#2013Countdown, #4: What are your biggest goals for 2013?

This is the question #4 of the 13-Day #2013Countdown Challenge as we count down to the year of 2013 as one PE community. The challenge is now over, but you can still read more about it and participate in your own time. Visit the overview page for all 13 countdown questions.

2013 Countdown Challenge

Welcome to Day 10 of the 2013 Countdown Challenge! :D

2013 Countdown, Question #4…

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Today’s question, question #4, is:

What are your biggest goals for 2013?

What are your biggest goals for 2013?

Put on your reflection cap and let your thoughts flow. Below is an empty form which you can use to write your answers to the question. Treat it as your self-reflection “room”.

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What are your biggest goals for 2013?

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  • Sejal

    1. Get back to the healthy lifestyle (balanced nutritious diet)
    2. Look for a new job/ Explore potential careers
    3. Draw everyday
    4. Practice speaking my mind
    5. Keep in touch with friends (get a life)
    6. Go out and meet new people
    7. Dance often
    8. Make a financial plan

    • jT

      I also hope I can draw everyday to express my creative ideas. :)

      • Sejal

        Oh cool! Another person with a drawing interest…
        Do you have a link to any of your existing sketches?
        I’d love to see them :)

        • jT

          I have already deleted my deviantart account. My drawing is just below average and it’s been a long time since I’ve drew :)

          • Sejal

            That’s too bad about your account. You should keep it even if you don’t upload regularly…. Its good for inspiration.

            Or maybe just start a thread here in PE forums for drawing. There will be a lot of people encouraging you…. me included!! :D

            • jT

              I’ll try drawing around next year and upload it here. Thanks for the support! :D

      • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

        Get back into a regular excercise routine, preferrably martial arts, eat reasonably healthy without falling back into an obsession with food.
        Get my own business off the ground (excited :D)
        Earn money.
        Move out with my wonderful boyfriend.
        Create more.
        Draw every day.
        Spend more time with friends.
        Eliminate debt.
        Spend less money, live frugally.
        Celebrate my birthday with friends for the first time in like… 11 years?
        Learn to dance with my boyfriend :)

        Most of all. Enjoy the ride.

    • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

      Hoping to get back into drawing again every day as well, among some of the other accounts you’ve stated. My account on Deviantart is ffufi, or ffiondraws on tumblr. Do you have any of your work online?

      Healthy lifestyle and meeting friends more often is also on my agenda and I’d also like to take dancing lessons with my boyfriend in the new year if we can manage :) We both want to learn to dance together…

      • Sejal

        Martial Arts! I’d like to get into that too. But I think for now I’ll get stick to yoga and tai chi. Baby steps!

        This is my deviant link —> http://dawn-mist.deviantart.com/
        Maybe I’ll create a tumblr acct later.

        Good luck with achieving your goals!!!

        • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

          Martial arts are just wonderful :) I’ve been having trouble finding a new club that’s on par with my old one which sadly has closed down :(

          Going to look harder for one next year.

          Added you to my watch on DA :)

      • Amanda

        Checked out your tumblr and loved your drawings! I’ve subscribed to it :D (but not via tumblr, since I don’t have an account there; just plain old google reader).

        • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

          Aw, that’s great, thank you!

  • Netta

    My biggest goal for 2013 is to get my drivers license back and to save money to take another family vacation. Also, I want to work on my scrapbooks and photos that I have pushed to the side. I want to get back into working out and doing more yoga. I want to work on a creative hobby and stick to it.

  • Bob

    Manage my business effectively, efficiently to earn xxxxx.

    Complete the book I’m writing and publish it and write more books.

    Learn everyday, especially from my mistakes! Use this information to improve my life and others.

