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One Man’s Impact in the World

Silhouette of a man, before a sunrise

Some days it’s easy to undermine our impact in this world, especially when we’re just one person living in a world of 7 billion people. Yet, each and everyone of us has an impact on the world by virtue of living in...


‘My Partner Broke Up With Me Due to Lack of Physical Spark. How Should I Deal with This?’

Couple kissing

“Hey Celes, I recently broke up with my boyfriend and came across your blog. You inspire me a lot and I feel that my moving on process is getting easier with the reading of your blog. Anyways, my boyfriend broke...


56 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

“Hi Celes, thank you for this post on movies. A great way to discover great inspirational movies. If I may request, can we have a post for list of most inspiring songs?” ~ Rajesh G You may have experienced this before:...


‘I’m Often Depressed about My Lack of Progress in Life. What Should I Do?’

Depressed man sitting in the tunnel

“Hi Celes, I often feel depressed and regretful about my lack of progress in life. Honestly I am angry and bitter about it. This creates a lot of anxiety for me and I think it’s a big source of my procrastination. What can I do about...



Man alone at the beach

In a world where everyone is increasingly connected, I feel oddly disconnected. While we have Facebook that links us with people, I feel that social media has become more of a tool for low level transmissions and knee jerk reactions. Because...


Closure of PE Forums

Personal Excellence Forums

Hi everyone! Today I have a sad announcement to make regarding the PE Forums. After almost 6 years of having the forums (the launch post here in October 2010), it is with a heavy heart that I announce the closure of...


5 Harsh Truths About Blogging (And 6 Tips If You Want to Start a Blog/Online Business) [PEP010]

Portable keyboard

Today’s episode is one that you must listen if you have intentions to start your blog, online business, YouTube channel, or basically any online venture be it now or in the future. After seeing all the “make money online” and “start...