#2013Countdown, #12: What are 12 things you love about year 2012?

This is the question #12 of the 13-Day #2013Countdown Challenge as we count down to the year of 2013 as one PE community. The challenge is now over, but you can still read more about it and participate in your own time. Visit the overview page for all 13 countdown questions.

2013 Countdown Challenge

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2013 Countdown Challenge! :D

Over 220 Official Participants!!

At this point of writing, we have a whooping 180 220 participants on board. 220!!! That’s 220 people from around the world, all gathered here at PersonalExcellence.co, to count down to the year of 2013 together as one. How insanely cool is that???

I thank all of you for signing up for this 2013 Countdown Challenge and joining me in rounding up 2012 and welcoming 2013 as one community and one family. I have always felt that Personal Excellence is this third space in our lives, between our workplace and our homes, where we gather with like-minded individuals to grow. The challenges, and your fervent responses to each challenge, are the exact proof of that.

I’m excited at what 2013 is going to bring, but first, let’s focus on reflecting on how 2012 has been for us. This is what the 2013 Countdown Challenge is for. Onward and forward with the challenge guys!

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2013 Countdown, Question #12…

Yesterday, we answered the question, “How has your year of 2012 been?” If you have not posted your answer, please do so here:

Today’s question, question #12, is:

What are 12 things you love about year 2012?

What are 12 things you love about year 2012?

Put on your reflection cap and let your thoughts flow. Below is an empty form which you can use to write your answers to the question. Treat it as your self-reflection “room”.

(Note you will not see the form below if you’re viewing this in your email client. Visit the actual post online to see the form.)

What are 12 things you love about year 2012?

Your Task

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question. There’s no word limit – whether minimum or maximum. Write as few or as many words as you want. It’s all up to what you want to express!
  2. Share your answer. After you are done writing, copy and paste your answer in the comments area and post it there.
  3. Check out other participants’ answers. Other participants will be sharing their answers too, so feel free to read and reply to their answers.

Look forward to reading your answers! :)

(After you are done, proceed to #11: What were your lowest points this year? Why?)

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  • Kathi

    1. Being part of an International community
    2. Having a loving family
    3. Enjoying an engaging career
    4. Multiple volunteer opportunities
    5. Improving my health and fitness
    6. Waking up each morning
    7. Going to bed each night
    8. Helping others
    9. Reading
    10. Learning
    11. Keeping a positive attitude
    12. Living in the country (seeing deer, turkey, hawks etc most days)

  • Sejal

    1. The new ‘open’ me
    2. The pace of my improvement
    3. PE
    4. My new & improved family relationships
    5. The change of jobs
    6. The holiday/vacation time
    7. The break through with my finance (on my b’day)
    8. The new friends I’ve made
    9. The new boundaries I’ve set for myself
    10. My flute lessons
    11. The many ‘AHA!’ moments
    12. The way I arouse above my downhill period rather than turning my back to it

  • Helen

    What are 12 things you loved about the year 2012?
    1) Discovering and participating in Personal Excellence. Particularly the interactive challenges – like the Kindness Challenge!! :love: – and starting my daily Live a Better Life journal in the forums.
    2) Growing and changing and improving so much as a person.
    3) Finding strength and power in my self that I never knew existed.
    4) Learning to respect my self and my body.
    5) Leaving my previous uninspiring, boring, horrible-bosses language institute EFL job.
    6) My new, awesome, hilarious-and-weird-every day high school EFL job.
    7) Realizing through this job that I want to work teaching kids in a variety of contexts, not adults.
    8) The opportunity I have in this job to touch lives, build confidence and spread love.
    9) Spending lots of beautiful, special moments with my ex and learning a lot from him.
    10) Travelling (although not enough) round Ecuador and eating all the amazing fresh fruit and buying the beautiful fresh flowers there are here.
    11) The regular email correspondence with my awesome friends and family back home who I haven’t seen for a year.
    12) Starting a regular exercise, Spanish-studying and house-tidying routine.

    Go 2012!

    • JadePenguin

      Yay for finding a new job that’s so much more inspiring! It’s so so hard to find something in this world that motivates you and still brings in a paycheck. It makes all the difference not to be stuck in something you hate and make your own choice instead :clap:

    • Sejal

      So glad about your job.
      I hope I find something like that too!! :)

    • Helen

      Thanks guys! :)

  • Ceridwen

    1. Learning how to use make-up (very proud since I havn’t had the guts before this year to try it out)
    2. Discovering my inner true self
    3. Discovering PE
    4. Had a good team during my practical training in Spring/Summer
    5. Improving the relationship with my beloved partner :)
    6. Discovering that I really want to have children one day (my whole life I didn’t like children and the thought of having my own scared me)
    7. I’ve had no true difficulties during this year.
    8. I’ve read a lot of different books
    9 The OASG -Fesitval in June <3
    10. I have worked a lot on my self-esteem. Still a long way to go but I'm getting better with every year.
    11. I started with my car lessons!