  • Joelle

    1. Achieve my ideal weight and body fat percentage by Spring
    2.Wake up early every day
    3. Get a job that pays well AND allows me to enjoy the fruits of my labor
    4. Start a blog and earn an audience
    5 Learn to be a good speaker
    6. Visit India and study Vedic astrology with a Master
    7. Always speak well of others
    8.Let go of any past baggage
    9.Meditate more
    10. Saying no without guilt

  • Kyoko

    In 2013 I will (in short): :dance:

    * Be on great terms with the family – mom & partner, dad & partner – even visit dad & grandpa overseas provided I save enough (fingers crossed). Catch ups ideally on a fortnight basis and email/open up to dad (and get him to open up too!)

    * Have a happy and honest relationship with my boyfriend

    * Overcome my long term illness; lead a healthy life without struggling to control myself

    * Increase muscles, have a body fat % of 20-22%

    * Distinction Average at Uni; apply and GET consulting internships

    * Read the books on HBR’s Leadership essentials

    * Stay in contact with friends; meet up weekly

    * SPEAK UP when something bothers me



  • http://howtolivethefreelancelife.wordpress.com Shannon L. Buck

    These are questions I analyze further every January first, which is a tradition of mine where I plan out my year and that I hope these exercises are going to help me with this time :). However, I can tell you that, while the specifics are not worked out yet, my biggest goals have to do with weight loss, building my writing career, and furthering my job skills at my day job.

  • Ken

    I will be working on my 2013 goals this weekend, but here is a preview.

    1. Save and plan for at least one big vacation, maybe even two. Then start saving for vacation number 1 and if I can not do vacation number two in 2013, make sure it gets done in 2014.
    2. Read more books. Buy books instead of buying them on the ipad.
    3. Start a new hobby.
    4. Wrap up one of my old hobbies that I do not find enjoyable anymore.
    5. Start a new category for my photography artwork and sell it.
    6. Start planning phase of remodeling the kitchen. How I want it to look, colors, flooring, counter top, etc.
    7. Start planning phase to make a fire pit or hot tub in the back yard. Or even a pool.
    8. Start planning to remodel the master bathroom. Remove the carpet and replace it with tiles. Replace/Paint the cabinets. Replace counter top.
    9. Refinance the house if the government will come out with a new program with less restrictions on the current underwater mortgage.
    10. Get rid of cable TV, once all contracts have been fulfilled.

  • RoLo

    Countdown to 2013 Day 4

    What are your biggest goals for 2013?

    1. Focus on being a great mum and making time for my son and ensuring I teach him everything I want him to know and I do the things I’ve always wanted to do with him, as well as being consistent, having a plan/routine and maintaining firm boundaries. Create plan/routine by 31 Dec. Implement 1 Jan 2013 onwards. Make a list of all the things I want to do with him by 31 Jan 2013 and do one a week. On weekends play with him 30 min per day from 1 Jan 2013 onwards.

    2. Create a wonderful morning routine: Get up at 5 am, meditate 15 min, do morning pages, do back exercises, take some time to make an effort with my appearance and wake up my son with plenty of time so we can enjoy breakfast together. Also create a great evening routine of using my time effectively, writing down what I am grateful for, my kindnesses and what was positive about my day and going to sleep before 11 pm. Start from the evening of the 1 Jan 2013 onwards.

    3. Become highly organised at home and at work: sort out emails, folders, documents, my phone, make a weekly plan of how I will spend my time and child care arrangements. Do this by 1 Jan 2013

    4. Finish decluttering, spring cleaning, repairing and redecorating my home so it’s a beautiful, functional space that reflects my personality. By end of February 2013

    5. Do another half marathon. Train in my lunch hours as I will be getting to work nice and early. By end of June 2013

    6. Really put in the effort with back exercises/yoga so that I feel I can return to Scoliosis SOS knowing I have done the work and will continue to do so and be soon discharged feeling comfortable, strong and balanced. Implement into morning routine 1 Jan 2013 onwards, complete this by end of March 2013

    7. Implement a great diet and supplement regime for me and my son by experimenting with things such as paleo/vegetarian/vegan. Explore alternative health practices so I feel alive and full of energy. Share my learning with otjers such as my brother. Feel at peak health by end of March 2013

    8. Get a promotion/salary increase/better new job by July 2013. Look into other careers and organisations that are doing work I would find meaningful. Find out the skills/experience I need for these and get it by July 2013.

