#2013Countdown, #3: How do you plan to realize those goals (from #4)?

This is the question #3 of the 13-Day #2013Countdown Challenge as we count down to the year of 2013 as one PE community. The challenge is now over, but you can still read more about it and participate in your own time. Visit the overview page for all 13 countdown questions.

2013 Countdown Challenge

Welcome to Day 11 of the 2013 Countdown Challenge! :D Two more days before the countdown challenge comes to an end!

2013 Countdown, Question #3…

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Today’s question, question #3, is:

How do you plan to realize those goals (from #4)?

How do you plan to realize those goals (from #4)?

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How do you plan to realize those goals (from #4)?

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  • Amanda

    Lol, I knew this question would come up! I’ve actually done it, so let me copy it…

    1) Getting into RGS
    – Apply for RGS through GEP DSA
    – Stick to my schedule (and of course, improve it as I see fit) that I’ve created
    – Don’t become a workaholic – remember to balance work and play

    2) Respecting myself
    – Keep a diary – I find it so much easier to forgive myself once I get everything written down!
    – Say no to others if I know I shouldn’t do it
    – Keep a time log – it’s so easy to while away those few precious hours…
    – Improve my self confidence

    3) Regular exercise
    – Schedule time for exercise
    – Experiment in order to strike the best combination/schedule (not too taxing, nor relaxing)

    4) Voicing my opinions in a positive way
    – Think before I speak
    – Think from other’s POV – how would I feel if someone said [what I was going to say] to me?

    5) Saving $50 per semester
    – Make sure I don’t buy unnecessary stuff for the sake of it

    6) Bag 30 hours of CIP
    – Grab any chance to serve the community (leadership roles, projects, etc.) that I can manage well along with my other stuff (no use biting off more than I can chew!)

    7) Continue hobbies, close any I don’t like anymore, and start a new one
    – Find out what I really am interested in, and branch out with more related ideas
    – Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas!

    And for all the goals as a whole, I (quite obviously) want to:
    – Improve my productivity and time management skills
    – Be more focused

    Lastly, I plan to have two main sessions to keep me on track:

    - ‘Month Ahead’, on the last day of each month – Reflect on what I have achieved in the past month and set new goals for the next month, based on my yearly goals.
    - ‘Week Ahead’, on every Sunday – Reflect on what I have achieved in the past week and create a general plan for what I want to achieve in the next week (broken down into day-by-day), based on my monthly goals.

    Hoping that these actions will make 2013 another great year (just like 2012, but maybe even better!). :D

    • jT

      I also hope I can voice my opinions too and exercise everyday. I always fail at exercising :)

      • Amanda

        For me I always voice my opinions (while I’m with my closest friends, at least), but I usually end up hurting others by being sarcastic and blunt. Accidentally, of course. :(

        As for exercising, I used to be…well, making excuses and stuff for not doing it. Don’t know what’s stopping you from exercising, but I just try to block off a time where I must exercise and can’t do anything else. I find that it works for me. :D Good luck!

        • jT

          I’ll try to work on it. Thanks for the advice. Goodluck too! :D

    • Helen

      I like your goals Amanda, esp the “week ahead” “month ahead” ideas. I think I might steal those from you haha :)

  • http://www.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

    How Do I plan to realize my biggest goal for 2013?
    This is how I would enjoy my new flat!

    1) Meditate
    2) Enjoy the beautiful greeneries and top view since I am on the highest floor.
    3) Enjoy the trendy decor and practical furnitures in the living room.
    4) Use the bright and windy living room to do my work.
    5) Try all the nice and cheaper food around my flat.
    6) Enjoy the nearby park.

    :dance: :D

    • http://www.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

      I have added more biggest goals.
      Use social media and blog to share tips on how to help parents connect with their teenagers.
      Give away ebook on ‘Empowering Teenagers through coaching.” through social media platform.
      Train parents who are interested to be parent coach.
      Coach parents and teenagers on how to inspire and empower each other.
      Create a system.
      :hug: :heart:

  • Bob

    A. Manage my business effectively, efficiently to earn xxxxx.
    1. Set long term ie big rocks for year and work backwards, be crystal clear on my objectives
    1yr, quarterly, weekly, daily
    2. Focus on value creation
    3. Network
    4. Model leaders in field
    5. Work for 1hr per day on PI streams
    6. Find an accountability partner

    B. Complete the book I’m writing and publish it and write more books. Spend at minimum 1hr a day.
    1. Find more examples for each chapter
    2. Refine structure
    3. Start by writing one chapter
    4. Continue writing chapters
    5. Review & ask opinions
    6. Publish

    C. Learn everyday, especially from my mistakes! Use this information to improve my life and others.
    1. Spend allotted time to reflect.
    2. Apply.