    • Ceridwen

      oh, and

      12. I love meeting my old old friends on a regular base :3

    • JadePenguin

      What made you change your mind about children? Most people I know who have decided against it never look back :o

      • Ceridwen

        Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe because I’m still quite young (almost 23) and probably more able to change my mind. But I think it’s awesome! :D I’m looking forward, but still some years to go I think ;3

    • Helen

      Nice Ceridwen!

  • http://www.readinganalysis.com Clara

    Finally I have started sharing my writing passion here on web. I think this is the best thing that I love for 2012. After thinking too much and ignoring it repeatedly I launched my blog where I am free to write about the topics and things that I wanted to write on. Discovering and enjoying a new vision of learning through sharing :)

  • Ken

    1: My health. My next blood test in coming up in Jan should show I am cured of Type 2 diabetes. There still issues with my liver, but the next blood work after six month trial on meds should show improvements. I have lost weight. I still hover at the 182-185 lbs area. I wanted to be under 180, but I’m ok with that.
    2: My best friend, and getting to meet her daughter this year.
    3: I’m happier compaired to last year. I am moving on with my life after the divorce
    4: My technology. I finally bought a personal iphone for myself.
    5: I sold art work, and I made more artwork to sell. It’s small money but it keeps me out of trouble.
    6: I volunteered at the homeless shelter for Thanksgiving and planning on it for Christmas. I may do more volunteering in 2013
    7: I started to read books. Which I hardly ever did. Even in College when I was supposed to read books, I didn’t. I stopped watching TV like I usually do.
    8: I love this website. I have my best friend who introduced me to this site, and we have been participating toget when we can. Her and this website has turned my life around, which even my mother has noticed via phone calls. That I am more happy, and she is really surprised I’m this happy even after the divorce.
    9: I really closed a dark hidden part of my life from my childhood. I am never going to get the apology from the person who hurt me. And I’m ok with that. I went back to my childhood neighborhood and walked past her house. I don’t know her last name, and the people who live there are not her parents. So there is no way to find out where she is now. What she did to me, formed who I am now, but I’m working on improving my self esteem and self image everyday. Things happen for a reason, even if it’s bad. But I’m not going to use that as an excuse anymore.
    10: I got to experience parts of my home town that I always wanted to do. And with someone that appreciated being part of the experience.
    11: Out of my 61 dream list (bucket list), as of Nov 22 I have checked off 15 items from the list.
    12: Integrating the following quote into my life at the end of the day. “There are people out there with much less, and they are much happier than I am.”

    • Sunshinegirl

      Good to hear that you are on your way to complete recovery. Keeping weight off, esp with the medications is tough- I applaud your determination :clap: and wish you a speedy healing.

    • Sejal

      Its simply amazing that you’ve come so far and done so much!
      Its inspiring!!! :D

    • Ken

      Thank you very much! But ihad a lot of help from my best friend. :hug:

      There is still room for improvement in 2013.

    • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

      Congratulations on so much progress :) Sounds like a very good year.

  • Julie

    1- I liked the number “12″,
    2- My motto for this year was “that everything moves!” and things have been moving
    3- I could say “stop” to some people
    4- I managed to say “no” to some people
    5- I came to realize the true character of some people
    6- I followed a great training which learnt me a lot
    7- I got a different vision of life
    8- I learnt and decided to learn more about emotions
    9- I have nice professionnal plans for next year
    10- I came to realize who my true friends are
    11- I realized the importance of having a real network
    12- I’ve been realizing the true importance of the circle of life :clap:

  • Beth

    1. My partner
    2. Getting outdoors with training buddies in the park and by the sea
    3. The olympics – really enjoyed it and found it inspiring
    4. Changing my attitude and habits around food
    5. Being more open to new ideas and trying new things (like doing this)
    6. My friendships and how they have grown and developed.
    7. Spending quality time with my mum
    8. Achieving some major physical goals
    9. Learning to be more grateful and realising how fortunate I am.
    10. Living in a place where the sun shines almost every day.
    11. Being financially secure enough to do the things I want.
    12. No major upheavals – most of my friends and family have been happy and healthy all year.