    9. Complete the Artist’s Way course (got to week 8 last year) by end of March 2013, write at least half of my novel by end of the year, post 100 blog posts by the end of the year, do my own Art Foundation course by creating some visual Art three times per week using different materials and styles by end of the year.

    10. Make room for new things and people: Explore my interests in feminism, introversion, German, creativity, alternative health and personal development by getting involved in a form of activism by end of Jan 2013, doing a course by end of the year, reading and learning every week from 1 Jan 2013 onwards, practising and trying things out and blogging about them from 1 Jan 2013 onwards. Make a reading list by 1 Jan 2013 and read 24 books by the end of the year.

    11. Start growing my own vegetables by end of February 2013.

    12. Teach my son to swim and how to ride a bike by September 2013.

    13. Make a decision about his schooling/religion by end of January 2013.

    14. Initiate meeting up with some of my favourite cousins/aunts and uncles and old friends by end of March 2013. Do something special for my mum and dad by end of September 2013. Encourage my brother and help him with his music by taking him to stage schools, projects for young people and events from 1 Jan 2013 onwards. Open up to my other brother by end of Nov 3013. Start monthly ‘try something new’ meet ups with my friends by end of Jan 2013.

    15. Forgive everyone by the end of the year.

    16. Develop my own practice of prayer/meditation/creative visualisation/spirituality and create forms of ‘good orderly direction’ I am comfortable with ie. not male centric.
    by Summer Solstice 2013.

    17. Pay off both of my overdrafts by the end of the year.

    18. Create 5 extra streams of income by the end of the year.

    19. Do some volunteering with my son or some coaching/mentoring on a voluntary basis/at work by the end of the year.

    20. Live in the present moment as much as possible by practising various meditation techniques and treating each day like an air tight vessel, in other words do my best TODAY not tomorrow! Now

    21. Take my son on holiday abroad by the end of the year.

    22. Do a ten day Vipassana course
    by the end of the year.

    23. Print nice pictures from my iPhone by end of 2012 and give away and frame and take more pictures to capture happy memories from 1 Jan 2013 onwards.

    24. Bring packed lunch to work at least 4 times per week from 2 Jan 2013 onwards.

    25. Use all the food I buy from 1 Jan 2013 onwards. Work towards making more ethical shopping choices, recycle more, consume less, eat more natural raw food, use more natural products and be on the way to a very natural, healthy and ethical lifestyle by the end of the year.

    • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

      Wow, that’s an impressive list. Wishing you good luck and much fun with these challenges.

      Have you ever heard of Feldenkrais? I’m wondering if it might be helpful for your scoliosis. It helps remove parasitic muscular tension and helps extend your repertoire of movements and helps improve existing movement.

      • RoLo (Roses)

        Hi Ffion,
        Thanks for your comment! No I haven’t, I had been going to a specialist scoliosis physio centre but couldn’t manage doing the home exercises so it was a waste of money, hence why I want to dedicate myself to it in 2013. Is Feldenkrais an exercise system?

        Thank you, I am excited about doing all this, just need to be organised and persevere!

        • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

          No Feldenkrais isn’t an excercise system.
          It’s quite hard to explain precisely what it is, but basically it’s about increasing body awareness and forming better movement habits while overcoming harmful ones.

          People are creatures of habit. The movement patterns we aquire throughout our days become habits, so that we don’t have to keep thinking about how to execute them each time we perform them.
          However, as we have discovered these movement patterns ourselves through trial and error, we frequently aquire bad or inadequate movement and tension patterns. Our brain just registers whatever worked at the time and sticks to that pattern. Because all this happens at a rather subconscious level, movement habits (just like any habit) can be very very hard to break.

          Feldenkrais is a form of self-study of the body, in which we generally perform very slight movements in order to understand what exactly is going on in our body and in order to discover new or better forms of movement. It helps us release unnessesary or “parasitic” muscular tension that can cause chronic pain or limited movement.