  • JadePenguin

    1. Activism – host film screenings, do street campaigning, maybe organise a litter cleanup day if I get other people on board :)

    2. Reading – set aside at least an hour every day for it.

    3. Social skills – create opportunities to socialise, try to be a good listener, analyse later what I could have done better.

    4. Food – try a new recipe at least once a week, attend potlucks to get ideas.

    5. True love – keep dreaming :P

  • Kyoko

    Actions I will take (and already am):

    * To be on great terms with the family – keep in CONTACT with text messages and emails regularly (weekly); meeting up fortnightly for lunch/dinner. Look forward to and prioritise meeting up.

    * Have a happy and honest relationship with my boyfriend – quite self explanatory? Be true and honest and open when talking about issues; put myself in his shoes to empathise

    * Overcome my long term illness; lead a healthy life without struggling to control myself – distraction, find hobbies that I can do.

    * Increase muscles, have a body fat % of 20-22% – GYM and diet. Gym at least 4-6 times per week

    * Distinction Average at Uni; apply and GET consulting internships – apply for internships, prepare and do mock interview fortnightly, study schedule and stick to it. Decrease work hours

    * Read the books on HBR’s Leadership essentials – Find time to read, woohoo public transport

    * Stay in contact with friends; meet up weekly

    * SPEAK UP when something bothers me – self explanatory

  • Bryan

    For my goals:

    1) Once the spring semester starts we can start taking serious steps for moving in. We already have a location, who will live together and what we could need. all wee need is to put our names on the list and eventually on the lease.

    2) I plan to look up price for flying domestic (he lives in massachussets). actually this will be my first time organzing a trip so i’ll need to learn how to do so. but I imagine once i get all the things in detail i should let things work for themselves ;)

    3) finishing a couple video games should be too difficult its just buying them and taking the time to finish it XD

    4) There is a bike I can use but I’ll probably want to list places I would want to visit and bike to. Afterwards it’ll be scheduling days to do so ;)

    5) I already got into the habit of saving up a third of my paycheck into my savings and so far i got $1500. maybe if i save a little more by gathering loose change or putting more money into my savings i can get to $5000 faster. My next goal after will reach $10000

    6) I’m almost finishing my credits at City College of San Francisco, and I can apply to graduate with an AA. All that’s left is receiving the note that says I’ve been Accepted into San Franscisco State University

  • http://lifemosaique.wordpress.com/ Lina

    I’ll keep looking for a job.
    To keep my scholarship, I’ll work hard and study lots.
    Socializing in college will definitely help with making friends.
    For exercising, eating right and leaning out I will create a playlist of various workouts, write down a list of my cravings, whey I have them, when etc. and try to remove emotional eating out of my life.

  • NM

    • Preparing and dissecting each goal into further small goals with target and deadlines to ensure I achieve them on time and without any delay.

  • jT

    Buying a new phone for my birthday on February
    - Saving my weekly allowance

    A flat stomach and a tight butt
    - Exercising everyday for a maximum of 30mins. and eating healthy

    Graduating on my second course in college
    - Do assignments and projects immediately so I won’t procrastinate on them

    Working on my first job after graduation
    - Rest for 1 week then apply on where I took my internship

    • Amanda

      Hope you manage to achieve your goals! I also have to work on not procrastinating – I have a tendency of doing so, though I’ve been working on it and I seem to be better at starting immediately and ending ASAP. And out of curiosity, which phone are you eyeing now? :)

      • jT

        I have a lot to improve on procrastination :D Maybe a Galaxy Note 2

        • Amanda

          I have loads to improve on other things too! ;) Lol, my mother’s eyeing it too (it’s too big for my hands, so not for me :P). For me it’s Nexus 4…

          • jT

            Nexus 4 is also a good phone. Happy New Year! :D

  • Chestnut

    I don’t want to make the same mistakes as before, therefore I’m going to take another plan of action in 2013. Goals, strategies and plans has been a great way to discover what I want in life, but it’s not ideal (for me) when it comes to pursuing them. So instead of following schedules I’m going to cultivate good habits. Instead of having a narrow focus I want to experience my life as a whole. I’m going to live by my values and follow my dreams, live every day to the fullest and do the things I love the most. These are the areas I’m going to focus on the most:
    - Expand my comfort zone, gain more knowledge and adapt various perspectives
    - Practise expressing my values and taking responsibility for my actions
    - Connect with new people or spend quality time with loved ones
    - Complete my university studies, while writing fiction on the side
    - Take part in volunteer projects in Africa in the summer
    - Ensure financial security through savings, work and writing projects
    - Build habits of healthy eating, exercise, sleep and recreation

  • Rebecca Tan

    - Always plan time for family and attend all family events, including going to the market (which I had been doing)
    - Have my volunteering friend to pull me along to events
    - Classmates and I have planned for meet-ups every month once internship starts
    - Always keep in mind and remind myself that what done can’t be undone. All I can do now is not repeat my mistakes and do a better job
    - Every now and then, message juniors, friends and teachers to keep them updated about me and keep me updated about them

  • Ken

    For most of my goals money is going to be a critical part of achieving these goals. So I will spend wisely, and save as much as I can.