  • Wendy

    1. My kids are healthy.
    2. I helped rehome an abandoned cat.
    3. I found out someone has loved me for over 30 years.
    4. I learned who my friends aren’t.
    5. I proved myself crazy-strong. Again.
    6. Realized even more certainly how wise my children are.

    I’ll have to think more on this.

    • http://www.ffufi.net/mindflight Ffion

      I’m frequently astounded by the wisdom of children. We give them way too little credit.

      For some reason this made me think of these kid quotes: xD

      I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don’t have any clean laundry because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?
      –Age 15

      For centuries, people thought the moon was made of green cheese. Then the astronauts found that the moon is really a big hard rock. That’s what happens to cheese when you leave it out.
      –Age 6

      I didn’t know if my granddaughter had learned her colors yet, so I decided to test her. I would point out something and ask what color it was. She would tell me, and always she was correct. But it was fun for me, so I continued.

      At last she headed for the door, saying sagely, “Grandma, I think you should try to figure out some of these yourself!”

      When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, “I’m not sure.”

      “Look in your underwear, Grandma,” he advised. “Mine says I’m four”

      I love the way children think ^^
      But anyway, they do have some incredible insights sometime.

      A friend of mine has a little boy of 4 who seems a lot wiser than most grownups I know…

  • JadePenguin

    1. My housemates! Seriously, everything changed magically when I moved house and now I’m finally living with people I have a great connection with! :)
    2. My degree! Glad to be doing something that interests me, that is sometimes very very funny (big cheers to certain lecturers ;) ) and that doesn’t stress the hell out of me, so I have time and energy to do other things like…
    3. All the societies I’ve been to! From activism to discussions to acting to swordfighting.
    4. Philosophy Society! This one stands out in particular because the people I met there are just the weird and playful, yet intelligent folks I love the most :) It’s definitely the group I feel the closest to. Largely because one of them is…
    5. …my ex-bf. We had some good times and although we weren’t right for each other, I learned a lot from the relationship. Also, he gave me a place to stay when I was in financial difficulties and was supportive whenever I was a complete wreck. I still enjoy his company and I’m glad to have met him :love:
    6. My current love interest even though he said he doesn’t have time for a relationship. It’s quite a challenge staying friends while having feelings for someone but something I know I can do! Loving someone needn’t be a weakness at all if you turn it to inspiration :) He’s a really fun and friendly person, with very high moral values, which is hard to come by :love: Maybe in another time…
    7. Music! I’ve had some very magical moments listening to music this year. Levellers for folky socially critical music (Beautiful Day brings back memories with #6), Agalloch for depressive cathartic doomy metal, Alcest for beautiful ambient music.
    8. Runescape, my dear online game that has kept me happy during so many vacations. Surely, I should not be aiming for “achievements” in an online game but there were times in my life, like this summer, when real life was too bleak to face. That lovely online world where I’m a great hero gave me the happiness I needed…
    9. One of my clanmates from Runescape who I still regularly talk to (we’re on Skype now as I’m writing this!) I was going to visit him over the holidays but his work got in the way. Some other time then :)
    10. Being an active part of PE! Starting with the 21DHL challenge in January, PE has inspired many a positive change for me :) This community here is one thing that I can always think about to give me strength :hug:
    11. The Zeitgeist Movement! I pretty much live and breathe to fight for a better world beyond politics, poverty and war, without money or competition, carrots and sticks. Interacting with other members of the movement is very refreshing in this world of apathetic people who sleepwalk to work every day and obey like the good puppets they are. Unfortunately I’m the only one in York but I’ve met some of them in Sheffield. Going again this Saturday for more street campaigning to raise awareness! :)
    12. Facebook! You may call me addicted but I simply LOVE the connectedness that website allows. Pretty much every minute someone will post something. Since the people I’ve added and the pages I’ve ‘liked’ are mostly of a very high consciousness level, the posts are usually very thoughtful :) (cheers to George Takei, God and The Zeitgeist Movement!)

    I bet I forgot something and will want to edit this tomorrow! :P

    • Sejal

      Wow that’s a lot!!
      And acting and sword fighting?? Interesting!
      Wish there was someone like you in my area. Having like minded people around is so encouraging.