          The human body is a very intricate system. Say for some reason you’ve aquired a movement pattern where you constantly contract a muscle say… in your shoulder. The whole mechanism of the body is affected, just as if one cog in a machine is broken and we may become lopsided or begin to tense other body parts as a result of the original tension.

          Feldenkrais helps you become aware of these patterns and shows you ways to expand your repertoire of movement and to improve existing patterns for painfree and elegant movement.
          It helps discover our true movement potential and develop a better self-image.

          As Feldenkrais himself states:

          “To make the impossible possible,
          the possible easy,
          and the easy esthetically satisfying.”
          Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc.

          It is really a fascinating method and I would recommend it highly to anyone even remotely interested in their body. Sadly most people only turn to Feldenkrais when they have physical pain or problems, but potentially it can do a whole lot of good for anyone.

          It seems some Feldenkrais Practitioners even specialise in scoliosis:

          Some great and reasonably accessible books on the subject Feldenkrais are “Somatics” by Thomas Hanna, and “Mindful Spontaneity” by Ruthy Alon.

          There are group (Awareness Through Movement, or ATM) and single sessions (Functional Integration, or FI).

          Check it out if you’re interested, it’s a really fascinating subject and I’m currently enrolled in a training course myself to become a practitioner :)

          It takes a while sometimes to “get” Feldenkrais when you start out but if you persevere the effects can be amazing.

          • RoLo

            Wow Ffion thank you for the thorough explanation! I am becoming much more aware of all the tension I hold in my body, and a lot of it comes from emotional tension I believe. This looks really interesting I will definitely check out this Feldenkrais method it looks great. I’m also becoming more interested in things like Tantra, a way to harness all the sexual energy we have that can result in becoming distracted when we’re not focused on what we’re supposed to be doing. I imagine Tantra could allow people to hold on to and channel that energy. Energy is so important, unfortunately I have been spending time with my ex the last few days as I was considering getting back with him but we’ve been arguing and he has a very attacking style of expressing of himself and I feel very very drained. Just trying to recover and work on day 3′s task. I have a lot to think about as I have so many goals!

            • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

              You’re very very welcome :)

              I think it’s a great pity that so few people know about this method as I think it really has massive potential to help people. It’s so multi-facetted, that it can be very hard to convey what the method is all about… which is a barrier to spreading it…
              Also the fact that you often need to stick to it for a while before “getting it” can be discouraging… I had plenty of WTF-moments in the beginning, and I sort of knew what was going on because I’d read so much about it ^^

              Tantra sounds interesting :)

              Wishing you all the best for the new year!

              • RoLo

                Thank you Ffion, a very happy new year to you too!

                I’m going to print my goals and how I plan to achieve them now so I can start closing the gap between dreams and reality :dance:

                I wish you every success in realising your heart’s desires! x

  • Karen

    Find a job with a purpose to make a difference in other people’s lives. No matter how bad life gets, there’s always someone suffering more and that helps me find perspective/purpose. In 2013 I will strive to be more zen.

  • http://non Sandra

    * My biggest goals for 2013 is to open my mind and accept a lover. God help me!

    * Make new friends, only the inspiring once, I can dictate them.

    * And to maintain my friendship with PE, you guys are doing great job.

    * To be honest, save more, and be wise aways

  • Eric

    Biggest goals –

    1. Get my degree. I graduate with my Associates of Science in Information Technology at the end of the Spring 2013 semester, and while I’m taking the summer off from college work, I’ll continue my certification work over the summer and will return to college (part-time and online, as I’m doing now) in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in the fall.

    2. Get a day shift job. Right now, I’m working full time, but at a job where I work a minimum of 2 weekends out of every 4, 12-hour day shifts one week (either 3 or 4 days, mid-week or over the weekend) and nights the following week. Days, nights, weekends, holidays… yeah, it gets old. My wife’s sick of my not being there, and laid down an ultimatum – if I’m not on days (either with my current employer or elsewhere) by the time the younger of my stepkids is out of high school in mid-2015, she’ll divorce me. In order to do this, I need at least an Associates degree, and probably one or more professional certifications as well (I’d like to work in IT).