    The planning stages for me is pretty easy as I will get ideas of what I want from things I see. Styles and design are going to be things that I have always loved. Modern, industrial looking design. So the remodeling things around my house will be easy to design and plan.

    Again the hardest part will be to save the money to do the work. Unless I win the lottery! So wish me luck.

  • nisha

    Well as far as career is concerned i’m awaiting the results of 1 of the alternative routes that i’ve planned for plan B i’ve listed out some exams and im going to start preparing for them seriously
    Start doing things in my bucket list atleast the one’s that are achievable for now
    Listen more as well as give my love space and freedom to grow be more positive as to the future of the relationship :love:
    Try not letting things to affect me deeply n not take everything very personally

  • http://howtolivethefreelancelife.wordpress.com Shannon L. Buck

    I realize my goals by first analyzing what did not work the previous year, them by planning out the steps and deadlines for the coming year. This plan is set up on January first of each year, after a month of reflection during December. As stated before, the biggest goals that I will be working on for 2013 are weight loss, building my writing career and furthering my job skills at my day job. At this point, I am creating my new fitness plan, and know a few knew job skills that I plan to learn. Still working out the rest.

  • Sejal

    1. Get back to the healthy lifestyle (balanced nutritious diet)
    * research on recipes.
    * get mom in on this plan
    * get up early in the morning and cook
    2. Look for a new job/ Explore potential careers
    * upload resume
    * make list of potential careers
    3. Draw everyday
    * carry sketch pad everywhere
    4. Practice speaking my mind
    * get myself a funky ring that will act as a reminder
    5. Keep in touch with friends (get a life)
    * make a “do something new” list
    * call whoever is free on weekends to help check an item off the list
    6. Go out and meet new people
    * if friends are not free in the weekends, join a meet-up
    7. Dance often
    * replace exercising on the weekends with dance
    * download nice tutorials
    8. Make a financial plan
    * organize existing financial papers
    * make a financial to-do list (necessary bank work)
    * list and prioritize expenses. cut back where necessary
    * brainstorm ideas

    • JadePenguin

      I like how you come up with creative ways to aid your goals – funky ring and to do something new list :D

  • Elton

    I have also guess that this question will arise so I have prepare my detailed answer for sharing with other people in PE here ;)

    1) Clear all the debts owned and get accountability of the relevant parties who play the part to contribute to sort it out. I have assumed 100% responsibility on this although not fully my fault alone in this, as it has affected several activities which I wanted to plan for 2012 and created unnecessary stress and difficulty on my lifestyle and family and for my personal observation, a prevention can be done with proper insight and planning of contingency.

    -Find a quicker work that pays weekly instead of monthly that generates more effective cashflow. Also, I intend to work with more efficient parties as my previous employee (recommended by close friend) did not contribute profit at all in the work and due to my compassion and relationship with close friend, I did not get rid of the employee earlier and it had cause trouble related to financial expenses and in the end, I have to give the person the white slip and she gave the nasty unhappy look. (I wish I should have done it sooner for business interest)

    -Do integrity checklist on new peoples who wants to explore partnership with me and get feedback from previous party that engage the person as some of the issues arises with debt was caused due by lack of proper integrity and accountability monitoring.

    -Create more systematic collection via credit card or Paypal if possible, as I realize it’s futile in my current environment to negotiate cash payment with some of past customer who did not honor cash payment cycle and this contributed to the debt problem above. If all fails, I will build more networks to reach mature customers who is more willing to accept this model of payment.

    -Shifting the current business model to be more network based incentives and internet, instead of service based alone, as in my current environment, customers do not honor the deadlines schedule base on milestone payment and pretended they do not need to pay up, and I have to get rid of these bad apple customers who do not respect service providers.

    -Worked with legal party, business experts advisory and financial people for advice and framework to ensure similar problem that cause the debts encountered in past does not repeat in future (for personal reason, I do not want to reveal the full past issue as it is closely tied with close friends and trusted associates). I have asked for some mentors advice on handling this and will share my results in a new blog about myself to help people who are facing similar issues.

    2) Create 2 meaningful projects that synergies with my life values and vision. I have been working on these and will reveal them more once it is finalized.

    -(More to be revealed once firmed up)

    3) Travel to countries that I have never been before such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Africa and other western part of the world once finance issue is sorted fully. Some speaking engagements and life story of my journey will be documented by myself and relevant media party for memory purpose.