  • PC

    1. Took a month long vacation after 12 years and had a blast.
    2. Realised theres life outside of work which defines who we are.
    3. Reduced my perfectionism attitude and learnt to let go.
    4. Set goals and did achieve some.
    5. Introduced serious hobbies
    6. Being a strong PE reader
    7. Changed some of my negative thought processes
    8. Meditated daily morning for 5 minutes
    9. Improved my finance handling
    10. Two good investment decisions which would back me up in difficult times.

  • Julie W

    1. My little house and its comfort
    2. Taking my retriever swimming at the beach. He is addicted to swimming.
    3. Spending more time with my mother and sister.
    4. 3 weeks vacation in Maine
    5. Becoming a team at work.
    6. My new book group
    7. My scrapbooking group
    8. 4th of July at my New home with the perfect view of the fireworks.
    9. Living walking distance of a library, great park, dog park and down town riverside.
    10. Not having cable.
    11. A lot of good books on my kindle.
    12. My health.

  • Melanie

    1. Giving a speech in a professional setting and not being nervous about it!
    2. Meeting a long-lost family member we never knew about, and getting along wonderfully
    3. Seeing my beautiful niece happily married
    4. Learning to stay motivated in a rather dead-end job
    5. Feeling more confident overall
    6. Taking time to consider what I want in the future
    7. Working on staying positive and centred
    8. Having a visit with my favourite aunts whom I haven’t seen for nearly 4 years
    9. Running a small business that excites me
    10. Taking up exercise and finding that I actually like it :)
    11. It sounds shallow — but, buying myself new clothes and feeling good
    12. Enjoying this online community of positive people!

  • http://www.valeriepriester.com Valerie

    1. I’m still living
    2. I’m still married to a wonderful man of God
    3. I’m in a relationship with God
    4. I have revelation knowledge of God’s Word
    5. I helped others transform their lives by developing deeper relationships with God
    6. My mother is at home with the Lord and free from pain and suffering
    7. My grandchildren are all safe and healthy
    8. My children are all safe and healthy
    9. My family are all safe and healthy
    10, We relocated out of the cold weather to a nicer climate
    11. We are financially stable and living in abundance
    12. I have an awesome practice that teaches others how to live the victorious life

  • http://www.mindset-coaching.com Dolly Yeo

    1. Deepen my relationship with my three children. My children have been there for me in times of need emotionally and this is how I know that I did well as a mother. The life Coaching courses and seminars I invested to learn to be a Life and Parent Coach and went on to help others is most rewarding. :dance:

    2. First time Hosted a Teleseminar and first time did a Webinar on ‘Stop Parenting Start Coaching’. The testimonial I got from one of the participant -” I was impressed by the great passion of Dolly in presenting “Stop Parenting ,Start Coaching”. She was genuine and frank to share her journey of being a parent from struggling to embracing the change of teenagers. I felt her joy in her self-discovery and self-development journey.
    I especially like her simple and to the point description of the mindset change of parents. I love her citing of empowering questions to illustrate constructive feedback to children”. :D

    3. Learnt how to use outsource for my work in coaching and training and create ebooks to give away to be downloaded from my websites. Help parents and educators to get out of struggling to understanding teenagers and how they can empower them. What I love is adding value to others’ lives. :dance:

    4. First time did a 4 days training to educators who want to empower teenagers and loving it.

    5. Interviewed by 93.8LIVE Radio host Eugene Loh. Topic: “From Lost in Transition to Living Life with Meaning and Purpose.” Feedback from listeners were thankful for my frank sharing of my challenges in life and how I overcome them. :D

    6. Purchased a Flat! :dance:

    7. Stay connected with friends and developed new friendships and a good accountability partner to stay focussed in my work. :D

    8. Set a noble goal to be a friend with ex-spouse and achieved it. :dance:

    9. Empowering transition from grieving of a divorce and passing of my beloved mum to self-empowerment and continue to live life in congruent to my values! The constant awareness of how I experience peace amidst chaos. This is the result of living in the NOW. Meaning being conscious and mindful of how I want to live my life and understanding that everything is temporary. What is important is to be present with what I am doing, feeling and being there for others in the moment. Trusting and embracing my mindset of ‘Everything is perfect.” :heart:

    10. Celebrated my daughter’s solemnization of her marriage on 12.12.12. (Dec 12,2012)! and my birthday 19 Dec with much love. I feel very blessed to have awesome son-in-law and his family. :heart:

    11. Increase confidence, certainty and moving to the next level in my life with more clarity of my life direction. Life is great!! :dance:

    12. Participated in the Kindness Challenge organized by Celes as a result become very spontaneous in expressing my kindness with strangers. :dance:

  • Kenya

    What are 12 things you love about year 2012?
    1. My nephew was born this year.
    2. Creating great memories with my family during the holidays and when they visited me.
    3. My boss wrote a very nice note in my Christmas card.
    4. I had a blast in New Orleans.
    5. I saw some of my favorite entertainers perform.
    6. I learned to say “no” and mean it.
    7. I completed a bulk of my classes towards my Masters degree. I have six more classes to go.
    8. Last spring, summer and early fall weather was delightful.
    9. I am mentally stronger than I used to be.
    10. Since things didn’t go like I planned in 2012, I am preparing more for 2013.
    11. My sisters and I are collaborating on a creative project.
    12. I did more creative writing this year than I have in past years.

  • Deanna

    1. No longer do I work 12 hour shifts.
    2. I am enjoying my marriage a lot.
    3. My daughter got into Vet school.
    4. My daughter graduated from MSU.
    5. My daughter got married.
    6. My son got engaged.
    7. My son graduated from Army basic training.
    8. I ran a marathon with my daughter.
    9. My husband and I are getting our finances in order.
    10. I enjoy my job and the people I work with.
    11. I have amazing, loving friendships.
    12. It was incredibly easy to think of 12 things a love about 2012. I have a great life:)

  • ST

    12 things I love about 2012?
    I found a job that I am very happy about
    New colleagues who are fast becoming good friends
    Bonding with my children
    My children’s successes
    Financial stability
    some clarity on personal relationship
    the fact I learned to deal with my emotions in a much better way
    the holiday I had with my friends
    I was able to visit my extended family
    I have two brand new nieces
    I read a lot

  • Sunshinegirl

    12 things I love about 2012:

    1. PE! No matter how smart, efficient or successful we are- we all need time to stop and reflect on our lives, learn from the good and bad, and sometimes let go. But it hard to do that if you don’t know the right questions. PE started me on the wonderful journey of self-discovery! Thank you Celes! :clap:
    2. Becoming a stronger person emotionally- thanks to renewed faith in God. With God by my side, why should I fear? Success is assured. :angel:
    3. Visiting Yellowstone- seeing Old faithful erupt was almost a spiritual experience- like washing out all the “old” bad emotions!
    4. Going back to grad school.
    5. Getting a prestigious scholarship.
    6. Finding some amazing mentors who are truly committed to my success.
    7. Making loads of new international friends.
    8. My first anniversary. :love:
    9. Learning to drive a car! (uggghhh… why on earth, don’t we have more taxis in the US… like in the East??? Shared cars save fuel, money, less traffic, less pollution)
    10. Learning to bake! Now I can whip up awesome cakes, cookies, pies- all eggless. Yahoo!
    11. Completed 100 days of gym this year- a minimum 45 minutes each session.
    12. Becoming more organized and time-efficient.

  • http://www.theworld4realz.com/ Andi-Roo

    1. I quit my full-time job in January to be more available for my children, and began blogging soon thereafter.

    2. Blogging has allowed me to work through a lot of personal issues having to with anger, depression, perception, and who I am as a person.

    3. Through blogging, I have met a lot of like-minded people, emphasizing that I’m not alone.

    4. Through meeting like-minded people and learning I’m not alone, I have gained much more self-confidence.

    5. Through gaining self-confidence, I have met a lot of decent and interesting people with whom I now interact fairly regularly.

    6. Because I feel better about myself and my place in the world, my interactions with my immediate family have improved.

    7. With improved interactions, my marriage is stronger than ever.

    8. A strong marriage has been important in raising happy, healthy children, one of whom graduated this year after wrestling at the state level, and the other of which is just a sweet dimpling darling.

    9. Maintaining a solid nuclear family allowed me to mend broken fences with extended family, to offer olive branches and apologies, and to graciously accept them as well.

    10. Being confident and happy in my home life has allowed me to finally start writing my novel.

    11. All of these wonderful feelings and events led to my hubz and I making the 10+ hour drive from Ohio to New York to attend TribeUp NYC, a blogging conference put on by Triberr.

    12. This morning we were able to come to an agreement with estranged partners and thereby increase our income. This afternoon we received via UPS an unexpected box of cookies from our wonderful NJ friends who refer to themselves as our favorite serial killers. Which is true — of all the serial kills we know (which is zero, in case you wondered), they are definitely our very favorite.

    There was definitely a lot to love about 2012! This was just off the top of my head, & I’m so pleased to know I could have kept going. I didn’t realize how happy I am. TY for this assignment, Celes! :)