    3. Get control of my diet. I eat too much, of all the wrong things, for all the wrong reasons. I’m *JUST* starting to get a handle on this – indeed, I’ve just realized that I’m eating out of emotional reasons, I haven’t actually started doing anything about it. I intend to have control of my diet by the end of February, to stop eating for emotional reasons, to treat sweets as a very-occasional treat rather than a routine allowance, to stop eating things I know are bad for me “because I deserve to enjoy them”. To eat because I need food, rather than because I’m bored, or stressed, or angry, or tired. I have no plans to starve myself, nor to eat things which are not enjoyable – there’s no reason not to enjoy one’s food, but ultimately it ought to be a matter of providing the fuel the body needs, rather than shoveling in junk which is harmful.

    4. Get to work on physical fitness. When I got out of boot camp 20 years ago, I had a pretty good body. Now? Not so much. I’ve literally put on about a hundred pounds since boot camp, most of it fairly rapidly after leaving the Navy (indeed, a fair amount of it went on IN the Navy), and I’ve stayed there for years now. It’s costing me, and I deserve better. I will be physically active a minimum of 4 days a week in January, and it will go up to 6 days a week by March. I will walk, ride the bike I’m buying, jump rope, run, punch the heavy-bag I’m getting next week, do body-weight calisthenics, use the video-based fitness programs I have sitting on my shelf – not all at once, certainly! But I have options. By my birthday on July 1st, I intend to be able to pass the exercise portion of the US Marine Corps Physical Readiness Test, at Third Class level; by the end of the year, I intend to be able to pass it at First Class level. At that point, I will be 230 pounds or less, with under 28% bodyfat (this will be HEAVILY influenced by #3 above; if I hit these numbers early, I will set new stretch goals to hit by the end of 2013).

    5. I will improve conditions in my marriage. There will be more sex, more intimacy (physical AND emotional). We will be communicating more effectively, and I will say what I think and feel and ask for what I want and need – which I’m not doing now. I will learn my wife’s Love Language (I suspect it’s “Quality Time” with a focus on conversation – but I’ll learn for sure) and will make use of that knowledge to meet my wife’s needs; I will ensure that she understands that my Love Language is Touch, so that she can meet MY needs.

    6. I will finish my step-daughter’s Iron Man Mk 6 costume, and my own 75%-scale Iron Monger (villain from the first movie). Hers before DragonCon in September, mine before the end of the year. If I finish substantially ahead of time, I will work on my wife’s Rescue armor.

    7. I will produce a minimum of 2 finished pieces of artwork (pencilled, inked, and/or colored) to enter in the art show/sale at Farpoint in Feb 2014. I’ve never sold anything, but have been told all my life that I’m a good-to-great artist. Time to make a sale, even if I never make a living at it.

    • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

      Do you have any of your artwork online? I would love to see it :)
      I’m hoping to get back into drawing again every day for the new year. My account on Deviantart is ffufi, or ffiondraws on tumblr. So you have an account on either? I’d love to connect :)

  • Bryan

    my goals for 2013 is:

    1) moving in with my friends from the transitional house

    2) visit my boyfriend in spring or summer

    3) finish a couple of my video games

    4) Bike around the bay area

    5) save up $5000 into my saving

    6) Graduate from CCSF with an AA and transfer to SFSU

  • Leanne

    Goals for 2013: (in no particular order)
    1. Place dates into a diary and actually regularly check my diary- both written and digitally!
    2. To create a budget for the household and actually follow it.
    3. To attend a leadership conference in April.
    4. To attend a conference about telecommunications, in April.
    5. To become more aware of the health benefits of oils through usage and reading.
    6. To lose 12 kilos of weight.
    7. To dress professionally.
    8. To invest in the stock market after doing a special course.
    9. To continue charitable works.
    10. To support Cursillo in Australia and beyond, as I grow in my faith.