    -Create more budget plans for airlines and clock milestone savings

    -Started planning for relevant trips which is affordable to start with and if manage to find generous sponsors for airflight, accommodation and food, this will be a bonus for myself.

    4) Create impact to entrepreneurs (the road map is 6,500 entrepreneurs throughout world and consolidating new platform to support the development and events)

    -(More to be revealed once all activities firmed up, basically will tie with my 2 meaningful projects above)

    5) Create 2 passive income channels and make it consistent (the 1st one is kicking off in 1st Jan if all discussion goes well, and 2nd one of hotel booking system to be consolidated with 2 tier monetization with mobile website)

    -One is hotel booking system with affiliate partners and payment channels integration with mobile sites.

    -The 1st Jan will be tested and share its result if really successful

    6) Love and cherish to people that appreciate and support me every moment available (through email, facebook or catching up for chat).

    -Send appreciation every month to important people that I have met, (this will be done more in series of articles, newsletters, small private events on year end)

    -Seek for clarity and support of friends to ensure we are on the same page. Open communication to address behavior differences without my biasness of opinion is something I need to strive to do more of.

    -Travel to meet people who appreciate and support my journey to thank them personally so far in my life and business. This will be done on best effort basis possible on both parties with sincere best effort possible.

    -Create a new blog about my life story journey (relating to business and entrepreneur journey) with my sharing to educate and appreciate communication with fellow audience. This will be in due time as I am working out the plan for it in 12 months and how often I can write in my column subject to my available time possible.

  • http://YourDrawingLessons.com Matt

    How do I plan on achieving these goals?

    I will be creating habits for each of my most important goals. These will be things like exercising everyday for 30 days, eating a healthy diet for 30 days, and also working on my online business everyday for 30 days. I think that after doing something everyday for 30 days the behavior becomes automatic and it’s easier to then start adding new supportive habits.

    I will also be using positive and negative reinforcement for these goals. I will give myself a small reward or penalty for the actions I take.

  • Joelle

    1. Achieve my ideal weight and body fat percentage by Spring
    Keep running and lift heavier weights
    2.Wake up early every day
    Set my alarm
    3. Get a job that pays well AND allows me to enjoy the fruits of my labor
    Be discriminating and ask more questions at the interviews.
    4. Start a blog and earn an audience
    Take a blogging course
    5 Learn to be a good speaker
    Find someone to emulate and ask for help with this
    6. Visit India and study Vedic astrology with a Master
    Find a good teacher and plan the trip.
    7. Always speak well of others
    Enough said.
    8.Let go of any past baggage
    Stop thinking of the past and be in the present.
    9.Meditate more
    Time management
    10. Saying no without guilt
    Keep doing it and will become easier.

  • Fufu

    1) Get my Driver’s License and a car – Keep studying bit by bit each day

    2) Go to another country for the first time to celebrate my 18th birthday – Tell my dad since now that I want to travel for the first time as my Birthday Gift

    3) Write at least my 2 real first novels and gain a readership – Do as I used to and wake up in the early mornings to write

    4) Gain money from the blog even if it’s few for the meantime – Most I can think of is AdSense when I turn 18 in July and work on selling some products

    5) Celebrate 2 years with my girlfriend – Be a good girlfriend in what I can offer (Continue keeping my promises, doing little things for her, improving as my independent person, motivating her on her goals) and hope for the best from her part

    6) Open my heart to my family – Do my jobs in the early hours and enjoy free time alongside my family

    7) Wake up early – Work on it in January

    8) Gain fat and some muscles – Drink a special milk that comes in making you fatter, eating at the correct hours and lifting weights after I’ve gained some fat

    9) experience many firsts (Go to a Zoo, Aquarium and another concert) – Remind my dad

    10) Learn to play a sport or flute – If it’s a sport join a training team or practice on my own and if it’s a flute then ask for a flute and practice

    11) Graduate with A’s in my classes this semester and for my first semester in my future college – Study in the mornings before I arrive from school

    12) Brush my teeth morning and night – Just keep doing it as I am


    *Fix back posture – Reminders on phone, make a personal challenge
    *Schedule my shows and games for the free time – Record what I see/play as i go
    *1 Youtube video each month – The end of the month, keep phone/book/calendar reminders
    *Understand my inner psychic better – Research info on web and strengthen this talent

    Ok so in 2012 I took on the mindset that I should start and see where it goes. In 2013 I want to follow my heart and listen.

  • BetBet

    I have been journaling my responses privately, so you haven’t seen me here before. But I want to thank you our moderator Celes for this wonderful series of questions. I’m not great at steady progress on small projects in busy, stressful times (like the end of the year, and holiday season), so it’s absolutely wonderful to have been guided to a solid headstart on new year’s reflections and plans.

    Thank you, thank you. thank you!!!