, right down to scheduling the time for each task. While I have an ongoing project list which tells me what I need to do every day, it’s not planned down to the exact time. I suspect this is partly why I could never quite accomplish what I planned to do. I never factored in the realistic time commitment for each task.

Taking these 30 minutes to plan my day really helped to set my day in place. My task then was to religiously follow the timeline as planned. This was how my schedule today looked like:

  • 5-5:30am: Wash up (Habit #5)
  • 5:30-6am: Plan my day
  • 6-7am: Reply emails, post/reply messages on Facebook/Twitter
  • 7am: Prepare and set off for work (Habit #4 – Timeliness)
  • 7:30am-8:30am: Commute + Read book
  • 9am-12pm: Work (Habit #3)
  • 12:30pm-2pm: Meet ex-coachee for lunch
  • 2:30-6pm: Work (Habit #3)
  • 6:15pm: Set off for appointment (Habit #5 – Timeliness)
  • 7-9pm: Evening appointment
  • 9:30-10pm: Reach home, Rest, Wash up (Habit #5)
  • 10-11:30pm: Write post on Day-1 trial review and other miscellaneous work
  • 11:30pm: Meditate (Habit #6)
  • 12am: Sleep (Habit #2)

For the most part, I was true to the schedule. And I feel really terrific 😀 . I was early for all my appointments, I got a lot more done than usual and I was ahead of things. Throughout the day, I truly felt that I was steering the day. I haven’t felt this productive in a long while! I’ve no idea why it took me this long to get this going. In retrospect, I would love to have started this earlier.

One of the trial participants, Alexis, asked a very good question:

Can anyone explain the link between productivity and waking up early? Why would a person who wakes up at 6 am put in more work than somebody waking at 8am knowing they’re awake the same time each day?

I’d say the productivity comes largely from psychological feel-good factors from waking up early. Waking early = Feeling you are ahead of the work = Inspiration to work so that you stay ahead. Though there really are functional reasons too, such as quietness in the morning, early commute = not being stuck in traffic, etc. I wrote about them in Why I Wake Up Early (And 9 Reasons You Should Do So Too) – specifically Reasons #1-5.

In fact, I feel so good that I just added 2 more habits to my list, to a total of 8 new habits:

  • #7. Self-Enrichment: Read a book or listen to a podcast: Yesterday I was reading Superfreakonomics before I slept, and it reminded me of how I used to spend an hr or two immersing myself in these materials every night before I sleep. This is going into the trial too!
  • #8. Raw vegan diet: I’m a little apprehensive about this because I’ve done raw vegan last year and this trial needs proper planning – which I haven’t done since I didn’t expect to do this now. But my gut feel is telling me to go for it so I’m going to trust it and see how it goes 😀 . There is a good likelihood that this might get dropped halfway, and if it does I’ll take it as a good warm up for a full-fledged raw food diet come May. If it doesn’t then it’s a huge bonus 😀 .

A quickly review of my 9 habits for my lifestyle revamp program:

  1. Wake up at 5am. – Check
  2. Sleep no later than 12am. – Check
  3. Spend at least 6hrs / day on my blog-related work.– Check
  4. Timeliness: Being on time for my appointments.– Check
  5. Stick to my skincare regimen (morning+night).– Check
  6. Spirituality: Meditate every evening.– Check
  7. Self-Enrichment: Read a book or listen to a podcast.– Check
  8. Start raw vegan diet– Check

To those who have signed up (or are silently taking part), how’s your progress? If you have succeeded – That’s fantastic! If you haven’t met your Day-1 requirements, it’s okay. What’s most important is you learn what exactly happened that took you off. Then account for them accordingly in your plan and restart the next day. There’s no failure if you keep learning, improvising and you persist. The only failure is when you give up.

Do share with everyone on your progress. Let’s use the comments as a forum to update each other and keep each other going. I’ll be updating my progress via the comments as well, and will only use blog posting as part of a bigger update (e.g. mid-week or Week 1 update).

Those who are interested to join, you can still do so. Post your intention, habits you are going to cultivate and your plan in the original 21-Day Lifestyle Revamp Program.