  • Maria

    Work on my time management
    Prioritising and balance in my career and personal life
    My overall health and wellbeing especially my weight
    Spending more time with my mum and family.

  • jT

    My biggest goals for 2013:

    - Buying a new phone for my birthday on February

    - A flat stomach and a tight butt

    - Graduating on my second course in college

    - Working on my first job after graduation

  • Amanda

    I was planning to work on my goals on Sunday, but decided to do it today because of this question (it doesn’t hurt!. I basically decided on one main goal for each ‘category’ in my life:

    ACADEMICS – Get into Raffles Girls’ Sec. Most importantly, it grooms their students into confident and outspoken people, a goal I really want to achieve for myself. They have many programmes and CCAs that interest me. And as a bonus, it is one of the best schools in Singapore academically.

    PERSONAL GROWTH – Learn to respect my time, my feelings, my opinion and most of all, myself, more. I’ve realised I’ve been wasting time, saying yes to help others do things that I feel I shouldn’t do, stopping myself from speaking my opinion in order not to sound foolish (and various other reasons) and lastly, not forgiving myself for the mistakes I made. I want myself to realise I have limited time and can only do so much, that I have feelings and opinions (and shouldn’t be afraid to make them known) and that I am a human and humans make mistakes.

    HEALTH – Have regular exercise. I haven’t decided how often yet, but I’m thinking 2-3 times per week would be good, with a mixture of cycling, swimming and running.

    RELATIONSHIPS – Voice my opinions and feelings in a positive way, without being blunt and sarcastic and hurting others’ feelings. This is something I’ve been struggling with recently. Just yesterday, I hurt one of my friend’s feelings accidentally.

    FINANCE – Save at least $50 in the first semester (20 weeks). This amounts to about 50 cents every day (give or take the holidays and days I stayback), which is easily done.

    CONTRIBUTION – Bag at least 30 hours of CIP hours. I had 46.5 hours this year, but I think there’ll be less next year because of the PSLE. We’ll see.

    RELAXATION – Continue my current hobbies, close those I’m not interested in anymore, and start another one. Will be especially useful when I get too stressed. >.<

    I think that's basically it. I'll be working on what action steps I need to take in order to achieve these goals.

  • zahra

    for 2013
    1. repay debt for buying house
    2.experss my second language(english)
    3.find a external friend for speak english with him/her
    4.donot speak (be more silence)
    5.upgrate in my job/Career Advancement
    6.lose 20 kilograms
    7.buy a camera
    8.Start photography by going to a professional photography course
    9.Getting a driver’s license
    10.Take the TOEFL and IELTS
    11.Being the best in social behavior
    12.I want to get married

  • Chestnut

    In 2013 I want to live harmoniously while gaining new experiences. Whereas I before sat specific goals I now measure success in how I live. I’ve dreams, vast and everlasting, and a purpose in life I want to fullfil:

    “My purpose in life is to help people gain understanding of that we’re all working towards the same end goal, and pursue our common dream of living in a world of freedom, oneness and truth. It’s to spread love where there’s fear and abundance where there’s limitations, helping people live at the core of their very being”

    Next year will be filled with challenges and great opportunities. I’ll be studying sociology in the city and hence lay the foundation for my future career. I’ll be spending one month in Africa volunteering. I’m going to continue pursuing my passion of writing fiction and live a healthy lifestyle. I also want to focus on strengthening my relationship with family members, as well as connecting with likeminded individuals. All this will be a part of my personal journey of self-discovery. I’ve outlined my dreams in further detail in my life handbook, but I think my main focus will be on the experiences of every day. I’m young, and I’ve the whole life in front of me. It’s time to make the best of it :)

  • sunshinegirl

    I was reading a book yesterday that says while keeping a long list of goals is commendable, always select your top 1 or 2 priorities – somethings that you would really like to achieve- that way even your subconscious can focus on them. Sounds logical, else we will be trying to do too many things at the same time.

    So here are my top 2 goals:
    1. Earn 50000$. (ambitious since i am a full-time graduate student)
    2. Start a family. :love: